Written Preview for Episode 7 of Protect the Boss

One of the things I love about Protect the Boss (and there are too many things to list) is that the characters all react to situations in such honest ways. What drives some drama narrative is when characters deny or repress their feelings so we can have the requisite misunderstandings and plot can get dragged out. In PTB, people cry, rage, get upset, and generally always say exactly what they are thinking. And yet we still have an incredibly fascinating and compelling story. I wish more dramas going forward will do this, treating its characters and the viewers as being smarter than a six year old. As for what Ji Heon will do now that he knows Moo Won has his sexy eyes set on Eun Seol? Can we say cousin showdown?

Written preview for episode 7:

Eun Seol is stunned to receive Moo Won’s declaration of his intentions towards her. As she’s contemplating what Moo Won said, suddenly her mind flashes back to Ji Heon’s declaration to her. Eun Seol is confused as to why she would be thinking about Ji Heon’s declaration at a time like this, when she suddenly notices Ji Heon staring at her through the window.

Ji Heon is furious and wants to discuss with Moo Won separately. They shoo Eun Seol aside and begin their mental war, which ends with the two of them tussling and rolling around in the restaurant, engaging in a fist-fight…..

[Credit: written preview released by SBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Protect the Boss bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 7 of Protect the Boss — 35 Comments

  1. I am eager to see how they fight??
    Probably will still be childish and Eun Seol end up knock some sense on them.

    Thank you for translation 🙂

  2. A fist fight, you said? Seriously? You mean a real brawl fight among men and not just the shoulder shving and stare down among boys that they have been engaging in? My, oh my, THIS!! I really got to see? Is it Wednesday yet? Is it Wednesday yet….?

  3. I love this picture, it shows how must be a father and son… And looks at how JH stand and his jawline..it’s show he is a mature man but because this side of him sometimes I felt like JH has no weaknesses at all, how handsome. I think the fist fight would ended by ES beating both of them, hahahhaa (actually when I read they will fight suddenly I want to laugh coz with PTB all serious scene will be presented as funny scene, LOL)

    Can’t wait for ep 7 & 8

  4. O.M.G!!! so excited *jumpin’ on couch-ala Tom Cruise* 😉 Wednesday, come already!!! I just started watching the show this week….i shouldn’t but oh well!! I am totally lowvingg this show!! I really liked Ji Sung in “Royal Family” but due to crappy subs discontinued the show…but it’s Jae Joong whose really surprised me….i thought he’d be one ‘o those pop idols-turned-actors, yunno *cough KHJ cough*, but dayyum this guy’s so fine….when he’s on the screen i just ogle at him and then have to rewind the scene only to be distracted again!! heh

  5. Though JJ is indeed handsomer than JS, I think ES and JH match better as both are straightforward, without ulterior motives at all. But both Moon Won and Na Yoon, and their respective mothers, are so calculating and the parents teaching their children to play both ends, Na Yoon’s teaching her to wait and see who’ll come out the winner in the war of succession, and MW’s mother teaching the son to approach NY just as a means to get her mother’s backing. So, MW and NY suit each other much better as they share the same cold-blooded calculating nature, doing things with ulterior motives to further their career and riches. BUT the love bug seems to be hitting both MW and NY and subtly changing their nature (though I believe leopards never change their spots), and so both are in for heartbreak and pain while I predict ES and JH, because of their lovely nature, will end up in each other’s arms and ES should have no fears that she’ll get the usual disdainful treatment from the chaebol family as this is the first time I see a chairman sucking at an iced lollipop at home and both mother and son are so unpretentious that you can’t distinguish this family from an ordinary, heart-warming one.

    • really? i don’t find JJ cute at all! (don’t flame me! lol!) not manly enough for me. if only JS would fix his hair he’s be so much cuter.

      • No flame lol. JJ actually has looked better than he does in this drama, mostly because his exhaustion shows clearly on his face in PTB (the red eyes and super bags). But looks are subjective and not everyone finds the guy attractive, I am on the fence with him, sometimes I find him attractive and sometimes I find him too pretty. Ji Sung is really good looking but the hair has got to go.

  6. HAHAHA! OMG. I just love the “rolling around in the restaurant” part. *Fangirl Spazz*
    This drama knows where to hit us. Thanks for the preview! ^___^.
    Ah I’m going to miss your recap this week :(.

  7. I love how they make a totally hot character, Moo Won, into a complete down to earth adorable dork. I love how he is compeletly helpless against his inner little boy when ever he and Ji Heon get into it.

  8. I started watching PTB two days ago and at first it was like “continue-or-stop-continue-or-stop?” battle for me in episode one because of Moo Won, I tried watching episode 2 and see if i will get to enjoy it then and when I started laughing I decided its a big yes for me..Seeing this two fighting in clenched teeth is so damn childish but hilarious.. I find this more enjoyable to watch than SMW.

  9. fist fight! I hope this gets to be a comic one, like the one between Hyun-woo and Samshik in MNIKSS or the one between Hugh Grant and Colin Firth’s character in Bridget Jones Diary!

  10. Thank Ockoala-san, still doing the preivew for us when you are on hiatus this week! Arigato!
    I would love to see Ji Heon and Mu Won FIGHT it out physically too coz these 2 are like, to me, THE BEST ON-SCREEN COUPLE ever!! Ha ha hope they get to be nominated Best Couple of the year just like SKKS Yonha and Goro! Love that namja-namja couple!
    Whether we are fangirls of Jae or not, this drama is a killer already! Ji Sung is good looking too and I love his bod! Watching his New Heart now and find it soooo intriguing! OK I’m on broccoli head high right now! But I am also a Jae fan!
    Way to go PtB production crew! Awesome drama can’t wait till tomorrow!

  11. My O My – whilst I will concede that JaeJoong is a pleasant surprise – Ji Sung Pwns!! His Ji Heon is so adorable one minute – pout and all – and then he goes into serious mode and my heart stops when he directs his steely gaze. I think that in future we will see the more mature and capable and charismatic Ji Heon emerge from his protective cocoon and give Moo Won a run for his money – while still retaining his cute dorky self.

    Hands up those who replayed his “chu-wa” with the male version of OPW at ES at the stairs in episode 6!!!!!!Seriously!!!!

      • i did replay that scene!!!! he’s such a cutie pie… *giggles*
        btw what does OPW means? sorry couldn’t catch that one.. *pout <– ji heon style*

    • Yes, when he turns serious you see the TRUE depths beneath his facade. Like that time when Eun Seol asks him if he had anything traumatic happen to him in the past. His stare then was mesmerising … the flicker of pain, fear, uncertainty and evasion just in that gaze. I like how Ji Sung plays Ji Heon in such a 3D way. There are so many layers to him.

  12. OMO OMO OMO!

    Besides all the things you said about the characters, what’s making the drama for me is the acting.

    I’ve never been a fan of Choi Kang-hee and yet, I like her in this. A lot. Jae-joong is wayyyy better than expected (though IDK why, but in the last 3 eps he had red eyes all the time which made him look like he was about to cry). Veterans Kim Young-ok and Park Young-kyo are outstanding as usual. But oh, OH Ji Sung is LOVE in this drama! He nails every single scene he’s in; Ji-heon is adorable and yet Ji Sung lets Ji-heon’s insecurities and troubles show on his face, in his eyes and he’s just fantastic. Also? He has great comedic time and why didn’t I know this? He should stick to comedies or romcom from now on because he’s just great at them.

    That said, YaY Yay, maybe Eun-seol will finally start crushing on Ji-heon a bit. Maybe Moo-won (holy….I just typed Moo-gyul *facepalm* M3 strikes again!) and his declaration will push Eun-seol in that direction. *crosses fingers*

    Btw, am I the only one who sorts of ships Ji-heon’s dad and Moo-won’s mom?

      • Yes . I am waiting for that too .
        JJ has well improved his acting , but with all these clever actors , it would have been impossible not to ; actually , the kiss did him good !

  13. i think wht will end up happening is ES holding both boys ears with both her hands to stop them from fighting , seems funny in my head

  14. Fight!Fight!Fight!.. can’t wait to watch the episode. Kudos to Muwon.. what a better way to get the girl you like than to chase another who interest you.. “Chu-wa” (Jiheon style)

  15. Can’t wait for this weeks episodes of Protect the Boss!! Why are the best dramas always on Wednesdays & Thursdays?! I haven’t watched a Monday/Tuesday drama in a long time.

  16. instead of fist-punching, they did it the “childish way” hair-pulling like 6-year old kids fighting for their toy.
    this drama is truly unique and original, i love every character in this drama. i even love the second female lead who is far different from typical k-drama lead. Nayoon i’d say is a little childish, not the spoild brat, doesn’t play dirty and hahahaha also accident prone and she’s very funny too, reminds me of Boo Tae Hee in Birth of the Rich.

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