Video Preview for Episode 15 and Spoilers on the Best Love Finale

I’m not surprised there has been no video preview or written preview from MBC with respect to Best Love. It keeps the mystery of Jin’s surgery alive, and fanΒ fervor will hopefully push the drama way over the 20% ratings mark, making it I suspect the highest rated rom-com in 2011 so far. Well, MBC caved or just got nice, because it released a short episode 15 written blurb on its website today. Below is the summary of it, so don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled. I’ve also linked to the video preview. Finally, there are some other hints about other plot points in the finale.

Jin survives his surgery and goes abroad to recuperate (makes sense, I saw spoiler pictures of Cha Seung Won filming at the airport a few days ago). His miraculous recovery, surviving a surgery with 10% odds, makes him an even greater superstar. He gains international acclaim as well, making Ae Jung even more hesitant about getting close to him.

Other fan speculations based on spoilers – Jin and Ae Jung gets married and are interviewed about the choice of a wedding dress, and Pil Joo and Se Ri become a couple. We might even get a multiple year jump to see Jin and Ae Jung with kids. So there you have it. Hopefully this will tide us over until tomorrow. I’m thrilled for a happy ending, and I want a conventional wedding and an ever-after so badly.

Video preview for episode 15:


Video Preview for Episode 15 and Spoilers on the Best Love Finale — 49 Comments

  1. I’m glad that Jin and Ae Jung get their happy ending. They deserve it! The Greatest Love/Best Love is one of the tops on my list as favorite drama in 2011! Cha Seung Won is absolutely classic in comedic roles. I hope he does more of them! Can’t wait to tune in tomorrow to see how the the final episodes unfold.

  2. Wait…DGJ said ‘I haven’t seen you in awhile Ding Dong’ and with a red bow.There is NO WAY he is coming back as a present.I would literally just curl up and die from laughing.

    Oh man…I am so doing live streaming tonight just for this.

      • MAN I GET THE CHILLS WHEN I SAY PANTY I really have to have his diction and then roll up in laughter…..sesh what am I turning out to be….tsk tsk tsk

  3. OMG, I died laughing seeing DJ in a humongous red bow. I mean… who decks himself out in a gigantic red bow and gets away with it?!?!?! LMAO.

  4. I’m happy with our DJ and AJ that they will have a happy ending but I dont like the part that PJ will be with SR at the end, PJ is for you Koala..get him back pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. Hahahaha. Seeing Jin in that big red bow was just priceless. I better catch some precious zzzzzs now so I can catch this episode later. Thank you so much koala, you’re simply the BEST!

  6. Yes.. Ockoala me too want a conventional wedding and happily ever after so badly.. oh can’t wait to read your recap tomorrow.. love OTP=DJ&AJ forever..

  7. I was giggling away when Dokko Jin said: “It’s been a long time, DingDong!” It was dead funny the way he said it and even more so because of the big red bow he wrapped himself with! That man really sees himself as a gift to mankind hahaahahha!

  8. OMGGGGG!!!!!! >_<

    dear koala,

    i'm soooooooooooooo waiting for your big recap tomorrow.
    i'm gonna sleep fast tonight!

    thank you in advance!!!!!

  9. They deserve their happy ending!!! Love it!!! awaiting your awesome recap… Thanks in advance, madame koala…

  10. i thought he wrapped himself as a gift to AJ..hehehe…
    thanks hong sisters for making DJ alive and hope for wedding bells with AJ..

    however, i dont like PJ to end up with Se ri….he is too nice and perfect for her…huhuhu

  11. so excited i’m literally shaking!!!! Dokko gift is priceless!!!!!!!!!!! waaaaaaa i will have my happy ending!!! Hong Sisters waves to you
    thanks so much koala!!!!!!!!
    πŸ˜€ <333333333

  12. Oh and watched city hall, I’m sorry but did not like it as much as BL. The city hall heroine drove me crazy . Liked her better in Kim sa soon

    • Yeah. I didn’t get the craze about City Hall. Didn’t like the heroine either. CSW’s character was fine, but I really couldn’t believe he could even fall for Mirae.

  13. bursting with love for DKJ and GAJ
    DKJ announcing his affections on national media
    how can a gal not swooooon
    and also when ding dong hug DKJ , really touching <3

  14. Hi, I watched City Hunter live today but tomorrow it’s the finale of Best Love, so I would like to watch that live, does anyone know how to watch that channel live online?!?


    lol i’ve gone nutters.

    Thank you Ockoala. *sniff*

  16. Haha, I want a happy ending for Dokko Jin and Ae Jung but because this drama is just so good I also don’t mind if it has a sad ending which is also fitting. Last weekend I imagined myself buying the DVD set with dual ending ala director’s cut hahaha… The Greatest Love offers quite a refreshing change in terms of storyline, background, and character development. Looks like Hallyu will never die out if kdrama continues to evolve like this. Thank you Hong sisters and thank you Koala for the recaps!

  17. ohh my GOD AJ in car accident what the hell is that GOD i really hope they somehow make it work and we have a beautiul happy ending with the wedding the kids and everything fingers crossed cause i have my bac exam and instead of studying im living near my computer waiting for best love anything so please drama gods let s have a wonderful ending to this amazing drama

  18. Errr…now I think I do mind if it’s going to be a sad ending!! I had 3 days last week to prepare myself for today’s episode!! And noooooooo……not after the DJ declaration!!

  19. I’m soo glad about the upcoming happy ending for Jin and Ae-Jung, but I don’t want perfect Pil-joo ending up with Se-ri. I hope he gets to meet a woman similar to Ae-Jung, that would be nicer πŸ˜€

  20. Im loving your banner~~~~ I can stay on this site forever~~ LOL What can I say DokkoMania!!! Episode 15 is good but I fear for episode 16~~~

    • LOL…. QD… same here.
      I was gazing for a minute or so looking at the banner, I even gently mumbled to my self the fact both of them looks so perfect here… LOL

      And Ms Koalas, I also gravely a conventional wedding, pregnant AJ scene, DGJ’s baby… gosh… ever after ending is what I need to settle my chaotic soul…

  21. i do hope for a happy ending…but on the spoiler AJ was in a car accident and had IV on her? omo…don’t tell me she’ll need a new heart???
    ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….i was gearing up wanting to see DJ and AJ with kids and their Uncle Dingdong all grown up muscular and tall like DJ…ha ha ha…i want to see him helping out his nephews/nieces trying to reach up for things that are put up on top of shelves by their parents like his grandpa did…
    and on the elimination round for ‘idealwoman’ is it…i can’t believe the hong pitted Gumiho vs GoMinyu…omo….

  22. where’s any spoiler of Ae Jung & car accident? I don’t see it on the video. No mention in the written preview. Do I really not know my Korean?

  23. oh i hope i get to see DKJ and AJs wedding in this romcom. that would really be a happy ending although a typical one but who cares! the kids would be a great bonus. i wonder if they will look like ding dong??? LOL ….. love this romcom!!!

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