Tree with Deep Roots Drops First Teaser Trailer

The arrival of the teaser trailer for the upcoming sageuk Tree with Deep Roots does mean that Protect the Boss will be ending soon. Strangely I’m not that sad about it. I think 16 eps is the perfect length to tell the PTB story, and it’s truly such a treasure of a rom-com I want to enjoy it as it’s meant to be seen. The first teaser for Tree looks gorgeous, reminding me a lot of the lush evocative feel of the trailers for The Princess’s Man. Starring Jang Hyuk, Han Suk Kyu, and Shin Se Kyung, with a cameo by Song Joong Ki as the younger King Sejong, Tree will be a court intrigue murder mystery sageuk about the creation of Hangul (the Korean alphabet) during the reign of King Sejong.

Teaser for Tree with Deep Roots:


Tree with Deep Roots Drops First Teaser Trailer — 13 Comments

  1. You will never know the bass “STOP IT.” That roared from my mouth when I saw this post.
    I have some much I’m watching right now, not including older dramas I’m trying to catch up on, that I’m literally losing sleep but crap I can’t wait for this. I was hoping for a drama lull but with this and few others I can’t see it happening.
    I hate to see PTB go but I trust it’ll be a great send off. Jang Hyuk and sageuk… God made them for one another.

    Off topic: Jang Hyuk got me thinking about Joo Jin Mo. Have you seen Queen of the Game?

  2. YAY I’ve been waiting for this drama to start 🙂 SJKSJKSJK! I missed seeing you in action lol Anyways, I hope the drama itself is good since I’ve been on a sageuk mood. I’m probably one of the few people happy about all the sageuks airing right now (I’m watching TPM and WBDS).

  3. I really like Han Suk Gyu, he is a very talented actor and Jang Hyuk not only very talented but also such a hottie – he looked great in the period get up (he never got to dress properly in Chuno but red totally suits him)

    I’m very eager for this drama solely for its lead duo.

  4. I was planning on skipping this one, but Jang Hyuk? I’ll give anything a try that he is in. I’ve never thought of him as traditionally good looking, but he won me over in “Thank You”. I’ve watched the ending of that movie many times. The way he looks at her and all the emotions that play across his face. Gah.

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