Additional Spoiler Pictures for Lie to Me and Some Ramblings

LOL, I feel like I’m entertaining a mob of bloodthirsty pitchfork wielding protectors of Ah Jung. Which I’m all for, don’t get me wrong. Though right now Ki Joon deserves a slap at most, so everyone put down your sharp pointy weapons. I’ll explain briefly at the end of this post where I think the writer should take Lie to Me. For now, I’ve got a final batch of new stills from this week’s episodes. Ah Jung looks SO fabulous I hope Ki Joon chokes on his regret. You said you’re not comfortable with her around, Ki Joon? You sure looked comfortable when you were inhaling her face earlier. I have no sympathy for Mr. Conflicted Of His Own Doing.

I also know everyone’s PO’d to the max, so let’s have some fun to pass the time. Special thanks to Denali for reminding of this video of Yoon Eun Hye and Eric on an early edition of X-Man. I watched this years ago, and it’s been well-known that Eric and Eun Hye have electric real life chemistry. They were supposed to have starred in Que Sera Sera together, but Eun Hye dropped out right before filming. Eric would have been ideal to do a cameo as Ah Jung’s blind date. Shit, that will drive Ki Joon INSANE. Mwahahahaha! Oh, and lastly, I’ll play some four-square below with the interconnected web between Eric, Eun Hye, Kang Ji Hwan, and Park Shi Yeon.

So apparently our leads are headed to Jeju Island soon, and something happens on Jeju with Ah Jung that results in Ki Joon’s stepping forward to rescue her, which is where the picture below comes in. I always get freaked out with scenes that involve going up a mountain at night.

To this day I still vividly remember translating the written preview for episode 15 of M3 while I had just landed in Tokyo and jetlagged and incoherent in a hotel room. I posted it, only to wake up the next day to like 213 comments filled with utter rage and incomprehension. I hope this mountain rescue scene has a shred of logic and purpose to it. Mae Ri going up a mountain and tumbling down with Jung In? Still gives me nightmares.

Eric and Eun Hye on X-Man (with Kim Jong Kook):

Do you guys feel better now after having a good laugh? It’s nice to stop obsessing about the doom and gloom of the next few episodes of LTM and just giggle at the funny antics of Eun Hye and Eric from years ago. The way they were flirting with each other….. O__O Oy vey, they were sooooo cute back then being goofy and adorable together.

We all know Eric and Park Shi Yeon dated in real life (man was the poor girl hated, dating the Leader of Shinhwa). Last year Shi Yeon and Ji Hwan starred in Coffee House together. Which now makes Ji Hwan and Eun Hye doing Lie to Me totally like closing a circle between the four of them.

Last but not least, Eun Hye’s last two co-stars were actually in a drama together as the first and second male lead. I’m of course talking about Ji Hwan and Yoon Sang Hyun in the risible Exhibition of Fireworks, which might be one of the worst dramas I’ve ever seen. Zero chemistry amongst any of the leads and a brain dead script paired with horrific directing. Everyone went on to do so much better. For example, Han Chae Young smoked up the screen with Jo Hyun Jae in Only You. So her and Ji Hwan having no chemistry together just futher confirms that it’s always special when two actors create magic onscreen.

Some Thoughts:

I know the majority of LTM-fandom is upset at Ki Joon, both for his inaction at the end of episode, and his seeming callous actions in the preview for episode 9. What scares us the most is that he’s chosen Yoon Joo, so that means Ah Jung has to suffer. A few kisses, even ones as passionate as shared by Ki Joon and Ah Jung, do not a relationship make. Nor does it negate his much longer-term feelings for Yoon Joo. BUT, see my big but, it’s clear that Ki Joon has developed very inexplicable (to him) but palpable feelings for Ah Jung. These feelings didn’t develop in a vacuum, it happened after he saw Yoon Joo and knew she was back.

I think Ki Joon is going to pick Yoon Joo for the time being out of some noble idiocy that he doesn’t want her hurt, since Ki Joon and Sang Hee did collectively screw her over before. Really, she is the victim. But that doesn’t mean I have to like her or even sympathesize with her. The more Ki Joon is mean to Ah Jung, it just means the more he can’t control himself around her. It’s a good thing, even if it hurts our girl in the meantime. This week’s episodes will hopefully plug a lot of holes in the narrative, and bring more light so that we aren’t scrambling to add color to a very limited canvas.


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    • yeah! havent read it fully yet but thank you so much again ockoala. it seems your playground have become a war zone. LOL

      • Isn’t it so funny that we are all mooning over KJH last week and want to toast him now.

      • oh yeah, we were all happy then but it was short lived. *sigh*

        thank you so much ockoala for the video. in indeed brought us a good laugh but too bad can’t laugh as much as i would like to coz i’m right now in the office pretending to be busy with eyes on the computer and fingers on the keyboard but not typing at all. LOL

        and gosh, eric is really hot and i would like him to be ah jung’s date too aside from gong yoo and won bin. i’ll definitely watch beautiful spy.

        but still, i abhor KJ and his noble idiocy. for how long?…. perhaps till the last episode. as for YJ, yes she’s a victim… a willing victim. she should return to where she was before and be on a place where she rightfully belongs.

  1. hahahaha…
    I have that clip of ERic-EUnHye-KJK in my favorites in YT..
    always try to watch it once every month for a good laugh…
    there is another one of of that x-men love triangle…

    anyway I felt sorry for ShiYeon back then also..
    But my Eric oppa is really back…!!
    cameo here..
    then his next drama…

    hey Koala are you gonna write something about Eric in a new drama with Han Yesel.
    I so want to know more about that drama….

  2. Just finished comments on preview LTM episode 9, and here comes another one. Thank you, Koala. Let me read first what this is trying to convey.

  3. omo.. poor u my mutant koala~~ still got jetlagged? r u ok now?
    sorry 4 being such a pusher..
    but what to do?? This tsunami of LTM make us pushing u more n more.. but make sure u dun fall ill..
    fighting.. my mutant koala~~!!

  4. second! I hate, hate drama leads who act so noble even if it means hurting the person they really love. I hope she makes him die of jealousy from her blind date.

    • guys how do you know that there is a blind date coming up?? And if so, in what episode?? I hope ki joon goes greeeeeeeeeeen with jealousy!!! Muahahahaha!!!

  5. yea! the playground has something new! definitely going to camp here after watching LTM tonite. thanks ockoala! ur the best XOXO

  6. thank you thank you thank you for your updates on LTM !! you have no idea how much we all refresh just to get another taste of our OTP 🙂 can’t wait for your recap of tonight’s episode !!!!

  7. Cant’ believe another updates of LTM.

    You are awesome Koala.

    Today is monday, aarrrghhhh. I going crazy but I won’t be able to watch coz I am going on vacation with my family for the next three days. How am I going to survive the 3 days. Crazy.., frustrating ….. argghhhhh.

    I must not think of LTM but I can’t stay away from this playground.

  8. OMG!!! What a fantastic way to save KJ, Ms. Koala!!! The good laugh you brought about this early morning really keeping me from sharpening my shovel 😀 … and I am willing to give KJ another chance to redeem himself, as I see how happy our beloved AJ with other men… Fighting girl!!!

  9. I so agree with you ockoala. KJ’s feeling for AJ grew even after the arrival of YJ. Those kisses actually occurred after KJ already met up with YJ in that walking barefoot scene. (which by the way made me hate YJ. Really walking barefoot? then make a big drama of not wanting first aid after you stepped on broken glass because you hurt me more than the glass? who told you to walk barefoot? that’s what shoes are for… to protect your feet! – sorry, emotional again!)

    LTM is currently giving the the MNIKSS vibe. Hyun Ji Heon initially picked Yoo Hee Jin, his long lost love in the first few episodes. Their reconciliation would’ve worked too if he was not already in love with Sam Soon. I actually enjoyed watching Ji Heon suffer – his inner turmoil, his confusion, his brains inability to control his actions because his heart is moving in the opposite direction. How I wish that Hyun Bin was already the actor that he is now back then when he was doing Sam Soon. Again, I digress… Going back to LTM, I want to see that in Ki Joon. As much as I hate KJ for hurting AJ, I understand the reason he went back to YJ. I think he believes himself still in love with YJ. I think there are still residual feelings for her. hard to fight all that history. KJ needs to go through this time to realize for himself that he has outgrown his love for YJ. Oh that will be painful for him, to hurt YJ again. I bet there will be a KJ shower while crying scene (im so for a KJH nakedwetwaterdripping shower scene. I will wait for that day KJ. the day you realized you are indeed in love with AJ. (dear kdrama overlords, please do not make KJ realize he is in love with AJ while driving his car. not when he just came from AJ and driving on his way to YJ then will make that abrupt U-turn as metaphor for his change of heart. really kdrama overlords, those abrupt U-turns are dangerous and may result in road accidents)

  10. Oh Eric and YEH’s pairing is ripe for the picking, why not make Eric a guest for a start? He can give KJH a run for his money when it comes to looks and being cool =)

    I’m glad it’s monday already. It’s already noon here and haven’t started any work. I just kept stalking your playground and playing truant =).

    • by the way, i love the first picture. I hope AJ will show up like that in one of the episodes =) Awww, so hot!!!

      • I wish so too. Why can’t she ever play a Korean drama where she will looks super fashionable like that first photo. For sure she will have all the guys chasing after her.

  11. that was LOLarious! thanks for posting this.. i was laughing so hard that i’m already having a hard time to breathe. i’m gonna be talking a dose of my inhaler after this post.

    you were right. we need to chill. too much angst is bad for our health.

    i was so against the blind date actor that was chosen and keeps insisting Lee min ho seems to be perfect for the role, because of the chemistry they had on screen on a cameo of YEH in personal taste. Now, im taking it back. I want eric! hahaha

  12. Even though I sympathize with Yoon Joo right now, I feel like she HAS to get a bit evil later on. Don’t all female second leads get nasty at some point? I think pretty much every time I’ve started off liking one in the past, I’ve had my mind changed. I’m guessing once KJ starts leaning towards AJ she’ll get conniving mighty quick.

    If only I could also end up hating the male second leads…instead they always just shatter my heart into a bajillion pieces.

  13. Thanks ockoala! I’m glad I could do this again freely. X-Men? What is that show? Some sort of making a drama, coming up with ones own script? Seems a lot of fun. Did it become real? I mean with Jong Kook? And that Eric is hot. Yes, he would have been the perfect Ki Joon rival alright.

    I think I’m so not into KJH since I didn’t even bother watching Coffee House, but remember finishing that Fireworks thing because of him. Yes, that drama had no fireworks at all. Can’t even remember what it was all about. Forgettable, indeed.

    Oh look at those two on stage. So cute. KJH looks smitten mwa ha ha. I hope it’s going to be for real … “is this acting or for real?”, my ged! Going crazy again mwa ha ha. Lack of sleep, lack of sleep…

    So we have another gal lost in the forest. Reminiscent of PK and M3, true. And that M3 thing? Totally hilarious. The writer didn’t know what to do with Jung In so she made him roll down the mountain and end up being comatose. I was thinking about fracture, but well, he should be out of the picture first so comatose it is. If not for the good acting of MGY, I would have totally guffawed. The writers are running out of ideas about how the lead would become the hero really. And what’s with the suit KJ? Seems like you’re in the twilight zone. Sorry, can’t even utter a nice word for this guy. Still hate him, you see.

    Totally want to hit the sack but I need a drink. Wanna join chingus? I hope you’re all here and just chatter about these two endlessly over a bottle of Baileys while camping at Koala unni’s playground! Nobody here understands my love for kdramas and here they are all rolling their eyes looking at my screen mwa ha ha! I’ll borrow Koala’s line: I will read about kdramas if I want to! Mwa ha ha ha!

  14. hmmmm….. they don’t find some old house with an old granny making strange beverages don’t they? 😉

    reminds me of SG. LOL 😀

  15. The more Ki Joon is mean to Ah Jung, it just means the more he can’t control himself around her. It’s a good thing, even if it hurts our girl in the meantime.

    I like your statement above Koala…….getting even more excited to watch the remaining LTM episodes……

  16. because of that vid I saw about YEH and Eric, hmmm I don’t mind having him between AJ and KJ if that’s to make KJ go wild over AJ once again…thanks Koala for always feeding our hunger for LTM updates…

  17. its bad I woke up after two hours and the first thing I did was come here \
    now need to be fresh for ltm live ahhhh
    never been so made at a LM so much Kijoon needs to roll down the mountain

  18. I remember that!

    Man X-Man brings back memories of when I was first getting into K-drama

    I really loved the Pattya special with Lee Min Ki challenging the One Man/One Woman affair…so great.

    Really X-Man is the reason I’m watching LTM because it introduced me to OUR YOUNG GIRL WARRIOR YEH!

    AJ looks great…knock him dead girl

  19. Thanks Koala, for always keeping us updated for new spoilers or videos of LTM. I just love it. For the meantime, I’ll keep to myself the horrific words I should have blurted to KJ for being an ?*@ toward AJ. I’ll give him a benefit of doubt whether He can redeem himself or not. AJ keep fighting!!!

  20. As I said before… What we will do without ya koala????!!!!!!! all I think about is if you posted something about one of my fav dramas… I am sooo ready for this week’s episodes that I am literally dying!!!!!!!!!!
    I love the spoilers where she is ignoring him… he deserves way much..not only ah jung going to a blind date, but taking the guy seriously so he gets to feel what she is going through right now!!!!!!!
    Ah Jung FIGHTING!!!!!! 😀

  21. hi koala im new here nd i gotta say da LIE TO ME vibe is crazy here and i like it haha fanks for da spoilers and da awesome recaps nd im totally on every1 side abt da ki joon being a noble idiocy i hate it wen dei do dat.
    and hi to every1 fanks again koala

  22. i continued watching the X-Man and saw Lee Minki. they are also cute together. I wonder what rom-com story will suit them both. I hope to see them in a kdrama too. Though Minki is going to serve his military duties soon, right? Can he also guest in the LTM for the meantime?

  23. I just need KJ to quickly pass through this period of stupidity and confusion. I mean come on, you lost your love once, don’t lose another great(er) one!!

    Actually if KJ is still an idiot after this week, we should hunt down the writer! lol.

  24. That’s a nice one! Thanks for checking in on us. For awhile I thought you had abandoned us in our make believe battles in your playground. But now that we hear from you again, and with consolation video how can we not stay put in your camp? That’s a nice exchange between Eric & YEH. A cute intermission so to speak………..

  25. Thanks for the video clip.
    I was an Andy fan but Eric is THE man. Was not aware of YEH back then.
    I seriously think I have a sore throat from laughing.Needed a break from the angst.Thanks.

  26. Thank you Koala! Your (positive) feelings towards Ah Jung are much deeper than mine, however, I’m just glad that it seems like someone is talking sense. KJ and AJ were not in a relationship and he had zero obligation to her, outside common decency(not that I’m saying he’s used it). His actions were understandable to me, though be it, not the best. I really don’t like YJ but she was wronged by Auntie and the brothers Hyun. She deserves candid truth from both boys and unfortunately neither has done that (successfully). Honestly I venture to say, neither altogether cause even KJ’s breakup was a little passive if we account ep 7 flashbacks.
    I can understand being confused by KJ but poisonous darts, death rays or destruction? No. Save that for some fool that actually sets out to be an ass.
    I also think there is a possibility he’ll go back to YJ but I hope it only seems that way and isn’t an actual fact.
    Thanks for all you do 😉

    • I do agree with some of your comments.

      Ki Joon behaved abominably to Ah Jung. He made a pass at her and he, sort of, led her on. In their contract, they just needed to show a front to So Ran and to secure the Chinese investment. Ki Joon, well, got carried away. He was attracted and he acted on his impulses. For Ah Jung, who was never in a relationship, that was a big deal. She got swept away unfortunately. It was particularly harsh because he knew of her growing attraction to him and her trusting nature and he just left her like a hot potato. That, for me was really UNCOOL. Ki Joon comes off as a cad. He doesn’t deserve Ah Jung IMO. But, of course, we want to see them together in the end because of their tremendous screen presence as a couple. I just hope the story ends that way Kekekeke.

  27. X-MAN!! Eric &Eun Hye <3
    To this day I still ship them. Eventhough I love Hwan &Hye but it's E&E that really makes me spazz. I was so pissed when Eun Hye dropped out of QSS but it's understandable because she was going through a sorta "emo-depressive" state around that time. Working alot &becoming stress that her health was bad so she had no choice but to drop out. I still have hope that they'll do a drama together sometime in the future or soon will be nice. I mean he did comeback from the army now he has all these plenty of projects to do 😀 Also if you are a fan of X-Man you'll know that Eric &Eun Hye's love story started first &then the next episode was Eun Hye &KJK's scandal… xD Oh do I miss the X-Man days. You don't see a variety show that had such a diverse cast actors/actresses with idols plus 2 of Korea's national MCs..aww I miss the show.
    Anyways I hated/disliked EoF. I watched it mainly for HCY &PEH but yeah there was like ZERO chemistry with them &the male cast plus s/l was horrendous.

    Thanks for the spoiler bit. So Ki Joon in the woods is because he is looking for our Ah Jung. Seriously I was like "WTF is he doing in the woods?" when I first saw the pictures but now reading what you wrote helped explained somethings. I understand where your coming from &I actually agree with it but the problem I have is that Yoon Joo yes she was the victim of the brothers but I just get this feeling she is gonna play that victim card to keep Ki Joon &Ah Jung apart.
    Like at the end of episode 8 when Ah Jung was leaving Yoon Joo's place &they pulled up. Did you see the way Yoon Joo was looking at her? And her tone of voice when she said she wanted to talk to Ah Jung? She had that tone &look like she was being protective over what is hers (Ki Joon)..&it just had that kinda "bitch" feel to it that just gives me the vibe that she might become the typical 2nd female lead bitch role. Which sucks cause I really hate when I have to hate the bitch I rather the bitch just bow out graciously in the triangle &let the OTP have their happiness. So eventhough she was the victim I just don't have sympathy for her because I just get this feeling she's gonna be the villianess.
    Also those Hyun brothers are so indecisive &pretty cold-hearted we have Sang Hee being a brat about Ki Joon &Yoon Joo three years ago then three years later he plays with Ah Jung get her into this lie with his bro &then when they start falling for each other he becomes all cold-hearted mean jerk to her &to his bro sorta forcing him to go back to Yoon Joo so Sang Hee isn't all that great himself.
    Then Ki Joon will we already know his flaws. The guy is just indecisive. He feels he has to do the "noble" thing by going back to Yoon Joo (I call it the idiot male lead syndrome, every male lead always think it's the noble thing when in reality your being an idiot) when in reality he doesn't know what he wants cause he has feelings for Ah Jung now. Hyun brothers have problems…..

    Anyways thanks again koala for feeding my LTM addiction 😀

    • YEH was having problems with her management. She wanted to take on projects but they wouldn’t let her do it…One of these was Que Sera, Sera. The other one was Capital Scandal…yes with KJH.

    • yessss!!!! i saw that looks too from YJ’s eyes. you are indeed correct. when she gets out of the car, she seems to be asking AJ “what the hell are you doing here?” how i hate that scene. KJ on the other hand is like a robot just standing and staring at AJ.

  28. Haha true, as much as I agree that the brothers collectively screwed over Yoon Joo, I am on board with you and won’t spare any sympathy towards her (even if I should because she is the victim). I just don’t want to lol

    I watched Fireworks a few months ago.. no chemistry except it was a somewhat funny in the first 2-3 episodes (where I enjoyed watching KJH). The weird thing is that in the drama, KJH played the younger brother who was in love with his older bro’s wife/gf. And in LTM he switched positions.

    hmm.. I thought in x-man, it was Jong Gook-Eun Hye love line from the random videos I watched..

  29. wait…. Eric and Park Shi Yeon date each other in real life??? Since when has that happened?? Also, are they still dating each other.. o_0

  30. Very interesting post Koala!

    The X-man video reminds me of so many good memories 🙂 I LOVED watching Eun Hye on that show and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see Eric and Yoon Eun Hye together in a drama someday…Still praying lol. It’s funny that you’ve pointed out the Eric-YEH-KJH-PSY, because I’ve thought of that a few days ago ^^ However, I didn’t know that Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Sang Hyun were in a drama together before…Interesting.

    Anyways, today is MONDAY! I can’t wait to watch episode 9 😀

  31. thanks for the clip and info. after all the happy, sweet and kissing scene from the previous episodes, epi 9 really took me down hard. omo! i can’t believe KJ actions towards AJ!
    as for now, hatred and disappointments to you MR. PRETENTIOUS DENYING CREEP!

  32. Will be camping here tonight with a pitchfork while waiting for Lie to Me EP9. Ack. Mooning over HKJ was so short-lived I feel cheated! Lol. Anyway, if we hate HKJ, it means he’s convincing, which is a good thing. && With all these new drama developments, Lie to Me becomes even more exciting! Yay! Yay!

    The playground has officially become a battleground. Let’s get set! 🙂

  33. Thanks always the best!!! I miss YEH in X-Man days..KJ know his feeling to AJ but he don’t want to hurt YJ again..its dilemma for him…I just heard Glee- get it right… I think this song suit for KJ…he made mistake so he must get it right…hehehe…

  34. i love that Xman vid, it reminds me back of xman time, and i am rewatching some Xman episodes right now. I love YEH because of Xman, I remember i was so sad when she left Xman and stopped watching the show right after that. Xman will never be the same without her. The love line btw Eh-JK and Eric is brilliant.
    Glad YEH is so famous right now.

  35. Ah Jung ah….u look so beautiful and flawless <33333
    Ki Joon si…..i hope you can redeem yourself to us at Jeju Island ok? keke

  36. Now our Captain became YEH-KJH shippers…kekekekek…
    i’m 2nd with u captain…i also love their chemistry in LTM..and GGC on M3

  37. Woke up at 5 am…
    First thing I did was calculated whattime it was in korea -.- SMH
    Then I made my bed took a shower….all so I can come to the playground all fresh and clean and ready to see whats going on. Didn’t disappoint.
    ERIC!!! So cute. Love them in X-man, but in X-man, its all about Kim Jong Kook with YEH. Sorry, you just cant get over that chemistry, though eric if great too. Ahh why isnt it 9pm in korea yet.

  38. hi ockoala. i checked out the xman in youtube and i had a hoot laughing with all their gags. i’ve always loved YEH but now i love her more. she is really no damsel. she actually beat lee min ki in wrestling. and i love how they carried that love story angle with kim jong kook. he is no pretty boy but i adore how shy and game he is. can they do a drama together. they look good in that music video.

  39. Ok so I’m very much anticipating the splash of colors on this fave language barrier drama which all I ever understood was “kurei????” wahaha!!!! 😉 Awesomeness!!!! I love the bad girl YEH look!!!! It’s like midnight devil’s chocolate dessert, something to wake you up in the middle of a boring lazy afternoon daydream!!!!

  40. I just love how Ki Joon looks like he just came out of a catalogue while searching for Ah Jung in the woods. Normal people would look all ruffled up, but hie tie ist still in place :D.

    Looking forward to the show this week.

  41. Yip yip horray!! Monday is finaly here!! DTLY is totally up load!! Tommorrow LTM, will be up too, so is a great day!! Finally I LOVE MONDAYS!! LOL

    For me, I don’t hate Ki Joon, I was furious back then, but time heal everything, right!! I know, he have to denied whatever he feels for Ah Jung, (the more he denied, the more it grows), for the sake of his brother mental state, but why he have to sacrifice himself again? Why don’t he says, “screw this, I know that I can be myself around her, I don’t need to pretend, because, she (Ah Jung) sees me, the real me”? I hate when the “noble thing to do” is “the right thing to do”, but why this right thing to do, can be so wrong, and hurt so many people? Specially a man who freeze his heart, and a woman who shut down his heart from the world, and when they start to open the door, he decide to freeze again his heart? I don’t understand!!

    Really, my murderous feelings, abandon me, so it was a phase!! Lucky Ki Joon, because the army, was gonna kill him, big time!! LOL I’m having a “interior peace phase” right now, hoping for the better, and waiting for Ki Joon, big, glorious, beautifully FALL!! LOL

    Big Fall, Fighting!!! LOL

  42. Yoon Ju… please just go to the United States and study your ass off. Not only will aunt CEO will help you with your tuiton fees but we, Ah-jung protectors, will provide your living expenses too!!! Got that????

    Just disappear ok?

  43. hope there’s a site that i can watch LTM live. Does anyone knows this site exist? Hope someone can share. please please

  44. i hope when i wake up tomorrow morning and i open coalasplayground i will find a new recap of LIE TO ME, i’m really waiting until i can’t sleep so please coalasplayground help me full

  45. I really didn’t want to read this, but see what LTM makes me do? I even check posts with spoilerish content. ACK, this addiction!

    See, if Ki-joon had chosen Yoon-joo cos he didn’t want to hurt Sang Hee again, I may have been more, idk, understanding? Cos I’m a sucker for brotherly love that is stronger than the romantic kind. However, picking Yoon-joo over Ah-jung just cos he doesn’t want to hurt Yoon-joo again (not because he’s still in love with her) and him being mean to Ah-jung and hurting HER cos he’s emotionally stunted and can’t deal with his own stupidity and feelings…I can’t deal with that level of idiocy, okay?

    And btw, I really did NOT expect so much angst so soon. Man, if it’s this angsty now, what will happen in, say, ep 14? I do not want to know

  46. Thank you!!!

    I didn’t understand the game, but it was sure entertaining to watch.

    Eric!! SIIGGGGH!!!

    Now, back to Ki Joon, I completely agree with you, but please don’t hit him too hard!!! Save something for laterenjoyment 🙂

  47. OMG X-man and my past:D

    The triangle is hilarious between Eric-YEH-KJK! LOL KJK is so sweet and Eric is cool!

    And Shin Jung Hwan OMG he is too funny! Ho Dong and Jae Suk my favorite bachelors (for that time) 😀

    From that video and from LTM what I understood is that YEH have chemistry with everyone:D LOL

    BTW does anyone know which song is playing at the very beginning of the video? It’s from some soundtrack but I couldn’t find?

  48. I really love Eric and Eunhye since Xman days too. I was super excited back then with the possible collab during QQS but it didnt happen. (disappointed) Then when rumors were flying about the drama Love Song how Eric might be the lead. I was excite but it didnt happened!!! But hopefully they do a drama together!!! They are so hot and have insane chemistry!!!
    Seriously they need to hook up!! lol

  49. Just watch LTM Ep9 !!!!!!!!!!

    OMOMO….Did KiJoon just said that he can’t comeback to YoonJoo cuz he likes AJ ??
    And is it true that it seems that SangHee starts to like AJ ??

    Anyway, I love the alst scene, when KJ just snatched AJ right away in front of the toilet !!!! XAVNSDLJDCVAVAS !!!!!

  50. Ok I just realized I have a thing for leather gloves…YEH look great at the first pic I miss fashion lab!!!! I pretty things and pretty people 😉 it makes me suffer, can’t help but STARE!!!!! Make-up and hair is good I want some of that curls!!!! 😉 wishful thinking!!!!

  51. OMG! Is this normal? At this time there are about 678 people at Soompi’s. I just look at the stats but I don’t want to look at the spoilers as I want to see the full ep and the full recap before I will look at others’ postings. That way I can appreciate the show based on my own perception then compare with others later.

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