Video Preview for Episode 10 of Lie to Me and Baby Recap of Episode 9

One of the most interminable weeks of our lives is finally over, and Lie to Me episode 9 is either going to make or break our insatiable craving for this drama. Will the drama go downhill? Will people refuse to admit the truth or talk to each other? Will Koala want to grab her pitchfork or will Koala grab Ki Joon for a kiss? I breathed out a huge sigh of relief, because Episode 9 of LTM was AMAZING.

The preview for episode 9 was a feint, and the truth is in the pudding. We’ve got lift-off on the entire story, the OTP, and a set up for a boatload of angst coming up. Everyone’s getting their hackles up, including Sang Hee and Yoon Joo. Imma be good and write the recap now, but wanted to bring you the video preview for episode 10. And since I’m in such a good mood, y’all get a baby recap to tide you over. Also, I saw the live ratings this morning – LTM had a noticeable big bump from last week. If the ratings rises even by 3 percent I wouldn’t be surprised.

Episode 9 baby recap:

No time jump, no forced separation, just some hair cutting involved. Ah Jung lobs off her locks and vows to move on. Ki Joon is not exactly happy with his predicament, nor is he back with Yoon Joo. He hasn’t told Yoon Joo to bugger off yet, but he’s also not officially dating her either. Ah Jung tells So Ran again that it’s all a lie, and So Ran comforts Ah Jung, who cries to So Ran and confesses the extent of her feelings for Ki Joon.

Ki Joon is irritable at work, and not keen on entertaining Yoon Joo, who comes to bug him to have lunch with her. So Ran goes to the hotel to confront Ki Joon and reveals that Ah Jung is really hurt. Ki Joon ditches Yoon Joo and goes to find Ah Jung at her work. She refuses to be honest with him and tells him it was all just acting by her.

Ki Joon goes home and throws stuff in anger, while Ah Jung goes to their bench and cries. Her dad asks her to go on a matchmaking date and she agrees. Ah Jung heads to a hotel with her coworkers to plan a tourism convention to be held there. The hotel is owned by World and Ah Jung runs into Ki Joon. He’s angry at her, asking if she’s here to act some more, and then he asks her to leave because he’s not comfortable seeing her.

Ah Jung demands to know why he kissed her, not once, but twice! Ki Joon responds “because I like you.” OMFG – HELLS YES!!! But then Ah Jung asks what this means – he likes her a little and Yoon Joo a lot? Is that it? Then she runs out and goes on a hike in the backwoods. Ah Jung has a little tumble down the hill. Ki Joon is frantic and goes to find her. He stays with her until the rescue party arrives.

Ki Joon goes home and Sang Hee and Yoon Joo are having a party at his house. He drives Yoon Joo home, and refuses to sing for her when he used to if she asked. He asks her to return to Paris when she’s done with her work in Korea. He tells Yoon Joo that he likes someone else. Yoon Joo immediately guesses that it’s Ah Jung.

Ah Jung goes on her blind date, which at World Hotel. She tells Sang Hee beforehand, and he rushes to the hotel. Ruh roh, little brother has feelings for wuri Jungie. Ki Joon sees her at the restaurant and pointedly ignores her. Ah Jung is nervous and goes to the bathroom to freshen up. When she walks out, Ki Joon grabs her hand from behind and takes her away.

I just have word for this episode – HALLELUJAH.

Video preview for episode 10:

I hate Oh Yoon Joo, this version as much as I hated the one in My Princess. The moment Ki Joon told her he likes someone else, she needs to back the fuck off. And since she’s asking Aunt to allow her and Ki Joon to get married in the preview, and then lords it over Ah Jung, she is officially persona non grata in my world. But Ah Jung and Ki Joon = LOVE, pure unadulterated LOVE.


Video Preview for Episode 10 of Lie to Me and Baby Recap of Episode 9 — 111 Comments

      • Hey guys, please try not to keep posting the same links over and over again. The traffic is causing the site to slow down and I’m having trouble accessing my admin page. You can point people to other sites but please don’t post direct links today. Thanks! 😀

      • Np! 😉

        Thanks again for having the time keeping us updated~

        You’re the best! ^^

      • Perhaps it’s the nonstop refreshing that’s slowing down the site.

        (The promise of a “mommy” recap after this baby one is probably driving people nuts.)

      • Just finish watched ep 10. It’s so nice …and can’t wait for next epi…know what? On epi 10, the chinese investor is shown up and both KJ and AJ have to start with their lies as married couple….in front our AJ bosses… haha..
        So cool… OMG OMG…it make me sleepless night ….. cos i’m wondering what will be the next story line.
        So far from ep 1 till now.. im so impressed with the script writer and all staff involved with this drama. Keep on with good work. Aja Aja Fighting!

  1. Its funny how we were all fired up when the misleading preview of ep 9 came out and sharperning our pointy objects and vowed to fly to Korea and dismembering Ki Joon. And now that he’s turned out to be a sweetie [well, still not being so direct with YJ, but still..] and even went all the way to the forest playing Knight in a shiny armor in a suit and fancy and yet slippery shoes, not for the hiking stuff, we now turned our rage into someone else. YJ IS a bitch, and she’s not that really good to look at

    • I know. I was even hoping for him to die, and when I read the recap today, I realized that he is not that bad after all. He was just hurt because of what she said.

  2. wa!!!and i pat my back..and said “Good Work! U were right in stalking okoala’s website”..and the price a Recap!!!Woopie!even if it is only “The Baby”recap, it just complete my day!!thank you!!!:)

  3. i know it is worth refreshing your page every 2 minutes..
    my instinct was right.. you have to write sumthing after today’s episode 🙂

    p/s: can i put up my tent and camp at your playground??
    ~happily dancing on koala playground~ Yippie!!

      • come and join me sweetheart 🙂

        nwayz, the more the merrier..
        So come on peeps!! lets have a party on koalasplayground!!!
        Celebrating the ‘soon’ union of our beloved OTP, and the DEATH of JY of course LOL!!!

      • Everyone celebrating that Yoon Joo, in Ki Joon’s heart is “sleeping with the fishes”!!! LOL count me in!!

        I can bring, some beers, pop corn, some smores, snickers, but don’t steal my sausages, last time, someone did that, and I was furious!! I think, was Yoon Joo, that witch!! That’s why I hate her so much!!


  4. I second that ‘hallelujah’! What a fantastic turnaround in the show tonight!! I must say all of us LTM fans have been on a roll, on the playground as well as the LTM soompi thread which has been alive throughout the wait for tonight!! It’s amazing the salivating that’s been going on!!! I’d been nervous and thought about LTM’s episode all day… waiting to see what gives! I’m definitely not disappointed!! I watched it live and of course couldn’t understand many of the conversations – waiting for Koala’s recap to fill in the gaps!! So happy … I can go get sleep now in time for Koala’s recap come morning… thanks in advance Koala for all the goodies so far.

  5. Wow Hyun Ki Joon really made it up… big time!!! I’ve already hidden away my pots and pointy object for him, but still withing reach in case we need to use them for someone named Oh Yoon Joo…the preview showing her I’m not liking one bit…She’s a very sneeky biatch!!!…

  6. Nice one koala you are really addicted only to LTM.
    How about “best love”? joke : )
    Don’t worry i always refresh your site every minute for latest update of LTM and Best love..nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu chua unni..

  7. Many many thanks for the baby recap and now I don’t need to worry so bad about AJ/KJ. And I don’t feel pity for YJ anymore.

  8. Yoon Joo = desperate bitch

    This scenario with Ah Jung made me think.. what if Yoon Joo, instead of saying sayonara to both brothers 3 years ago, decided to pull an im-moving-on act and dated just like Ah Jung did in this episode… then we may not have this drama plot at all.. lol

    It’s a good thing that she’s pathetically stupid… a cowardly being… a runner… thinking that the cake would still be there to enjoy after leaving it for long…

    Ki Joon & Ah Jung! Fighting!!! 😉

  9. Thanks for the baby. It’s beautiful 🙂
    And exactly what I thought (I was about to return by V-card). KJ isn’t a bad dude, AJ needs to join us all in reality, Sang Hee has to learn to change his own diapers and YJ get her head out her tail. For if YJ is truly being malicious, then she’s a mess. And the way Auntie is, she’s definitely wasting her time.

  10. Really hate YJ now………even after she found out KJ does not like her anymore, still proceed to discuss marriage with aunt and told AJ about it….? Really makes me want to pull her hair……

  11. So desperate that I’m watching this at the mo in raw… so I’m utterly grateful that you posted a mini recap so i know wtf is going on. I didn’t particularly dislike Yoon Ju last episode but in episode 09 there’s a part where she’s sitting in the cafe really pissed me off. Not only do you take her guy but you have to invade her life now?! Bitch. Poor AJ, determined to get over it and resume her life and there she is, in her favourite afterwork haunt… with Sang Mi, which by the way, is an utter ass.

    [My computer is sooooo slow loading so I’m only a quater way through… Most of the addictees here must all be trying to watch it at the same time!!]

  12. hey thanks for this ms.koala…i wanted to tell the ahjummas about the live recap being done earlier, but i didn’t out of courtesy for you…anyway, since you don’t really mind…you’re awesome!!!

  13. wow…!! can’t believe i’m lurking around your site again after my addiction to PK… ^^ but i think i can’t miss any recap about LTM…and you are so fast….i really love LTM and love your site…!! thanks for the fast update mrs. koala….!! \O__O/ can’t wait for the full recap…!! huhu…but your baby recap makes me sleep better tonight….thanks again… ^^

  14. I think my stomach just made back-flips. What a way to make us feel terrible this past week, SBS. :)) OMG OMG thank you for everything Ms Koala! 😀

  15. Oh God! I can’t help but giggle with the recap. Sweet, sweet, sweet! And for Okoala, you’re such a good writer. Your recap is nothing but absolutely fabulous. You blew me away, girl! For that, kamsahamnida!

  16. Thanks Koala for the baby recap, getting up at 1:00am to check your website for anything new from LTM was well worth it.

    Thank you Kdrama Gods…I imagine that HALLELUJAH was accompanied by the parting of clouds, angels coming down from the heavens and a fanfare of trumpets. I can’t wait for the subs to come out.

  17. Thank you…this has fulfilled my hunger for LTM once and yet again…such a satisfaction…enjoy every singles minutes of here and there and of course the wonderful recap to prove how addictive I’m to LTM.

    That YJ is really desperate huh? 3 years still can not find a better man to move on…??girl you really have no pride or shame..even when the guy told you gently pls leave and I have someone else in mind…you still have to keep pushing. You probably know KJ is not the type that hurting anyone so you have to do it to secure your wish..haizz… SR, can you handle this desperado right here pls? YJ’s plan is to tell AJ abt her marriage to KJ so she can separate them. What AJ is gonna do I wonder…while KJ is still trying to delay dealing with YJ directly…uhmmm…someone kill that biatch pls…

  18. Thanks for the baby recap & ep 10 preview koala. I’ll be checking your site tomorrow for the full recap and your thoughts. Now…I’m off to Lala land. Great episode. I’m glad the ratings are up. 🙂

  19. i maybe wrong about KJ (boy am I glad) but one thing am right all along…YJ IS A ROTTEN APPLE!!! aarrrghhhhhhhhh

  20. Ohhh.. Yoon Joo, you are officially a desperate woman who is annoying and clingy!!

    I though it will be Sang Hee who will take Ah Jung away from her blind date and in front of Ki Joon. But I like what happened this time as well.. Seems like the quadruple will be final next episode for sure. Poor Sang Hee though losing the girl again. This time I think Ki Joon will not leave Ah Jung for any reason which will show that to him she is different from Yoon Joo.

  21. OK, since YJ is now turning into a real b***h, why don’t we all kick her bottom and send her flying to Paris? 🙂

  22. So history really is going to repeat itself? Since SH’s feelings seem to exceed friendship. (If he were not in love with AJ, there would be no need for him to rush to her blind date.)

    I HATE YJ. People have to know when to back off. She is forcing her feelings upon KJ, that’s so selfish.

  23. wow thanks for the recap, just learned bout your blog when DB dropped the LTM recap. Can’t believe they dropped it!!! With this episode arrrrrhhhhhhgggggggg im gonna kiss Ki Joon :). Can’t blame Yoon Joo, she’s expecting the same KJ she fell in love with 3 years ago. Sad thing is, he found a better him and a better LOVE with Ah Jung. Awww Jungie Fighting!!!!

  24. to meeeee it seems like he was talking to her on the phone all giddy annnnnnnnd they clear the lie YJ tells her cause when he says her run away all happy shes wearing the same outfit but its night time.

  25. I keep telling myself, “It’s okay. Just one preview video… just ONE spoiler screenshot… just one new random news feed… and I can hold out until the next episode.” But GEEEEZ DRAMAGODS!!! I don’t think I’ll be okay until tomorrow’s episode. I’m feverishly refreshing all LTM-related sites and googling everything else just so I can get one…more…glimpse of our OTP.

    I’m such an addict. >____<

  26. Just watch it raw ! Arg I officially hate YJ too ! B**ch
    But I wonder if the written preview was really a feint… Keep wondering : can Ah-jung leave with So-ran because of YJ lies ? Ending of episode 10 might kill me if that’s the case. Misleading people like that, they want us to go nuts ?

    • There are tons of unsubstantiated spoilers online. I don’t post anything I don’t believe, and I didn’t believe the AJ leaves with SR to Canada spoiler one bit. I don’t know who made that shit up, but it was ridiculous when I read it. DC Gall discounted it already.

      • thank you so much for the baby recap. I watched it without any subs, so your recap really helped me. I was laughing giddily in the last scene, when KJ pulled AJ away. It was a good that he’s step ahead of his brother, or it might become an issue right away. I just hope that this time he will fight for his love and brothers, be damned =).

        May i know what AJ confessed to KJ in episode 10, the one where she’s shouting and crying at the same time? (wearing black dress).

  27. Am willing to forgive KJH for his expression at the 18th second in the preview above. It sounds like, you are my precious love, not sure what was the conversation before.

    Sorry baby brother, you should have stayed with YJ, AJ-KJ ship has sailed.

  28. I NEED MORE LTM!! haha such a cute couple, cant wait for another cola-kiss moment 🙂 thanks for so many of the updates anyways! totally this is summer’s best drama 🙂

  29. Hah!! It was good huh?
    It’s what I call a proper angsty episode…pain+ love.Oh man they have the mix JUST RIGHT.

    Love it.

    I must say I am impressed they have KJ admitting he liked AJ straight up.I thought they were going to leave him conflicted.Now all we have to see now is machinations from the 2nd leads.That might make me homicidal but at least it leaves room for the OTP to get all lovey dovey or quarrel in this case.

    Either way,something’s changed in this drama.The flow of the story is so much better.Don’t tell me just 1 PD change can make such a difference?

  30. Thank you Ms. Koala, for enabling my LTM and DTLY obsession. It sounds so bad, but is good, trust me, is good.

    “…because Episode 9 of LTM was AMAZING”
    Please don’t tease me!!! I’m dying here!!!

    Now I would like to ask that angry, hormonal mob that was camping in Koala’s Playground to redirect their pitchforks, grenades, laser beams, and nuclear bombs to Ah Jung for making my poor Ki Joonnie angry. Thankyouverymuch!

    • wow, even though the ep is not like what we though (which I thank God for) our anger was still valid. Though we should’ve taken it down a notch or two. heheheh But still…

      Oh i really had been hoping and a praying that Sang Hee would of just saw Ah Jung as a friend. Now all of this is going on. Srry Sang Hee. So so sorry, but big bro has to win in this one. HAS TO!! 🙂

  31. Omo omo omo actually im still recuperating
    From the past two episodes last week and eventhough my feelings is not that stabilized im checking ur blog my dear time to time to know if you have latest update and now that u already did….my dear im still in shock the moment it got sink into my mind that on the next two episode will be a roller coaster ride of emotion again and frankly and frankly speaking it’s already two in the morning and i cant sleep bcoz of the written preview u have and a 42sec ep10 preview i guess i pull all nighters now and wait for the ep9&10 to be sub tnk you sooooooo muchhhhh my dear even u will gve me a cardiac arrest ur effort and generosity is higly appreciated may the force be with you always…..aja!

    • heheh Its ok. This time his screaming is just frustration that shes trying to not like him anymore. Which is soo sad, but what can she do? He doesnt wanna lose her. ahhh I hope that ep 10’s ending dont leave me totaly comatose as it did last week. I cant handle not thinking about anything else other than LTM. Well I can, but it drives me crazy counting down hehe

  32. One thing i really liked in this episode was

    THE DIRTY LOOK THAT SR gave to YJ when she was talking. She was like, I do not care you dirty little creature.

    New found love for SR

  33. ok! I am half off forgiving ki jun.For his quick response to ah jung that he loves her but not enough ,he have a lots more to do! yuen joo is crazy , if she really love ki jun ,for 3 years ,she shouldn’t have left! and she said she will find someone better , now she couldn’t find anyone better?so , she urge back and buggle ki jun?ki jun should be crazy too! where is his character go?so,he is pretending as a reliable person?
    oh ,NO!so sorry for sha he, he meet ah jung first,and because of jun met ah jung T=T .poor boy, if he went to the party for ah jung and dismissing ki jun friends, he could have better chance to get ah jung. not until, ki jun kiss ah jung……..sorry for sha he because History repeated.Heung ki jun , can manage the whole world group?and can’t manage his love. yuen joo is a witch !

  34. God what a great episode, acknowledged that like her, dying to see episode 10. Thanks for your summary. I LOVE THIS DRAMA IS SUPER.

  35. Soran is like “I can’t stand to lose to Ah Jung in anything, and I live to pick on her but she’s my Ah Jung and no one better mess with her!!!!


      • hahahah
        you have my word right out of your mouth.
        yes yes and yes.
        me too cant hate SR
        i love her character
        she’s hateful but she stands up for her friend
        it was like she’s a teacher (i don’t have a better word. hahah) or something to ah jung
        teach her how to be strong since she’s young.
        now she’s capable of kicking ki joon away easily although she cries behind the curtain.
        so i do love SR. XD
        and i DO hope she can fix her relationship with her cheating husband.
        i feel more like crying when i watch the part where she was eating with her husband
        it was like she’s hiding her tears.
        i REALLY hate her husband for not understanding her although i want them to patch up

  36. Yikes!!! How exciting… but KJ is definitely not out of the water in my hot book – in fact, he has not done enough. And the next episode? Marriage w/YJ — eeeksss…. pulling out all the stops huh drama? YJ – urgh… do not like you, even if you were the victim a long time ago… and SH? What’s up with that? Are they really going to do the history repeats itself thing?? NOooooo… SR – I’m starting to warm up to you. 🙂 Can’t wait to actually view the entire episode with subs.

  37. oh so ran, I have a new found love for you…that dirty look she gave yoon ju was just priceless….drat…I can’t stop smiling in this episode

  38. All I got to say is that if Sang Hee gets between Ki Joon and Ah jung he needs to tell Sang hee no. He love him and he is his little brother but he needs to back off. Ki joon gave up on Yoon Joo because of him and it hurted him. He needs to tell Sang hee that he is not going to do it again with Ah Jung

    • agree! not giving up and fighting for AJ till the end will mean true love that even his brother and his aunt should recognize. I just hope that when the Aunt was watching KJ sleeping, she will not construed it as a peacefull sleep because of him getting back to YJ. She might agree to marry them both =(

  39. Will you do a full recap of episode 9 of LTM? I really want to know what happens in depth 🙂 <3! Thank you so much!

  40. Superb off to both of them…new found love for SR and KJ I Love you dude lol…seriously I love the twist to this drama 🙂 yaay bring on Ep 10
    @ YJ …Can someone pliz DHL her ass back to Paree…(bish leave) lol lol

  41. Somehow I can understand both. AJ is trying to protect herself, because of YJ’s “Thanks to you, we’re back together!” speech. KJ is frustrated because AJ told him it was all just an act. (Well, I would be irritated too if someone keeps telling me “Let’s not see each other again.” but then keeps showing up everywhere I am. xD)

    SH surprised me with his feelings for AJ.
    I thought he was so bad-tempered everytime AJ mentioned KJ on ep 7/8 because of his wish to bring YJ and KJ back together. xD”

  42. It’s funny how just yesterday, we were getting ready to bury KJ and now we want to give him hugs again. And we wanted him to suffer and beg for forgiveness but we all forgave him when he said “I like you” to AJ with no begging…

  43. omg, i finally can breathe… when i read ur spoiler last week, i was devastated when KJ asked her to go away… now I know why… thank God! pray pray

  44. it wont matter if sang hee likes aj she has no feelings for him that way she treats him as a friend and even if she cant be with kj she would never go with sh because she would have to be around kj all the time and anyway who would pick sh over kj

  45. Oh no Sang Hee lovely mane of layered feather hair is gone, bring it back, that was my favorite part about him. The writing for this episode is so good I wonder if the writers sacrifice Sang Hee hair to the kdrama gods for inspiration.

  46. love epi 9! thank God that KJ really like AJ!
    but as we all know, when a woman got hurt emotionally it’s hard for us to forgive and forget. and since KJ already confess his feelings towards AJ, hope to hear next time is that “AJ i love you!” weeeeee! can’t wait for that to happen!
    KJ, go fighting! don’t lose hope! AJ will come to her senses and will be back in your arms soon! so, do all you can to pursue AJ!

  47. wait a minute! so does SH like Aj? cause if that is the case then it’s like history repeating itself , but maybe this time KJ will be like “no, im not giving up the woman i love bc of you bc i really love her ?”. sucks though bc i rather SH plays his fairy godmother role. it’s more lovely that way. Man oh man YJ is b*tch to the maximus. wait no b*tch squared. it’s understandable that she’s hung over bc he left her 3 years ago and she almost “died” bc of missing him, but home girl when the man heart leaves you it ain’t coming back!!

  48. I’ve watched ep9, awesome… Ah Jung let Ki Joo suffer, don’t submit to him easily. Cool yourself girl, take a step back-relax.

  49. omg saw ep 9 3x am stalking the other sites to see who will have ep 10 first!!!! Thanks for the short concise version of recap but would like a more detailed one if possible

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