Upcoming TW-Drama Xiao Xian’s Beautiful Life Casts Janine Chang and Peter Ho as the Leads

Taiwan news reports are confirming that TTV’s in development big-budget cultural rom-com (it’s being compare to the style and sophistication of Drunken to Love You) called Xiao Xian’s Beautiful Life has finally cast its two leads. I initially heard about this project when it was first attached to Ariel Lin and then Chen Qiao En, with the male lead always rumored to be Ming Dao.

These casting rumors have clearly been scrapped since Ariel is filming I Might Not Love You with Bolin Chen right now, and Ming Dao and Qiao En are in China, reuniting for the 4th time in the Yu Zheng period wuxia epic (historical accuracy massacre) The King’s Woman. Starting from new is a good idea, and now we’ve got another new coupling to look forward to. Reports reveal  Janine Chang and Peter Ho are all but confirmed as the leads for Xiao Xian.

Confession: I am totally allergic to Peter Ho as a leading man, even if I find his real life personality adorable, charming, and he’s one of the best role models in the industry with his well-documented generosity and kindness. But he always comes off as smarmy and sleazy onscreen. I need one Peter Ho drama to convince me otherwise. Janine I adore, and can’t wait to see her back in another rom-com. Xiao Xian won’t go into production until later this year, aiming for an early 2012 release.

The synopsis I’ve read goes something like this. Guo Xiao Xian is an ordinary girl raising an adoptive daughter, who gets dumped by her boyfriend. She and her at-odds colleague Xitu Yen go from rivals to lovers, until both of their exes come back into the picture. His ex-wife wants to get back together, her ex-boyfriend turns out to have dumped her because he’s sick. Xiao Xian ends up getting back together with her ex, but realizes that the person she loves is Yen now. In the end, of course the OTP end up together, so we’ll be watching for the journey, right?

[Credit: World Journal news]


Upcoming TW-Drama Xiao Xian’s Beautiful Life Casts Janine Chang and Peter Ho as the Leads — 20 Comments

  1. I hope they can come up with fresher plots and new storylines for romcoms. These are all the same stories packaged differently to give it a new appearance, sigh!

    Although I love Janine so I hope this will be interesting and different than Sunny Happiness, Fated to Love You, Drunken to Love you etc etc

  2. I’m a Janine convert since SH so I’ll probably watch this drama. I’ve never even heard of Peter Ho (ah, new TW-dramas convert as well!) and omg, he totally looks like Kim Bum in the first pic! o_O I think it’s the eyes?

  3. OMG.. YES! Peter Ho is back in taiwanese drama since Summer’s Bubble.. Sigh.. He’ s so charming and HOT… Janine is super busy lately.. I’ve never seen her do so many dramas back to back… hope she doesn’t get overexhausted.

    Finally he’s back and I get to watch him soon.. Can’t wait! 🙂

    • I second that!!!… I love him in Summer Desire too, then I started to dig all of his past shows… something about him on screen… or maybe I like those sleazy type Koala :p

  4. I too have not been convinced by Peter Ho either. Don’t know what it is but I just couldn’t get into any of his dramas. I’m not too excited at the moment but maybe this is the drama where he convinces me otherwise.

  5. OMG – I adore Peter Ho, am indifferent though not allergic to Janine, but more importantly – awwwww!!! Twdrama romcoms are the only romcoms left that I like.

  6. hmmm…the premise sounds more melo than rom-com-ish to me…..i mean if her ex is dying but she loves him no longer but goes back regardless..that sounds kinda heavy….
    not that it’s any less appealing…..just that I dont have a gr8 record with TW dramas that seem to have heavier plots
    but on the other hand I LOVE Peter Ho!!! and I have also come to like Janine a lot…so i will be looking forward to this

  7. again a sick ex? One thing I hate more than clingy ex is one that is sick …

    Otherwise, I like the story. hmm.. never seen Peter Ho anywhere, looks pretty good.

  8. Is there something going on with Ariel Lin? It seems that she is attached to so many projects but in the end it doesn’t follow through. I’ve been waiting for her drama comeback for forever!


    Okay, I OFFICIALLY can't wait. I personally do love Peter Ho. And SH has made me a huge Janine Chang fan. Even the plot sounds fantastic ^^

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