The Leads of All Three Happy Dramas Gather in Shanghai to Film Opening Scene for Happy Michelin Kitchen

Guess who is all together again in Shanghai? The entire lead cast of all three Happy dramas, that’s who! Ming Dao and Annie Chen (Happy and Love Forever), Mike He and Janine Chang (Sunny Happiness), and my boy Li Yi Feng (he was the second male lead in the first two Happy dramas), all joined the new leads Blue Lan and Cheryl Yang in Shanghai to film the opening scene for Happy Michelin Kitchen, the upcoming third and final drama in the trilogy.

Everyone looks so gorgeous and dressed up, as this party scene will be set at the opening of the fictional trendy restaurant called Muse. I have tons of pictures after the jump, plus some lovey dovey ones of Yun Jie and Yong Yong holding hands and then being so cute you’ll get cavities. Another bonus is lots of Li Yi Feng – did my boy get hotter in the last few months or is it just me?

The male leads and the females leads of the three Happy dramas.

Thank god Blue got rid of that Shih Tzu on his head which was his hair style last month when filming HMK. It was hideous to say the least.

Okay, those are three ridiculously tall ladies. The only reason Cheryl, who is model tall, looks short next to Annie and Janine in this picture is because she is wearing flats as her character will be a waiter at this party being filmed for the drama. The below is clearly the cast posing for some official stills.

The entire guest starring and main cast for this opening scene in Happy Three Stars. From left to right: Ming Dao, Annie Chen, Janine Chang, Mike He, Cheryl Yang, Blue Lan, and Li Yi Feng, and then the rest of the second leads of all three dramas.

It’s Yun Chao and Yong Yong hanging out again (below). Still a viable alterna-ship. Too bad the OTP was so ridiculously amazing together. Yi Feng teased Janine that she was glowing, is there a new romance in the air? Love how Yi Feng totally dared to go there with Janine, since rumors are flying all over Taiwan that Mark and Janine have gotten back together, or alternatively they never broke up after Xiao Tian (Ethan Ruan) opened his big mouth last year and let loose that his new BFF was dating Janine, which everyone suspected after Mark and Janine finished B&W.

Janine laughed and said she would never cheat on Yi Feng’s big brother (i.e. Yun Jie), plus since she broke his (Yun Chao) heart, then she would make sure he found love first before she settled down. Awwwww, they are so insanely cute together.

The Xian brothers back together again.

Mike and Janine – truly one of the best OTPs in a TW-drama ever. One on paper that seems like such a misfire (hot-tempered Mike from Devil Beside You and Why Why Love with icy-elegant Janine from Black & White and The Hospital). And yet they made magic together, and rekindled my love for TW-dramas.

So the four guest-starring leads will be playing their characters from their respective dramas, attending this opening as guests of Blue Lan’s restauranteur character in Happy Three Stars.

Between filming, Ming Dao was goofing off and started acting all sweet with Annie while they were pretending to be in character. To which Mike and Janine proceeded to disgustingly out-sweet them as Yun Jie and Yong Yong.

Yun Jie says: Honey, let’s go home and I’ll barbecue some meat for you to eat.

Yong Yong says: My honey’s grilled meat tastes the best.

Yong Yong and Yun Jie say simultaneously: Who can stand it? (which was the last line of dialogue in Sunny Happiness).

They nuzzle each other’s noses and make sickeningly sweet noises.

Ming Dao and Annie pretend to retch off-camera while the camera man crowns Mike and Janine as the winners. Ahahaha, this is so cute. Reminds me of all the hilarious BTS scenes from the filming of SH that showed how much fun the cast had making the drama, and what wonderful chemistry was going on among the leads.

So there you have it. The title of Happy Three Stars apparently has two references – Blue Lan’s character wants to open a restaurant that will garner three Michelin stars, and the drama will have three stars to represent how the story balances romantic love, familial love, and friendship love. HTS will continue filming until September, and is scheduled to premiere simultaneously in China and Taiwan around February 2012.

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Happy Three Stars bar]


The Leads of All Three Happy Dramas Gather in Shanghai to Film Opening Scene for Happy Michelin Kitchen — 23 Comments

  1. I truly enjoyed Sunny Happiness, so I’m looking forward to this drama although I am not very familiar with the work of the two leads. However, without Koala’s blindingly bright, shiny recommendation, I would have shied away from a “second installment” drama.

    I’m always hesitant to watch sequels and trilogies. They mean double, or triple, the time investment and no guarantee of quality or enjoyment (particularly in Taiwan where the industry seems more willing to present the same couple or continue the story ad naseum). I have not even watched the Kdrama Lovers Trilogy – both due to the mostly negative reviews and the fact that no matter how bad it is, as a completionist, I’ll feel compelled to watch all 3 (yes, I have watched every Hong Sisters’ drama for this reason). However, I have loved both of the first two installments of the (what I call) Fated Love trilogy (Fated to Love You, Drunken to Love You, . . . to Love You); and, thought ISWAK was enjoyable entertainment. As a result, my attitude towards trilogies and sequels is definitely changing.

    These BTS shots highlight the natural chemistry that I loved about Sunny Happiness, and make me not only excited for the third installment, but want to watch Happy and Love Forever. I think it’ll be a lucrative investment.

  2. Love Dao Ming and Mike He, super charismatic guys. Very cool towards Blue Lan though (sorry can’t see the charm).

    Li Yi Feng another hot guy/actor in the making totally!

  3. Uhhh – how did I miss this????? Mike and Janine were dating FOR REAL? Where was I? How did I not know this? Please tell me they’re still together. They need to get together and make gorgeous babies. Maybe I’m not so into them as I am GeunGeun, but it would still make me ridiculously happy to see them together permanently.

    And oh, um, Li Yi Feng is totally gorgeous and not even inappropriately young for me, so I can drool with a clear conscience. Heheheh. ^_~

    • Ack ack, no no dongsaeng! MARK, not MIKE. I don’t want any Janine-Mike rumors to originate from here, LOL.

      Janine and Mark Chao (her co-star in Black & White) have been rumored to be on again off again for the past two years. This guy.

      Isn’t Feng Feng the cutest? Swoon.

      • Ok, I was clearly speed-reading to get to the good stuff (i.e. pictures of LYF; I am unashamed) and missed that. ~hides face~ I guess this means I have to go watch Black&White now. Darn it. I have so many dramas to watch these days.

  4. No, you’re not alone Koala unni…..Yi Feng definitely seems to have gotten hotter!! Is that a new haircut on him??…anyways its a shame that he’s 2nd lead for all 3 dramas…’d think that after not getting the girl in 2 dramas in a row, the writers would show him some mercy and let him have her this time around….well eitherways I’m glad he’s back on screen and hopefully we’ll get him in a lead role soon

  5. oh my god, Li Yi Feng with shorter hair??!!! he is still cute!!! =) definitely looking forward to this drama since i loved Sunny Happiness, but i didn’t watch the first one tho.

  6. I thought Ming Dao was like 6’…but in these photos, he’s not tall…those ladies are so tall. Everyone is looking really good.

  7. what is this? an a-list party? Mike He, Ming Dao, Blue Lan are together(WOW!), and then we have Janice, Cheryl and Annie? Dang.. how do you get all these stars to get together.. that is one crazy movie.

    I wonder if you can find one to top this one off.. hahah..:)

  8. i didn’t know janine was with mark chao
    @okoala u must tell us who yi feng’s dating…when people find out hohoho
    even if it’s gonna break our hearts…i’m so so curious

  9. ming dao and annie look good together she’s so beautiful and so tall
    i just love their drama happy and love forever

  10. I hv just finished watching Sunny Happiness n loved it so much. Mike n Janine look superb together. Very good chemistry. I hv been watching over n over again. Is there any other drama with both of them?
    Who is Mike n Janine dating now? Oh I wld love to hear if both of them are really dating.

  11. anyone know where I can find the video of Mike He and Janine Chang acting all cute in between filming, about the barbecue meat thing? I see the gif, but I want more! HELP!

  12. I just love mike and janine together… pure chemistry in SH and real life.. my favourite drama and favourite otp!!

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