Han Ye Seul to Return to Spy Myung Wol as Sidus HQ Releases Statement Accepting Responsibilty for the Delay

God I’m so sick of this story. But it’s necessary to follow it until the end because I feel so bad for the poor cast and crew of Spy Myung Wol floundering around trying to figure out if they are getting a new leading actress, getting the runaway old one back, or simply calling it a drama. Han Ye Seul‘s agency Sidus HQ has finally released an official statement on her behalf, which I summarize thusly: deep apologies all around for what happened, Han Ye Seul was physically exhausted so her irresponsible actions were clouded by her impaired state, both the agency and Han Ye Seul feel bad and accept full responsibility for the entire debacle, and she is coming back from LA to rejoin the filming.

KBS and the production company followed up that statement with this: they’ve heard Han Ye Seul is coming back, they don’t know if they will take her back [of course they will, they be stupid not to], they want to see her sincerely apologize to the cast and crew for putting them through the ringer, all of this hinges on her actually returning and arriving on set in time for the drama to film the next two episodes for next week.

So there you have it: Han Ye Seul had a Liz Taylor moment caused by exhaustion from an insane work schedule, went AWOL, and has now finally calmed down enough to decide she wants to elect going back to the drama rather than face the possibility of billions of Wons in lawsuits, losses of and breaches to endorsement deals, and her future in the entertainment industry. And don’t say this is one side of the story, because Han Ye Seul’s management Sidus HQ released this statement on her behalf (which aligns with the production and KBS’s statements all along that she just up and left without any valid reason), with her mom supposedly with Sidus to minimize damage control.

I do think everyone ought to zip it with the righteous indignation either way, towards her or allegations of shadiness with the production. The cast and crew of SMW may be rightfully pissed at her. But us? We’re just rubbernecking at this drama wreck. Plus Han Ye Seul’s reputation is pretty much toast in Korea, so the piling on with calling her selfish is rather moot. She’s conceded that she caused the entire thing. So let’s let the two sides pick up the pieces and try to salvage what’s left of this drama, okay? I just think it’s going to be insanely awkward for her to return to work, and on top of that, acting all in love and in angst with Eric.

Sigh, none of this would have happened had the drama been mostly pre-filmed and the cast AND crew got to work relatively normal working hours. Occasional 16 hour filming days? I can accept that. It’s long but Taiwan, Japan and China films those hours even in pre-produced dramas. Consistently insane 20+ hour filming days? Unacceptable to the cast and crew, the latter having it worse without private trailers to rest in between takes. If anyone from SMW was to go AWOL, it ought to be those overworked crew members, some of whom wear adult diapers because they don’t even get potty breaks. See? That’s what I call having a shitty job.

[Credit: Sports Chosun and My Daily]


Han Ye Seul to Return to Spy Myung Wol as Sidus HQ Releases Statement Accepting Responsibilty for the Delay — 87 Comments

  1. im actually glad she decided to come back.. looking forward to the next episode 🙂

    thanks for the update Captain Koala! <3

      • yeah and the drama sucks without HYS she’s really good at it.. And moving forward hopefully the working conditions in Korea will change soon.

    • LOL.. Oh yeah, one of the drama crew wore adult diaper in what drama was it, i believe it was World Within. I am pretty sure that was inspiration from real life incidents.

      • I find it kinda funny how it’s the same PD who did the World We Live In is the same PD doing Myung Wol the Spy. He definitely got the inspiration somewhere. Maybe from his dramas crews? Maybe HYS didn’t want to wear an adult diaper so she decided she was better off ditching the entire thing? Yeah, I would agree with that too. But poor crew, they aren’t getting any compensation from this debacle. I think HYS career is pretty much over, though, if she comes out in another drama, I won’t write it off immediately. Well, I’ll probably stick it out and finish MWS. I hope drama productions learn to film a couple episode in advance, live-shoot and loose-page scripts should be a thing of the past.

    • Oh my god…why don’t they have the poor crew work in shifts? Geez, I’m beginning to think dramas are hell for everyone except the people watching.

    • Really?? Is that really necessary? Can’t they have portable toilets? I don’t think they get paid enough to put up with that sort of work schedule.

    • LOL, calm down guys. I don’t mean every crew member wears diapers all the time. Just when the situation calls for it, it’s been known to happen. Like a particularly grueling day of outdoor shoots, for example. I’m sure people go potty normally. But the thought that sometimes they need to do it is already pretty mindboggling.

      • I caught on that some of the overworked crew did this, but like you said, the idea that the situation even calls for adult diaper usage is insane. There has to be some super tough competition to work as a crew member for dramas.

      • The overall problem is that competition is fierce in Korea. And in the K-ent industry, all the more so.

      • This situation remind me of Kdrama “World Within” 🙂 where the asst. director have to wear diapers coz it’s just so hectic.

        Well, hopefully it will turn out well for everybody. A good lesson for them that actors and the crews are human too.

  2. I wanna forget that whole story and move on because it was way too stressful to follow. I feel very sorry for Eric, the other cast members and the crew. I just wonder whether the ratings for next episode will skyrocket or hit bottom.

    • Honestly never been on-board despite my love for Eric, i stop watching the drama after 4 episode of torture. But i have been reading the recap, so i am aware of the crazy storyline. But…..It strange how human brain function after all these SMG fiasco, now i am suddenly curious and anxious for the upcoming episode. I may check out the rest of the episodes.

      • Same here: Koala’s recaps were a delight to read but the drama so boring to watch. In spite of Eric’s acting skills, plus the NK old couple’s constant bickering. ^^

  3. Wow. -_-” Well I’m getting irritated by all of this…
    I hate to think this, I really do… but this sorta seems like a publicity stunt of some sort. I don’t buy the “I left because I was tired” excuse. She’s a professional actress, isn’t she used to it? I don’t really know anymore. :|. I just want the cast to start filming and get on with the drama drama, not this drama. So if it isn’t a publicity stunt, the hard working staff and cast can continue on their hard work.
    Also I still feel bad for Han Yeseul. This may possibly the last project she might ever receive (or accept if it’s true she plans to leave it all).

    • I think this is her last. She somehow mentioned retirement on one of her interviews before. Besides, I’m afraid no producers will take her now. :/

    • She wouldn’t ve bothered to come back…she just didn’t want to get in the legal mess…they were gonna sue her, she is coming back to avoid that.

  4. I completely agree with you on your take on the issues that the Kdrama industry have…I mean they have to wear adult diapers??..thats frigging insane!!….this reminds me of The World That They Live in, where they showed the female cast and crew members taking bathroom breaks in a field of reeds while shooting a sageukk..I tought that was nuts…I wish the best for this cast and crew here, I’m really glad that Han Ye Seul decided to comeback

  5. I think it is because she’s afraid to paying damages so she has to suck it up and come back. But it will be so awkward now coming back.

    If i were you HYS, just come back to America after this and have a normal life. Fame is not worth it to go through all this trouble. Haters will never let you live this down.

    • Haters will continue to hate you either way so why not go for the less evil choice, right? Besides, this will give more relief to the staff since they won’t have to come up with the most stupid scenario to justify Myung Wol’s sudden change of appearance and of course won’t be troubled finding a replacement for HYS.

      Sigh, it’s gonna be damn awkward on the set, that’s for sure. >.<

  6. Ok. I hope this is the end. I hope HYS will say sorry for the poor staff and crew she left dangling. Will they forgive her? I don’t know but I hope she’ll make up for it.

    Now, I’m sure this drama will raked more viewers because of this issue. XD Thanks Koala for the constant updates. It’s also great that you are very transparent and didn’t fully take sides just like a professional journalist! You’re the most awesome Koala in the planettt!! ^^

    • totally agree with you… thanks Koala for the update and being natural on this issue….

      what come to my mind though.. this is not the first drama that HYS was in a drama… and I am sure she must have experienced this type of live shooting in the past.. unless she was quite lucky in previous time that she had never needed to work too hard? just curious.

      • I have no idea about that as well. I’m not really a fan of her that’s why I’m quite clueless of her attitude during her past projects.

  7. Wow! Such unhealthy working hours. I can empathise with the cast and crew. Some years back, I was constantly working 16 hours a day in my home country. That was one major reason why I migrated to Australia – it has been the best career move for me.

    Are there any reasons I’m not aware of, that are stopping the industry from pre-filming? Anyhow, I really hope that this drama-within-a-drama will start a serious push in Korea for pre-filming rather than live-shooting. Let’s hope the change comes before someone dies from overworking.

    • True… I hope this happening will end the stressful live-shoot system. I’m not just concern for the actors but for the staff behind the camera as well.

  8. OMG o.0 I was wondering why they had a special last night. I’ve jst come back from visiting my soldier & was in process of catching up w/ dramas but was too exhausted. Now, this? My goodness… I remember the drama “something world to live in?” lol can’t think about to take a final exam… but, it depicted the harsh conditions of the actors/production team
    I have to say, Korean dramas are really produced well… ALL the hard work shows. I also work in a place w/harsher conditions; so holding pee with already stressed body is no bueno. I actually applaud her stance; I would’ve asked the other actors to coup with me as well… It’s just unprofessional to just leave everyone like that.

  9. The Philippines has the same working conditions and environment in terms of filming dramas and movies too. Actors have very little or no sleep at all! She can only move forward and try to rectify her actions…the damage has been done and hopefully she can move forward toward something positive.

  10. seriously sounds like one of those things in On Air or World’s Within. woah. Glad she’s returning but agree with that awkwardness – Eric’s got to be royally pissed, and rightly so methinks

  11. I feel bad for everyone involved within this mess. HYS was pushed towards exhaustion to the point where she snapped and the repercussions from that are obvious. I also feel bad for the rest of the cast involved I am sure they just want to get this over and done with and put it behind them. Most of all I feel really bad for the crew I think they are suffering most of the brunt with this unfortunate situation, those folks are just regular Joe’s trying to put food on the table for their family’s. Bummer that it all turned out like this but I hope for everyone involved that this issue is dealt with swiftly so that everyone can get back to work, I hope everyone keeps their cool about themselves and acts like a grown up.

  12. It is my guess that the other actors and actresses are NOT pissed at her, They are not thinking “We have to deal with these conditions, why can’t YOU?”

    Secretly, I think they applaud her because she is calling BS on dangerous and COMPLETELY UNNECESSARILY horrible conditions for the shows.

    Adult diapers?

    Yeah, and Rosa Parks should have just moved to the back of the bus? Is that what everyone is saying?
    (PS – I understand if you remove this comment.)

    • @jomo

      Why would I remove the comment? It’s perfectly fine, and is your valid opinion. I happen to disagree somewhat.

      Rosa made a statement of her civil rights. She paid to ride a bus, she shouldn’t be treated as second class for any reason, much less her race. I think HYS’s situation is so completely different that even bringing up the fight for civil rights equality is ludicrous.

      HYS signed a contract, is getting paid to perform her acting for a drama. The work conditions may be unacceptable, but she knew ALL drama shoots are like that. Furthermore, her “stand”, unlike Rosa’s, negatively impacted everyone on that set.

      If Rosa planted herself outside the bus and prevented the bus from driving and depositing all other passengers at their destinations, that’s akin to what HYS did. Rosa (and HYS) may have a legitimate reason for taking a stand, but one action did not affect innocent bystanders while the other one did. That’s the difference.

      There are ways for HYS to take a stand and demand change. Not sure what she ended up doing (1) was intended to make a statement to the entire industry, and (2) was the best way to go about it.

      Either way, it’s her choice, and she can deal with the consequences. I think your POV is perfectly valid, though your analogy with Rosa Parks ia way off base in this case. I think the few analogies to slavery and/or civil liberties are all completely faulty. The former are inalienable rights we human beings are born with, and people fighting to regain them.

      The Korean entertainment system problems are not alienable human rights – people choose to join the industry, and get paid for it. If they think the pay is not commensurate with their work load, and or their word load is simply untenable (all valid points), it’s still not an alienable human right violation. I am happy to discuss, but prefer analogies be apples to apples.

      • Thank you for breaking it down because the original comment is comparing apple with oranges.

      • I appreciate that, Koala.

        I guess I picked a really big apple to make the point that someone has to be FIRST. Someone has to make themselves the target of a lot of heat in order for the discussion to PUBLICLY commence. I certainly am not trying to say that HYS’s conditions were as bad as what was happening in Jim Crowe South in that era.

        So who would be a better FIRST?
        Hmmmmmm…Who was a very public person who risked their liviehood to stop hazardous conditions. The group that became United Artists?

        And wouldn’t it be really cool if a group of stars got together and acknowledged to the industry that they are ALSO mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore? SSH, CSW, KSH, LMH, KHJ, KTH.

        They don’t have to specifically support HYS in her actions, because she could have been less disruptive to the shooting of her current drama, but they could say “”Hey, while we are on the subject of no sleep, car accidents, IV drips. How about we take a look at some of these issues and work towards a better plan for these shows.”
        I still have hope that something positive could happen with this in everyone’s mind.

      • I kinda agree with the rosa parks and HYS situation though.

        It can be said that when Rosa Parks bought her ticket, it was implied that she would have to give preference to someone else. Everyone else before her had complied.

        Similarly, when HYS signed a contract, she knew that the hours may be more demanding than her contract (everyone ahead of her had also complied)

        Just as HYS knew ALL drama shoots are that way, Rosa Parks also probably knew about all the discrimination (I am not saying these two issues are the same). But both of them stood up for their own rights. To heck with other passengers on the bus who might have been late for something, why should Rosa Parks give up her seat? With HYS too, why should everyone, cast/crew/actors ask her to suffer with them?

        Talking about human rights, I am pretty sure when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, that single incident wasn’t a huge rights-violation. She chose to get on that bus, she could have not ridden on it etc. etc. just as HYS chose to do that drama.

        The case of Rosa Parks is much more admirable in light of following events, and I don’t think people will really applaud HYS. But I think in both cases, both these people were fed up, pushed to the edge, and did something no one else had done before, stood up for themselves. What consequences their actions had were/are out of their hands, and determined by the society they are in.

        Just saying the comparison makes sense to me though (although I admit, this is really weird)

    • People on DC Inside yesterday were calling this the “Han Ye-Seul as Jeon Tae-Il” comments. ㅋㅋ

      I think the only point to make here is whether whatever shenanigans she has committed (I’ve heard many, some of which weren’t even reported. Some might be exaggerated, others downplayed) can be construed as some kind of statement against the industry’s infamously insane working conditions. A sort of martyr attitude whereby you risk sacrificing your image and career to bring a very serious problem to the forefront. Because the problem is clearly serious, and the stations’ head honchos (who are using this “crisis” to put a blanket on their assorted douchebaggery) will not wake up until something truly serious happens — like a death on the set, or a very serious injury.

      But before you consider that, one factor has to be weighed: track records. Was the “perpetrator” someone famous for her professionalism on the set? No, everything but. This is just one, the most uproarious, example of diva personality this lady has exhibited over the years. If a Moon Geun-Young or Son Ye-Jin (known for being on the opposite end of the spectrum) had been involved in such a dispute, then people would reflect upon her behavior, industry folks would assume some kind of “mea culpa” slant in between thinly-veiled “I’m trying to save my ass” announcements, and the crowd would be at least split on whether she’s right or wrong. This is not the case.

      This, by all intents and purposes, is someone having a Liz Taylor moment and using the working conditions as a cheap escapade, a ticket out of trouble, so to speak. Bring up THAT argument, and you know you will gain points simply by fueling an argument which has been going on for ages; one which can’t help but put the blame on the broadcasters no matter what, and eventually disculpate her in some way or form. This is malicious, and unfair to the countless crew members who do the real work — because, let’s be honest here, all the fangirls who take up arms to defend Han don’t really know that out of those 20 hours, she spends a good 16 of them waiting, polishing her nails and talking to her “코디” in her trailer, do they? And it’s not like she’s doing this for free, didn’t know it would be the case before starting the show, or that it would get better. I didn’t see her react this way when Fantasy Couple was doing great in the ratings. Working conditions were the same. That’s usually referred to as “bullshit art,” where I come from.

      She went batty for whatever reason (I have my theories, but who cares, really), the threat of humongously expensive litigation was on the horizon, and then she came back, tail between her legs. End of story. Every other “argument” is puerile at best and most certainly futile, misinformed and misguided as it is.

  13. Totally agree with ya Koala… that´s a shitty job… but damn! we love the dramas!!!
    Poor actors and crew… I think that if they get to finish (successfully) this drama…it will be just to fill out the time until Poseidon is ready to go…hopefully we won´t have this sort of actual drama with the crew of P!!!
    I think Eric should be regretting leaving P behind (not that I mind that much as I totally love Choi Siwon, even if he is not such a great actor)… poor guy!!

  14. i’m really glad to hear that, the show would not be the same without Han Ye Seul! – looking forward to the next episode 😀
    – Thanks koala for the update 🙂

  15. I have been watching Korean drama for a couple months now so this is all new to me, including their culture, customs and etc. But i have the following question: Isn’t there unions in Korea like they have in the U.S. that protects these actors from such harsh and unsual treatments?

    • @tinnybo

      Actually, Ironically, US is currently one (or one of the very few) countries in the world that actually have unions, and yet many people in the US are trying to get rid of them.

      Most other countries around the world, developed or not, do not actually have unions to protect their rights.

  16. Say who by what? Wow. This has been quite the ride.

    I wonder if her mom set the folks at Sidus straight. Heard her mom went to Seoul while Leslie was on her way to LA.

    At this point, I’m totally in to watch this drama until the end (though I had given up on it) because I feel so badly for everyone. Probably not sound logic on my part, but oh well.

  17. thanks for the updates ms. koala 🙂

    completely selfishly, i’m glad she’s coming back because the 2nd half of the drama (story-wise) would have been completely awkward without it’s leading lady. i mean, beyond the whack non-sensical storyline it has already turned into. not to say the 2nd half of the drama (on-screen chemistry-wise) won’t be awkward now because of the inevitable tension that has now built up between her and the rest of the cast and crew. but that’s what acting is all about!

    sigh, unfortunate that it had to come down to this.

  18. I for one am incredibly relieved that HYS is coming back. Although I feel as though this drama has received a lot of criticism, I personally really love it – my first drama obsession since, oh, Giant last fall – and have been extremely upset over the past couple of days thinking it was going to be ruined due to backstage issues. My only worry now is that KBS already aired episode 11 today, with what footage I know not, and who knows what kind of quality. I’ve downloaded the ep already, but am kind of afraid to watch it – maybe I’ll wait for recaps instead. *bites nails* Please don’t mess this up for me, KBS!

  19. How come us viewers aren’t walking away with the ff conclusion:

    HOLY CRAP. I really should stop downloading/streaming dramas and OSTs from unofficial sites.

    (Because, let’s face it, the lost profits from those downloads would have paid for better working conditions for the cast and crew)

  20. Good day Madam K and everyone. Just as I thought (my number four reason why it happened which I kept secret) it is exactly how it panned out. Hope they will get the results expected. I will hold my peace regarding this forever- promise.

  21. Just comes up on my head :

    HYS : OMG, I’m so tired… I need to stop this
    (off to LA)
    Read korean news online and found out that I will be charged billions Won.
    Went to check my account….
    Panic mode….
    HYS : OMG, I dont have enough money, I need to go back
    Called my PR,
    HYS : just say I will take all the responsibilities.
    Next episode,
    Kang Woo finds out that Myung Wol is a spy.
    Kick her, release his stress

  22. thanks for the updates koala..truly appreciate that since i have grown to like her despite the crazy plot of SMW. and it’s good to know that none could replace her. after all, she has been pulling all the stunts – oopppsss as i see it. so now the specials would be the extension that they badly needed. would it have been nice if they decided to make the specials and gave the necessary break to everyone? i hope HYS could still have her career or if retirement would suit her best..well it’s all up to her.

  23. after reading some comments… first of Rosa Parks is about the civil rights movement… as for HYS sorry.. no offense it is not about the rights. i think that she is a just selfish.. regardless, what ever KBS decide.. it is up to the fans to watch it or not.. i think HYS will lose some fanbase…. i know for sure she probably will not work in another drama again as i think no one will ever cast her after what she pulled.. however, i began to wonder if they took her back. what if she did that again.. to leave the drama… you may never know what a person does… That is just my two cents….

  24. I’ll be sure of not wathing her next dramas live – if have any new movie or drama from her in the near future. – Just when it’s finished. That’s it.

  25. Rosa Parks? Really? Leslie Kim did stand up for herself and I am glad she did. Everyone is feeling sorry for the crew but my question to that since I don’t know about film making is why didn’t they keep filming the other stuff (scenes) that she wasn’t going to be in? Clearly all scenes filmed are not in order of appearance. Also exhaustion CAN make you do some bizarre things.
    I am disappointed in the entire industry all over the world for the sake of our entertainment what actors have to go through. But at the end of the day, I live in a country where I had never heard of these kinds of working conditions (OSHA). Next time you buy a name brand, think about the sweat shop it might have come from.
    Thank you Ms Koala, we might not see eye to eye but you do give everyone the right to write what they think even if it annoys you. I feel that this piece of news made you unhappy.

    • They did film everything they could that didn’t involve HYS after she left. Today’s episode 11, especially the ending scene, showed the drama tried to best to make the most of the situation without a leading lady around.

      No, the news didn’t make me unhappy – it’s just news, something happened – the public spectacle made me unhappy. The rush to judgment (on both sides – those condemning her or those blaming the production and alleging misconduct) and media fervor. One would think a head of state got assassinated by the amount of attention lavished on this.

      I write about entertainment, so I report on this because it’s a big deal in the entertainment world. But the K-news and netizens? Need to back off. Let HYS, Sidus, KBS, and the production company sort it all out, take responsibility where appropriate, and finish this drama so everyone can put this behind them.

      This is not directed towards you, sweetie, but I think the best analogy for what happened is thus:

      Doctors in the US working at large hospitals are routinely over-worked. I’m talking 48-72 hours shifts. Attendings, residents, and medical school interns on rotation work INSANE hours, without breaks and almost to the point of mental breakdown. I know because many of my friends and family are in the profession.

      Interns are like the crew of the drama – they have to suffer because otherwise they can’t become a doctor, or bring home a paycheck.

      Attendings and residents are like the cast of a drama – they can choose to leave hospital and go to private practice and make less money, but work more decent hours, or they can endure and get their huge paychecks (and prestige) under inhumane conditions.

      It’s a choice – and we can excoriate hospitals for not hiring more doctors to lessen the load (and the hospital ends up making less money because its expenses go up), but the doctors who work there choose to do so knowing the conditions.

      What HYS did was akin to a doctor leaving in the middle of a surgery after working a 72 hour shift. Does that make sense, folks? She was exhausted, yes, but she left a patient (a drama) hanging in the balance. I’m not casting blame, but this is the correct analogy when considering what happened.

      • Agree docs here in us works insane hrs not for four months but for 8 years during intership residency and fellowship and may be for nxt 20 or so. Ther are nit running away nor complaining coz they knew this as part of deal when they signed up. So did HYS

      • I just had to pipe in here, thank you koala for your perfect placed analogy:). My husband is a Neurosurgeon and the children and I barely see him, his working hours are insane and being on call 24/7 is not the greatest thing either(He missed many birthdays and family functions) he is also mostly burned out and always tired. So I do not think that this only happens in foreign countries but in the US as well(well we are in Canada but we have that here is well). However as you said it would be irresponsible of him to walk off of his job and he knew what he was getting himself into. Also I have to agree with the monetary compensation as well when ever taking on these kind of high profile jobs you technically know that you will get great compensation but something has to be sacrificed at the end of the day.

    • But at the end of the day, I live in a country where I had never heard of these kinds of working conditions (OSHA).


      • Sadly, I work in a profession that routinely pulls all-nighters. I use to sleep at the office all the time, which had showers and shit like that so that at least we looked presentable in meetings. Like our clients couldn’t tell we were half passed out and running on fumes. But no, the deal must be done.

        That’s why the burn out rate in certain highly stressful, highly compensated professions are so high. So yeah, these working hours happen in the US, too. I lasted a few years before calling it quits.

      • So did I. Going home just to shower and change (the whole shower at the workplace notion hadn’t caught on then). Having the partner of the engagement talk about work life integration, all the while having her three nannies bring her children by for lunch. Fun.

        But that wasn’t the given. Those days were near the go-live dates, not all around.

      • @anais

        I don’t think you and I are in the same profession, when I worked crazy hour that was the norm, and a normal day would be immediately after I closed a deal, but then 10 more are waiting to heat up. Sadly, my guy works 18+ hours (often 20+) a day for the last 10 years. He used to work weekend as well, but not as much now. All I’m saying is that long work environments does exist in the US. It’s a choice to enter that profession.

      • @ ockoala – I missed the “routinely” in your post above mine. You’re absolutely right that those work conditions do exist in the US. And yes, what you’re describing is different from my past profession, with emphasis on past because I too couldn’t stomach living like that for work that wasn’t my calling.

        It’s unclear whether you’re still in that profession or not. If you are, how the heck are you doing this blog?! Wonder Woman?

      • @anais
        sis, i am experiencing that kind of crazy work hours right now! having to sleep, shower and not being able to go home for days 🙂 guess what? i just got out of the hospital too! yes the burn-out rate is really high! thank goodness you have this blog, keeps me sane 🙂

  26. Truthfully, even though I will be glad if she comes back, I am kind of scared. By leaving at the end of episode 10, I don’t think that it would have cause much of a problem since the last time we saw her she had partly revealed her identy and shot her self. With this the story can go anywhere but if she comes back and then decides to leave again, she might leave at the end of a part that would make it difficult for the drama to make sense.

    By leaving at the end of episode 10 the story line could be something like the 40% of filming they did could be a dream sequence of what she would like to happen when she is unconscious. Then when it is over she awakens to find out that she has a new face. Why? Because Ryu paid the doctor to change her face to protect her since she had revealed her identity. So then Myung (with a new face) spys on Kang woo from afar, holding back her feelings. Eventually Kang woo finds out that she is Myung and they live happenly ever after.

    Taht is how i would write the story line if she had left. So I am scared that she comes back and then leaves again during the worst moment, for example a worst moment would be at the end of one episode her and kang woo kissing and the in the begining of the next episode someone else kissing kang woo, as if nothing had happened. Other then trhat I hope she is feeling better and that if she does return, she can stick though it.

  27. Hi koala I think your absolutely right about the insane hours and the stress that comes with shooting a live drama! I don’t blame Han Ye Seul about what she did I think she could have handled it better but other than that I understand what she did and why! I’m glad shes coming back to Spy Myung Wol even though the storyline is a complete wreck I mean the concept is really good and I think they were doing fine in the first couple of episodes but then it was just stupid the characters kept going around in circles and doing crazy stuff that didnt feel needed or that funny to add to the story! But I am sticking with it because I really love the main actors but when Han Ye Seul does come back to work I bet it will be awkward I feel sorry for the actors and crew members but especially Erick!!!

  28. does anyone else find it counter productive that she spent 11 hours flying cause she was exhausted only to have to fly back another 11 hours and start filming asap? lol.

    • I guess she thought leaving will stop stress and everyone will be happy on both sides given the situation. But we all know that won’t solve the problem(s), tho we wish it would. so back she must do. the awkwardness is inevitable when she returns to filming. we hope the whole production will finish without further incidents.

  29. It looks like HYS was working 20 hours per day, with no insurance, in a 3rd world country for 5 dollars per month…Oh wait, she is an A-list actress! She gets many times the salary I get in 5 years…
    In a serious note, NO, no salary justifies inhuman conditions, but hey, a good job sometimes has a price. And being an actor has many positives and negatives. Workload, exposed private life, gossiping are some prizes you have to pay, but its no secret to actors.
    Editors, cameramen, and other crew might have the much more inhuman conditions to work, and get 1/50 of her salary.
    She could have choose to work in an office, 8hours/5days, and get an average salary. No breakdowns, no hurt feelings. But she didnt.
    The doctor analogy Mrs.Koala made, is exactly what I was thinking of .

    What dissapointed me about Miss HYS, is not that she complain about the hours, neither that being late on set. Really. This was a fault of production in a first place. But leaving the drama in the middle of its production, while many other people are hanging on this, its selfish, arrogant and really unproffesional. It’s not Rosa Parks, not even in her little finger.Rosa Parks stood up for a human right she had, and paid for, and was restricted to her due to her color and didn’t affect negatively any other, while PHS stood up for something she was paid for, and she could have avoid, and of course, affected in a negative way many other people.

    Her coming back, it was the best thing she could do after the mess she caused. At least now she can do a little damage control to the chaos she caused to people that have nothing to do with that, meaning the rest of cast and crew. Lets have this drama end.

  30. She is making a good example for every entertainment out there…”Due to your personal issued you can abandon anytime your responsibility and can come up with the excuses later” 😛

  31. To be honest, I don’t feel much sympathy for her. Sure, she had to work crazy hours but she is privileged and makes tons of money. Also, they do not work eveyday of the week but only when they’ve booked a drama. Glad she’s back though.

  32. Just read this on allk-pop and want to share with you all.

    Other A list actress Choi Ji Woo on the situtaion.Take her words…even her co-worker don’t think her action was done right.

    During the press conference for MBC’s new drama ‘Can’t Live With Losing‘, Choi Ji Woo was asked for her thoughts on the situation of intensive production schedules.

    The actress stated, “Having debuted in 1994, I have been in the industry and participated in this line of work for 15 years. Over those past 15 years, I’ve observed this production environment and I know that it’s not something that will simply change in a day or two. And so, before I start a new project, I prepare myself. Of course we go through hard times while working, and often think about quitting. However, all the encouragement and love we receive from our viewers and fans make up for it.”

    As for the current issue involving Han Ye Seul herself, Choi Ji Woo briefly commented, “I’m sorry about the whole situation – I believe that [a drama] is a promise you make with the viewers that you shouldn’t break.”

  33. Why does she come back? and how does she deal with the crazier working hours?
    Because the working hours gonna get worse because of the delay. Also, I”m sure that her doing makes all co – actors and crew feel bad. What she gonna do then?

    I’m production crew but in other country. I can tell you guy that we always this working hours is very normal for us. Sometimes especially filming outdoor or in other county, we can’t sleep at all for two or three days. Don’t make me laugh what she said about crazy working hours. Although she acts every single scene, the production crew are in every single set too. Also they have to get there earlier to prepare the set and leave late to clear up all stuff.

    I like the quote @ chocolate brought up that Choi Ji Woo briefly commented, “I’m sorry about the whole situation – I believe that [a drama] is a promise you make with the viewers that you shouldn’t break.”

    Yes. It’s this a commitment and we shouldn’t break. Her doing ruins blood and tears which all crew give in. I sound angry, right? May be because I’m so proud of my work and I think I understand how other crew feel right now.

  34. Likewise, you don’t know that she spent 16hrs on set painting her nails. Wtf, does that make sense? As the lead actress with more scenes than any of her co-stars, if she had been doing that, Eric must have been doing the same, the supporting cast must have been sleeping all day, and the director ought to be prosecuted for criminally poor management of time!
    I don’t see where you get HYS’s “track record” as an infamous diva from. HYS is someone who has been consistently commended for her work attitude by people she has worked with (see Rain, for example).
    In my view, this is clearly a case of someone who had been pushed so far beyond her limits (note that I pass no judgement on her suitability for the Korean entertainment industry given such limits) that she cracked and did something foolish and desperate. If you think about it, who is going to throw away a flourishing 10-year career and sacrifice the goodwill of the public just like that, unless she felt she couldn’t do anything else?
    Unless I read you wrongly, your argument is almost solely based on the allegation that HYS is a known diva (and therefore any possibility that she had been pushed beyond her limits must necessarily be BS despite knowing that the insane working conditions are a reality. Yea, because divas can get by painting their nails on set for 16hrs a day just by being divas.) My respectful response is that, you must certainly have worked pretty closely with her to know so much that most people don’t know.

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