Lee Bo Young is Smoldering for Sure Magazine

Lately everyone is rightfully swooning over Ji Sung‘s performance in Protect the Boss, but his girlfriend Lee Bo Young actually has her own drama Hooray for Love airing on the weekends right now as well. With their crazy shooting schedules they probably never see each other these days. But with a 7 year relationship in their pockets, they are as steady as can be.

Lee Bo Young, who usually channels a fresh and bright image, instead goes sultry and edgy for Sure Magazine. I’ve seen most of Bo Young’s dramas, and my favorite performance and chemistry from her remains her pairing with Jo Hyun Jae in Seodongyeo. I wish she would do a sageuk again, or a drama with Ji Sung, but this time she gets the man instead of playing the crazy second female lead.

[Credit: Sure Magazine]


Lee Bo Young is Smoldering for Sure Magazine — 21 Comments

  1. Oh, a drama with Ji Sung, that would be awesome! I like Lee Bo Young, I think she’s purrrtyy, and her man rocks! How come they haven’t thought of this reel pairing yet? I can just imagine the sizzzzle on screen. Calling on the drama gods, we beseech you!!!

  2. Nice. I think the one I remember her most in was Queen of the Game (that was her right?) with JJM. Her as the crazy 2nd lead in STLDFM was very typical but I remember thinking that JS & her matched up well. Who knew. 🙂 I do think she’s good in saguek. I only saw a few episodes though of that drama.

    This is as bold of a look as I’ve seen her since I don’t really follow her. I think her acting is pretty decent.

  3. She is pretty but I like her better when she is just plain and simple – yes I would like her to do a Historical Drama again – I love her in the Queen of the Game – she did a marvelous job there – and I watch Korean Drama since then.

  4. OMG I would love to see her do a drama with JS they would have wonderful chemistry, they really match eache other I loved her in Queen of the Game one of my fav.
    Wish them both all the luck for the future.

  5. LBY was in Save the Last Dance with Ji Sung as a gf in the drama, but JS ended up with Eugene at the end…since then they are dating….It was a good drama.

  6. I really liked her in Soedongyeo. She was so ethereally beautiful there and I wonder why these Korean actresses looked fittingly more beautiful in sageuks than in contemporary dramas although she’s also beautiful in QOTG and STLDFM. How else would she be a former Miss Korea if not? I always say Ji Sung is very lucky to be her boyfriend. Her newest drama started here last weekend but we missed episode 2 because of hurricane Irene and it’s titled A Thousand Affections.

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