Official OST MV and Full Trailer for Heartstrings

MBC has been like the Emperor, keeping the full trailer and official OST song of Heartstrings under wraps. It’s neigh impossible to find, other than for shaky fan cam quality vids floating around that don’t capture the magic that this drama looks to bring. I’ve found a HQ video for you guys. It’s got no dialogue, hence it doesn’t need to be subbed. But for a trailer that has no dialogue, it’s surprisingly clear on what the story is about and all the inter-connected relationships at the beginning of this drama. The editor of this trailer is phenomenal.

Click here to watch the official OST MV and trailer for Heartstrings.

So it looks like Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye will meet outside of school first. Once they return to campus, they will discover that they are music students in rival departments (she in traditional instruments, he in modern music). There will be a battle of the bands type of stand-off. Yong Hwa will be a giant ass to Shin Hye, who looks super awesomely sassy and strong (I couldn’t stand her Go Minam character in You’re Beautiful and have been dying for her to play a girl with a backbone).

So Yi Hyun and Song Chang Ui are professors at the university who appear to be ex-lovers. Squee, I love unresolved emotional angst. Both the teachers might have something going on with the two students, but eventually I believe the story will deliver us two sets of OTPs. While I love this title track off the OST, I have a sad feeling that I’m going to get totally sick of it really quickly. But because this is a music-themed drama, I’m sure we’re going to get a ton of amazing tracks for the drama.


Official OST MV and Full Trailer for Heartstrings — 36 Comments

  1. Jus finished warching You’re Beautiful, so I’m looking forward to seeing the first episode to see if they still make a cute couple.

  2. omo… bring it on already— can’t stand the wait …so far so good with what they’re presenting right now—-the teasers are doing their job—teassssing!
    feeling so helpless …

  3. Hmm…surprisingly I’m excited about this pairing. Never did care for Shinwoo-Minam pairing although I felt bad for Shinwoo…but it looks like this couple gots chemistry! Can’t wait!!!

  4. i’m really looking forward to this! JYH and PSH evidently had chemistry in YAB, but with both characters being such doormats, you never really got to see it spark to fruition. i’m looking forward to PSH’s sassiness shining through in this and seeing how JYH’s cold aloof character is gonna deal with it.
    and mostly cos of PD Pyo cos I love this guy’s work and how he creates such a comfy vibe on set that his actors always come across as having sizzling chemistry (see BTS of Coffee House and Worlds Within for reference) and the visuals for this drama so far are to die for- all the white washed light and pops of summer colours. and I’ve been waiting and waiting for a good youth drama from Korea. Dream High was addictive, but I’ve been waiting for one with the tone and vibe of those good ol’ J-youth dramas with the usual production awesomeness of K-land. While What’s Up sits in the can waiting for its sugar daddy to put on air, I’ll take what I can. and Heartstrings, from what i’ve seen so far, isnt some poor substitute. Don’t disappoint me PD Pyo! Koala unnie, perchance, are you planning on taking on this drama to recap too?

    • and can i just say how much i love that face off between JYH and PSH’s character at the end of the trailer? The exasperated ‘getouttamywayyoujerk’ look in PSH’s eyes versus the ‘thisisstupidican’tbelievethisishappening’ look from JYH… can’t wait to see them face off verbally too =P the whole starting off on the wrong foot love story never gets old. especially when youthful angst is mixed in- the mixture gets awfully potent…

      • That was totally riveting to watch. I feel the intensity of the characters jump off the screen in that scene.

  5. Whoa! Both JYH and PSH have both matured a lot, or maybe it’s the hair that makes the difference. I’m digging their characters already and I’m really excited to see where this drama’s going to take us.

    Thanks for linking to this, unni! I’ve been looking for it but you were right about it being under wraps. I couldn’t find it anywhere.

  6. oh I bow down to thee. thank you! The trailer looks goood, but I need to keep my expectations down… you know, just in case things go wrong half-way through. Oh Heartstrings, please don’t suck.

  7. Ahh, I was looking for this for days! Every video I found on YouTube had been blocked by MBC. Thanks so much! 🙂

    I really can’t wait to see if this series will live up to the hype and whether or not it’ll be a good follow-up to Best Love. Wednesday really couldn’t come sooner!

  8. Go Minam was such a naive (borderline stupid) n somewhat unbelievable girl.. it will be nice to see her fight back!!! Then again as for YB, it was one of the dramas that had a cold guy and a not-so-outspoken girl together which I loved cuz usually it’s the Jan Di types with cold guys…

  9. okay, i second i heard it’s a Shin Hye drama, i was already interested. when they mentioned music, i was sure to watch. after seeing the trailer–can I like fast forward to the future and marathon watch this now?!^_^

  10. Ok, before I was totally unexcited for this drama because the Shinwoo-Minam pairing never interested me and I didn’t think PSH and JYH had that much chemistry anyway, but I can feel this drama pulling me and now I can’t wait for Wednesday to get here. The trailer looks awesome, but I hope I’m not expecting too much. Please be good Heartstrings, I need a new Wed-Thur fix!

  11. i will wait if i can see if they will have spark for me ….. but i may say that hayate is so cool …. park shi ye is so cute there

  12. Oooooh…why does she try to slap him, and why is his jaw-jutting reaction so adorable in a “he’s-a-jerk” kind of way? I feel like I can already cut their angsty hate/love chemistry with a knife.

    Thanks for the post; soooo much better than a handy-cam!

  13. Ex-lovers.. this is gonna be interesting. Can’t wait to actually see it. I can already feel the chemistry between Song Chang Ui & So Yi Hyun

  14. ah…chemistry! I see chemistry! and very pretty people! It’s official, I shall watch this

    I love yong hwa’s voice and it looks like I’m going to love Shin Hye’s character…can’t wait to watch the dynamics of their relationship

  15. So excited about this show! I don’t know whether it’s just me, but I think Yong Hwa looks soooo much like KHJ, especially that slow slow smile and that cold aura. I loved him in YAB, and I’m so happy he finally gets the lead! I don’t care if he’s wooden, can’t act bla bla I love him to bits!

    • KHJ as in the KHJ of playful kiss? i dun think they look alike BUT i think they are kinda similar in that their real-life personalities, or however real it gets on varieties like WGM, are so so dynamic and lively and adorable and and and.. ok u get the idea… >< and the characters they end up acting are the cold city boy types.. lol. but (dun stone me for this!) i do think JYH has more potential in acting than KHJ seeing how he fared better in YAB, however minutely, as compared to the latter in BOF.. or at least I expect better after seeing these trailers.. =P

  16. This looks totally awesome! I love how Park Shin Hye still has that little bit of Go Minam innocence to her but she can totally kick butt if she has to 😛 And CNBlue drummerboy is so cute and sucha dork! Can’t wait to watch it!

  17. “Shin Hye, who looks super awesomely sassy and strong (I couldn’t stand her Go Minam character in You’re Beautiful and have been dying for her to play a girl with a backbone).”
    I feel exactly the same way! In You’re Beautiful she was always saying, “Yes hyungnim” or “Okay hyungnim.” It really annoyed me so now I’m happy to see her making her own decisions and fighting for what SHE wants.

  18. can’t wait anymore…there’s no more trace of shinwoo, did he turn into hwang taek yung?..just kidding but i like YH’s cold stares and shinhye’s feisty look..the trailer is awesome, it has a teasing effect on the viewers…ost is likewise awesome but of course there’s my favorite shinhye and yong hwa….this looks a very good replacement for Best Love

  19. i dont know why but there is something about me that doesnt want to watch this drama? no reason actually it’s like i am feeling that i will not like it but trailer make me want to give it a try:D i like the dorky glasses guy in the trailer:D LOL

  20. i love the trailer!lee shin with his guitar and kyu-won with her gayageum..their instruments symbolizes their passion as well as their also shows how different they are but love will eventually bind them together-heartstrings,can’t wait!waaaaaa:))

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