First Look at KimuTaku and Ayase Haruka in the TBS 60th Anniversary Drama Nankyoku Tairiku

Man, I do not want to be the drama going up against the upcoming TBS 60th anniversary dorama/annual KimuTaku offering Nankyoku Tairiku, which premieres October 16, 2011 on Sundays. This will surely wash the stink of Tsuki no Koibito off, because who can resist Kimura Takuya in a period drama (set in the 50s), in an exotic locale (filmed on location in Antarctica), and with man’s best friends (more than a dozen Sakhalin Huskies).

Co-starring with the Prince himself will be the reigning Princess herself Ayase Haruka (who was just selected to headline 2013’s Taiga Yae no Sakura), making this their second collaboration since Mr. Brain, in addition to a slew of guys including Sakai Masato and Yamamoto Yusuke going to the South Pole with KimuTaku.

TBS is going all out as it ramps up promotions for this unprecedented drama, which just announced that the theme song will be performed by Nakajima Miyuki, one of the most revered singers in Japan. Below are some stills and the first ever clip of scenes from the drama. It looks fabulous. Click here to read about the story of this drama, which is based on a feel good true story.

Click here to watch scenes from Nankyoku Tairiku.


First Look at KimuTaku and Ayase Haruka in the TBS 60th Anniversary Drama Nankyoku Tairiku — 12 Comments

  1. Woah, the second picture is so cute! I could see the doggie smiling at KimuTaku. 😉
    Captain, is there a chance you’ll be re-capping this drama?
    I loved the American movie version of this story so I am looking forward to see this drama version. Gambate! to the adorable looking furry creatures. 😉

  2. woahh based on the tudou clip, it’s shaping up to be epic….. nobody does the feel-good story better than jdorama productions… throw in kimutaku-san and a bunch of furry goodness… i can’t wait!
    and oooh yusuke yamamoto! after my recent ouran discovery of him, i wonder how he’s like in a dramatic role and not all tamaki-sempai….

  3. wah, such nice pictures . . . the pack leader and the lead doggie (2nd pic) . . . haven’t even touch Tsuki but will be anticipating this one

  4. I’m going to give this a shot, but I might have to quit halfway through. I love KimuTaku and Ayase, and Japanese period pieces are always fun…but animal films KILL me. Nothing makes me cry harder than the love between animals and humans. Like last week.

  5. Aww, now this makes me wish for a “Mr. Brain” Season 2! Those dogs look so cute. I hope they weren’t mistreated when trained to follow commands in front of a camera, or when they didn’t do it exactly as those people want it!

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