Jang Hee Jin Gets Praise and Seo Hyo Rim Gets Criticism for Different Levels of Sageuk Acting in MBC Drama The Red Sleeve Cuff

Not only are ratings rising for MBC Fri-Sat drama The Red Sleeve Cuff, it feels like viewers are actually watching the drama intently to the point of being able to solidly critique. Male lead Junho has been getting tsunami levels of praise as the Crown Prince, especially in the last two episodes, with so much more runway for him to keep upping his game. Female lead Lee Se Young hasn’t gotten as much attention, and I noticed it because even the supporting actresses are getting their own posts. Queen Jang Hee Jin has been added to the praise train for her beautifully regal sageuk acting so suitable for her role and the impeccable dialogue diction. She’s been on the up and up for a decade now, slowly and surely despite starting off her career as the usual bitchy second female lead roles. Sadly similar start Seo Hyo Rim appears to not have improved as she’s getting criticism for her role as the plotting Princess aunt role in this drama. The critique is on her modern diction so she’s not gotten the sageuk speaking down and a very modern aura and acting despite playing a sageuk role.

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Eunjung and Many Female Stars Attend Spring/Summer 2020 Seoul Fashion Week Event

I’ve been disappointed by Korean actress red carpet dressing for years now and seeing the parade at this week’s Seoul Fashion Show for Spring/Summer 2020 confirms that the K-style is just not for me. They go safe with white/black uninspired … Continue reading

The Pink Ladies of the Vogue Girl March Edition

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