Saving General Yang Holds Press Conference in Beijing and Starts Filming

After holding a dedication ceremony at the beginning of August in Kaifeng (the capital of China during the Song dynasty), the production of Saving General Yang finally got a non-gimpy leading man (Ekin Cheng stepping in for the injured Louis Koo) and can continue on its merry way to bring Koala her man-candy-epic movie.

The production held a press conference this week in Beijing, where Daddy Yang (Adam Cheng) and six of his seven sons were present, including Ekin, Wu Zun, Vic Zhou, and Raymond Lam. The movie immediately started filming afterwards, and below is the first ever peek at some of the guys in their Yang warrior finery. I see my Zai Zai! *faints*

The C-press is all over this movie, with the first Weibo updates from reporters on the scene of the first day of filming just swooning over the sight of Daddy Yang and his sons all on horses dressed for war. The words used are along the lines of “OMG, so insanely hot”, or something like that.

I love how everyone at the Beijing press conference appeared to have gotten the memo – dress in blacks and greys – and then Zun goes “imma going to be a rebel” and throw in some tangerine.

Just an FYI, the cute comparatively roly poly dude sandwiched between the hot men sandwich is Director Ronny Yu (Fearless, Bride with White Hair, Freddy v. Jason), who will be taking the helm on this epic. Bring on the bromance, Ronny!

[Credit: all pictures as marked of the respective news agency and Weibo account]


Saving General Yang Holds Press Conference in Beijing and Starts Filming — 14 Comments

  1. wait… is the first guy on the left … the 2nd lead from Sunny Happiness??? *glee* If it is, I’m SO glad he’s in this major production. I LOVE his performance in Sunny. The 2nd female lead was cringe-worthy next to him.

    • unfortunately no…i still remember the 2nd lead from sunny happiness. If i’m not mistaken his name is Li Yi feng. But of course both of them are handsome. :))

  2. Rebel wow he seems to be wearing an awful lot of orange now a days….maybe he was dozing off when they were briefed on the attire….huh soooo tired lately….byeee

  3. ADAM CHEEEENNNNGGG!!! Omg, I remember back in elementary school I had a huge obsession with his chu liu hsiang tv series airing at home. Gahh, can’t remember he’s in his 60s already!

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