Spy Myung Wol Episode 17-18 Recap

If watching (and following along with the drama-making-the-drama) of Spy Myung Wol made me feel like I just ran a marathon, I can only imagine the bone-deep exhaustion the actors and crew must feel for producing this for the past 8 plus weeks. A round of applause for bringing this story to a conclusion, even if the story jumped the shark so long ago I can’t even see the other shore from where the ship ended up docking.

If anyone even cares about my two cents, these final two episodes were plain dreadful. Nothing got resolved properly and things magically happened. All in all, this drama is currently leading the pack for hottest mess of 2011. But you know what? I’m glad I watched it to the end, because ultimately I want to give a round of applause to the hardworking cast and crew, who ought to be proud of their effort even if the work product was so ultimately so nonsensical.

Episode 17-18 baby recap:

Kang Woo gets shot by the sniper after he uses his body to shield Myung Wol, as opposed to pulling her down so both of them avoid the line of fire. But he’s not a trained spy, so one shouldn’t expect him to know tactical strategy. Kang Woo collapses into Myung Wol’s arms as the blood so theatrically splashes on her. Why that sniper didn’t pump a second shot into Myung Wol at this very moment confuses me. Maybe he forgot to go to the ammo store and buy more than one bullet.

Kang Woo is rushed to the hospital and taken into surgery. Dae Kang fields the media frenzy about Hallyu star Kang Woo getting shot while taking wedding pictures. Myung Wol goes to the bathroom to wash the blood off her hands, but the blood is splattered all over her white wedding dress. Most expensive dry cleaning bill EVAR.

Choi Ryu finds spy parents and warns them about the snipers from the North here to kill them. He finds out to his relief that Myung Wol is fine, but Kang Woo got shot in her stead. In Ah and Chairman find out that Kang Woo got shot and both are surprised. In Ah overhears her grandpa getting an update that Choi Ryu has not left the country, and may be involved in the shooting. She’s just happy to hear he’s fine.

The doctor informs Myung Wol and Dae Kang that the surgery is a success and they just need to wait until Kang Woo regains consciousness (somewhere Eric is saying “hahaha, I get to sleep, suckers!”). Dae Kang comforts Myung Wol, who suddenly puts two-and-two together about Choi Ryu not leaving the country and his threat to eliminate Kang Woo a few episodes ago.

Choi Ryu finds the sniper taking aim at Myung Wol again, and warns him to report to their superiors to halt this assassination attempt. The sniper injures Choi Ryu, who manages to betray country at long last and kills his sniper comrade to save his beloved. In Ah finds an injured Choi Ryu and helps him avoid detection when she can’t decide whether to turn him in or save him.

Choi Ryu goes back to the spy lair only to have Myung Wol point a gun at his head, warning him to leave Kang Woo alone or else she’ll hate Choi Ryu forever. Lady, you already tore his heart out of its chest cavity and then stomped on it for good measure. At least have the decency to stop pointing a gun at his pretty pretty head.

In Ah tries to get the scoop on Choi Ryu from grandpa, who wonders if his very dim granddaughter has fallen in love with his spy nemesis. The Chairman gets a report that the Four Book isn’t the same as before, and is pissed Choi Ryu one-upped him again. Choi Ryu goes to tend to his injuries alone and mope. Myung Wol watches a sleeping Kang Woo and remembers their sweet moments together.

Ok Soon finds Myung Wol at the hospital and explains they understand Myung Wol’s decision to be with Kang Woo. Both spy parents have decided to stay in South Korea and defect. They also reveal that a sniper sent from the North was responsible for Kang Woo getting shot. Myung Wol is stunned she once again misunderstood Choi Ryu. Suddenly goons come for Myung Wol, who breaks free and escapes into a car driven by Choi Ryu.

Myung Wol apologizes to Choi Ryu for wrongly accusing him of trying to off his love rival. Kang Woo wakes up and immediately asks Dae Kang about Myung Wol. The spy parents discuss a plan where one of them turns the other in and gets the finders fee. The other one goes to prison for a while and after coming out, they can split the money. But their mutual distrust torpedoes this plan.

The spy family reunites and tries to decide what to do. Dae Kang comes looking for Myung Wol and the spy parents deflect him, but they all find out Kang Woo is awake. The Chairman meets with Choi Ryu, who explains the secret of the Four Books leads to a treasure of invaluable natural resources that can make the Chairman as powerful and rich as an Emperor. Choi Ryu is willing to turn it over in exchange for a promise Myung Wol will be safe.

In Ah searches her grandpa’s file and discovers that Choi Ryu and Myung Wol are North Korean spies. Myung Wol goes to say goodbye to Kang Woo, who briefly awakens to ask Myung Wol to always stay with him. When Kang Woo awakens the next morning, he immediately makes a beeline for the spy lair, only to find out from the spy parents that Choi Ryu has taken Myung Wol away. Ok Soon warns Kang Woo that it’s impossible between him and Myung Wol even if he finds her.

Choi Ryu brings Myung Wol to the mountains, the same spot where she once spent the night with Kang Woo after finding him lost. Kang Woo calls the Chairman and warns him to leave Myung Wol alone, otherwise he’ll release evidence about the Chairman’s misdeeds. The Chairman tells his lackeys to locate Myung Wol, who he can use as leverage against both Kang Woo and Choi Ryu simultaneously.

Choi Ryu and Myung Wol sit around a campfire and discuss life in North Korea. Choi Ryu thought it would be his final assignment when Myung Wol’s father asked him to take care of Myung Wol.

Kang Woo finds In Ah, both confirming they know the spies identities, with Kang Woo asking In Ah for help finding Choi Ryu, which will lead him to Myung Wol.

Choi Ryu covers a sleeping Myung Wol and goes to meet with In Ah, thinking he’s meeting with the Chairman. Kang Woo arrives and demands to see Myung Wol. Myung Wol wakes up alone and finds men swarming the mountainside looking for her. Suddenly someone walks into the cave and she points her gun at the person, only to see that it’s Kang Woo.

Kang Woo back hugs Myung Wol and asks her to please stay here with him. Choi Ryu and In Ah are on the mountain. In Ah twists her ankle and Choi Ryu tends to her. Kang Woo and Myung Wol spend time in the cave, but Myung Wol leaves the next day with Choi Ryu.

The spy kids go back to the spy lair and meet up with the spy parents. Myung Wol has a meal with her fake parents and thanks them for supporting her on this mission. Myung Wol goes to a Four Book drop and gets captured the Chairman’s goons.

Choi Ryu hands Kang Woo an external hard drive with the Four Book info. In Ah tries to stop her grandpa from more evil plotting but to no avail. I think the Chairman isn’t so much into the Four Books as he’s into being an hand rubbing evil mastermind. The spy parents find out that each has gone to the authorities to turn themselves in for the other’s sake.

Kang Woo meets with the Chairman to get Myung Wol released and gets beat up for his attempt. Choi Ryu finds the Chairman and points a gun to his head, but In Ah steps forward and asks Ryu to spare her grandfather’s life. Choi Ryu leaves, but the Chairman doesn’t get away because South Korean authorities arrive to arrest him.

Choi Ryu finds out where Myung Wol is stashed and arrives to do their spy duo ass kicking escape.

Kang Woo is driving to meet up with Choi Ryu and Myung Wol. Suddenly we see a sniper aiming at the car with Myung Wol and Choi Ryu, and a shot rings out, sending the car careening over the embankment and landing in a burning inferno. Kang Woo gets out of his car and wails in pain.

A year passes, and Kang Woo dreams about a happy home life with wifey Myung Wol cooking for him. Can we please once have the guy cooking for the girl. Oh wait, that already happened in LTM multiple times, so that balances out the male ego universe. He wakes up hung over and still depressed.

In Ah’s younger sister is now a big star, while she still pines for Choi Ryu. Kinda.

The spy parents are happily settled in South Korea – Ok Soon runs a restaurant and Hee Bok works at a coffee shop. They are clearly a cute older couple.

Kang Woo is at the airport headed for an overseas project. A woman in a short wig bumps into him. Of course it’s Myung Wol.

Kang Woo chases after the woman and finds his dad’s baseball on the floor. Myung Wol appears before him, holding the autograph she got from him the first time they met in Singapore. They hug and she promises to never leave his side again.

Cue wedding bells, and Kang Woo and Myung Wol finally walk down the aisle. In Ah finds traces that indicate Choi Ryu might still be alive. We see Ryu standing outside the church watching the wedding. He has burn scars on his arm and his neck. He leaves without being seen.

Kang Woo and Myung Wol drive off on their honeymoon. A TV news reports announces that Han Myung Wol and Kang Woo just got married, and will next be starring in a drama called Spy Myung Wol. The end. If anyone was wondering: I don’t know where the North and South Korean government characters all went after episode 6, the Four Book remains a convoluted red herring/plot device, not sure if Myung Wol defected, and finally, let’s not even think about how Myung Wol and Choi Ryu escaped the burning vehicle and why it took them 1 year to resurface. All I care about is that the writer(s) of this drama never be allowed to write again.


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    • Agree

      1. Drama writers
      also include
      2. Episode writers
      3. PD
      and finally HAN YE SEUL.

      Eric, Lee Jin Wook, Jang Hee Jin win my sympathy vote though.

    • I totally agree! If it weren’t for Han Ye and Eric I will not watch this after episode 6 cause men they look so good together but the story is not much interesting.

    • Haha! Get their makjang on! Love that statement.

      Thanks for the recaps. It’s true that the story went off the rails but somehow I just kept wanting to know how they’ll tie up this big mess.

      For a project to go this bad, there must be some pretty bad management going on, be it the producers, directors, writers, bosses (KBS) and so on. The talents got the short end of the deal though due to having nothing that makes use of their, well, talent. The crew at least got to work and earn some money. It must have been frustrating, but they stuck it out and applaud them for that.

      This production group and its manager should be severely reprimanded for wasting everyone’s time and effort. All of them, especially the talents, could have done something far better with their precious short time in the industry. Hope to see them in a better project in the future.

    • First and foremost, thank you to Ms Koala for producing a brilliant recap with some hilarious comments which I totally agree.

      There were 2 writers here i.e. Kim Eun Young and Kim Jung Ah. All I can say is that this is the worst drama written for 2011 because of the weak/half baked plot and the merry go round romance between the 3 of them which at times can be boring. Only the main casts make the drama enjoyable. If not for Eric, Han Yeseul and Lee Jin Wook, I don’t think that I will continue to watch until the end. They deserve a big applause for their hard work from the viewers.

      • I must admit that the beginning of the story is worth watching, only starting from the middle that it started to wobble.

    • Lol . Absoutely the writers of this drama should never be allowed to write again. How come Choi Ryu alone got burnt scars on him from the accident BUT myung wol does not have even a single scar on her. Isn’t that quite funny????? And why were they hiding for 1 year? If it was because to create an impact that they were indeed assassinated to the north government, then marrying kang woo who is a public figure, wont that still indicate that she and choi ryu are very much alive??? And what happened to those NSA guys who were chasing here on episode 17? Have they lost their senses or got amnesia to remember that myung wol is back at the end?? Oh god if anyone can give a good explanation for this, Then i think the ending will be indeed good. ~~~~ Anyway kang woo and myung wol are back together , that atleast is very much appreciable~~~ ^ ^

    • OMG!!! I am at work and can´t LMFAO as I will like!!!!!!!!! This last sentence is exactly what most of us had on mind!!!!!!!!!!
      The thing I love the most about this drama was Koala´s comments!!!!!! I totally agree that Mrs.K had to be the writter!! 😉

    • I totally agree with Koalasplayground’s recap and last comment about the script writer..perhaps it would have helped if the episodes is lengthen to make the story more realistic ..Again i would love to see Choi Ryu and In Ah getting back together and eventually found happiness between them..it’s sad to see one sided of happiness in this drama..I think Choi Ryu and In Ah deserve to find happiness despite their differences..

  1. I totally agree with your statement Liebe Koala , “All I care about is that the writer(s) of this drama never be allowed to write again.” I was laughing hard after reading this… 🙂

  2. Please. I hope these writers get blacklisted forever for taking a story with such an interesting premise and totally screwing it over in every possible way imaginable, and some that must have been revelation from the Crappy Plot Gods.

    In all of this, I feel the worst for Eric, who had a crappy role that wasn’t even interesting – and he was the main lead! Figure out how that makes sense, someone, please. Please, writer, never ever try to write another drama again, for all our sakes.

    • I tried to google the writer of his drama but i can’t find her work or background in the industry maybe he/she is new. I was curious cause this writer really sucks. But I found out the director though, he’s also the director of the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Empress Chun Chu so why oh why, didn’t he made this as amazing as his 2 last drama? It’s very disappointing.

      • The things the director has control of were fine – the lighting, the cinematography, even the soundtrack – but the director can only work with the script he/she’s given and usually doesn’t have a say over the larger story arcs.

      • At this point, when the drama is in live-shoot, it’s really not very feasible for there to be many major changes made to what is written – there simply isn’t time. Nor is there much time to spend on writing, but there have been plenty of other dramas that still had really good scripts despite the live-shoot system, so we know that it’s possible.

      • But I presume the Chief Producer, if dissatisfied with the way things are going, still would and could dictate the overall direction of the writing, thereby limiting what the writer can produce. I think it is rare for a writer to have complete control over the overarching arc of drama. There may be those like the Hong Sisters who have more control and freedom over their work product, but I would presume that’s the exception than the norm.

  3. This is officially the biggest WTF ending I ever seen.
    Seriously I can’t even find a drama to compare it to…

    The only reasons I read the recaps (and watched an episode or two) are Koala’s brilliant writing and Choi Ryu.

  4. I applaud you for watching this till the end. Tho I am still trying to watch episode 15, I keep falling asleep…maybe I should end it here with your recap.

    • Also, is it just me or does this seem vaguely familiar to Mary Stayed Out Last Night from last year…something that started out great but fell into a downward spiral.

  5. lol. i really like the last part. “Kang Woo and Myung Wol drive off on their honeymoon. A TV news reports announces that Han Myung Wol and Kang Woo just got married, and will next be starring in a drama called Spy Myung Wol. The end. If anyone was wondering: I don’t know where the North and South Korean government characters all went after episode 6, the Four Book remains a convoluted red herring/plot device, not sure if Myung Wol defected, and finally, let’s not even think about how Myung Wol and Choi Ryu escaped the burning vehicle and why it took them 1 year to resurface. All I care about is that the writer(s) of this drama never be allowed to write again.”

  6. three letters: W T F

    Though, I guess I can explain the year away by assuming MW would need plastic surgery to fix the burns.

    What’s with the writers dropping the North and South Korean government characters? How can they not notice that some of their characters, who had been given some significant airtime in the beginning, have been missing for the past 10 episodes?

    Kudos to the crew and actors for giving it their all.

    • In my dream/fantasy/the story I wrote to try and make sense of this: Myung Wol spent the last year in blissful spy happiness with Choi Ryu in the mountains of South Korea. Hiding from the world, fishing, being dorky robots together. But alas, it was only a year, because Myung Wol knew she had to go back to Kang Woo. And Choi Ryu was happy to have have 1 year with his beloved Myung Wol. So they parted, knowing they would always carry that year they spent together in their hearts. Even as she moved on to marry Kang Woo and become a Hallyu star.

      • maybe in a fictional episode 19, it turns out that Myung-wol is pregnant with Ryu’s love-child from the year they spent together?! dun dun dun! And then the drama can get its makjang on!

      • ha! would have loved this bit too, koala!^_^ am just glad everything is over and that the cast and crew can all take a breather from the mess.

  7. Stopped watching it after ep 6 along with SOW! They are a hot mess! Love PTB though, the plot is very good! Not too much drama! Don’t get me wrong I think Lee dong Wook is dreamy( squeal) but still too much drama!!

    • I guess this drama would’ve been better if they chose a better lead actress. It’s just too bad that Eric was paired with someone unprofessional. If not for the fuss she’s made, everything won’t be in such a mess. Well, it was a mess, a little but became uglier because of what she did. I just hope the lead actor will have better projects next time. I’m not sure I hope the same for HYS.

      She just gave me great deal of annoyance. The drama would’ve been better if the lead actress was different. I feel really bad for the staff and crew who worked hard for this drama. Despite ample amount, they tried hard and worked till the end. Kudos to the other staff who showed that they’re still professional. I don’t need anyone’s anger. I just had to share my thought. Spy MyungWol is good, but the end was rushed. I could’ve been great, but not so.

      • whoa caramelfrappe, that’s some serious hate you have to be reposting the same words repeatedly here and there. here, have some cake and cool down somewhere. it’s just a drama

      • Holy crap, man. You might hate HYS, but why do you hate the rest of us too? I just managed to read your comment reposted 3 times in 3 different posts. At first I thought “hey, if that’s your opinion…” The second time I read it, I raised my eyebrow at your lack of logic, and now that I’ve looked at it for a 3rd time, I’m just wishing you’d stop.

        If you wanted to rant about your hate for HYS and how she ruined your drama for you, at least try to show more imagination than the Spy Myung Wol writers did. :/

  8. There’s always a lot of griping when a drama ends terribly about how the fans could have done a better job writing, but in this instance, I’m pretty sure it’s true D:

  9. Thanks for the recaps for this crazy crazy show.
    Amen on the writers. Take away their pencils and paper.
    Don’t let them touch a keyboard ever!

  10. FTW

    The ending is as disastrous as the entire story itself. to Hell with SMW, bring on Poseidon.

    18 hrs of wasted time of my life watching crap, but fun reading the recaps and brain hurty hurty.

  11. what a mess!! and that was 2 episodes worth? this started out amazing but turned really horrible..i think the last 8 or so episodes kang woo was like a zombie, he barely smiled, and when he did it looked painful..overall huge huge mess, not the only one this year, LTM, but at least it had amazing chemistry

  12. ‘All I care about is that the writer(s) of this drama never be allowed to write again’


    Worst drama I’ve ever seen, they even did not end all the story they had.. I mean … cmon whats the function of the 4 books???

  13. I was too overcome with laughter to formulate a cohesive response to that ending, which is quite fitting given that the writers couldn’t manage to produce a cohesive ending. I just hope that the dramaland production of “Spy Myung Wol” isn’t as much of a massive heap of WTF the real-life version was.

  14. I gave up on this drama long ago but was kinda interested in how they wrapped this up… and judging from this recap I can imagine how dreadful it is… thanks Ms Koala for the recap.

    And if you don’t mind very minor spoiler on Scent of a Woman –

    LDW’s character did cook for KSA’s character a couple of times already! So it’s not only LTM that has the guy cooking for the girl~

  15. Amen to your last sentence. Those writers should not be pay because they didn’t write anything. And, the proof is in the recycling of the merry-go-round script each week. Each week, it was a different version of two questions, i.e. “Who’s Got the Book” and “Who’s Doing the Backstabbing This Week?”
    It’s a real pity to have wasted a good cast. Unlike the writer, the cast certainly did not fail to fulfill their obligation. And, I think the Spy Parents stole the show. I enjoined every single one of their scenes. During each episode, I looked forward to their scenes.

  16. i went speechless after reading the recaps, I WAS LIKE, WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED? probably the worst ending in kdramas ever. I did not like Lie to Me despite liking the chemistry of the leads, but this one is even worst! so many unfinished business, so many questions left unanswered, what happened to the other characters from the beginning. thank god i stopped watching this drama since episode 7, it could’ve been waste of my precious time. Good thing i got hold of Survivor (US) season to keep my summer going. and yeah, Amen to your last sentence there.

  17. “If anyone was wondering: I don’t know where the North and South Korean government characters all went after episode 6, the Four Book remains a convoluted red herring/plot device, not sure if Myung Wol defected, and finally, let’s not even think about how Myung Wol and Choi Ryu escaped the burning vehicle and why it took them 1 year to resurface. All I care about is that the writer(s) of this drama never be allowed to write again.”

    I AGREE 100%!!!

  18. I can take a deep breath now. It’s OVER. What a drama! The first drama that I am on into weekly turned out disappoints and unsatisfied. Is it because they change the writer before or the addition of the new writers? Either way, nothing turns out as I expect(Fun and re-watchable). By the way, thank u ockoala for the fast conclusion. You are a treasure *^-^* not the drama…the drama need to be revise. Period .

  19. Koala, thanks so much for continuing with the recaps! This drama had so much potential, if only we as fans can take over writing the scripts *sigh*!

    What a terrible waste of good chemistry between HYS & Eric. Eric did a great job with the acting imo.

  20. Thankyou for the recap! I totally agree that the writer(s) are really suck. I keep watching it just because of eric and yeseul. They look so so good together. If only they were to choose other drama to play on since they have the chemistry. I feel so sorry for them. Let’s just hope that they’ll be satisfied with all the efforts they put to the drama. Although, it seems impossible but I really want to see them together again in other drama with better script. Erh..

  21. Looks like they were in a hurry to wrap up the drama. Still… It was so much fun from the beginning to the end. Really appreciate all your reviews. Thanks Koala

  22. I vaguely recall there being a writer switch mid-way for SMY, although I can’t seem to find any blog post confirming that. According to DramaWiki, SMY has or had two writers: Kim Eun Young and Kim Jung Ah. The latter was the writer for Biscuit Star Candy Teacher, with Gong Yu and Gong Hyo Jin, and though I haven’t seen it, many kdrama bloggers praise it as well-made. Of course, that makes her last drama six years ago.

    As for SMY’s directors, one of the two is Director Hwang. He’s one of the PDs for Sungkyunkwan Scandal, though I see none of the loveliness that marked SKKS in SMY.

    For me, what’s telling is that the Chief Producer for this show is Jung Sung Hyo, who was CP for – wouldn’t you know it – Mary Stayed Out Last Night.

    All in all, it’s so clear that this drama was plagued from the production end, losing its charm half way through, just as Mary had. How I’d love to have been a fly on the wall for both productions.

      • According to drama spin, Jang Geun Seok basically wrote the last episode, post his kidnap. The cuteness between his character and Kim Jae Wook’s Jung In in that last episode was fantastic. Totally adorable and better captured the spirit that the drama should have had throughout its entire run but rarely ever did.

    • Thanks, I was wondering about the names of these writers. Geez, the crew and actors should give them a good slapping for their lack of imagination and the downward spiral back and forth on a singuar same idea.

  23. so happy this has ended…credits to all who have made this drama possible.if others don’t like it don’t care!!!huh !!! thanks for giving us such joy in watching this drama.love it!!!

  24. Koala. big applause to you for the Superb and Amazing recap for this drama. The main reason i stayed watching this drama till the end is because of Eric. Oppa..saranghae…hehehhehe

  25. All I care about is that the writer(s) of this drama never be allowed to write again.

    Exactly.I was shocked speechless after watching it live streaming.Thank goodness I did because now I can’t even be bothered with subs.Thank you for staying on till the end.

    Oh man..now waiting for my ep 16 of Powerful Opponents to finish downloading.I need to wash the taste of MW the spy out of my brain.Loved LJW and Eric but they need a better drama next time.Poor boys.

  26. finally, it’s over. sigh.
    yes, the writers must be banned from writing any kdramas ever again. congratulations to the cast for holding on until the end, for going along the crazy [lack of] imagination of the writers.
    thanks for the recap : )

  27. What had happened was, right. Someone had beaten the writers, tore the good pages out of the script and then replaces it with a no good common sense drool. Seriously! The writers’ eyes and hands were so swollen from the beating, that they somehow thought the attack was because the popularity of the drama along with the jealousy of all the stars bidding to work with them. The director was so touched that even to him it made sense to shoot the scenes even though the lines were written in crayons. Yeah! That’s what happen! Well, that’s what I told myself after episode 4. I had enough of “wait are we on the right episode because I think we may have skipped one by mistake”. I wouldn’t watch this again if it was the only drama left on the shelve to rent or buy. This will definitely take the award for the worst come back after a free publicity stun.
    With all that said, I give mad kudos to the actors. They did an amazing job with the bad writing. I personally LOVE Lee Jin Wook as Choi Ryu. That’s what you call talent because he played his character with finesse.

  28. Thanks, Koala! I absolutely agree with you, the writers (and by jolly golly all 5 of them) should consider other profession but writing another drama! I’m saddened that they started with a quirky good idea only to squander them miserably. Now, this idea can’t be used again in other dramas – but then again, why not and hopefully somebody else can better execute the idea. Who are the writers? Can you list them for those of us can’t read Korean?

    I understand the KW and MW is supposed to be The Pair, but clearly CR and MW has a much better chemistry and an inexplicable OTP-ness to them.

    Once again thanks Koala. It’s not an easy one to recap, thanks for doing the baby recaps 🙂

    Till next time!

    • The thing is HYS and Eric had great chemistry at the start. Only when things started going in circles did their chemistry start to falter and fizzle.

      • Anais, I agree. They had good start, similar to second lead Choi Ryu’s. And KW or Eric did a good job as an actor and was a good pair to MW in the beginning ….except that his character was butchered by the writers and it was reduced to a single dimension with minimal range of emotions.

        Big kudos to the actors and crew.

  29. I’m not being disrespectful to the SMW lovers–I just had a question and….well I didn’t know where t proprly post it. But my dear Lady K, I was if your going to continue with the B&W recaps? Just wondering.
    And again, no disrespect but….this show totally didn’t end up where ep one pointed it would, granted I knew not where it pointed. Hah, shows just how funny life is….AND I LOVE the header, boy have I issed headers with the HwanHye couple.

  30. After a crazy day in the real world, I rushed on over to Koala’s playground for some r&r. I couldn’t help but laugh. What an incredulous ending. My. What a way to go out with a bang. Or lack thereof.

    Here’s what really happened. Choi knew in order to save Myung Wol he needed to make a decoy plan. He was nervous weighing the pros and cons of his escape plan, but knew he it was the only way out. He made a call advising the snipers where the target was headed. He advised North Korea that he would give them all the books in exchange for being allowed to disappear with Myung Wol. He was advised by the superiors that for their records they would have to have it appear that both spies died. Choi agreed. He told Myung that they needed to go meet Kang Woo, but she would need to put on her special fireproof spy gadget clothing, and as soon as Choi arrived at “destination blow up the car” he told her to put on her mask. Once the car went up in flames, he realized that she had hit her head and was unconscious. He tried desperately to free her, but was pinned by a piece of debris that ripped his special spy fireproof clothing at the arm, and while trying to wiggle his way out, it also ripped at his neck. He sustained a nasty burn on his neck and arm. She finally came to, and helped our dear, and injured Choi who was in excruciating pain from the burns he had sustained in the accident. walk towards the most adorable little abandoned home in the most picturesque area of the countryside( in the middle of the boonies). Since she was well trained in living off the land, and making all sorts of salves, she was able to nurse him back to health. They couldn’t help but fall in love with each other after all they had been through together-the ups and the downs and the crazies. She knew how many times he had risked his career and life for her, and feeling guilty for all she had put him through she decided to make things work. It was a little forced at first, but improved with each passing month. They spent many evening walking at dusk talking about how life, their prior lives as spys, and the homeland that they missed, but no longer felt was their home. Often wonderful days together ended with the two snuggled together by the fireplace. It almost looked liked they would have a happy ever after.

    But alas. After a year, they both realized playing house wasn’t going to work out. Choi really missed wearing handsome clothing, and Myung wol just wanted some more drama, from her first love, her beloved Kang Woo. So they came to the mutual decision that they would part ways. Choi thanked her for having given him a chance, and for her love. He was thankful to have been more than friends, and was forever grateful to her for having nursed him back to health. He told her the year they had would always be in his heart, and he would always love her, and watch over her. (from afar).

    And off went our little spy girl, who having mastered being at the right place at the right time (if it involved Kang Woo) “just happened” to bump into him. Kang Woo who had amazing ability of sensing his lover nearby immediately knew it was her Myung.

    And of course, you all know the rest of the story. 🙂

    Hey-it may not be great, and may not be told as eloquently (haha) as our dear writers of the drama, but at least if filled in some gaps. Your welcome.

  31. Lol . Absoutely the writers of this drama should never be allowed to write again. How come Choi Ryu alone got burnt scars on him from the accident BUT myung wol does not have even a single scar on her. Isn’t that quite funny????? And why were they hiding for 1 year? If it was because to create an impact that they were indeed assassinated to the north government, then marrying kang woo who is a public figure, wont that still indicate that she and choi ryu are very much alive??? And what happened to those NSA guys who were chasing here on episode 17? Have they lost their senses or got amnesia to remember that myung wol is back at the end?? Oh god if anyone can give a good explanation for this, Then i think the ending will be indeed good. ~~~~ Anyway kang woo and myung wol are back together , that atleast is very much appreciable~~~ ^ ^

  32. omo! thanx God, it’s over! at least, i’m still sane after all. can we just send the writer(s) into exile?

    thank u so much ms K for enduring your misery in recapping this till end and keeping your sanity intact.

  33. WTF!!!!!! with the last 2 episode??????????????…. this really piss me off!!..urggh!! i seriously want to kill the writer!! <– (kidding..just want to show how mad i am right now!)..

    after watching the drama from the start.. i really have high hope for how its gonna end.. but after reading this recap just make me really sad.. i really enjoy the drama.. seriously.. eventhough its drive me crazy sometime with some of the storyline… so sad this drama end up like this because the actors and actress really done a good job in this drama.. if the story can end up with "more better and more logically" storyline, i think this drama can be a real success!… but.. it really just not like what i was hope for… im really dissapointed…

    and.. and.. and..

    why does my poor ryu end that way!! no happy ending for him?.. damn i hate the writer so much!!.. lee jin wook such a good actor i adored him so much.. i love his character as choi ryu.. i think he outshine the most.. i really wish to see u act in a better drama and role as the main lead next time.. u deserve it.. and also all the other actors and actress, crew in this drama they all are great except for the writer of course!!..

  34. i was able to watch this last night via live stream, i agree with you koala-ssi that the last two episodes are dreadful.. i was looking for the government people from episode 6 but they never showed up again… the story line is really inconsistent.. however, i’m glad i was able to watch it until the end… lol

  35. what’s going to happen to Han Ye Seul? Will she ever work again as an actress or be offered to appear in commercials? Is this now really the end of her entertaining and also any other career? I would find it hard to imagine any company regardless of industry would want to hire her since she may just walk off the job if she doesn’t like it.

  36. Myung Wol the Spy: The True Ending

    Ryu and MW manage to jump out of the burning car safely by teleporting themselves to North Korea. They had acquired this skill deep in the jungles of Cambodia in one of their training stints. Unfortunately, when Ryu is teleporting, he lands in a cauldron of boiling potato soup in a vegetarian restuarant. Our brave hero climbs out of the cauldron with nary a whimper. He is covered with second and third degree burns, but he ignores the pain (and blisters) and sets about looking for Myung Wol.

    Myung Wol, meanwhile, has teleported safely into a bathtub. She spends an hour soaking in the hot tub, and then goes in search of her missing comrade. She searches fruitlessly all night, and finally decides to walk along a deserted stretch by the sea, cos she has watched “Winter Sonata” and “Family’s Honour” while in South Korea, in between spying and loving Kang Woo, and knows this is the absolute BEST way to find the one you love – strike that – miss.

    After calling “RYURYURYURYU” for the fiftieth time, she suddenly sees a dark shadow appearing in the distance. It is RYU!!!!!! She is so relieved because she has yelled herself hoarse, and swarms of fish and all kinds of sea creatures have all gathered near the shore and are all glaring nastily at her. She runs and flings her arms around Ryu, and then recoils in horror, for looking back at her is not Ryu’s hot face, but an extremely humungous reddish-purplish BLISTER! Myung Wol lashes out at the blister with a blistering punch (forgive the pun). The blister cries out in Ryu’s voice: “No, no, comrade! It is I – Ryu!” It finally dawns on Myung Wol that it is poor Ryu, former hottie, now fallen hero. Her heart breaks for all the pain and suffering poor Ryu has had to suffer, and she piggybacks him and sprints to the mountains, where she brews herbal concotions, and tends to him until he is well.

    Ryu recovers, but the scars on his face are hideous. He sinks into depression and is fired from his job as Top Spy. Myung Wol who feels guilty brings him to a secret garden that is only privy to the absolute worst spies. She plies him with ten bottles of soju, and then switches souls with him when he is dead drunk. Upon awakening, Ryu finds himself in Myung Wol’s body. Myung Wol orders him to return to South Korea and marry Kang Woo. It is the only way she can think of to repay Ryu’s numerous kindnesses to her.

    So Ryu, whose brains have been affected by the hot potato soup and can’t say no to an order anymore, marries Kang Woo. They live happily together. Myung Wol goes back to North Korea and disappears from sight. The End.

  37. Disagree about this being the hottest mess of 2011. See Lie To Me. Oh, yeah I guess you did see it…And loved it. Meh. Sure, the last few episodes of this drama were a disappointment but still watchable. But LTM? The first 2 were the only ones worth watching. It went downhill from there. Come to think of it, the teasers were the only one worth watching.

  38. and I think ab Eric. He s supposed to be in Poseidon ( the marine cop drama, which sounds more professional and organised)…I don’t know why he didn’t wait for that project but transferred into this “less organised” drama instead…(I try to avoid harsh words because it s still ppl hard work…and I do hope they learn from their job this time)……………………………………….
    and OMG i feel lucky not spending time actually watching this drama….i got by thru recaps LOL

  39. tyvm for posting the recaps cos i don’t plan on watching the last 2 eps anyway.
    seriously if lee jin wook isn’t in this drama i guarantee tht i’d hve ended this drama long ago.
    it was really interesting at first but a major disappointment afterwards. this must be the drama with the suckiest ending tht i’ve ever watched. -.-
    the actors are really talented ppl and they’ve kinda wasted it.

    hmm..i suppose myung wol went to a plastic surgeon and fixed her burnt skin..but choi ryu wanted the scars to remain as a sign/memory of the day he sacrificed for his beloved. lol
    why can’t just end up with in a? :/

    i just can’t wait for lee jin wook’s next drama!! XD jin wook ah~ be sure to read the scripts carefully. T.T

    • me too!!.. i also can’t wait for jin wook upcoming drama!.. i really miss him already that i go and watch the drama his starring at.. and yeah hope to see him in a better drama next time!!… =) jin wook oppa fighting!!.. ^__^

      haha.. btw did it really need to be one year to recover from plastic surgery.. i dont really worry bout ryu get the burn scar… i mean he can fix the scar if he want to.. well u know korea is famous for its plastic surgery and stuff.. hehe.. so no worry as he can get back to his usual hot-no-burn-scar-body anytime.. but i still love him no matter what.. hehe.. ^^

  40. I beg to disagree. Hottest mess of 2011? At least there was a plot. I didn’t mind the circular plot because to me this drama was more than about plot, (albeit being minuscule and repetitive). It was about the ups and downs of a relationship between a North Korean Spy and South Korean Hallyu Star. I personally enjoyed this series so I’ll leave it at that.

  41. thanks mrs. koala for your recaps…finally SMW is over!
    next i hope all the actors will get a better drama project
    HYS…figthing… ^^

  42. Auntie K
    What a ride what a ride. Still love the cast fir giving their all and then some. I really disliked how the writers butchered what was a great premise for a show. Fir the ending, I just had to use my lovely imagination to fill in the gaps like how did they not die in the burning car, why did it take so long for MW to return, how come they didn’t try to give the Choi and In Ah storyline a more believable premise, where are MW’s burn injuries, did the spy parents really turn themselves in, what about evil grandpa and so on but anywho at least we have PTB and SOAW to keep us from losing our minds over SMW
    K cya mates later
    I so heart the LTM banner awww memories : D
    Koala’s Playground FIGHTING
    I love this place!!!

  43. Even though I LOVE this show the ending was so upsetting! WHY couldnt Ryu and In A get ftheir happy ending too? What were Myung Wol and Ryu doing for a year? So many unanswered questions! I was like WTF it was like “Goong” all over again now that show earned the biggest WTF from me. All in all I liked the show but I agree they need to get better writers.

  44. i curious why the writers no allow 2 write again?hehehe…ju in na and choi ryu must be together…ju in na love him…not happy ending for them…

  45. Choi ryu & ju ina should of had a kiss scene. Ryu should of ran & kissed Ina or Ju Ina yelling Choi Ryu Saranghae over & over again. Overall good drama. ‘-.’

  46. you’re so funny, how can a sniper pump another shot if he cant see the target? LOL, as you can see, he can only view from the waist to the head, after giving the first shot, you can see myung wol and kang woo fell down, tsk tsk,

  47. I think out of the whole thing I hated was how sad choi ryu ended. Ok so he ddnt get no girl at all even though he was such a sweatheart, and I was ok with that not everything can be happy lovey dovey. But did he really have to get his body and face ruined(Just assuming the face). Sigh…that broke my heart.

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