Thousand Day Promise Casts Lee Sang Woo and Moon Jung Hee as the Second Leads

The casting for the highly-regarded upcoming Kim Soo Hyun-penned SBS melodrama Thousand Day Promise has finished it’s casting. Joining leads Su Ae and Kim Rae Won will be Lee Sang Woo, who worked with writer Kim Soo Hyun on her last drama Life is Beautiful, as well as Moon Jung Hee. Kim Rae Won will be discharged from military service at the end of August and will immediately jump into filming TDP because the drama is scheduled to air at the end of September after Warrior Baek Dong Soo. The drama will be the story about a man who stays by the side of his beloved who is gradually losing her memory. This must be what a drama version of A Moment to Remember would have looked like.

Knowing Kim Soo Hyun, this drama will be less a tearjerker for the sake of wringing out the emotion, as much as it’ll like focus on the delicate humanity of loving someone who will not remember you soon. I think on paper Su Ae and Kim Rae Won make a fine OTP, but I’ll have to see them in action to see if the right type of chemistry is there. Apparently Kim Rae Won has been increasing his workouts to get back into fighting shape, likely for his obligatory shower scene in the drama. Heh. To say I’m looking forward to this is an understatement.


Thousand Day Promise Casts Lee Sang Woo and Moon Jung Hee as the Second Leads — 9 Comments

  1. I’ve so much expectation ’bout this drama since ur 1st post coz it has Su Ae as the leading lady, I’m excited even though I only watch her in 9 Ends 2 Outs, and my interest growing much more after Kim Rae Won becomes the male lead, WOW!! It looks like it would be a sad love story with so much heartbreaking moments but I really hope the PD present it with many beautiful and loving scene. I’ll wait patiently for the 1st epi of this drama and if u don’t mind please recap it Ms. Koala 🙂 Thank you

  2. I love Lee Sang Woo and Moon Jung Hee…possibly even more than I like Kim Rae Won and Soo Ae *ducks to avoid KRW fangirls pelts*…heee….I adore Moon Jung Hee since Alone in Love and Lee Sang Woo since LiB…I miss my Kyung Soo-TaeSub couple….wow Kim Soo Hyun must reall like the guy…no that I blame her though..he is so yumm…

  3. AMTR is still one of my favorite kmovies and one that was devastating to watch.

    Not sure if I’ll be tuning in for this drama even if the cast sounds good. I’m not much of a Soo Ae fan tbh

  4. All Lee Sang Woo has to do is take his clothes off and get in the shower or just take his clothes off, turn slowly and smile. Talk about eye candy…Kim Rae Won will have to really work out to compete.

  5. ohhh my…i know this is a sad drama yet i feel excited… the leads are interesting enough and to add LSW is wow!!!! i do hope this drama is what I feel its gonna be… 🙂

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