GTV Releases First Teaser Trailer for Skip Beat Starring Ivy Chen, Siwon, and Donghae

L.O.V.E. Just love. The first teaser trailer for the upcoming TW-drama adaptation of the popular Japanese manga Skip Beat has finally been released. The drama’s Chinese title is called 華麗的挑戰 (English literal translation being Extravagant Challenge) but it’s English title has been confirmed to mirror the manga and be called Skip Beat.

The drama stars Ivy Chen (stepping in for Ariel Lin), and two awesome Super Junior boys – Choi Siwon as Dun He Lian (Ren in the manga) and Lee Donghae as Bu Puo Xang (Sho in the manga). The first trailer doesn’t have the dialogues of the SuJu boys dubbed yet, which I know it will be, but is nevertheless ridiculously amazing. I loved every second of it.

I love Ivy and Donghae’s chemistry based on the trailer alone. Confession: I second lead ship in Skip Beat the manga – I think the chemistry between Kyoko and Sho (the scorned girl who gave everything for the man she loves, and the man who takes for granted the woman who loves the very air he breathes) BURNS. I know Kyoko will end up with Ren (the mangaka said as much), so it was to my conflicted sadness and everlasting gratification to see in the trailer that my second lead shipping was merited. Donghae and Ivy’s intensity, anger and dismissal of each other, twist my inside into knots.

Don’t get my wrong, I lovelovelove Siwon, and I think Ren is an incredible male lead, but damnit my heart tells me that if I were the mangaka, I would redeem Sho and make it so that the childhood sweethearts can somehow end up together. I’m so K-drama-ish like that. I’ve already offered to recap Skip Beat to my twitter pals (though I was pretty drunk on birthday bubbly when I made that offer), but if the drama is as good as the trailer make it seem, it would be my greatest pleasure to watch it live.


GTV Releases First Teaser Trailer for Skip Beat Starring Ivy Chen, Siwon, and Donghae — 80 Comments

  1. o my lord this looks soooooo good…i LOVE Ivy Chen…..she is so intense for such a cute person…..cant wait!!! u’re also considering recapping this as well..thank you!!!…never knew the day would come when I’d get to read Taiwanese drama recaps

    • o wait why is there korean in the trailer? are they playing Korean pop stars in Taiwan (kinda like what they already are???)..not that i’d mind eitherways

      • i’ve been told siwon/donghae’s voices are going to be dubbed. i don’t know how much truth is behind that however

      • @kelly oh really? I actually rather liked the fact that the original voices would be kept. I am not sure why but I am particularly averse to dubbing, especially in the chinese movies.

    • Hello! Do you mind talking about Skip Beat! here instead of over there?
      I didn’t write much in the other topic because I was afraid I was breaking some rules…

  2. First comment here at the playground. Really can’t believe that… any way… It would be awesome if you recap this! It looks good. And I’m a huge Skip Beat! fan. I can’t believe you’re for the Sho/Kyoko pairing. I mean I can see why (you know after I read the manga for the third time) but I’m Ren/Kyoko all the way. Funny enough it’s because of their childhood connection. Umm since I’m posting anyway… Thank you for your hard work.

  3. thx captain 4 brings the cute trailer here…..
    l love donghae n he is so damn cute….n yes he has chem with ivy…arrggghhhh…..can’t wait!!!!!!!

  4. I am also a Sho fan. Too bad he can’t get Kyoko:( It seems I will like Sho more in the drama too. Ren might be perfect but isn’t he a little boring compared to Sho?

    • Interestingly enough, I find Ren’s character the most intriguiging due to his dark past, which admittedly has only shown up in flashes in the manga. Definitely watching this, and Kyoko/Ren all the way – although I like Sho as a main character. I wonder if the drama will make Sho more likable from the get-go.

  5. Oh.. Thank you for posting!

    I also L.O.V.E the trailer… DongHae in particular exceeded my expectations. He is the sweetest person you could find and his character is so remote from Shou that I doubted whether he could pull the role off.

    Well, I don’t mind your confession about shipping ShoxKyoko since I am conflicted myself between the two leads. I keep switching sides. But… I’m saying but… If we follow your scenario, do you reallly want to go through the heartbreak of seeing Ren, after all he has done, discover that he amounts to nothing compared to a “jerk”?
    Well, all of this is hypothetical of course since it is quite obvious who Kyoko ends up with.
    But you’re right. The chemistry between KxS is extremely strong.
    SPOILER from manga… After all, he is the one who got her first kss even though Ren would not want to consider it that ENDS SPOILER

    It’s the typical nice perfect guy vs intense chemistry conflict but Skip Beat makes it especially hard to choose.

    • I just observed that the reason in the trailer, Sho and Kyoko (I will try to learn the chinese names) look like they have chemistry is because Donghae and Ivy look like they have chemistry in real life as well in interviews. Ivy just keep looking towards Donghae in any case, despite the fact that Siwon is more fluent.

      youtube (dot) com/watch?v=OaMxkthQih0&feature=BFa&list=ULbrxU4Zk6F0U&index=11

      youtube (dot) com/watch?v=h49i6_tuAxE

  6. I have been waiting to watch this drama for a long time now and I want you,Koala unni, to please recap it!!! Thanks a lot.

  7. every since I watched the trailer I can´t stop thinking about it! I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE TO INFINITE SIWON!!!!!!!!!! I can´t wait to watch this drama… and I don´t like other than kdramas… well now I love Drunken to love you! but HELL YEAH I WILL WATCH EVERY EPISODE OF THIS ONE…
    Koala, I really hope you’ll like this drama enough to recap!!!!!!! xD

  8. Awww….I can’t believe this…..

    Thank u soooo much….capt’

    Wow….Ivy looks so intense when she’s angry…..It’s very good that I get the same impression when I look Ivy & Kyoko in the manga..Perhaps this is a good sign?

    And Sho….*shivers…..
    OMG, is that the cool & friendly Donghae….? It looks like he can act too. Way to go, Donghae…Hwaiting!!

    –> lack of charisma, I guess…:P

  9. Oh god, this trailer is awesome! My greatest drama weakness = idol drama/drama about talented people who actually showcase their talents(other than acting, that is) in the show. I predict major addiction. MAJOR. ADDICTION. And I haven’t even watched anything other than KDramas before, but this just looks sooooo goooood.

  10. I am a great fan of Skip Beat! I have certain reservation about Siwon in Ren’s character. My feel about Siwon is very different from Ren + hairstyle is quite different from the Manga too. But I think Donghae is great as Sho! Hope this will be a great production that follows the manga closely.. =)

  11. This will be the first T-drama I’ll be watching, so, this will be my real introduction to Ivy Chen, who I happen to think is very, very cute. And Choi Siwon, hubba, hubbah!

    In the beginning, I was weirded out by Donghae and Siwon speaking in Korean, and now, I kind of don’t mind if they don’t dub them. I like Siwon’s voice as is. Heeh.

  12. One of my all time favourite manga, one of my all time favourite bishie ( Ren of course 😛 ), and I love these casts a lot more than the casts that was rumoured a few years ago and there is a big possibility that you are going to recap this drama, awww you make my day! Thank you so much Ockoala.
    Just wondering, is there going to be the Vi Ghoul ‘s guy in this drama? Wonder who is going to play that role, also who is going to play Ren’s assistant and Rory. Hmmm.

    • Saw the assistant, but I don’t know who play it. And Donghae is sooo Sho, great casting. Still can’t get the Ren’s vibe from Siwon though. But I kinda like Siwon in Oh My Lady, hopefully Siwon will do good in this drama.

      • I don’t know the actor’s name, but he also plays MARS’ (Jiro) manager in ToGetHer. He’s pretty good =)

  13. Sold!! Where do I sign!! If Siwon is in it, of course, my darling that I would see it!! Where is the popcorn!!! LOL

  14. I am an avid fans of Skip Beat and since the manga has not even finished yet, I think I will have a very hard time enjoying this one (just like what happened during Meteor Garden/Hana Yori Dango/Boys Before Flowers)

    But I don’t know. It might turn out to be good.

  15. I’m probably the only one here who’s watching this for Ivy lol I have such a big girl crush on her! She’s been amazing in all the dramas/movies I saw with her, and it looks like she’s gonna kick ass as Kyoko (one of my favorite manga characters, btw) too.

    I’m positively surprised with Donghae. His acting seems to be pretty good. And I agree that he has more chemistry with Ivy. Siwon, on the other hand, doesn’t impress me at all. Ren is supposed to be the greatest actor in the world, and I don’t think that he can pull it off. A big miscast, imho. I’m team Ren in the manga, but it looks like I’ll be rooting for Sho/Kyoko in the drama.

  16. *sheepish* Well, ack! I watched this yesterday and I couldn’t even finish it cos I couldn’t stand the female lead. OMG! Is the shrillness going to go away? Please tell me so? Cos otherwise, er, not sure if I can watch it even if it looks great! (and yes, I do like female lead/second male lead too)

    Are you sure they’re going to be dubbed? I was sooo relieved when I watched the trailer and heard Siwon’s voice!

  17. I’m an ELF and am looking forward to this…also prefer subs to dubbing but I believe Siwon (and maybe Donghae) speaks Chinese and have no problem if they dub mostly with their own voices. ( I read somewhere it’s done sometimes)

  18. Tears of joy~~~~ the drama that i have been waiting for YEARS! well…2 years to be exact. Although i miss Ariel but Ivy is kicking ass too! What more with my suju boys. Super add on. The trailer is sooooo good!!
    So far in the trailer i love what i’m seeing with Ivy and Donghae. Especially Donghae….is that our innocent fish who cry very well??!! and i thought he is only good in crying scene! Surprise surprise~~! As for Siwon….bit plain. Very “Oh my lady”…hope to see more cos Ren is so opposite of his Oh my lady role although both being super star.
    Since the trailer is out….does it mean it will air anytime…SOON??!! must go dig more news now! !! and stay tune with Koala~~~
    One of my fave anime(never read manga) + one of my fave actress + my most MOST favourite suju = DAEBAK! it will be daedaebak if they reveal the airing dates…..*drawing fingers on the floor*

  19. I was actually contemplating on whether I wanted to read/watch Skip Beat before I even knew that Donghae and Siwon (SUJU FANGIRL HERE) would be the ones acting in the live-action version.

    I have to say, I tend to only read/watch mangas/anime/dramas when I am more sure of the OTP. I always read the synopsis and character grid just to make sure so that I won’t be disappointed when having a manga/anime/drama marathon.

    I also agree with you on Sho+Kyoko being my OTP. I absolutely love childhood best friend love stories (I know, I know, cliché). I seriously wanted to watch this drama purely because I knew Donghae and Siwon were going to be the lead roles but I was slightly disappointed because I like Donghae more (sorry siwon), and also because Donghae looks like the lead male.

    I REALLY don’t know what to do…

    • Actually, the mangaka does a switcheroo pretty early and gives Ren and Kyoko they own childhood connection- one of those brief meetings that made a lasting impression. It’s actually very sweet. Kyoko still doesn’t know in the manga, so I’m wondering how they are going to play that one out in the drama.

  20. I LOVE SIWON CHOI!!!!!!!Met him and had a pic with him He was such a nice guy!(unlike other artists) I love him and please pretty please RECAP his drama to the end. TEAM REN!!!!!!!

  21. I did not manage to complete the manga (its too long) but i will watch this show. I like Siwon a lot as well Ivy Chen Yihan.

  22. That would be awesome if you could recap!!! This looks better than I expected since I’m sure it’s harder to get into character when there is a language barrier. The suju boys, however, look pretty good.

  23. OMG, koala you made my day today. Okay start of my day as I live in Canada. Skip Beat is one of my favourite manga and to see the trailer with Siwon and Donghae. Awww, I am soooo happy.

  24. I watched the trailer yesterday but had to come here to see your comment about it!
    I also loved the trailer, buthoped he be more excited as the manga is ! But this is just the first trailer huh?
    Although I like much to Ren, also got an insane drop by Sho …
    however it is that jerk, mitted, egocentric and jealous. I can not help loving him. I think Ren too slow, though beautiful.
    And I’m having the distinct impression that the drama will be the same thing despite being crazy for Si Won, after images, videos and now the trailer is Dong Hae me winning!
    I am very anxious for the drama!
    And I would be even happier if you did the summary of the episodes!
    I love your site and your comments! I’m turning a Koala Maniac direct from Brazil!

  25. SO EXCITED. Mostly for Siwon (because I’m shallow) but it actually looks pretty good. Koala, I’m with you, I was definitely shipping ShoxKyoko while reading Skip Beat! even though I know Ren is the better man, Sho’s a scumbag, blah,blah,blah, something just seems more appealing about ShoxKyoko than RenxKyoko. I also want Sho to somehow be redeemed, but it doesn’t seem like he gets enough time in the manga for that, imo.

    Can’t wait, thanks for the trailer!

  26. never seen Ivy Chen before but she makes a damn good Kyoko – with all of her sincerity and exaggerated emotional reaction! I kinda love it 😀 when will it air anw? the end of this year? T_T how are we supposed to wait?? waiting for the manga every month is enough…

  27. SHOOT I WANT I WANT!!!! JUHWA JUHWA!!!!I LIKE I LIKE!!!!! JARHESO!!!! JARHESO!!!! SIWON A TO DIE FOR DIMPLES!!!! HOW COME I SAW NO ONE IN MY TAEKWONDO CLASS AS GOOD LOOKING AS HIM, EVERYONE LOOKS LIKE A FOOT!!!! NOT FAIR!!!! she, her what’s her name again???? I like the heroin I see a crown of stars!!!! 😉

  28. Thank you!! I’ve been really excited about Extravagant Challenge and trailer is close to how I imagine everyone looks and acts. (I’m still a little worried about how they are going to cobble an ending together, since the manga is ongoing. I remember the train wreck that was the last episode of Hana Kimi.)

    It’s funny that you’re such a Sho/Kyoko shipper, because I nearly didn’t pick up the series when I thought it was going to be another one of those “he treats her like a cad, but she wins him over and he repents his wicked ways,” but I thumbed through it anyway. It was only when I realized that the manga ignored convention and her OTP was somebody else did I actually get interested.

    I do feel bad for Sho, since he’s just a kid who’s as love stupid as Kyoko. Once he managed to mature some he probably would have won Kyoko back… if Ren didn’t exist. Once you dig beneath Ren’s perfect gentleman facade, there’s a guy just as petty and jealous as Sho… the difference is that Ren knows how to put the best interests of the person he loves about his own. *desperately trying to avoid discussing spoilers from the Valentine’s Day arch*

    Honestly at first I was more interested in watching Kyoko develop as an actor, but the more they got into Ren’s backstory and showed the guy beneath the gentleman persona, the more of a rabid shipper I became. Especially since Kyoko and Ren have gotten so close since I’m, above all else, a best friend shipper.

  29. OHH. OMONA! You can’t renege on that promise! PLEASE!!!! :)) I like Skip Beat better than I like Super Junior so I was excited, nervous and anxious on how they would portray it. Seems I won’t be disappointed so pretty PLEASE – RECAP IT. Hehehe. I am a Tsuraga fan (cause I fall for types like that) but this time Dong Hae really takes the cake. Maybe, I will be a Sho-Kyoko shipper in this drama. Siwon’s dimples doesn’t really lure me. And when you think about it, a Ren Tsuraga would be boring in real life while Sho has all the personality (and real women fall for personalities like that)… SUPER EXCITED!!! 😀

    • Well I didn’t mean I’d die for SIWON. I meant I’d die to have his dimples…ahaha
      😉 Nothing’s more deadly than a woman’s envy…. ciao nytie nyt!!!!

  30. wait seriously, an adaptation of Skip Beat..wah one of my favourite shojo manga. in de manga i of course favor Ren, but wonder how it be for live action, i’m not into suju, so i dont have any favourite yet, so Ren or Sho, i need to watch 1st,although i always hav 2nd lead syndrome.
    p/s:i really hope it’ll have japan adaptation also

  31. AHHHH…. love love love it. Ok – I admit I have really zero expectations for this so it should be an enjoyable ride for me. I love manga turned dramas in general. 🙂 🙂 🙂 After all, ISWAK is my favorite drama of all asian dramas. I personally can’t decide btw sho & ren. I often lean towards Ren.

    Thanks for this. 🙂

    • Is GHS portraying a nerd, geek, or a dork? I can’t tell, and her acting is not naturally comical in this trailer.

      OMG-sh, nekkid Jiro is…. um……………….. crazy hot.

    • Absolute Boyfriend is also a promising Tdrama. I had also been waiting for this drama since October 2010. Koala unni, can you also please recap this drama???? I will be grateful if you could recap Absolute Boyfriend(Goo hye sun and Jiro wang of Fahrenheit) and Extravagant Challenge.

  32. Hey! Long time no seen since Playful Kiss ended! Ockoala, thanks for the trailer though I saw it yesterday night!
    And the one thing I want to say is……ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE AND AWESOME!!!!!
    I definitely gonna watch this!
    I’m a bit surprised that the most of you, guys, pairing Kyoko with Sho! Cuz I’m team Ren forever, haha))) That’s because I prefer this type of men!!! Those like Sho are disgusting for me, sorry! Though I can see some good points in him!
    As for the main leads, I, first of all, want to say that fell in love with Ivy a long time ago, lol))))) She’s hilarious as Kyoko! And now I’m happy she replaced Ariel! Don’t misunderstand! I like Ariel but I can’t see Kyoko in her!
    Donghae impressed me too much! Well done!
    Siwon, I guess, will be a good Ren! I think you, guys, should give him more credit cuz the trailer was almost based on Kyoko/Sho relationships and “a few” Ren! We haven’t seen him in acting yet! So waiting for the dorama!!!
    Btw, I want to know the broadcasting day too! Wish it could be summer! Pleaseeee)))))

  33. i dont understand how Ariel was supposed cming back all these shows but then backed out of them..ahhh i want to see her acting again.
    good show

  34. sho is a jerk.i hate whn the jerk gets the girl in the dramas.he may av personality but who wants 2 b treated like that.after all he did, he deserves 2 b all the way.

  35. I was geeking out while watching that trailer, coz I read the manga up until it started getting lenghty, and the parts I did read, I saw in the trailer. And I freaken loved Skip Beat soooooo much. & I’m not a TW drama watcher, so this and Drucken to Love You has made me go omfg to TW dramas, lol. Plus SuJu is just love.

  36. Woohoo, it’s finally happening! I’m not a big fan of TW drama, but I WILL watch this because I’ve been reading Skip Beat for over four years already. <3 <3 <3

  37. I’m so happy the trailer is finally out. I was so disappointed as there was no sequel to the first season of the manga, that is to say the anime. 🙂

  38. haahah love skip beat; will try to watch this but I´m not sure yet…~^^. I´m still praying for a Kdrama version. hahahahaaa. Hopefully its good, cause it such a great manga-anime-story. Its so much fun, again hope the tw drama is like that too.

  39. I’m a Ren shipper because I just don’t think any sort of redemption Sho might go through would make up for his callousness. It seems to be a fundamental part of him that he can only relate to Kyoko if it’s related to him, he can’t treat her as her own person. RenxKyoko I love because even if Kyoko doesn’t choose him and completely breaks his heart, I see Ren still being able to treat Kyoko on her own terms. I’m not sure if I’m explaining my position well.

    Anyway, even though the teaser seems to be Sho heavy, I’m still intrigued by Ren. I think it’ll be the same as in the manga where Ren seems to come off with a bad impression to Kyoko but then little by little, you see how good he is. That’s what I’m hoping…

    • Well, if history serves me right, in Siwon’s acting projects with other SJ members he usually gets the “boring”, “cold” characters while the other members get the “easy sell” charismatic characters. Case in point, “Attack of the Pin-Up Boys, the Zhang LiYin videos, Ariel Lin’s video hahahaha… Initial casting had Donghae with the male lead role of “Ren” and Siwon as “Sho”.

      The trailer seems to very much “Sho” heavy so we’ll see how they develop Ren in the story. I guess they want a little more mystery given his character’s personality so they focused on selling “Sho”. It makes sense given Donghae’s inexperience as actor, he really needs the extra push to introduce him to the non-SJ public since he is more known in SJ fandom than outside SJ fandom.

      I wish they don’t dub them. *prays*

  40. I don’t actually mind Choi Siwon as Ren because fangirls have already built an image on who Ren should be and what he’s like it’s almost impossible to find someone with that much charisma a so it’s all good XD (I ship Kyoko with both Ren and Sho) <3 them both and Donghae is adorable XD

  41. In manga, I hate Sho mostly .. only like him because he is necessary to further KyokoxRen relationship.. and of course, I <3 Ren

    BUT…. In the drama, I can't hate Sho (not yet, at least..) cuz it's Donghae!! I so agree that he has good chemistry with Ivy and his acting in the trailer looks pretty good as the arrogant & annoying Sho.

    I also think Siwon is perfectly casted as Ren, tallness and the smile(!!!) both very Ren-like. I am just curious how he will do the dark/ mysterious side of Ren. I am not sure about the chemistry yet but since I like Ren/Siwon, I think it will work.

  42. Koala, if you do end up recapping Skip Beat, I will love you forever.

    Seriously, Skip Beat is one of my favorite mangas and I can’t wait to watch it live action. (I wonder how loyal it will be to the original story?)

  43. Damn this looks awesome! I typically don’t like it when they dub the acting and the words don’t match the mouthing, but this looks fun to watch. Can’t wait, thanks Koala! 🙂

  44. Eeeeek! I’ve been so waiting for this one with baited breath ever since I heard of the cast line- up changes. This is one drama I won’t miss!!

  45. I have been waiting so long for this that I am over the moon to see it finally coming into fruition. And I agree with you Koala. I was a huge KyokoxSho fan (and seeing this trailer I suspect history will be repeating itself in the live-action adaption) And honestly, I always liked Donghae more than Siwon (Siwon fans dont kill me xD) so the casting is killing me.

    Regardless – CAN NOT WAIT. Would love it if you could recap this ^________^

  46. Surprisingly…I loved it…Siwon and Donghae are really giving me the feeling of Ren adn Sho…plus Ivy looks like she going to challenge the hateful intense Kyoko well…and FINALLY a role where I won’t hate Bianca Bai’s character.

  47. Please, please, please, please, PLEASE let the dubbers be good!!! (I mean, SiWon has this great voice, and to have to hear an annoying voice speaking when his mouth is moving would be agony… well… at least rather painful…) (Yes, I love SiWon. ^_^)

  48. I love Siwon, I am so glad that you are going to recap Skip Beat.
    Siwon is the hottest thing on earth…….drooling.

  49. Wow, thanks for the Skip Beat trailer! Didn’t expect for it to come out so fast.

    I was addicted to the Skip Beat manga at one point and really enjoyed the story and the characters there.

    I love Ivy as an actress since “Black & White” and “Hear Me” (movie). And from the trailer, she looks like she has nailed Kyoko pretty well. Her cuteness is adorable, her fierceness is too funny and her tears just hit you hard.

    While reading the manga, I totally shipped Ren-Kyoko and was half-in-love with Ren. Sho didn’t do much for me (except maybe towards the later part when he started to turnaround). But I have to say that in the trailer, Donghae as Sho is doing a better job than Siwon as Ren (I totally am not familiar with these 2 guys though I know they are super popular). Donghae’s Sho is showing a lot of spirit and fire, and he has great chemistry with Kyoko. Siwon’s Ren is just not emitting that smoldering mystery yet hint of vulnerability that Ren in the manga always convey. But to be fair, Ren’s role is a tougher one to portray. Siwon just look to sunshiny right now. Hopefully in the actual series his charisma will develop to be closer to Ren.

    But one thing about the production quality, it was not as good as I expected esp since it’s from GTV and a big production. Maybe this is just the rough edit and the final version will be much better.


  50. I am a Choi Siwon fan and he is my bias in Super Junior. Well, I like Donghae too. In the teaser, I felt like Donghae is really into his character as Sho- and I didn’t expect that his acting is that good since he is a newbie in the acting field but I was really impressed by him. As for Si won, his acting is okay, for now, since the teaser is Sho-centered. Nevertheless, I am still a RenxKyoko shipper plus I <3 Si won- he's hot!!!!

  51. :DDD hahah i am a SUJU fan yet my dream guy ‘once was’ or maybe still ‘is’ Siwon:DDD

    and I love Skip Beat (manga) sooo much that maybe you cannot find a manga like this that will give you the angst and pleasure and also with humor and with great characters!

    BUT when I heard that it will be a drama I was disappointed:D LOL cuz whenever i think who would be a REN in real, I couldn’t think of any cuz REN is such a coolestly cool and greatestly great character:D and soooo tall!

    and actually i am not hopeful about this drama (not for its success but just satisfying my manga-stemmed-dreams about a live-action) even our dear SUJU in it, but my analysis on characters as follows (btw the video is removed from the post’s link, i watched the trailer from youtube):

    Siwon as Ren: although I love this hair style of Siwon so much cuz it suits him the best, BUT that’s no REN hair baby:D a big no-no for me:D BTW i think siwon could have handle the Sho character cuz i think he has the guts to be an arrogant jerk:D (though in the manga you even want Kyoko to end up with Sho^^)

    Donghae as Sho: he seems ok for Sho:D but if he has the heights then actually I would want him to go for REN character:D but i am not sure about acting ability of course:D this comment is just for the looks:D

    Ivy Chen as Kyoko: well i dont know TW-celebrities much:D but looking from trailer, she is the most matching character in my opinion:D she is cute 😀 hope she can give the feeling of Kyoko’s character transformations also, let’s not forget Kyoko is an amazing actress in the manga:D (why is the last chapter is not released yet *sobs)

    BTW my comments are not for negative thoughts about a drama that’s not even started yet, it’s just the thought of a Skip Beat fan on the cast in which one of them i am dreaming about him to be my groom:D LOL

  52. I love Skip Beat!, and in my opinion I don’t really think they can turn it into a drama D: Much of the fun will be lost, I think, and the feeling it has about it…

  53. About the dubbing, I read that they are going to have essentially a korean and a taiwanese version, where in the taiwanese, they will have donghae and siwon’s voices dubbed, while ivy’s voice will be dubbed for the korean version. i’m not sure though… and i also read on several websites that the air date is dec. 18th… so far away!!! WAH… ;( never read the manga or seen the anime (i’m mostly just into dramas), but I really can’t wait for this! ^ ^

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