Written Preview for Episode 11 of Best Love

Simply loving two out of the six May dramas is already leaving me woefully neglecting one on behalf of the other. Best Love continues to roll in the awesome, but having the OTP issues being external rather than internal leaves me less worried about Ae Jung and Jin getting together. I worry about big hammer of doom, but I know the couple will be getting some quality time together until the inevitable Big Hong Sisters Issue. I hope Se Ri gets developed and redeemed sooner, because I don’t want my poor Pil Joo is be mopey for longer than he needs to be.

Written preview for episode 11:

Because reporters are camped outside of Dokko Jin’s house, Ae Jung gets stuck at Jin’s and cannot leave. Seeing Jin incoherent and mumbling about Ae Jung leaving him behind and running away, Ae Jung is frantic with worry.

Pil Joo hears that Jin beat up the manager at the awards ceremony because of Ae Jung, which leaves him feeling unhappy. Se Ri confesses to Jin that she likes Pil Joo.

Jin sneaks into Ae Jung’s room because he needs to “recharge”, and Ae Jung discovers Jin looking pretty shabby.

[Credit: written preview released by MBC, translated into Chinese by Baidu Best Love bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 11 of Best Love — 48 Comments

  1. hmmmmmmm i am with team pil joo…i know i know he won’t get the girl in the end, but i do wish he would… my heart goes to him as i anticipate him losing his love…honestly, i don’t like seri for him….he’s too good for her!!! waughhhhh

  2. Ok the best thing about awesome rom com is the tremendous confusion it brings that results to a severe case of indigestion….this is the kind of circus act I expect when I watch a good deal of writing…. my mind is awfully confused between the good guy and the I’m willing to be someone I’m not in the name of love hero!!!!! YUP SO PRINCESS HOURS!!!! well this roller coaster ride ain’t over yet but giving the HONG SISTERS the peace sign YOU ROCK!!!!! 😉 Anyway my typical self would go for the doctor, yep I need a doctor of the heart….to fix my achy breaky heart LOL 😉 I’d gladly faint in your arms my dorky Doctor Lovie Dovie!!!! 😉

  3. thank you thank you!!!!
    “Jin sneaks into Ae Jung’s room because he needs to “recharge”, and Ae Jung discovers Jin looking pretty shabby.” and i’m dying cause i need wednesday to be now.
    OMG, since the end of episode 10 the word “recharge” get a new sweetest meaning, and now it gives me the thrill!!!! so excited!!!
    Best Love Fighting!!!! you’re the best drama!!!

    • OMO, how hot did Cha Seung Won look in that preview?! Or maybe my mind is just too full of Dokko Jin-ssi to know when he’s looking good or bad (then again, he NEVER looks bad 😉 ) But rawr when he was on that bed leaning on his elbow.. lol. And awwwwww when he kissed the potato! WHEN WILL FRIDAY COME ALREADY (coz that’s how long I have to wait for subs T.T)

      • Ugh, watching this preview is making me want to cry……. of EVERLASTING HAPPINESS, that is 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

        lol, I really need a life outside Kdramas.

  4. OMG he is uber cute when he is saying “I missed GAJ” OMG OMG

    and what is this
    “Jin sneaks into Ae Jung’s room because he needs to “recharge”, and Ae Jung discovers Jin looking pretty shabby.”

    woohoo LOLLLLL anticipating:DDD

  5. it doesn’t seem like Se Ri is planning to redeem herself anytime soon….
    But the character that annoys me most in here is not Se Ri, its Min Ah. Ae Jung sacrificed everything for her and all she did is disappear?? And she’s not planning to appear period. She’s been watching Ae Jung suffering all this time, while she’s been hiding and living her life peacefully. She was supposed to have been the closest to Ae Jung b4, what a so called friend!!!! the only real friend Ae Jung ever had is Jenny 🙂
    If Se Ri and Minah aver redeem themselves, I think by the end, while Jin does his operation, the National Treasure girls will get together again and sing their song (or a new song :P) 😉

    • I’ve been thinking the same, Mina is the one beign selfish in this drama, even though AJ did everything to help her and let her live a peaceful life, she just accepted that and moved one withouth thinking in AJ life and the problems she had to go through. I’m waiting for the day she decides to redeem herself and confess al the truth in the group’s disbanding!!!

      • I have a feeling that the reason Mi Na is being quiet and Ae Jung is taking the fall: rape or sexual abuse. Mi Na wanted to kill herself in one of the flashbacks and begged Ae Jung to let her get away from the entertainment industry so something really bad must have happened to her.

        If this is true, I would completely understand why Mi Na hid herself for so long and why Ae Jung is so determined to keep it a secret. I’m even betting that bastard of a manager had something to do with it if he wants to find Mi Na so badly.

      • ooh you guys have a good point. I just wish everything can come out in the open and Jin and Ae Jung can have a happy open celebrity-couple romance already!

        Though caffeinate_me, I thought Mi Na would’ve just gotten pregnant by that lead boy group member? You may be right, but BL seems a little too innocent for rape to me..

      • @Len: Ooooh, good point. New theory: Mi Na got pregnant by the boybander. When Se Ri accidentally poisons her, she goes to the hospital and finds out about the pregnancy. Jerk-Manager then conspires to have the baby aborted or something. This forces Mi Na to go into hiding and Ae Jung to take the fall to protect her.

        Why do I have the weird feeling the hidden kid is Ding Dong? Or am I grasping at straws?

  6. tthnks a lot for a very2 fast update on every awesome drama especially… BL…my most favourite’s one… by d way can i ask.., what does OTP means? and again jeongmal jeongmal kamsahamida for everything … especially BL dramaep recap

  7. OMG, can anyone translate the video preview? PLEASEEEEE……
    We eager to know… 🙁

    Team AeJin, Fighting..!

  8. Seeing Jin incoherent and mumbling about Ae Jung leaving him behind and running away, Ae Jung is frantic with worry.

    – Does that mean DJ was drunk or something when he went to AJ’s room??


    LOL the word ”recharge” has a whole new meaning to it now. HEHEHE

    I jope there will be some intense recharging btwn those 2. lol omg now i can’t stop grinning like a lovelorn fool. TEAM AEJIN FTW! :’D

    • “I hope there will be some intense recharging btwn those 2.”
      If there was a drink in my mouth, I would have spit it out. XD

      Thank you for the preview, Koala. I hope all this ‘recharging’ doesn’t have anything to do with Jin’s heart condition.

  9. I’ve said this before. Even if Se Ri redeems herself, she shouldn’t get with Pil Joo. Not only because I hate the consollation prize, stuff. And not only because Pil Joo deserves someone he really likes and has a genuine interest in, and not just some forced–let’s put these two together.

    But because Se Ri needs to grow up. I don’t hate her. And she’s not the token evil, bitch like other dramas. She’s been shown pretty well–considered.

    But being immature and self-centered has consequences. (I guess this can go for Jin, too, but…).

    Se Ri needs to learn to move on and grow up. Not just get what she’s wanted from the beginning, anyway. That’s not life.

  10. Yay for previews, but can it just be Wednesday already! LOL. Looks like the potato plant is going to be important in episode 11. So cute that Ae Jung has a pic of it on her phone, but sad that Pil-Joo found it.

    • I think that AJ will be really touched when she learns that DJ has been growing her potato all this time. Awwww…

      • LMAO I’m beginning to love the term, ”has been growing her potato”… TEEHEE oh my. Yesssss we need some potato-lovin time. lol wth am i saying?!?? ah euphemisms…. BL is driving me nutssss

  11. wow…DJ is becoming bolder in showing her love for AJ…love him for that…BUT i pity PJ, such a nice guy…

  12. I love with the plot of the story develop, I mean, finally our OTP interaction will develop into more intense relationship or at least trying to be intense as it shown when they have to spend the night together at Jin’s place… I hope something happen on the way to heaven.. hahaha… I mean I hope something will happen when they are together alone.. a kiss probably? hehehe.. can’t wait for episode 11..

    • a proper kiss would be on everyone’s wishlist but i was hoping (no, PRAYING) for Athena-esque episode 10.
      lololololol dayum that was what AEJIN needed srsly. ^^v

      • Sure yeahhh.. that would be awsome.. a lot more than just a kissing.. hmmm.. I am begin to dream about it.. LOL…

  13. where is the recap for ep 11?? I really want them kyaaaa i’m dying here waiting waiting and waiting….. -_-‘

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