Scent of a Woman Holds Press Conference for its Weekend Premiere

Let me talk about the good things at the Scent of a Woman press conference first, okay? The chemistry between Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah is unbelievable. I seriously think a scandal will erupt soon if they keep looking at each other like that. Wow. Which does lead me to believe they simply get along quite well and love the open flirting to drum up interest in the show. If they were really into each other they’d be much less obvious. Regardless, this is great news for the drama, because great co-star chemistry is always a good thing. With that out of the way, I am not happy with how emaciated Sun Ah looks. She’s apparently eating one meal a day for this role, and it shows.

Okay, the drama gods cannot reunite the second leads Eom Ki Joon and Seo Hyo Rim from World’s Within and not have them end up together this time around as well. That would be cruel and unusual. Also, what’s up with Seo Hyo Rim’s hair. O__O I’m confused.

Look at these pictures of Sun Ah. If she’s pulling a No Min Woo in Midas and starving herself to show the dying of a terminal illness part of her, then it’s going to be really hard for me to watch this show. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this skinny. She was simply perfect in City Hall.


I guess I’ll just focus on Sun Ah and Dong Wook making “I want you” faces at each other. But I do have to protest Dong Wook’s ugly-ass suit. What gives guy? Did two years in MS make you lose your fashion sense? That suit needs to be donated. Though considering what he wore in My Girl, this suit actually looks good in comparison. Now back to more pictures of Sun Ah flirting with Dong Wook and him staring at her with stars in his eyes.

Scent of a Woman premieres this weekend on SBS. This is actually SBS’s first weekend drama special since Secret Garden turned into a runaway ratings hit and cultural phenomenon in Korea. Will Sun Ah gain the critical and popular acclaim her My Name is Kim Sam Soon co-star Hyun Bin received for SG? We shall have to wait and see.

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Scent of a Woman bar]


Scent of a Woman Holds Press Conference for its Weekend Premiere — 30 Comments

  1. There is so much chemistry radiating from the pictures already.

    Wow, seriously one meal a day? Poor woman. She doesn’t need to loose weight. It’s so sad how so many stars go to the extreme to look their best, but then that is apart of their job.

    Anywho, I can’t wait to see this drama.

    • Actually, KSA is not trying to look ‘pretty’ or ‘slim’ here.

      She’s trying to simulate the on-the-brink-of-death look which her character has. Granted, any form of starving/bodily abuse should be avoided but KSA’s reason makes me respect her and her dedication to her craft as opposed to (ie) idols who starve themselves just to fulfill a minimum waistline thing.


      • it still amazes me how she can gain and ungain at will. weight’s darn hard for the rest of us to control (whether it’s gaining or losing).

  2. OMG Kim Sunah Looks hot.

    What a good looking cast…….. I have a soft spot for all the cast so……… Yah!!!!!!! I am excited.

  3. I am beyond over the moon and bursting from anticipation for Scent to begin. (And to see Scent plastered all over the playground *fingers crossed*) Would not have survived grad school without the company of Kim Sam Soon (and Thank You, actually – my laptop is named Lee Bom for a reason) who kept me sane and centered. Kim Sun Ah always has a special piece of my heart and I would even watch paint dry if she had anything to do with mixing the color. Truth be told, I’m really hoping she (and her delicious costar) will save me -again- from the black hole filled with cola that has sucked my whole life away. Fellow Lie to Me compatriots, you know what I’m talking about.

  4. ahhh.. can’t wait to watch this drama.. I can see KSA is very skinny now.. she looks very different, you are right she looks much better in City Hall. I hope she’s allright and healthy as always.. Me too wants to try her method only eat once a day, but i couldn’t, I just think I will die if I don’t eat properly,hehehe.. So she had a strong will to make her body like this right now, good for her..

  5. Thanks so much to Koala for posting about this drama. I would like to watch because I like SA from the My name is KSS.
    She looks totally different from that drama. I haven’t watched City Hall yet, but I will when I have some time. Thanks again Koala for your great work as usual.

  6. I always watched the part where LDW put his arm around Suna and Suna was simply getting close to him and when they face each other LDW burst into laughter. Then he looked at Suna again and when i saw the photo, it was perfect!

    I felt the same way when Suna was with HB, but with this SOAW couple, I don`t want to dream much about them, cause i don`t want to get disappointed in the end.
    All i wanted is for Suna to end up with a guy that she deserve.
    Anyway, I will watch this drama, I`ve waited for Suna for 2 years and I`m really rejoicing for I really love this actress. She looked totally different, but then, when I saw her in Bikini, her diet is worthy.

  7. Wow, they look great and hot together! And Sun ah is so flirty there in the last pic. ke ke ke…I hope after wrapping up this drama she will go back eating 3 meals a day. I miss for sure i will catch this online.

  8. ummm, i think the ugly suit is to to drive us (ok, maybe it’s just me, hehhh) to go n stare at those licious photos of him in trunks.

    err, EKJ & SHR did end up together in WW. remember the epilogue part? or did i read the sentence wrong?

  9. They should get along…she enjoys her kissing scenes and he’s been in the military for two years…so glad she’s back!

  10. Ms Koala you have to also look at how cute the two of them together at Sun Ah’s me2day account:
    I think Sun Ah’s cheerful character is really influencing LDW, who seems to be a bit shy.

    I’m like, oh my god why are u two so cute and adorable and xssjaheoqiw together??? (i lost my words)

    Have you watched the 5-minute trailer? I’m simply loving it. I think this drama will simply make me smile, laugh, cry like mad and swoon all the time.

    Oh and there is another news article showing how KSA and LDW’s characters are spending a night together. swoon swoon. calling for boat scene in this drama.

  11. am so excited with this drama… woweee and i do love seeing KSA this skinny for a change…hehehe she looks ravishing in that dress but I don’t like LDW’s suit either (he should have borrowed one of too many of KJ’s in LTM)… ohhh my Kdrama world looks brighter again….can’t wait…

  12. I love Kim Sun Ah’s acting. Loved her in My Lovely Sam Soon although City Hall she was more ‘girl power’ so I am looking forward to seeing this drama.
    But she has definitely lost a lot of weight. She looks lovely nonetheless.

  13. I am thoroughly convinced that Kim Sun Ah can have chemistry with a potato sack, look at it with glee and love and I’d RL ship the potato sack with her. She’s just that amazing, outgoing, and clearly loves her job.

    Can’t wait for this show!

  14. And here I was worried they wouldn’t have any chemistry. Huh. If this is going to be YEH/KJH all over again, I’m so not going to complain! 😉

    The seconds leads have to get together. I want to see them flirting again cos they were so adoooorable in WW.

    As for KSA, I swear if there is even ONE fat joke in this drama, I’m doing to throw something at my screen. IDK why but every single thing I’ve seen her in had fat jokes. 🙁 Anyhow, I hope this drama doens’t end in tragedy.

    • I thought I was the only one who ever got tired of that? No wonder when she won the award for city hall she commented about weight, she’s probably really tired of it too. Hahah there cant be any fat jokes in this one Sere, it would be really dumb. She’s like a stick!! Not going to lie, Koala is so right about her being way too skinny, but her legs look gorgeous!!

  15. They look like they’re at that beginning giddy part of liking someone or being in love. Very cute. They could be a real life couple.

  16. I am excited to watch KSA in kdrama. wow did she ever loss some weight, she’s gorgeous! I love the flirty leads, that got me interested. also, EKJ and SHR (World’s Within) being paired again…. now i’m having hope for YEH n KJH pairing too.

  17. He did hook up with Lee Da Hae (My Girl) and Kim Hyun Joo (Partner) before, right? It happened before, it can happen again. =)

  18. EEEEEEEEP ok Someone needs a Burger FASTTTT!!! wow wow…..she actually looks older with so much weigh lost or maybe is the make up..I mean Su Ah is only what 34, 35? and yes Koala I agree WTH is LDW wearing he looks a bad pimp gone crazyyyy I mean I think he is only missing the cigar……

    But I’m so watching this drama !!!!! so excited…the chemistry is off the charts….I wished both them the best of luck …. 😀

  19. I liked her better with a bit more meat on her bones but she is still radiant. Hopefully she won’t fall ill because of Drama stress and lack of sleep.
    And I really like her dress. Classy and absolutely not skimpy. She knows how to shine.

    SHR better ask her next time. Her dress is looking like a Shirt (Is it really covering her backside?) and her hair o_O. But I’m sure stylists in Drama will have a better taste and give her give better fitting outlook…I hope.

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