First Impression of Episode 1 of Heartstrings

For those of you waiting for a recap of episode 1 of Heartstrings (You’ve Fallen for Me), I’m sorry to say it’s currently not forthcoming. Trust me when I say I’m more disappointed than you, because this has been the drama I’ve been pimping for the past few weeks as my most anticipated of the Summer lot. I purposely tried to ignore the giant pink elephant in the room, namely that this drama would be helmed by PD Pyo Min Soo, who has ruined two dramas in a row for me. I kept hoping and praying that it would be different this time. A youthful genre might cause him to suddenly, I dunno, learn how to direct.

I was wrong. Third time is a charm indeed – it’s charmed me enough to accept that PD Pyo is my personal K-drama PD-kryptonite. Episode 1 of Heartstrings gave me a headache, a combination of frenetic camera work, choppy editing, and godawful overuse of musical cues. I will watch episode 2 tomorrow and decide if I’ll pull a 49 Days and recap it with the hopes that it’ll get better. Though if I elect not to pick up Heartstrings, it will allow me the time to recap Material Queen, which following episode 2 is shaping up to potentially be one of the most intriguing, astonishing, and breathtakingly directed TW-drama of all time.

Following PD Pyo directing Noh Hee Kyung‘s World’s Within like he was Uwe Boll given the script to American Beauty, I already swore him off. Then he did Coffee House with my Kang Ji Hwan, which was less of a mess directing-wise because I damn well hated the script. But his stamp was still all over it, mostly in the form of making Eunjung act like she was slow in the brain and had Play Doh for a face. Which if you’ve seen Eunjung in Dream High, you would know she can actually act.

This time around, the poor victim of PD Pyo’s directing mantra – act like people can’t read facial language so you must emphasize every expression you make – is Park Shin Hye as Lee Kyu Won. She spent a good 50 minutes acting like she was miming for the audience, with every expression held for a split second too long and too dramatic. I don’t blame her, she’s a fine actress, I see the PD’s request all over the performance. Sadly, maybe Jung Yong Hwa as Lee Shin needed that push, because so far he’s pretty godawful. He’s like cutie Namgong Min’s younger brother who really can’t act. I like the guy, he’s such a sweetheart, but this might turn out to be the followup to Changmin of DBSK trying to act in Paradise Ranch. Chemistry-wise these two are just fine, if only PD Pyo didn’t force them to act all overly affected by each other each and every single time they have a scene together.

The adults fare perfectly fine, having learned acting nuance over the years and are less prone to being over-directed by PD Pyo. Song Chang Ui and So Yi Hyun deliver lovely opening performances. The rest of the youth cast is completely unforgettable and frankly green at acting.

While I personally don’t like the music performed by Shin’s band “The Stupid”, the traditional music pieces performanced by Kyu Wan are exquisite. I can watch Kyu Wan (Shin Hye) play the gayageum for an hour as long as PD Pyo doesn’t move the camera. Honestly, for awhile I actually forgot PD Pyo was helming this drama because the previews looked so good. So when I clicked to watch it today I was completely excited and totally expecting awesomeness galore.

But within the first ten minutes I knew something was off, with a combination Shin Hye’s odd over-acting, the jarring editing, and the too-fast beat between scenes. That’s when I realized PD Pyo was back, with his directorial touches crowding this drama and making the viewer in me feel suffocated. Rather than letting the lovely script unfold with fluidity and comfort, it felt like he was pushing the story along.

I concede his approach might be fine with others, and would make Heartstrings probably a drama that will work overall. I really do love the story so far, and the possibilities inherent in a music-themed growth type of story. I’ll do a quick recap below of what happened in episode 1, and you guys decide for yourself if you want to watch it. Please don’t let my dislike for the PD’s directorial flourishes deter you from watching.

Lee Kyu Won is a college student in the traditional music department of college, with her instrument the gayageum (a traditional Korean instrument akin to a lap guitar – it’s similar to a guzheng in Chinese traditional instruments). She heads to Jeju with her grandfather, who is also a master of the traditional Korean instruments, to accompany him on a meeting. Kyu Wan takes a bus to tour the island and has a few cursory encounters with Lee Shin – when he helps her with her luggage and later at one of the lighthouses. We learn that Grandpa kicked Kyu Won’s dad out years ago and is raising her alone because he disapproved of his son choosing modern music over the family tradition.

Kyu Won returns to Seoul and discovers that Shin is also a music student at the same university. He plays the guitar and is the lead singer of the popular campus band “The Stupid”. Shin has plenty of female admirers inspite of his horribly arrogant and cold attitude. Kyu Won pays Shin’s bandmate for the band to play at a music fundraising event she is organizing to help raise funds to pay for her sick professor’s hospital bills. On the night of the concert, Shin doesn’t show up because his sister ended up in the hospital. This prompts Kyu Won to take his place and sing lead vocals for his band.

The fangirls paying to see Shin perform are not happy with the bait-and-switch, but newly arrived Professor Kim Seok Hyun (Song Chang Ui) watches her sing and is intrigued by her talent. Professor Kim is back after a successful stint on Broadway, and it so happens his ex-girlfriend (So Yi Hyun as Jung Yoon Soo) is also a professor at the same university teaching dance. They are not thrilled to see each other. Clearly there are unresolved issues between them. Turns out Shin has a slight crush on Professor Jung

Sadly all of Kyu Won’s efforts are for naught, as the sick professor passes away. Kyu Won is heartbroken. Shin goes to see Kyu Won to return the money she paid his band to perform at the fundraising concert since he failed to keep his end of the bargain. He walks into the practice room as Kyu Won is playing the gayageum and interrupts her.

Kyu Won is literally pissing mad at him, furious at his self-absorption. She tells Shin that his music does not move her because he doesn’t play with any heart. She wants to toss the money back at him but he grabs her hand and they are shooting sparks of antagonism at each other. Shin asks Kyu Won if she wants to know why so many people love a horrible bastard like she claims he is?

To be fair, this final confrontation scene between Shin and Kyu Won was very riveting, and is the only reason I’m giving this drama another episode to decide if I am willing to put up with PD Pyo’s brain hurty directing. For now, this is simply my first impression of episode 1 of Heartstrings. The drama premiered at the bottom of the Wed-Thurs lineup at 7.6%. My prediction did come true, as City Hunter jumped up to 18% in ratings, and even Romance Town broke 11% for the first time. Youth dramas are genuinely a hard sell right now. Hopefully this drama will find an audience, because my own misgivings notwithstanding, I still want it to do well because I think the story has heart. When the camera does calm down, once in a blue moon, this drama is so lovely to look at.

If you don’t see another post from me about Heartstrings, it’s likely I’ve decided not to write about it even if I may still want to watch. I haven’t the heart to recap a drama I don’t love for one reason or another.


First Impression of Episode 1 of Heartstrings — 91 Comments

  1. I just finished watching 1ep…disappointing!!
    believe me ,it is just boring … . i hope u will resap ” a scent of woman”…

    • Me too!!! I also hope koala recap “scent of woman”, I’m eager to see discussions and insights about this new drama and I’m found of Kim Sun Ah work, so far I liked most of her dramas. I’m really a fan of “my name is kim sam soon”.

      Unfortunately “heartstrings” is not going to replace what I missed in “you’re beautiful”.

  2. I just finished watching 1ep…disappointing!!
    believe me ,it is just boring … . i hope u will recap ” a scent of woman”…

    • I Totally Agree With You @Cynthia !! =)

      And I Totally Disagree with The Article 🙂

      In My Opinion, Lie To Me Was HORRIBLE At The Start (much much Much MUCH Worse than heartstrings)… I Seriously Couldn’t Watch It … :s

      But “You’ve Fallen For Me”… I Found It’s Start Nice & Sweet <3

      Anyway Thanks For The Recap .. I hOPE yOU wILL Like It In The Future

      • Thanks for supporting me =) I did not stand Lie To Me, and yet the second half I liked very much, good and we have another example, Playful Kiss had the worst first episode I’ve seen, but ended up with many fans after the series was developing more =) Heartstrings I think you have to give more time, one or two chapters are not enough to jusgar drama =)

  3. i agree with you about the final scene being riveting.. and i dunno.. it wasn’t great but im gonna give it a shot just like i did with LTM. who knows? it might turn out to be a pleasant pick as well 🙂 it’s my sort of LTM therapy so to speak.. lol

    i’m still hoping that you find it in your heart to recap it. ^___^

  4. i agree that the 1ep wasn’t that good, and I kinda pessimist this drama would have a great rating compared to CH & RT, however I still want to give it a try. Maybe just watch it but not have any opinion on it, as u are Ms. Koala

  5. don’t know about this drama, but KOALA! I JUST LUUURVV YOUR RECENT HEADERS! mmmmmwwwaaaahhhhhhhhh kiss kiss kiss!

  6. Sorry to brag but YAY City Hunter got a ratings of 19.5% (thats what i saw in dramawiki) @koala honestly saying i was really anxious when you stopped recapping city hunter, so then i had to see the recaps on other website and they dont put it as specifically as you do so i was really sad 🙁
    – from The Middle East (i just live there, wasnt born there)
    looks like your blog is known worldwide WUHUU 😀

  7. Oh is that why PSH was acting the way she was?I couldn’t figure it out.I mean I thought she was a bit kooky.

    No no don’t bash me people.I actually love her.That was why I couldn’t figure out why she was acting kooky instead of youthful enthusiasm.It was kind of jumpy.I wasn’t planning on watching it till it was halfway through.It just that I was helping someone on viki work on the subs and I was like ‘oh man I love Yong Hwa to death,why is the episode like this?’

    Thanks Ms Koala I wanted to say love your 2nd new header for today 🙂

  8. So far I liked it. … love how they dislike each other,that was such an intense scene in epi 1 ending and i am sooo looking forward to their fight for the next ep

  9. I’m SO glad to hear that SCU and SYH are more or less left alone by the director. That’s a relief!

    Oh man, I still can’t believe I forgot that PD Pyo directed Coffee House. I just…gah!

    Don’t force yourself to recap something you don’t like, chingu! There are sooo many things you want to watch and do and recapping a drama you don’t feel thrilled about is a giant waste of time.

    BTW, I was asked to do mini recaps for the SCU/SYH storyline for an LJ comm I co-mod so I might extend that to full recaps, provided I actually like the story enough. Then again, it looks like Heartstrings is being recapped by several sites so fans have places to squee about it already. So IDK.

    • Hi Sere

      I’m actually interested in watching this storyline only for SCU/SYH storyline. Can you give me the lj address? I’m so feeling their storyline as for the youngster.. haven’t warmed up to me yet

      • They’re going to be up at the kyungtae_bl comm. Mind, I’ll wait till the subs come out although that could change if I get real obsessed with the drama, ha!

  10. you hit the nail on the head about the jumpy camera work.. arghhH. from the previews i was waiting and hoping that this will turn out to be one of those dramas with breezy light camera work, cos i mean, look at the palette, look at the lighting.. it just begsssss for the camera to be allowed to hover for a bit.. but the scene cuts were jumping all over the place… and the jarring music cues, let’s not go there. i mean, this is a music based drama yes, but not every scene needs bg music.

    i actually loved pd pyo’s earlier works for the way the story was fleshed out, specifically full house (even if i hated the over acting there, but chemistry awesome) and coffee house (in which i ADORED the strength of the female lead and the chemistry between the the leads). actually, now that i’ve written that, maybe objectively those dramas were all abt the OTP and the characters…. so PSH and JYH need to display scorching chemistry and a compelling love-hate story soon.
    but what makes the first episode for this drama so disappointing was what it could have been, as a youth melodrama. i was really hoping based on the strength of the preview visuals that this would turn out to be a breezy youth, coming of age story the likes of japan’s orange days or taiwanese youth movies (which i LOVE, and don’t quite comprehend why these nuanced productions don’t quite translate over to dramaland cos twnese home films are always made on a shoestring budget most of the time)
    first time in awhile that i bothered to check out a drama BEFORE reading any recaps. but arghh.. disappointed. and while I love PSH as an actress (watch her in dramas/movies and you’ll be astounded with the maturity of her acting), the first few scenes were off-putting with her overacting the cute. (see said scene with her running away from the lighthouse with her minam duck waddle) but like you, that last scene, will keep me on episode 2. *stare, intense stare* and then i’ll decide if it’s worth my time. despite all my love for JYH and PSH as a pair and PD Pyo’s magic in creating memorable leads, if this doesn’t look like it’s gonna work out as a potentially good example of my fave genre, i’ll bail out, sorry.

  11. Oi, the first episode of Heartstrings was a let-down.
    I absolutely LOVED You’re Beautiful, and wasn’t expecting the same kind of drama, of course, but… I dunno, I guess I expected something good.
    It’s too early to really give a judgement, but I found the first episode just disappointing.

    I’m not sure what it was. There were all the right elements that could have been done well, but I just felt like the script wasn’t very inspired, nor did the storyline flow particularly well. The last scene might portend for a better 2nd episode. I hope things become better structured and more exciting from now on. It’s a shame, I love the cast so much though! That’s why I’ll keep watching for at least another week.

  12. Aah, well I hope the drama gets better because it is exciting to watch a drama with your recaps. They are awesome. But, if Material queen is really good, maybe you should recp that.

  13. Vote goes for MQ 🙂 There’s another great TW drama (mostly good storyline. and fantastic acting most of the time.) Not sure if you’ve had the chance to see it. Invaluable Treasure 1949. (anyways. there’s only 24 hrs in a day. :P)

  14. hmmm.. i’ll watch episode 2 and then decide… im a true fan of this “i hate you at first, then i love you” kind of relationship! Loved Full House, one of my first k-dramas ever, even if it was a bit cliché… Song Hye Kyo is great.

  15. whaaat u crazy koala hahah i still love you tho! i loveeed it but im less critical of dramas so thats me,even tho i love it i think i would pick u recapping MQ cause i lurrrrve it and this one is prolly gonna have other people recapping it

    • PD: i did hate coffee house,my God i couldnt finish watching it but mostly because i couldnt stand the OTP. and i DID notice PSH over acting at times here but i shove those things under the carpet as much as i can haha

  16. It’s funny how different people notice totally different things. I didn’t notice the jumpy camera even once, but I was completely mesmerized by the gorgeous color palette. Usually such well thought-out (and pretty!) colors are reserved for more artsy shows (like Return of Iljimae, Joseon X-Files, and Spring Waltz). I’m a bit worried that it won’t keep up though, and was just a tool to make for pretty previews.

    I actually like all of the characters so far (which is super rare for me) and even liked the music! Definitely a keeper for me 🙂

  17. Just stay true to your motto… write about it if you want to! This pairing is nowhere close to the OTP chemistry in LTM… Hey, we’ll keep on reading your blog anyways… us Koala “Pans” ani go teun yo?

  18. I’ve yet to watch Heartstrings. I’m waiting for both eps to be subbed before doing that, but in all honesty, if given a choice, I much rather see your awesome recaps for Material Queen than Heartstrings. Ep 2 of MQ left me wanting more and stomping my foot because I have to wait now for the next episode.
    …….. I’m not known for being patient. ^_^;;

  19. As always I love reading your thoughts and recap on these drama and I agree that this first episode is not that great but aren’t most first like that though? I did love the cinematography. I hope you continue to recap even if it is only a weecap and give your thoughts about each episode. I do like to read your writings. Since LTM when I accidentally stepped into your playground I read all your recaps and writings, since I did not have time to watch all those dramas. Tnis summer LTM and Young Woman (Jang NAra) were the only ones I am watching. Both made me SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSMILE as if I was the one falling in LOVE (again and again). THANKS A GAZILLION and more POWER to your writings………Best regards.

  20. Does anyone notice that it has a resemblance to Playful Kiss? It’s kinda hard to explain. I was really looking forward to this drama being my LTM and 49 Days ( just finished it last night at 3 and I cried for hours) withdrawal drama. I like the story line but, I feel that the qcting is completely screwed up. The camera-work is awful. I actually got a headache in the beginnin cuz my eyes were hurting so much ( literally). But I do think that this drama has potential. From the preview, you can tell that Ep 2 is where all the fun will start.

    • yup…i’ve been thinking the same thing….since i love PK to pieces….i really hope this drama will be my second PK… ^^ but the first ep of Heartstring kind of boring… but i still love the cast….i’ve been thinking….what will be the outcome if PSH and JHW are to play PK and KHJ and JSM to play Heartstring??? ^^ hehehe

  21. I’m not so excited about heartstring. I’m excited on the OST. After LTM ended, I lost interest watching dramas. But I will try Beuatiful spy, it might help my LTM sickness. My drama BFF told me the lead guy was okay and PSY was a Go Minan Re-encarnation with a bit of a kick. Maybe, I’ll try ep 1 who knows I might like it. To be honest , I was not a big Go Minan fan.

  22. hey koala! i agree with you, I was so looking forward to heartstrings. But i found it a pain to watch with the shaky camera and lack of focus. I stopped after 30min.

  23. I like at least that it’s not another romantic comedy…but on the lines of will I watch it?..I think I’m going to watch all the taiwanese dramas first….. Drunken to love you, Love keeps going, etc… I actually haven’t watched material queen yet…so gotta get a move on that for me….If i have time leftover…or if you or JB from dramabeans decides that it’s getting better I’ll pick Heartstrings up too…..Thanks for the first impressions!

  24. Thanks for your thoughts. I love how you kept me fueled with your recaps of “Lie to me” after Javabeans decided to do a shorter version. Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye love. So if you are MEH about a drama, no need recap. I hope this drama is good as I love the actors. I have yet to watch it. I appreciate all that you do. I have lurked a long time here and enjoy your recaps. I have not watched a Taiwanese drama in eons. Material Queen looks good with Van Wu.

  25. I was looking forward to Heartstrings for 3 reasons: PSH, the couple (since they didn’t end up together in YAB) and music theme (I find myself drawn to anything that makes music the vehicle in the story). And upon watching episode 1, I found it nice (yes, “nice” meaning still neutral and vague) but I didn’t get the same impact I felt with YAB where I found myself glued and longing to see how the story unfolds. I guess it’s because of the unequal level of passion I see from the lead actors… I’m giving it a few more episodes although am not as excited. probably LTM is just too tough of an act to follow (still drowning in HwanHye’s eyes). ^o^

    • oh! quite interesting though the drummer in his dorky look resembles Park Hoon!^_^ ha! LTM is still embedded in my subconscious.

  26. I think this PD’s work, either u like it or don’t! I haven’t seen Coffee House but I loved World Within. I don’t know if what worked for me in World Within would work with me here though, since the former is about life of the crew behind the camera, so it worked (for me). But since I haven’t seent he first episode yet i’ll leave my judgement for later. I usually agree with most of what Koala has to say about drama 😉 but i’ll still give it a chance 🙂

  27. I think you should recap I NEED ROMANCE it’s so different and it’s look like Lie to me But with boating scene ^^=)

  28. So you are going to recap Material Queen?

    Yay! I haven’t been able to find any english recaps for it online. I’m glad you’ll be covering it.

  29. thanks for your first impressions..i respect your view…to each his own…i definitely will continue to watch this drama, its just the first episode anyway and the last scene kept my interest…and the music is something to look forward too

  30. Please recap Material Queen m(_ _)m !!!

    My reasons are purely selfish ^_~
    I don’t know of anyone else recapping it in English (unlike Heartstrings…which DB is recapping also). It’s the first Chinese drama that I’ve ever watched–and it is awesome:) After watching 2 episodes ( while waiting for the 3rd), I read Vaness’ blog and I am also now on ep. 6 of Mars.

  31. >> i do have to agree with the camera movement. >> is the camera man having spasms or something ? i mean was really necessary it makes it hard to follow. x.x

  32. this drama doesn’t appeal to an adult like me, who went through a lot of experience in my life. the genre that appeals to me are those which give justification on some decisions I did, and sometimes what I think should really happen in my life.

    their acting matches their youth. I don’t expect Park Shin Hye and the youth group to act older than their age. sometimes we find the youth over-acting, well they’re just acting their age.

    Bottom-line for me is, I am much older to appreciate a youth drama like this. It came 10 years too late for me.

    But I will continue to watch so that I can understand those who are 10 years younger than me. I’m positive that I will learn something.

    Regardless negative reviews, I will watch this drama because I want to watch something refreshing after a tiring and stressful day at the office.

    • I so agree with you. Younger people tend to react differently so i find Park shin hyes performance just fine.

      Heartstrings even transported me back to my college days which I so miss after watching this show.

      I also agree with one person from here that the cinematography is just beautiful and the color palette that they have been using is so warm to the eyes so i love that.

      I can’t wait how the director will unfold the lovestory of the two main lead. The music in this drama is just great considering I’m no longer in my teens. I love how jung yong hwa sings! He brings emotions to every song he sings just like the last song he sang about missing someone. I felt what PSH was feeling!! Weird!!

      I will support this show and I will give the Director a chance to show his knowledge in directing since Full House is still my top favorite next to YAB.

  33. Actually…i’m sooo…looking forward to your recap about Heartstrings…. so…..i really hope you will recap this drama….but i can see your point since i’m also kind of enjoy the last scene of this episode only….but i think JYH’s acting is better then KHJ in playfulkiss (just my opinion ^^ but i still love PK to pieces) and i kind of see PSY’s acting is overly done in her expression, making me feel she’s not natural in the drama….but….i love the cast….and hope i love the storyline till the end…. ^^ hope u’ll recap this drama mrs koala…. ^^

  34. Sorry guys. Episode 2 bored me to tears. PD Pyo can’t even keep his camera still for reaction shots in the first minute of episode 2! Also, the story is still not very cohesive or creating much tension.

    I currently don’t like any of the characters and find all the constant accidentally running into each other (in various iterations between characters) to move plot forward very annoying.

    I’ll let everyone who enjoy this drama happily watch it. 😀 It’s two and out for me. Blue is recapping this, as is Javabeans, so you’ll don’t need me at all. Cheerios~

    • ah tis a shame re not recap as i love your recaps!… but i dont blame you for not liking Heartstrings.. i love PSH’s acting, but her weird OTT performance in this made me stop watching after 13mins or so. & i agree that the camera movements, and choppy editing was annoying. doesnt give you enough time to savour the gorgeous scenery and colour!!

      that being said, i might give it another shot tonight and watch ep1 and ep2 in one go…. hehe. just to see if there’s something else in it that’ll draw my attention!

      looking forward to your other posts/recaps! 🙂

    • Oh God, chingu! This is a serious blow for me! I was looking forward to squeeing about it with you and now….SADNESS! I haven’t watched ep 1 yet, but I’m SO dreading it now. I’ve thought about the other dramas that I watched which PD Pyo directed and wow, I never rewatched any of them. 3 out of 3! 2 of which had OTPs that left me cold and in 1 I even shipped the wrong pairing! WTH? Why didn’t I realize this before getting all hyped up about Heartstrings? Oh yeah, SCU, that’s why! See what a bias can do to you? Blind you to the most obvious things ever!

      • You can hang in there for your SCU. Hwaiting!

        I actually think he was much worse in World’s Within, and Coffee House had so many other problems the over-directing was not as pervasive.

        No sadness. I’m hella ready to dive into Eric being meta-version of Eric.

      • I can do it, right? For SCU I think I can. *tries to get hyped up again*

        Word, word!

        We better watch together and squee about at least one summer drama, is all I’m saying!

    • boohoo… T.T im seriously looking forwand to your recapping Heartstring…since your previous post makes me anticipating for this drama…not to mention…I LOVE YOUR RECAPS ^^…and i really love PSY with JYH… well….you did said u’ll write about drama if u want to…so…i should go to dramabean for the time being for the recap then…

  35. its just tow ep that was air !!
    and i didnt enjoy watch lie to me i was forcing myself to watch it because i like Yoon Eun Hye but i give up @ 9 ep and start watching another drama wich is city hunter anyway i dont say that heartstring the best drama ever but i cant say it not intersting it & i like that in every ending theres somthing i inticpite ^^

  36. i always enjoy ur blog, cause i love to read how you write bout something… eventhough sometimes we have different taste bout some dramas….
    but this edition i think your word is too harsh…dont u think?
    that’s okay, this is you blog anyway…

    at first, i read recaps on dramabeans, n it’s positive.. then i read recaps in here, n negative…
    okay, i never let myself trust anyone words before i seeing it with my self…n i hope people in here also think like that..since i love PD Pyo so much, then i’ll watch it…
    bye bye… i’m out now..

  37. I have to pimp out Hayate the Combat Butler here for all of Shin Hye’s fans. She’s unbelievably adorable in it, and her chemistry with George Hu is amazingly sweet. George also acts circles around Yong Hwa, so yay for that as well. Lastly, the story is just like having a wonderful ice-cream cone on a hot day. It brings a smile to my face. And Shin Hye does not over-act like she’s got ants in her pants in Hayate. Her performance, while a dash animated because she’s playing a manga character adaptation, is nevertheless very grounded. LOVE.

    • I’ glad you liked Hayate considering how Park shin hye received a lot of negative write- ups because of her weight which I find perfect in the show. She was perfect for the role and her acting is not over the top. I cant wait for the next episode!

  38. drama is quite ok for now… episode 2 have quite picked up some pacing.

    but i kinda liking this drama, so sad u won’t recap this sistah!
    i’m addict and i can’t contend with just one recap 🙁
    i really like your recapping…

    anyways for those wanting soft-subs subtitle of this drama, it is available at:

    direct link to the drama:

  39. Sorry to hear that you won’t do a recap on Heartsrings anymore because I watched the 2nd episode this morning and read the recap somewhere because i can’t wait for others to put the english subs and i think it looks promising. In this episode they somewhat showed a bit of explanation how all the characters are related and I think later on I will experience sadness that will make me cry and happiness that will make me smile similar to what happened during my first encounter with a korean drama called You’re Beautiful that started my love for K dramas which my husband can’t seem to understand because I’m not korean.

    I’m giving the director another chance to show his extensive knowledge in directing even if flaws where vividly present in the 1st episode for the sake of my favorite shin hye and just today Yong hwa . The way he sang the last song was full of emotion that I felt how shin hye was feeling while watching him. So weird!!

  40. of course, ep1 of heartstrings is not gonna have exciting scenes yet cause it just begun..but i’m sure towards the middle and end it will get better and better, please keep watchin heartstrings

  41. I 2nd with everyone that said, it’s only the 1st and 2nd episodes. I like it, it has just the right element to start off the drama. I’m waiting for all those elements to unfold and play out in future episodes. Visually it beautiful, musical is out of this world. Introducing Korean’s modern and traditional music to a musical drama theme is a risk.

    I totally dig both group the girls (Wildflowers/traditional) and boys (The Stupid/modern) and when you infusion both. My goodness it’s beautiful, it pull you in and beg you to want more.

    Please if you love music, don’t tell me it is boring or you don’t like. I’m not Korean, but I can appreciate the beautiful uniqueness of the traditional Korean’s instruments. The girls were amazing, the The Stupid are really good. It’s not for show, the both girls/boys can play their musical instruments. Let’s continue watching it and enjoy it together.

    Lee Shin’s closing song(Because I Miss You), OMGoodness it pulled at my HEARTSTRINGS. Can’t get enough of it, been listening to it all day, literally speaking.

  42. Wow. I’m disappointed at all the bad reviews. I loved this drama. The music is awesome. The story is good and I think that It has the potential to be one of my favorites. I don’t understand the complaints about the camera movements. I didn’t think it was bad at all.

    • u’re not the only one. i actually really enjoyed this drama too. it’s nothing special…but it’s entertaining like a “youth drama” should me. i also love the music. park shin hye and yong hwa have cute interactions. maybe i’m just YAB biased haha.

      • the camera didn’t bother me at all either. i was preparing myself for something really awful because of the bad reviews…but didn’t really see anything bad enough to conflict with my opinion of the drama as a whole *shrugs*

  43. I was watching this drama with my head and heart in another place. the reason behind my preoccupation was my dislike of YAB has transferred to the actors.
    I know, I know people would probably bash me for disliking YAB but hear me out first okay?
    I love YAB. I super uber LOVE You’re beautiful. i was obsessed with the whole actors, story line and writers and directing. then the episode with the bitchy mom came, I was dishearted, But i still followed through, I mean how can I not watch it just because of one poorly written and acted character. then the ending came, “urghhh”, I wanted pull and punch someone, mostly the Hong sisters, but since they were no where in sight, I only had to pull my hair in frustration.
    how could they write such awesome start and middle story and totally go berserk at the end. Urgghhh. that end was super disappointing that until now I have no heart to rewatch that drama. YAB just broke my heart with its poor ending.
    i need to get on tract, so since YAB I have this uncanny habit of escaping anything and everything that was in YAB. from the director, to the actor and to the writers they were a no no for me!
    that is why I though I watched MGIGH & M3 it was still with half a heart and mind, then half way through I just dropped it (even my adoration for LSG didn’t help in luring me to watch the hong sister work.)
    BUt thank God for Greatest Love, my faith has come back to them, cause frankly speaking, the hong Sisters first works are still my all time faves.

    Anyway with heartstrings, the same thing happened, i watched with half a heart and half a mind. and it was okay. there were boring parts, then interesting parts, huh..? parts, happy parts, funny parts. nothing really stood out…
    …well that is until the ending. as ockoala said, it was riveting. they showed more in that last scene that the rest of the first hour. But well better late than never. cause I became hooked. still waiting for ep2 eng sub so i guess I will also wait and see how the story progress…

  44. Many were unhappy with this drama according to many recaps I read because of the director , his poor directing skill, shin hyes overacting and yong hwas underacting, Many forgot to say how amazing the cinematography and color palette used in the episode. When i read that in the beginning the camera seems to be shaking and i realized they are right. I dont know what happened but i totally forgot that when I saw yong hwas piercing stares to innocent shin hye making me excited how love will unfold between these two. The end of the 1st episode showed promising most especially the good acting of shin hye which is never overdone as said by others. This show made me miss my college life longing for freedom without any responsibility aside from studying.

    The 2nd episode introduced how the characters are somewhat related and i know i have to get my tissue ready soon but not forgetting that i will be also smiling similar to my first encounter with You’re Beautiful. Yong hwa has an amazing voice as shown in the end of the episode where he sang with full emotion making Park shin hye feel something weird for him which i think is the introduction to their love for each other or a one sided love by shin hye.

    I’m excited for the next episode and hope that the rating improve because I know this will be an awesome drama.

  45. I’m actually liking this drama. When I watched ep. 1 and 2, I can’t wait for the episode 3. Well, people really do have different opinions and taste. I am loving Minhyuk here. He’s so adorable. I love the voice of Yonghwa especially at the ending of epsiode 2. Hoping to see more 😀

  46. I just watched the first two episodes and while I was not blown away, my heart became invested by the end of episode 2. I really wanna know how Shin and his dad develop. I like the characters, the music, and had no problem with the editing. Sure, some scenes/actors were too cheesy at times and a bit over-melo. However, I plan to keep watching for now. Its funny how people’s tastes can be sooo different. I haven’t been able to get past episode 1 of Lie to Me, despite loving YEH in Goong and Coffee Prince. And so far I LOVE Coffee House (I’m on episode 8).

  47. I just want to say that I love Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa. As for them being “green” PSH has been acting since she was 13 years old or even younger. So for all the main cast she’s actually their Sunbae, meaning she has more experience. If she’s doing what the director wants that’s fine. I’m all about the story and the chemistry between these too. I’m soo excited to see how this story unfolds.

  48. “Sadly, maybe Jung Yong Hwa as Lee Shin needed that push, because so far he’s pretty godawful. He’s like cutie Namgong Min’s younger brother who really can’t act.”

    Was that really neccessary? He may not be the best actor out there but I didn’t think he qualified as godawful either. The last 8 mins of Ep2 was pretty moving actually. I was touched by his caring attitude towards his mom (not letting on that he knows more than she thinks), his guitar playing with his dad and his quiet reflection in his room after. Of course, he totally blew me away with his singing. Seems like he poured his heart and soul into it. So yeah, to me, he’s an okay actor.

    PSH is cute as always – whether she tries too hard to act cute or doesn’t try at all doesn’t bother me. The girl is just adorable, either way. As for the camera, yeah, it IS shaky. I was getting dizzy but then again, I think that’s a small flaw in an otherwise beautiful drama. The cinematography and colours are just fantastic.

    I wished you had given the drama a longer time to settle before throwing in the towel. This drama looks like it could turn awesome – just based on the music alone.

  49. I actually liked the first two eps of this drama, park shin hye is a great actress so i know this drama will be good, i hope the script doesnt become another trainwreck like “lie to me” the only thing saving this drama is the chemistry between goong ah jon and hyung ki joon. I would really like a new drama with park shin hye and jang geun suk. Not sure i’m a fan of Jung Yong Hwa’s stoic acting abilities.

  50. i think heartstrings should be given a second chance. I’m with the others when i say i was not into lie to me only after ep 4 and later on i enjoyed it after seeing the explosive chemistry between the main characters in lie to me. obviously we stayed watching lie to me not due to the storyline but becoz of the OTP. making the comparison with heartstrings, i’ve enjoyed the episodes so far and am looking forward to see how the director could convince the audience that Lee Shin will fall head over heels with Kyu Won and will leave whatever he felt for the woman professor behind as well seeing on how lee shin will fall kyu won. despite yong hwa’s frozen acting skills in you’re beautiful, i think he has improved a lot in this drama and lee shin’s character definitely suits him better. it’s refreshing and appealing to see him as a jerk but at times capable of caring for kyu won at times (when the blackout in the drama club dressing room and giving kyu won a ride to school coz he knew her feet were hurting which is so unlike him) rather than seeing him in you’re beautiful (silent admirer). the singing and the soundtrack of this show is also a plus and makes me enjoy the show even further. this is definitely not a show for those who are looking for something different like midas or etc but it is definitely not bad at all. i think those who enjoyed playful kiss will definitely love this drama if they are looking for boy meets girl and happy ending kind of drama. i really hope i wont be disappointed with the storyline later on but i will definitely keep watching it. of course Miss K is entitled of her own taste and opinions but as for me, i will defintely give it a go!

    • yes..i agree with you jaja.. it’s true, heartstring isn’t bad at all for me.. though it wasn’t excellent so far, but i still enjoyed it.. i don’t like yonghwa-shinhye pairing at first since i’m a yongseo shipper, but i started to find shinhwa couple looks cute in this drama.. what’s lacking in this drama is, it haven’t offered something different yet.. the storyline is pretty much typical and can be easily guessed.. yonghwa’s acting is quite good, and i love leeshin-gyuwon love tandem.. i love heartstrings!

  51. another thing to add, i am definitely surprised that i am rooting for lee shin and kyu won because at first i didnt see their chemistry at all. now i beg to differ! love them both~

  52. Just a funny thought…I noticed that some asian dramas like to use trend or what not from Western cultures. That being said, how low has western trends become with songs like “Let’s get stupid” being so “cool”. Point is…Heart strings uses the band name “the Stupids”. You put the two and two together.

  53. I am so happy to see these two lead actors back at it for another movie. I dont think that Jung Yong Hwa had his fair shot at Park Shin Hye in you’re beautiful so im STOKED that he has got one more shot. I have yet to start watching it but in my opinion a good story line and engaging acting with some good ol’ chessy lines is good enough for me to waste two days of my life watching. Perhaps im just a sucker for the soft stuff but I hope this drama brings a lot of smiles 🙂

  54. I agree that there’s something off about this drama. I’m actually a fan of Yonghwa and quite glad that he now has his own time to shine but after this, I wonder if the supporting role would be a lot better. I’m now at episode 7 and I’m still not feeling his character. I thought there’s chemistry between the two in Your Beautiful but I don’t see it right now. WGM is way better if we’re talking about portrayal of emotions from Yonghwa. However, I will still keep watching this drama because I am his fan, musicality wise that is. I hope he would improve as a better actor.

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