Ouran High School Host Club Episode 6 Recap

So here’s the dealio on Ouran High School Host Club – I’m so massively second lead shipping that I’m almost zoning out on everything else, which is not good since I’m supposed to be recapping rather than spazzing. I’ll try to stay focused, but smack me if you guys think I’m flailing too much. Like all good ensemble dramas, this episode delves into the backstory of yet another member of the host club, this time the spotlight is on the Hitachiin Twins Kaoru and Hikaru.

I think it’s safe to say the dorama is deviating from the manga/anime by making guy2 Kyoya rather than Hikaru, as this episode further cements the twins as a pair of characters with equal the screen time. My guess for the prominence of Kyoya in the drama is mainly because Daito Shunsuke has so much charisma and is the second biggest star after Yamamoto Yusuke. It’s clear he was cast because he’s perfect as Kyoya AND he has this ridiculous bromance going on with Yusuke since they’ve starred in 5 dramas together already.

Episode 6 recap:

Back in the junior high days, one twin walks to meet with a girl who wrote him a love letter. He pretends to be the other twin and suggests that she left the letter on the wrong desk, but then tells her that he likes her, and asks if he can’t be the one she likes. The girl says that’s fine, which is when the other twin emerges from hiding and tells the girl that the twin in front of her was the right twin all the along. But she couldn’t tell the difference, and didn’t care which twin she dated. They ridicule and dismiss her, leaving her sobbing on the steps. We see a hidden person watching this scene unfold.

It’s yet another day in the life of the member of the Ouran High School host club. The twins are doing their double double routine where they ask their guests to pick which one is Hikaru and which one is Kaoru. The guests pick and the twins say the pick was correct. But Haruhi walks up and matter-of-factly says the picks were incorrect and she correctly identifies each twin.

The twins share a look with each other and then take off to surround Haruhi. They ask when they can go visit her house because they have a lot of free time lately. She says never, if they go they will just make fun of her (poor home). But that was their exact plan, they say. She asks how they see people around them? The twins see everyone as their toys.

Nekozawa senpai pops up and says if they want toys, the Black Magic Club just acquired a very dangerous voodoo doll toy that can curse the person whose name is carved on it. The twins scare Nekozawa senpai away by shining a flashlight directly into his face.

The girls wonder how Haruhi can tell the twins apart. She says she can just tell, but if they want her to be more specific, Hikaru’s actions and words are just a bit more dastardly than Kaoru.

The twins halt and Kaoru starts sniggering. Hikaru clarifies that he doesn’t want to conceal his true nature, so that makes Kaoru the real bastard. Kaoru stops sniggering and says he’s always just going along with Hikaru’s plans. To which Hikaru says Kaoru can always say no. So the twins start bickering right in the middle of the host club, and everyone stops and watches this fight get more and more out of control.

Tamaki tries to stop them but get tossed aside for his effort. The twins decide to sever their relationship forevermore. Everyone stares in horror.

Kyoya puts down his iPad and walks over to Haruhi. He puts his arm around her shoulder and nonchalantly drops the obvious pointer that it was her throwaway remark that lit the fire under the twins spat. He gives her a glare and walks away, leaving Haruhi looking massively worried. Oh Haruhi, please piss off Kyoya more. You can make him snap, I know you can!

Haruhi walks into the lobby of the school and sees newly blond Hikaru. He wants to be easy to differentiate from Kaoru, who walks out and makes fun of Hikaru. They start bickering and end up firing automatic weapons at each other. Poor Haruhi is stuck in the middle of the gun fire, wondering what she did to deserve this abuse.

The twins drag Haruhi to the posh dining room. They immediately order the exact same meal as each other, and each time they switch their order, they switch to the exact same order again. This gets them more pissed at each other.

The rest of the host club walk in and see the twins already fighting. The school chancellor walks in and tells Tamaki that he is looking forward to dining in peace. Tamaki turns and sees Haruhi sitting between the warring twins and immediately prances over.

He’s so excited she’s come to the dining room to have lunch and wonder if she’s here to see him. She says she was dragged here by the twins, and she had her own lunch. Tamaki immediately fantasizes about pretty wife Haruhi making him a bento box for lunch. He turns pink and rushes back to “mommy” Kyoya, asking what he shall do.

Haruhi made him a bento complete with heart shapes. Even if its embarassing he’ll eat it. Kyoya asks if Tamaki’s fantasies can’t have a little bit more logic to it.

The girls coo over Haruhi’s handmade bento containing items they have never seen before. Hikaru offers to trade his expensive lunch with her bento. Haruhi takes a bite and is in food heaven. The other hosts watch her happily eating their expensive food. Tamaki rushes over and offers to switch his food with Hikaru for the bento. Hikaru refuses, but Kaoru gets up and takes the bento away.

The twins start fighting over the bento and Haruhi asks them to stop. They sudden turn to Haruhi and asks: can we visit your house, if we can visit, we’ll stop. Haruhi doesn’t think the two issues are related. The twins resume fighting. Tamaki tries to stop them. Renge suddenly shows up and does her shoujo fantasy of three men fighting over Haruhi.

The twins battle with forks and knives ends up with a fork flying off Tamaki’s head and landing in the school chancellor’s plate of soup. The soup splashes on the poor man. He goes to berate Kaoru, but calls him Hikaru. He orders the host club to clean the bathroom as their punishment.

Kaoru is pissed that he got mistaken for Hikaru yet again. The twins run away pissed at each other. The host club, exhausted from cleaning the bathroom, walk back to Music Room #3. Tamaki thinks the twins used the fight to take off and avoid cleaning duty.

Kyoya sits down with his abacus (OMFG a modern man who knows how to use an abacus! Oh Kyoya, you perfect nerdy bad boy, you!) and calculates what to do if the twins won’t make up. They will need to devise a different routine, which will undoubtedly cause the twins popularity to plummet. He says all of this while shooting very knowing looks at Haruhi.

He gets up and tells Haruhi that she shouldn’t feel bad AT ALL about what she said. Haruhi looks at him and grimaces because she can see the aura of controlled black rage emanating from Kyoya.

Honey notes that the twins have never ever fought. Tamaki met the twins in junior high, and back then the twins never let anyone get between them. Turns out Tamaki was the person who witnessed the twins ridiculing that girl. We see the twins move to tear up that girl’s love letter.

Kyoya notes that the twins are afraid of being hurt (by people who can’t differentiate between them) which is why they have adopted a routine of doing the same thing so people can’t tell them apart. It’s good that they are fighting, because this means their world is expanding. Haruhi thinks that because this is the first time they have fought, they won’t know how to make up.

Mori hands everyone a bloody duel letter that he found on the floor, written from one twin to another. The twins are outside in the courtyard getting reading to battle to the death. The host club races out to stop them.

The twins use guns and fists as they tussle. Tamaki rushes forward to stop them, but he keeps stepping on the landmines the twins have placed everywhere, which activates bombs, arrows, and other weapons, all of which Tamaki has to contort his body to avoid.

Kaoru asks if Hikaru likes Haruhi? Tamaki gives a gasp and Kyoya shoots the twins a look. Hikaru wonders how Kaoru can be so off base. Hikaru would never like a little raccoon like Haruhi. Tamaki is upset they called his Haruhi a little raccoon, but gets a fist to the face for his trouble.

The twins keep fighting and end up saying they hate each other. Kaoru holds up the voodoo doll from Nekozawa senpai who warns that the curse is real and very dangerous. Kaoru says he wrote Hikaru’s name on the doll and will now plunge a fork into it.

Before he can stab the doll, Haruhi walks up and smacks both of them on the head. She tells them that it’s okay to fight, but they can’t do it in a way to worry others. And if they go through with this voodoo doll, they can never make up in the future. And they are the only brothers each has in the world.

She orders them to make up, because if they don’t make up, she will never invite them to her house. The twins stand up and ask Haruhi that if they make up, does it mean she invites them to her house? They hold up the voodoo doll without the correct name written on it, and a script for this entire charade.

Haruhi can’t believe she was tricked. Kyoya says they can’t allow the twins to be idle. Mori follows up saying idle twins are the most evil force in the universe. Tamaki moans about being dragged into their game.

As everyone walks back to the host club, the twins walk behind everyone, and remember back to the guy who first suggested playing a game. Turns out Tamaki stopped them from tearing up the love letter. He returned it to the girl, and told her he was going to form a host club and she can be his first guest. Tamaki tells the twins to join the host club with him. Even though he can’t tell them apart right now, it’s because they look identical. That is quite a skill to have, so they can be the identical twins who bring happiness to people rather than use tests to hurt others.

They can play a game, which involves making others happy, which will make themselves happy. Kyoya confesses that he realized it was a trick when he saw the bloody duel letter, but didn’t tell anyone because it was amusing to let to happen. Everyone is excited about going to Haruhi’s house. Tamaki wants to know what her dad likes as a present. Haruhi pushes Tamaki away and says that he’s not invited.

The twins note that if it wasn’t for Tamaki, who knows where they’d be today. Tamaki whines to Haruhi’s mom (Kyoya) that their daughter is so disobedient.

The twins continue their guessing game with the guests, but once again it’s only Haruhi who correctly tells them apart. The twins are shocked and realized that for the first time in their lives, another person has intruded into their private world.

The wonder what will happen. They both like the same type, so shall they split Haruhi? Haruhi can’t be split, and can’t be given to one of them only. They decide to make her their adoptive daughter as well. Though the look they shoot her is one of tenderness and affection. And Kyoya notices this exchange, while Tamaki is oblivious as usual.

Thoughts of Mine:

As I get more involved with the story behind all the wacky characters of Ouran High School Host Club, my reactions to the drama are less snarky fun and more grounded introspection. It’s clear now that Tamaki is the glue that holds the host club together (and the person responsible for bringing them all together in the first place), while Haruhi is the catalyst for the boys to take the next step forward in their maturation.

The twins story wasn’t all that interesting for me, but their pranks as a way to release their hidden anger at a world that can’t acknowledge their individuality does make a lot of sense. I’m glad Tamaki challenged them to channel their frustration into ways to make people happy, thereby bringing them more joy. I’ve heard that Hikaru in the manga/anime is the only other host club guy who openly pursues Haruhi, but I’m pretty sure this drama just put an end to that possibility at the end of this episode. Which makes sense, because the two twins playing Hikaru and Kaoru don’t really have the individual charisma (or chemistry with Haruhi) to be a viable contender for her heart.

I totally understand lovers of Ouran who think the drama really isn’t their cup of tea, with a Tamaki that isn’t handsome enough and the story potentially deviating from the canon. I’m like that with manga characters I’m deathly protective of (for example, there is no way Japan can make a dorama of Atatsuki no Aria because there is not a single J-actor that is as perfect as Natsuo in the manga). But since I’ve got no such reservations with Ouran, I’m totally loving the drama’s take on this story.

It’s starting to mix equal parts serious and slapstick, and the end result is that I’m going to get my heart broken really soon. But it’s okay, because Shunsuke and Haruna have a date with me a few years down the road when she’s older and they do a reverse Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (rich boy, poor girl) and melt my brain by being a truly romantic OTP at long last. Until then, Tamaki is such a sweet puppy I haven’t the heart to tear Haruhi from his death grip. Plus I’m looking forward to learning the reasons behind the strange but oddly endearing bromance relationship between Tamaki and Kyoya.


Ouran High School Host Club Episode 6 Recap — 41 Comments

    • me too! I miss it. I wanna read the last chapters of manga as well… I might not like the drama but I like the recaps 🙂

      I think it was later that the author of manga decided to make Hikaru the 2nd guy and focus more on Kyoya as Tamaki’s best friend. And also traditionally, it’s his type of guys who get the girls in the end…

      It’s a welcome change in drama as long as I get my OTP 🙂

  1. Thank you for the recap! Just finished watching this episode! For some reason I had a lurking suspicion the whole time that the twins were doing this just to be able to go to Haruhi’s house…. I think the cafeteria scene was what did it. And then I was actually right at the end! xD

    And I think there needs to be more Kyoya+Haruhi time. Even though I’m shipping the OTP. So, that’s pretty off-the-charts chemistry. 😛 I hope that Tamaki and Kyoya’s episodes are coming up soon although we still have to do Honey’s and Mori’s.

    • Haha, it’s nice to have a true Tamaki/Haruhi shipper confirm that Kyoya and Haruhi have insane chemistry together. I think you can ship the OTP but still appreciate great actor chemistry when it appears.

      C-fans are en masse jumping ship to KyoHaru. Some folks are even saying the drama can switch OTPs and it’d be fine since the manga/anime has Tamaki/Haruhi. LOL, I think Ouran fandom would riot if that happened.

      I believe Honey and Mori’s episode is 7, and then followed by Tamaki/Kyoya. I’ve seen spoiler pics up to episode 10. It’s so cracky, this drama!

  2. I think the reason why Hitori Bisco made Hikaru Haruhi’s 2nd man is because she had more to play with. And I guess she wanted to stay away from the typical love triangle, so she uses the twin’s complex relationship with each other. Like the fact that they live as one their entire lives, so they share everything. There was one time in the manga where the twins wonder who they love more the other half of them or Haruhi… :O

    But the interesting thing about Kyoya is that in the manga/anime he had few connections with Haruhi. But they were strong ones. In the anime honey and Mori talked about the boy’s feelings for Haruhi. I don’t remember the exact words but…. It’s something like -There’s one that misunderstands what they feel, another is confused because it’s something new, and there was one that denies it…

    Kyoya kinda reminds me of Moowon of PTB, not the current Moowon, but the Moowon at the beginning. He lived in a world where he is always against everybody. But he always proves he is the winner, the one in control. When Tamaki entered his life, he started to have fun, finally living as a human being. But Haruhi came along….

    I love reading your recaps and your other writings. I honestly love them. I wish I had a sister like you who loves dramas and wonderful stuff. X)

    • I can definitely see Kyoya as Moo Won. Maybe in that if Kyoya doesn’t change as he grows up, he’ll become Moo Won. Isolated, sad and stuck in a world he can’t get out of because he doesn’t know how.

      ——> Enter Haruhi and her magic being Eun Seol powers!

    • I’ve seen this! It’s so so cute.

      I squeed when Shunsuke put his hand on Haruna’s back when he was gesturing and talking about her. XD They are slightly awkward around each other, of the type that seems like they are trying hard not to be obvious. Or I’m just projecting because they make my brain explode with their amazing chemistry.

      • MC asks where the Hosts will take Haruna for a perfect date and Shunsuke’s answer was “Since Haruna likes to go fishing, how about ‘Ika tsuri’ (squid fishing, which is done at night)…”
        Unfortunately, Haruna didn’t pick his option….

      • She’d never pick Shunsuke’s suggestion. Too obvious. But night squid fishing on a boat? That boy has some creative juices. *ships them so rabidly*

  3. “which is not good since I’m supposed to be recapping rather than spazzing” – lol I love this comment. I share your love for Kyoya too, rewatching his parts twice. I do wish they picked someone who could stradle Tamaki’s role better than Yusuke…. It doesn’t feel very complete for me when the OTP isn’t as convincing as the Kyoya-Haruhi..

    • You mean true to the anime. The anime and manga are actually pretty different animals if you compare them; the premise and the characters are the only things that are the same, and the plot is totally rearranged in the anime. (That being said, I prefer the anime to the manga for some reason. Dunno why, it just works for me better.) The live action seems to basically be a straight adaptation of the anime though, with things condensed somewhat to fit all 20+ anime episodes into 11-ish drama eps. Which is fine by me, since it seems to be working.

  4. Honestly, im not quite familiar with Japanese manga and drama. Didnot read the manga nor watch the anime version of this. But search this one since it seems that Captain K love it and guess what? Im lovin it. Thanks for introducing it…

  5. Umm….the twins say that NOW…but Hikaru should be stepping out soon. I’m confused…Yusuke isn’t attractive enough? What crazy standard is operating in jdramas? He’s awesome as Tamaki and I LOVE him for it. Though to be fair I’ve enjoyed his other works as well.

    You’re right Cap…Tamaki IS the glue of the OHSHC and the foundation of the team which becomes EXTREMELY evident towards the end of the manga when all the drama starts. *Bad Grandma* However it’s also evident that all his Mommy and Daddy talk is true because they are a family no matter what.

  6. i have to agree with your kyouya obsession. the first time i saw daito shunsuke was in crows zero and i thought he was extrememly charismatic. phew.. lordy its getting hot in here just thinking about it.

  7. *flails*

    Why are they so perfect??? It felt like in every scene Kyoya was hyper aware of Haruhi’s presence. More so than Tamaki, who is lovable but a goldfish. When his mind isn’t actively on Haruhi it’s off thinking of lord knows what. Kyoya, on the other hand, is the planner and observer, so it’s his duty to notice everything. And if he extra notices Haruhi, well….

    This episode did nothing but confirm that the three leads of the drama are Kyoya, Tamaki and Haruhi. By now Hikaru should have fallen for Haruhi enough to make us notice him, but it’s clear he’s part of the ensemble.

    I wonder how much influence Bisco Hatori has or hasn’t had in the making of the show. I read somewhere that he said if she had had less pages for Chapter 1 of Ouran, she would have cut out Kyoya as a character O.O She ended up being glad to have them though, when he became the grown-up for the club.

    I’m also intrigued because this is the first manga adaptation I’ve seen in a loooonnnnggggg time to deviate so much from the original source material. They tend to keep them pretty close to the manga, but here it’s like they take the plot, and that’s it. How it affects the relationships is different, and even the outcomes of the basic plot is different. Maybe I’m a bad manga fan, but I love it.

    • @ Katrine

      Who’s with me that the dorama Ouran calls for a ParaKiss ending. If anyone ought to be okay with it, It’s Yusuke, since in the ParaKiss movie he got the girl. A very sophisticated mangaka like Yazawa Ai wrote the perfect ending for ParaKiss manga itself, so it’s not like the movie deviated from it. But ParaKiss shows that George can be the lead, and still not end up with the girl. Because it makes sense in the context of the story. Yukari and George were just insane together, the kind of relationship that will combust and destroy them both.

      I’m not saying Ouran the story calls for KyoHaru, though I just read the last tankouban (18) and even then I’m just not feeling Tamaki and Haruhi. My sense from reading just the first and last books is that Haruhi ought to remain BFFs with everyone without any pairing.

      But the drama is different, and the chemistry is what’s making me completely sway one way. I wish it weren’t a manga adaptation and the writers had the leeway to change the ships. I contend Beautiful Days would have been a bust had the fans insanity towards the guy2/girl1 pairing of Lee Byung Hyun and Choi Ji Woo not been accepted by the screenwriter, who understood a good thing, and let them become the OTP.

      I’m so curious as to how the J-viewers are reacting. Based on English blog reactions and the vast majority of C-fans on Baidu, it’s overwhelming KyoHaru just based on chemistry alone.

      How is this not OTP!?!

      • I will say that in the Ouran manga I do think there’s enough reasons that show why Tamaki needs Haruhi (although she needs him less, I think). And all of those reasons are sprinkled through the story. We haven’t seen a moment where they need each other yet in the drama, and yeah, a lot of that is because there’s no time. Here, it still felt like pure coincidence that Tamaki was there when the thunder struck. It could have very easily been Kyoya, or someone else.

        I wish my Kanji reading was good enough to stumble through a Japanese forum. I did check DC and Naver though, and the Koreans are not feeling the Ouran love. Most of them were so turned off by the casting, they didn’t even watch it. The ones who are watching it are young young girls, and I’m not sure if they like KyoHaru, but they definitely don’t like Tamaki. Come on people! There’s got to be someone around here who reads Japanese! Give us hope!

        At least in Japanese dramas, it’s almost a given that the ending will be ambiguous relationship-wise, where as the film will have the definite ending. They could always change it…

        And those pictures. Guh. Shunsuke is going to be my new desktop background. Maybe phone too. Mmmm….

      • I agree with Katrine that the reasons to ship Tamaki/Haruhi can’t be seen in just the first & last manga – it’s the little things sprinkled throughout the story that gradually add up to their strong connection. And that’s literally how Haruhi realizes her feelings in the manga (with a little helpful prodding, of course).

        There were definite tiny hints about Kyoya in the manga but they fell to the wayside as it became clear that it was a path Kyoya refused to really consider. But both twins end up falling for Haruhi pretty hard. Kaoru just ends up stepping aside after some calculated manipulation to help Hikaru grow up…

  8. “Kyoya puts down his iPad and walks over to Haruhi. He puts his arm around her shoulder and …”

    I thought you’d never get past that. Goshdarnit koala, I was going to ship Mori! I set my sights since Ep 1 but when you pointed out KyoHaru I was a goner.

    (And whoever posted that video up there… SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)

  9. This drama is crack. It has been a long time since I last read Ouran, watching this just reminds me of how wacky, awesome and addictive it was.

    I also can’t get over how perfect (and smoking hot) Daito is as Kyouya. I was a Kyouya fan-girl in the manga and was fervently and hopelessly wishing for him and Haruhi to have a love-line, alas, that ship didn’t end up sailing. Thank goodness for the live-action.

    Having said that, I do want the show to keep the Hikaru&Haruhi arc though, I remember actively rooting for them at one point and I would love to see their date scene in live action. and I disagree that the twins don’t have chemistry with Haruhi, I personally think they are adorable together. But you are so right about Tamaki & Kyouya’s bromance, it’s unexpectedly sweet and endearing and I want MOAR of it. and more of Renge too, she’s such a riot.

    Thanks for the recap.

  10. I’m a weird Ouran fan, because I ship Haruhi with all three boys (Tamaki, Kyouya, and Hikaru) — I’m glad HaruKi is the endgame, but I’m such a rabid Kyouya fangirl it isn’t even funny (megane characters are my manga weakness~), and I have a horrible, horrible soft spot for Hikaru. (Yes, I have a favourite twin! Shock! But I do love Kaoru on his own, he’s such a devious sweetie. And I’ve always suspected that he also has a crush on Haruhi..)

    Anyway, as someone up there mentioned, Hikaru becomes second lead after the twins’ fight (although his crush on Haruhi is barely even hinted at beforehand), and (SPOILER) he and Haruhi even go on a date later, which I love to pieces for a multitude of reasons. You’ll see, Koala. It’s totes adorbs. Unless they end up cutting it from the drama, in which case I’m going to fly to Japan straightaway to personally chew out whoever decided that. It’s one of my favourite parts. ;~; (To be fair he does fade away again, but Ouran has, like, rotating second leads. Three total, iirc, although the third is only there for about one episode. It’s odd but it works somehow.)

    • Hikaru and Haruhi’s date is scheduled for episode 10. I’ve seen the spoiler pics of them filming on the street. You’ll get your wish!

      Kyoya is my weakness as well, both the character and now the actor playing the character. Sigh.

  11. This ep is exaggregatedly Funny, Poor Tamaki getting tossed and bullied here and there for he try to mediate the twin’s fight 😀
    Ahhh so excited for the movie and wish the dorama could be lil longer than just a 11-ish ep

  12. I want to see Haruna and Shunsuke in a live action version of my favorite manga Skip Beat. I think they would work wonderfully as Kyoko and Ren. The chemistry is perfect and the age difference is on target for the characters. Haruna does those comment asides about the Shadow King just like Kyoko talks about the “King of the NIght”. And Shunsuke can turn on the charm and go from shining knight Ren to Black Jack so well. Squeeee! Any one who knows them could please mention it to the actors and producers.

    • I second that motion…
      I actually think that this couple would do wonderful as Kyoko and Ren. To be honest the TW-drama version is not makin me excited or anything but if Shunsuke and Haruna sing for the Japanese live action version I’m so in….

  13. I’ve always been a KyoHaru shipper ever since I’ve watched the anime. More so now, with that insane chemistry the actors have. But I’m resigned to the fact that the OTP is Tamaki and Haruhi and just contend myself in imagining the “could-have-beens” between KyoHaru 🙂

  14. Thank you for the recap. Was afraid you drop this…..
    I’m a fan of the manga, and quite happy with the drama. A bit sad it is only half an hour and run on midnight slot. It deserve longer hour and play in prime time.

  15. The manga and anime are sacred texts to me. And I think the drama version is just as awesome!!! I guess it’s basically whether folks find Yusuke hot or not. I do:) so Yusuke as Tamaki is just pure heaven!!!

  16. Yay! I didn’t think anyone was recapping this. Thank you for taking the time to do it. I have been watching out for this since I heard it was coming out.

    I have always shipped Kyoya and Haruhi. It’s weird, but even in the anime they had mad chemistry. The moments that they connected…they REALLY connected. I was a bit disappointed at this life adaptation, at first, but it’s starting to grow on me. I think they totally missed out on the amazing charm that Tamaki has and his ability to pull people into his world. Other than that I love this drama!

  17. I understand why some of the more rabid fans of the manga have issues with this drama. But I’ve also followed Ouran the manga rather closely (and for a while back in ’08 I almost bust a gut waiting for the next chapter to come out), and I’m not bothered at all by the drama making rather large leaps both plot-wise & ship-wise. I’m just happy I get to enjoy Ouran longer, and see these beloved characters actually fleshed out. And oh, Shunsuke’s H-O-T. But it’s still Tamaki/ Yusuke for me (I know, poor Kyoya) :p

  18. OMG, I had to post because I just realized that the actor who plays Tamaki was in HanaKimi and played the guy who could read auras. It was really bugging me where I’d seen him before.

    Also, I totally have the same position as you, I didn’t really ship Kyoya x Haruhi in the manga or anime but totally do in this drama. But I still find Tamaki really cute and yes, he doesn’t fit the prince-like image as set by the original material but their chemistry is so good. So I guess my OTP isn’t really an OTP but an OT3?

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