Baby Recap for Lie to Me Episode 13

Man, I don’t know what it is about Lie to Me that gets such strong and divisive reactions from people. So many dramas come and go, some liking it while others don’t, but for the most part it’s just there. With LTM, it’s like every plot development gets dissected as making sense or not. Trust me when I say 9 out of 10 dramas have plenty of nonsensical plot points, so at the end of the day, do you connect with it and believe in the story as it unfolds?

I need to think about episode 13 some more before sharing my thoughts. So much of this episode was in the indescribable moments and gestures between Ki Joon and Ah Jung (the way they look at each other is just…….*speechless*). Anyways, this episode should be called prelude to shit hitting the fan and all hell breaking loose. But luckily, watching the preview for episode 14 saved my sanity.

Episode 13 Baby Recap:

Ki Joon ditches his dinner appointment to spend time with his Ah Jung. Always a wise choice between love and business sacrifice. They head to the arcade to munch on some snacks and play games to let out some steam. Ki Joon confesses that he missed a dinner appointment, and that Congressman Park is Yoon Joo’s stepfather. So Ran and Jae Bum are having a romantic dinner at the same restaurant. So Ran sees Yoon Joo and calls Ah Jung asking if she and Ki Joon are the real deal now. Yoon Joo’s mom overhears the convo.

Ki Joon makes an effort to meet with Chairman Chen to convince him that he loves Ah Jung and is sorry about the lie. He asks for another chance. Ah Jung’s handling an event at the World Hotel, but keeping her personal relationship with Ki Joon under wraps for now. Ki Joon goes her work to deliver some papers under the guise of work but really to see her.

Yoon Joo, Suk Bong, and Sang Hee head to the river to paint and reminisce about scenery not changing but people changing. Yoon Joo wants to change, too, so she’s not the only one hurting alone. Ki Joon waits for Ah Jung after work and wants to spend the night hanging out. She lies to dad that she’s working late, and then heads to a jjimjalbang with Ki Joon. They wear matching towel heads, feed each other hard boiled eggs, and generally just relax and enjoy the time together. They run into dad and Ae Kyung there, and the boys engage in a drinking duel while cheered on by their girls.

Ki Joon tells Congressman Park that it’s over between him and Yoon Joo since three years ago, and he wants to land the Chairman Chen deal on his own terms. Ki Joon tells Ah Jung that he’s going to China on a business trip, ostensibly to find alternative investment partners. Ah Jung catches Ki Joon at the airport before he departs, handing him her lucky pen for signing a new deal. They reluctantly part.

Some dudes leak news to the media about Ki Joon lying that he was married to Chairman Chen to get the World Hotel a business investment deal. The news breaks and Ah Jung finds out. She tries to reach Ki Joon and heads to his office. She runs into Yoon Joo, who lays down the guilt trip about Ah Jung causing all this and Ki Joon has lost so much already. Aunt calls Ah Jung and asks her not to allow Ki Joon to be ruined.

Ah Jung calls Jae Bum asking for his help as a lawyer. She writes a resignation letter and leaves it on her boss’s desk. She heads to the World Hotel and addresses the media. Ki Joon arrives back in Seoul and is accosted at the airport by the media. Ah Jung tells the reporters that Hyun Ki Joon did not tell any lie, she told the lie that she was married to him. She tells the world that her name is Gong Ah Jung and she is a civil servant at the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sports.


Baby Recap for Lie to Me Episode 13 — 89 Comments

    • Same here….have been clicking on the link many times over to check ockoala’s recap….:)

      Have to apply concealer on my eyebags tomorrow…

      • So was I, been in and out of the playground waiting for the baby recap. Good luck with the eyebags though, guess nobody’s going to sleeping soundly tonight because of KJ and AJ’s new dilemma.

    • well doesn’t really matter if i fully understand this or not…will just watch it for the looks our OTP are giving each other in this ep… am sure they are HOTTTTTTTT!!!!

      • just finished watching the raw…gosh!!!! as usual our hwanhye did not disappoint us with their sweet interactions…oh dear i kept on squeeeing, ahhhhing,ooohhhhing, sighing, singing, dancing with every looks they bestow on each other….i find the airport scene so sweet…how could these two say that all they did in this drama was acting!!! never seen such naturally-acted-sizzling-hot flirting in all the kdramas i’ve watched (and mind you, i had watched a whole LOT)….

        and i find the sauna scene with the father utterly hilarious!!!! i skipped YJ, aunt botox, and AJ crying parts tho…will leave that until subbed version comes out…

        overall, (i say this again) i still love this episode not too angsty…just enough trouble and something our KJ cannot handle… am excited for ep 14…gosh i do wish LTM won’t end yet…sighs

      • yes, they were just completely flirting with eachother =D and i want to see more of that!

  1. thank…you !!
    they were just perfect at airport …the goodbye was so sweet ! like …i can’t explain it…i neet to remake my mind ….
    oh my god ,i am not going talk about AJ crying ….HEARTBREAKING

    • You’ve still got a mind to remake ? I envy you, I’ve already lost my mind over LTM some time ago! Really need to regain my sanity.

    • the airport scene was the best part in this episode, but don’t forget about the KJ-gently-touching-AJ’s-face part when they were outside of AJ’s office. i can’t say it enough but i love Kang Ji Hwan!!!

    • ok, just watched the raw on tudou— ep.14 preview , OMG—ki joon screaming @ the top of his lungs ” gong ah jung , sarang hamnida!!!!”can’t wait for tuesday’s ep.

  2. Can someone take YJ off the picture for me pls…I can’t really even open my eyes or swallow anything if she is there…What is her position to give advice…clean your own woman, thought you acknowledge that you should change and move on…Can’t stand that YJ…

    Reading your baby recap, the story does come clearer and make sense now…Agree with you on that preview 14, without it…don’t know how I’m gonna sleep. As I said I need Emergency Room with lots lots of oxygen named LTM and labeled HwanHye..Koalas, pls giude me…Thank you for taking me first as your patient pls…heheh

  3. always refresh this page to see the baby recap and it worth it though its already 1 in the morning 🙂
    thanks ockoala!!!!

  4. I’ve been hitting refresh ad nauseum. Thanks for the baby recap Koala! I’m eargerly waiting for your views on this episode.

  5. aw. Career Suicide. Ah Jung-ah, didn’t Ki Joon-ssi said that whatever you do, tell him first? :(( anyway, good thing we have a preview for this week. I am so happy that after 13 episode, we could see the concrete effect of the Lie. So people before said that the LIE was weightless and it sounds petty, but now~ KABOOM! haha it will destroy 2 careers that 2 persons value most.
    Anyway, if Ah-Jung will resign, she could just stay as a housewife to Ki-Joon-ssi. ^^ If Ki Joon will lose the company, they could just live as normal people. :)) They could just lie down under the Jeju night sky. :))

    Anyway I will anticipate the jjimjalbang scene, coz I wished that I still have a father who could challenge my boyfriend like that. 🙂 and the episode 14 where he will shout at everyone who are interested to listen… how he really feels. I hope he just calls a press con to formally announce it. ^^

    Thanks koala, now I could sleep, and tomorrow, I’ll wait for the full recap! ^^

  6. me too, stalking and it’s here..thanks again koala

    they have to end up together..pretty please! that’s the ending i want. 🙂

    she too sacrificed her career..go go AJ and KJ things will just fall into place as long as you fight auntie and YJ..aja!

  7. Thank u koala! feels like angst has come (from several angles) and AJ will own up to the lies to protect KJ. ahhh love that will conquer all. this ep has gone better and has depth. Am loving it! will watch raw and come back for more recap from u. LTM on to the next ep. swooning n can’t have enough of KJ and AJ’s love for each other erm which to me is more like YEH and KJH love showing through.

  8. Love love love, i dont care what others are just saying (the negative ones). the disection of every episode only proves how popular LTM is.

  9. *chants* Not reading. Not reading. Not reading. *peeks* Okay, I managed to read half of the post cos everything else is too spoilery, BUT hear me squee about the moments between Ki-joon and Ah-jung! Omg, I cna’t wait to see them. *rubs hands in anticipation*

    And here comes the frenetic madness: hit f5, see no subs, hit f5, see no subs and repeat ad infinitum.

    • Same boat. There should be a “waiting for the subs” support group. First point on the meeting agenda could be how to resist the urge to read the baby recaps / live recaps. Next point on the meeting agenda could be ways to remind yourself that you don’t actually understand enough Korean to watch the raw episodes.

      • Can I join this support group? However, reading the baby recaps is the only way for me to focus at work. Or not. I can’t wait to get home to watch and “squee” along with everyone else… lol

      • LOL! You guys, I hear your pain. I’m checking all the various fansubbing groups looking for subs. I’m snagging the raw and as soon as it’s complete, subs or no subs, I’ll watch it. I can’t wait any more! Hopefully, the little Korean I know will be enough to understand the gist of it. Or…well, maybe not. I’ll just watch Ki-joon and Ah-jung and their antics and I’ll be fine. ^^ It’s not like I don’t watch each ep multiple times, even with subs. LOL

  10. two people who used heartbreak as reason to burry their noses in their respective careers now find in each other a reason to start living their lives.^_^
    i love how they showed the dedication of the characters to their respective professions. i’m hoping they won’t need to give up their careers since they really deserve it all. am truly excited for koala’s full recap/review! and for ep14 tomorrow (well, later since it’s past midnight now ;p)!

  11. Wow!!!! KJ owns Ep 13 by ditching the dinner appt. AJ owns Ep 14 when she took the blame for the sake of KJ… Wahhhhh. every time their eyes collide its sure a big time collision. Can someone tell me, these two were just great actors portraying their characters??? I cant seem to separate acting from reality now.


    • U MAKE ME CRAZY , Yes, his face turns red.=D
      hope this is not acting but for real…….I am crazy, Lie to me mania.
      Thanks !!!!!

    • OMGFOR REAAAAAAAL…. lol, I’m just watching the full unsubbed video right now. Can’t even get past the 9-min mark because all I’ve done the past 30 mins is replay this scene over and over…

      Yeah, THAT is unabashed ad-libbing… if they don’t know they’ve fallen in love (YEH/KJH), seeing that on replay for themselves more than likely proved it.

      Yes, @Julieng, KJH’s face did turn bright red… and that’s Eun Hye absolutely shocked he did (and turning red after laughing). Omo omo omo… their faces were inches away! Was uri Eun Hye trying to to rub her face on his???

      OMO I hope she was!

      • yes, her arm went around his neck..try to rub some ice cream on his face…you see that too…his face turned red here…not the light..I don’t need to watch other parts…just this already killed me softly..

  13. I think KJ will protect AJ and won’t let her go anywhere. KJ never hides his feeling for AJ and is no surprise that he will make it public in ep14 to save his AJ.

    Many many thanks for Koala’s bb recap! Would like to read more of your thoughts soon.

  14. Love you, Koala! It’s 3.56am Australia EST and I’ve been waiting all night for this. I’m going to be a zombie at work today, now I can say, a happy zombie. Thanks to you, Koala!

  15. will minister cultural help? he seems to like ah jung a lot.and he knows Chen too.after the publicity, spread to china .Mrs. chen would know too. marriage or not won’t be the issue, because they care and try to protect each, it is not all a lie .well , inister can turns a positive help to fight back senate Park and yuen joo.

  16. Told you, here we go again!!!

    And the song says:

    “I don’t know where I’m going
    But, I sure know where I’ve been
    Hanging on the promises
    In songs of yesterday

    An’ I’ve made up my mind
    I ain’t wasting no more time
    But, here I go again
    Here I go again

    Tho’ I keep searching for an answer
    I never seem to find what I’m looking for
    Oh Lord, I pray
    You give me strength to carry on
    Cos I know what it means
    To walk along the lonely street of dreams

    An’ here I go again on my own
    Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known
    Like a drifter I was born to walk alone
    An’ I’ve made up my mind
    I ain’t wasting no more time”

    Artist: WhiteSnake
    Song: Here I Go Again
    I so love the oldies!!! LOL

  17. Thank you Koala!!!! I love the progress of their relationship what is 3 more episodes with KJ and AJ fighting for their LOVE! I see that they are facing the consequences of their action I think it will make their relationship grow stronger. YJ and SH needs to move on. Hopefully after the drama or the fiasco of their lies comes the most wonderful wedding, honeymoon and family. I don’t care what other people is saying all their negativities towards LTM if they don’t like it don’t watch or else suck it up. The OTP is one of the best I love watching every bit of their time together you can feel the love even if they are less touchy or intimate with each other. The gestures the looks it’s all there but of coarse I want to see more… who doesn’t after the ice cream kiss, the kola kiss and the best romantic date I’ve seen by far, the ambience is perfect the dress the OTP plus the “lover’s concerto” and the forehead kiss!!!! oh before I forget the cherry blossom lane where it all started. 3 more episode to go hopefully episode 14 they will deal with the media. 15 they will deal with their family and the proposal, I wsih to see KJ propose to AJ in the cherry blossom lane with cherry blossoms falling down from the tree and episode 16 the wedding and maybe the 3-5 years later with them happily married, YJ moved on maybe she’s in Paris met someone and engage to be married, SH will be successful with his career a gallery/exhibit opening and maybe he will meet a girl whom he can finally pursue. SR and her husband happy as well, Aunt taking care of little AJ or KJ or both maybe they will have twins. Manager Park on a date. Park Hoon the secretary in the theater with a girl to watch his melodramas. Is it too much to ask for a complete and happy ending, at least we the fans while having withdrawal because of the end of this drama we can check the forums and still talk about how lovely the end of LTM and we saw it all we don’t need to oh maybe they had kids etc… Loving LTM so much.

    Ms. Koala I hope and plead that you will continue on stalking KJH and YEH after this drama. Maybe they will realize the effect of this two OTP and give them another drama, movie etc… or maybe just maybe this two actors have or had fallen in love with each other. Thank you!!!

  18. i really love these little moments between them…they’re so genuine and sweet- never crossing the line to nauseating

    i love how Ki Joon left for China…it’s cute how reluctant they both are and it’s nice seeing that their love is really pure, no hidden agendas, just that they can’t stop what they’re feeling for each other

    on a somewhat undesirable note, Yoon Ju, butt off! god, she really ticks me off

  19. I’m somewhat baffled to the justification of all the new consequences of The Lie. From what I remember, the only person AhJung actually lied to was her friends and she’s already copped to that. KJ’s participation of the lie was that he didn’t correct President Chen’s assumption of the marriage, but he’s already copped to that too…. (Anyway, the lie to Chen was originated by Sang Hee, not KJ or AJ). All in all, from what I saw, they didn’t actually lie to anybody else or make the lie public. Even the contract stipulated that they were not going to lie about the marriage but just actively ‘do nothing’.

    So, what’s with the new surge of media attention and the super big fall out/ scandal? Why is it anyones business but those directly involved?

  20. I’ll save most of my comments for the actual recap since I really need subs to fill in some of the gaps.

    The airport scene – I swear if it was any other onscreen couple acting that out – I would have gagged and thrown up over the perceived cheesiness of it all. But these two make it so believable and so natural… I couldn’t help but smile and be happy for their love and just how much they didn’t want to separate. Let’s face it – when KJ’s not there, everyone attacks AJ.

    True – it was SH who said that AJ was KJ’s wife. So I think SH needs to start helping out AJ and KJ here. Then again, what the heck can SH do? He has no clout anywhere to battle Congressman Park, YJ and his aunt and the rest of media.

      • now Tuesday 5 am at my place…6 am in korea….we still have at least 13 hours to watch episode 14 sighhhh……..I’m like zombie..everyday wake up so so so early just for LTM..oh God..please save me from this insanity!!!!

      • Ahh, I know what your saying. I didnt really sleep last night but I want to tonight so i can wake up and get everything done then when 10:30 hits, read the live recap then wait for Koalas baby recap, then her full recap, then watch, then re-read koalas recap and the LTM Annonymous(ers) comments while watching with subs. I need a new a distraction.

  21. “Some dudes leak news to the media about Ki Joon lying that he was married to Chairman Chen…”

    I totally read that wrong the first time xD

  22. is yoon joos dad involved with the rumor spreading to the press??? if so then yoon joo has no ryt to act all self righteous and corner ah jung the way she did 🙁

    ah jung was brave on so many levels, her honest approach her ability to shoulder all responsibility knowing the consequences :(, her protective nature!! she is completely without guile 🙂 i think thats wat makes her so appealing to everyone

  23. Gah, You chingus help to make me unstable. Here I am, saying I’llbe content with just reading the recaps until ep 14 is out and subbed, and here you guys are describing looks passed between the OTP’s that are so indiscribeable, that I have to go and watch. Gah. I need more Ah Jung and Ki Joon. Ah Jung is such a stubborn ass, I mean at least say—something different. That it was a prank on her friends that got out of control. But anyways, here Yoon Joo’s dumb ass comes trying to blame Ah Jung, as if AJ forced KJ to do anything. KJ is a big boy and for her stupid information, it was SANG HEE who got Ki Joon into this mess with the business. So Oh Yoon Joo, eat S%^T You %$^&*()()*&^%$#@#$%^&*(*^%$#@%^$#%^@#$%$@#$%!@#$%^. Take that

  24. Looks like they are both making their sacrifices now.
    The thing I love about this drama is that it is tying up lose ends with this lie. Yeah the Lie was use as a plot drive for the drama &now that they are in love with each other everyone expected the lie to be finish with &just deal with the angry ex but here that is not the case the lie has come back to bite them in their butts that they now have to deal with what telling a lie does.
    When lying you have to face the consequences of that lie. So now our OTP has to deal face their consequences of lying. It plays a bigger effect because of their positions. He is a well known business man &she is a civil servant . If they were just two average joes (more if he was) then the lie wouldn’t really be that big of a deal but since he isn’t it plays a big deal.

    Once this lie is completely dealt with then everything would be cool…
    Looking forward to the full recap. Thanks koala 🙂

    • Your totally right marmar.
      Gah, I still dont want Ki Joon and Ah JUng to seperate though.
      And its all Sang Hee’s fault. My gosh, that bastard.
      But still. Ki Joon should say “Mr. Chen, you never wanted to invest in me from the start because you thought I was a workaholic, and the only reason you even tried was because you and your wife liked Ah Jung. I’m sorry a lie had to come about for me to get your interest in world hotel, but I can’t say i’m sorry for the lie because it led me to someone who I really need in my life. And I dont know if I would have found her if not for this farce that started. I work hard for my hotel and I’m damn good at what I do, but If you dont like that, well I dont really want you as an investor in my company. Because investing in my company means investing in me and my abilities. And I need an investor who believes in my vision and what I can do, no matter how hard I work. Give your wife my condolences, Ah Jung really likes her.” IN YOUR FACE!! Can I request for the writer to add this in the script?
      I dont have a problem with any obsticles AJ and KJ have to face, as long as the writer dont let the seperate because one is trying to save the other. Gah. the ending of manny comes to mind *how upstetting* Ki Joon, you and Joo Won have the power to hold on and never let go. Keep doing it. Ah Jung, wake up and see the man waaaaaants you. So forget Yoon Joo and her nasty words. Where the hell is sang hee in all of this? Gotta go and rewatch the happy eps to feel better about stuff.

  25. I am not a fan of Lie To Me neither YEH (I think she lacks a lot actingwise) but I agree with you. For example Best love is nothing great same old korean gip gip (I mean the lead actress still choose the less charming man…Oh PLEASE WHATEVER), City Hunter (?) one of worst adaptations of a manga in the world (I mean who is his right mind will use the Trio-love thing or Baker King Tak Goo kind of storyline to make”City Hunter”) the most nonsencial plot, filled with plotholes and butchered characterization of the characters, Baby faced beauty is too simplistic (?)…I mean the only one I think is new among the bunch of May-June dramas is Miss Ripley. Therefore I can understand when people rant about LTM but at the same they are curiosly less demanding concerning other dramas which are even mediocre (for example BOF, Dream High…).

    • Hahaha I’m not being mean, but I really have to ask: “What do you like?” haha it sounds like you are not pleased with anything. All dramas are the same though. 2girls 2guys, good 2 shoe girl, bitchy girl, asshole guy, great personality guy. ANd so on and so forth.
      I’m only watching LTM, and the plot and stuff aren’t anything new, but somehow I just feel like its different. And Im not talking about YEH and KJH’s chemistry. I feel like its just different, and thats not because I love YEH. But you seem to have a non-bias oppinion so I dont dislike you for that lilly. You just seem to say it like you mean it, and thats good. Though i’m still shocked that you dont like YEH. O.O# lol

      • Actually suprisingly I thought I will like some of May/June dramas but I don’t know lately I feel the same vibe in every kdrama no matter the genre. The only one I think stands out plotwise is as I said Miss Ripley. But I am not amazed by this. I think the last best year of Kdrama is 2007.

      • Concerning YEH I don’t dislike but I don’t like the way her talent is wasted. she must work on her acting more and do less CF ads. She showed potential in CP she even succeeded to make me connect with her in the latest episodes of Vineyard man but after that…

  26. KOALAAAAA…. yeah I don’t even care anymore about all the angst. All I know is I got my full money’s worth just Eun Hye try and smush her face on Ji Hwan after he (betting my money on it) smushed the ice cream on her face for fun (ad libbing).

    Gaaaah, I’m falling in love for them. That ought to be enough. I don’t care how good at acting they are, that’s legit right there.

  27. I like epi 13, KJ and AJ are you real lover not acting???
    See the way you look at each other. Your smiling faces
    KJH and YEH are the best actor and actress in the world
    and I am going to miss your smiling faces after the drama is finished.

    Hope the ending is what viewers expect
    Princess marry to Prince charming with the blessing from the dad
    I dont mind KJ like SH drop everything and run away with AJ.

  28. I can’t even see the acting anymore. The characters have been to this strange reality tv love show with a drama going on in the background.

  29. ohh h myyy dayyss!! i cant believe that this is happening!!
    but i have a feeling tha there is something thhat will happen…. something BIG!!! ^___________^
    anyways, i LOVEE HYUN GI JOON!! <3

  30. i love the part when AJ and KJ not wanting to let go of eachother’s hands at the airport, and i love the way KJ was smiling and looking at AJ. *heart melting*

    • yeah, I like that part as well……..the way they looked at each other….oh my, really like 2 ppl who really fell in love.

      And the moment at the sauna, with AJ’s dad, drinking competition, was so funny……

  31. Ockoala, dear, are you reading all the comments? It’s insane! People waking up at crazy hours to watch LTM. Others that don’t even go to bed for the same reason. People squeeing left and right and all of them refreshing LTM-themed pages obsessively. It’s madness! So beautiful, though!

  32. Predict of epi 16
    AJ’s boss not accept her resign and send her to China for a new post.
    KJ’s auntie asks SH to replace KJ’ as a CEO of World hotel, and
    KJ new job in China. So KJ and AJ meet again and get marry in China

  33. do any of you guys know if there’s a behind the scene of this episode…… because someone says that when AJ and KJ eating ice cream that there is an adlib……

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