Han Hye Jin in the August Issue of Instyle Magazine Korea

I have a soft spot for Han Hye Jin because her big break as an actress came in the same drama where my Kang Ji Hwan had his big break as an actor – Be Strong Geun Soon, still the only daily K-drama I have ever watched, and ever intend to watch. My eyes almost wanted to sue me for sweatshop work conditions after finishing that sucker (which was darn good drama actually). Han Hye Jin also holds another record as the leading of the longest K-drama I have ever watched – Jumong.

While she’s not my fave actress, but I think she’s amazingly talented in all the dramas I’ve seen of hers. I love these pictures of her in Instyle Magazine Korea and wanted to share it. As an actress, she has the ability to be either icy or warm in a split second, perfectly playing women with torn emotional angst and loyalties. She and Kang Ji Hwan made a great OTP in BSGS.

[Credit: Instyle Magazine Korea and Namoo Actors]


Han Hye Jin in the August Issue of Instyle Magazine Korea — 10 Comments

  1. BSGS was a drama I could not miss when it aired and that was when I became a big fan of KJH. Since then, I have watched all his dramas and movies, both good and bad. My favourite? LIE TO ME!

  2. She looks young(over thirty?). She has confident and her eyes shine.
    She looks great and her recent drama is No 1 in Korea and Seoul.

  3. Am glad you like BSGS, that is one of my favorite drama, if only it wasn’t that long, I’d have watched it again and again and again … and yesss…. KJH was sooooo good with her, I can’t choose between KJH & YEY or with her, but since she’s married, i guess YEY will be the next best thing to hope for in real life. I found the chemistry wasn’t that sparkled between him and CHY in Fireworks … she is sooo gorgeous in Jumong it’s insane .. LOL . thks for sharing …

  4. I think HJH is a very good technical actor. I’ve seen her in 3 dramas and she never touched me. I watched BSGS lately and I noticed that Kang Ji Hwan had some questionable moves. He had the same questionable moves in Lie To Me. I think it’s the sweep of the hand that gives that impression. I really don’t know what to think about it. What do you think Ockoala?

  5. Beautiful Geum Soon! Calling all producers and casting directors, please make another TV drama or movie for KJH and Han Hye Jin!

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