Teaser Preview for Ring Ring Bell with Peter Ho and Janine Chang

Sundays are heating up again for TW-dramas. Drunken to Love You‘s follow up Office Girls is rocketing up in ratings for TTV, premiering above 2 and has already hit 3.5 by the second episode. Joining in the fray in three weeks will be In Time With You with Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen, which will air on FTV once Hayate the Combat Butler finishes its run. And come early October, CTS will be premiering Ring Ring Bell with Janine Chang and Peter Ho.

Janine and Peter held a small media day this week to start promoting the drama, which is currently still filming. The first teaser preview has dropped as well, and I’m really loving the melancholy romantic vibe of this story and pairing. Looking forward to checking it out, in no small part because Peter and Janine look stunning together. I sense chemistry by the truckloads. Janine confessed that this drama has the most kissing of all the projects she has ever acted in. I like!

Teaser for Ring Ring Bell:

[youtube id=”3GqTnn6aHq4″ w=”625″ h=”445″]


Peter Ho’s voice narrates: “Please don’t be too beautiful, just be ordinary and rely on each other.”


Teaser Preview for Ring Ring Bell with Peter Ho and Janine Chang — 6 Comments

  1. Oh my God, what is up with Peter’s hair? Was Protect the Boss such a hit in Taiwan that they decided to have Peter’s locks become the second coming of Ji Sung’s dreaded hairdo?

  2. Surprise surprise! I do like the 20s!! I rem light years ago when I was not allergic to Peter at all, not….that’s his pre CNdrama days and he picked up his horrible habit of hamming and posing. I bunch him with HXM in that category.

    Here, it seems he’s not trying too hard to be GORG!HOT!SEXY! and just delivers the rt notes.

    Janine caught my eyes in her more serious indie stuff so this is totally in her comfy zone. Will keep an eye on this.

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