Written and Video Preview for Episode 11 of Protect the Boss

Whenever I watch a preview for Protect the Boss, it gives me this giddy warmth in the pit of my belly, because what I see is always so sincere and sweet, not contrived or plotty. So after everyone got rather upset in the last episode, it’s nice to see that family and affection continue to rule the roost, with people moving forward in the pursuit of their goals and objectives.

Written preview for episode 11:

Moo Won’s presence causes the atmosphere to turn complicated again. Eun Seol concedes that she’s truly gratefully, and feels genuinely blessed. But she follows by saying that she’s rushing so much that she feels exhausted and suffocated, and asks them both to please give her some space. Ji Heon and Moo Won are stunned and agree to cease their battling and give her some space.

Eun Seol goes to wake Ji Heon up as usual, but can’t help but stare at his sleeping face with a smile. Ji Heon tells Eun Seol to treat her boss and the company as one, and he’ll try to turn her back to the crazy bun-head girl she was before.

Video preview for episode 11:



Written and Video Preview for Episode 11 of Protect the Boss — 28 Comments

  1. LOL at the opening scene! The boys have pushed ES to the edge! MW was so happy when he got scolded, wonder how he feels now that he’s moved into being-threatened-with-a-punch territory.

  2. this is another sweet, funny, quirky KDrama that i never get tired of watching…
    may i also request for a recap of The Princess Man? it is about to end. even the last two episodes please? i am just interested what your thoughts are about this drama.

    • Just a quick comment – TPM is scheduled for 24 episodes and this week will air eps 15/16 so it’s not ending any time soon (its ratings are excellent so I am very sure it is not getting cut).

  3. I love seeing Eun-seol clock the boys. Not that I don’t like either, but I totally appreciate her point that they’re suffocating her, coming on so hard and fast.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow. For a variety of reasons, but seeing PtB is definitely high on the list.

  4. I love that Na Yoon is still staying at ES’s house. I ve never liked d second female lead but Na Yoon is such a sweetheart! Poor thing, with no friends and everyone ignoring her. I wish she and ES become like best friends.
    Only 3 more weeks to go 🙁 This show is soo awesome with everyone saying what they want right on your face, there is no hiding. Loved it in the last ep how Moo Won’s mom threw her shoes at Chairman Cha Lol! The series is full of weirdos!

  5. I love seeing JH throw himself at MW.

    I think another reason why I love this drama is that it feels a little but a miniaturized version of a korean sitcom with its energy, feel-good atmosphere, focus on family, and the simplicity of the plot but without a unstable acting, explosion of storylines and characters, and laugh track. Usually in kdramas, even the rom-coms try to aspire to a sort of epicness, beginning with “once upon a time”, walking the path of “against all odds”, and ending with “happily ever after”. This drama doesn’t feel like that at all.

  6. Ahhhh is so refreshing to know there is well done drama out there!!!!! Really love this one and I don´t want it to end!!! Thanks for the preview!!!! 🙂

  7. It’s refreshing to watch a series that focuses on family members moving forward positively and working towards reconciliation – caring for, loving and helping one another. On the whole, the acting is good, too.

    NES has lost her heart to her boss, hasn’t she? I had a good laugh at ES’ fate of having a father and a father-in-law who share the same name! How chagrined Daddy No was when he discovered this fact!

  8. is it mandatory to have make over mid season for every kdrama?

    dislike ES short hair
    like MW short hair, can see his face now.
    can live with JH hair change, was not fan of his earlier hair or present hair

  9. Ha ha ha love all the comments here about hairdos, family sitcoms, great 2nd leads, wonderful acting etc….
    For me? Just this to say:
    Mu Won vs Ji Heon on the stairs!!
    Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa love how the boys fight over what they want/need like kids fighting for their new toys…. LUV IT!
    Go Mu Won go!
    Go Ji Heon go!

    • I actually love the new hairstyle better than the previous one. <3 CKH never wears long hair and she is known for her tomboyish look in Korean. Her previous "long hair" is not completely hers. lol…Korean fans are so happy to see a real kangjjang. yes!

  10. I absolutely adore this drama but I am so glad she finally says that she’s feeling suffocated. I truly haven’t felt this bad for a female character in eons. My heart goes out to her because she just wants to live her life. MW and JH are wonderful but they aren’t what she signed up for and it pains me to watch her try to stay sane around them.
    Thank you for the previews 🙂

  11. Ockoala, muchas gracias for the preview! Cant wait til the english subbed episode comes out. I will try not to watch it raw this time, haha!

    I think its great timing for ES’ new hairdo…finally she spoke out about the two boys, err, men suffocating her. When a girl gets her new freedom, breathing space, her next move is to let the shears do its work and put on a new swagger. Love the bangs…is it possible for her to look even younger and more adorable than before? 🙂

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