Happy Michelin Kitchen with Blue Lan and Cheryl Yang Releases 30 Minute Trailer

It’s out! The upcoming TW/C drama Happy Michelin Kitchen with Blue Lan and Cheryl Yang (the final part of the Happy trilogy of dramas) has just released it’s 30-minute trailer promptly as it wrapped filming this week. This drama is progressing on the exact same schedule as it’s predecessor Sunny Happiness, and will air simultaneously in Taiwan and China next February.

To be honest, I loathed the 30-minute preview for SH and already wrote it off before randomly deciding to check the the first episode, and the rest is history. Conversely, I was pretty entertained by the long preview for HMK, even as I’m hating the latter hairstyle Blue sports. But our favorite alums from the two previous Happy dramas are in this preview, including Mike He, Janine Chang, Li Yi Feng, Ming Dao, and Annie Chen, all playing the same characters in their own dramas. The guys are all good friends with Blue’s character An Xao Cheng, and make a cameo in a few scenes with him. Super cool!

30 minute trailer for Happy Michelin Kitchen:



Happy Michelin Kitchen with Blue Lan and Cheryl Yang Releases 30 Minute Trailer — 16 Comments

    • Story is about this rich young guy (Blue) who is the successor to some food conglomerate or something. His mom feigns death in an attempt to test his fiance’s faithfulness as well as to make him grow up from his flippant ways. However all thisSwas a ploy by his uncle (not sure if the man is his uncle or some trusted employee) to take over the company. Blue was thrown out of his house/company and taken in by Cheryl’s boss to work in the restaurant and stay with them. She also bumped into his mom on the street and visited her everyday to learn cooking from her, unaware of her real identity. Yi Feng is Blue’s friend who tried to help him get back into the company. All along Blue thought that Cheryl was a guy until the Bathroom incident. Whist coming up with creative Taiwanese dishes, they fell in love (I guess?). She had carried a torch for him all along it seems. That’s the summary of the trailer.

  1. I’m sort of uncomfortable with how certain of HMK’s scenes are blatantly “inspired” by Coffee Prince. I also don’t like the scriptwriter’s assassination of Blue/An Shao’s intelligence – Cheryl/Duo Duo is clearly a female, as her chest isn’t bound and she’s clearly wearing a bra. There are multiple scenes in which Cheryl clearly has breasts (for one thing, she frequently wears form-fitting tees), and I’m somehow supposed to believe that Blue never notices? My intelligence feels highly insulted.

    On the other hand, I am happy to notice a lack of over-the-top shenanigans from HMK, from the trailer at least. This seems like a relatively mature and decent portrayal of one man’s emotional growth, and the woman-pseudo-masquerading-as-a-man by his side. I just wish, if they were going to emulate CP so much, why not have Cheryl go as far as YEH did for her role (starting with the chest-binding first)?

    • omg thank you. since i didn’t understand what they were saying, i wasn’t 100% sure but i take it that he doesn’t know she’s a girl. but look at them boobies!!! like seriously? either do a better job of binding her chest or pick a flat chested actress bc there are plenty of ’em.

    • I didnt understand anything.. But if they are really going for Coffee Prince vibe, they should’ve worked a little harder. You could easily guess she is a girl.

      I didnt like Blue’s second hair style that much.. Anyways, it was a delight to watch Mike and Jainie.. Is Yi Feng also playing his character?

    • I don’t understand what they are saying in the preview. Is Blue’s character really not suppose to know Cheryl Yang’s character is a girl?…Isn’t she dressed up as a sexy woman and and a pregnant woman in one of the scenes with him. I can’t accept that he doesn’t realize she’s a woman. *brain exploding* Some of those scenes aren’t even derivative of Coffee Prince, they are Coffee Prince scenes reenacted! That’s just a little too blatant for my taste….Anyway, I hope this is good. Sunny Happiness was so good.

  2. The preview is so good that i watched it until the end.The story seems better than SH’s one.Cheryl is amazing like always and i have the feeling that Blue improved his acting.i love the end of the preview!!!!!!
    Did he meet her and then they will be separated because he seems depressed and he changed his hair.Why did he ask her to pretend to be her girlfriend if he believes that she is a girl?

  3. Well, three things come to my mind – and none of them really have to do with HMK (wait, maybe that’s worrying for the show…) :

    1) Li Yi Feng ! *squeeeee*
    2) Watching all this food makes me damn hungry.
    3) I’m now craving to see wuri Han Gyul again… Oh well, why not watch Coffee Prince for the zillion time? *is off this watch CP*

  4. Love it!!! haha..This will be so interesting…I’ve missed CP for too long…and a twist with Taiwanese storyline will be fun!!

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