Casting of Yoona in Love Rain with Jang Geun Seok is Finalized

I honestly did not plan to post two articles on Yoona back-to-back, but the drama gods work in mysterious ways. I’ve been hoping that Han Hyo Joo would, despite all the rumors and signs pointing the other way, accept the leading role in Love Rain (formerly called Love Rides the Rain) with Jang Geun Seok, because the alternative was that an actress from SM was short-listed for the role. Looks like the casting is going the direction away from my interest level in this drama. New reports have started leaking that Yoona is confirmed as the lead actress, leaving only the contract details waiting to be finalized. The drama is scheduled to start filming on September 24th.

I confess to not understanding the Yoona appeal. Acting wise she’s a big thumbs down from me, though I couldn’t last more than a few episodes of You Are My Destiny and Cinderella Man was just a mess of a script and cast overall she’s the least of that dramas problems. I just find her presence very placid. Sigh, I’m afraid if she is cast, my interest in this drama might drop down to next to zero. Which might not be a bad thing – with no expectations, perhaps Yoona will wow me with her acting and end up having great chemistry with Geun Seok. Here’s to hoping.

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Casting of Yoona in Love Rain with Jang Geun Seok is Finalized — 151 Comments

  1. ermmmm..JGS’ acting is eons above this girl (she’s pretty, that’s all). i was hoping for someone who could hold it up against JGS in this department…booooooo

  2. It has been confirmed

    Yoona said, “It’s an honor and like a dream come true to be able to work with Yoon Seokho PD, as I remember his dramas ‘Autumn Tale’ and ‘Winter Sonata’ as ones that touched my heart. It’ll be my first drama in a while, so I will do my best to meet the expectations everyone has.”

    hmmmp. I just hope she can do it well. Saw her drama before im not impressed. Unlike

  3. Personal Opinion.. I see a failure for this drama already.. At least dun think it will be a hit in Korea.. Maybe will do well in Japan

  4. Love jang geun suk and love pd suk ho, but yoona’s casting pretty much guarantees me dropping this drama. I liked her in 9 ends 2 outs but she was down right dreadful in you are my destiny and cinderella’s man.

      • She played the young writer that had a crush on the baseball player that su ae’s character was dating.

    • me too…was she there? 9ends 2 outs is one of my fave dramas of all time… yoona is really forgettable to me it seems…tsk tsk tsk am kinda worried about this drama…ohhhh i do hope am wrong….

      • is she in that drama?? i don’t thinks so…as I remember she only in You’re my destiny n Cinderella man…

    • I echo you. Dont like her previous work however it is funny and the drama people of LR see it differently and accordingly
      “Another staff member said, “It took a long time to find the right actress in their early twenties with a pure image” and “Yoona proved her acting skills in her dramas ‘You are My Destiny’ and ‘Cinderella Man’ and the production crew have high hopes.”

      I was expecting a very good actress. So Yoona is the PD’s choice. “PD Yoon wants someone with a great acting skills”

      I think it is more of a business move.. #justmyopinion.
      Im losing my interest in the drama… hmmp i dont know we’ll see

      • It’s a business move, I suffered through YAMD but finished it and couldn’t finish cinderellas man and in both she was awkward and stiff and had zero chemistry with the male leads. I like yoona but she really needs to focus on acting and not be an idol if she wants to improve because she declines in performance with every role she takes.

      • LOL, “great acting skills”, eh??? Umm, yeah, it would have to be a business/ratings move. Big sigh. Korean audiences might receive the drama well, while we international viewers don’t really matter much as far as ratings go. But really … disappointing.

      • If they wanted someone with good acting abilities, someone young and fresh like Jung So Min would have been a better choice. I don’t get you PD, but now I’m glad she wasn’t casted in this. I lost interest once Han Hyo Joo said no.

        Yoona is pretty and all, but her acting makes me cringe. SM got a hand on this, they need to stay away from the drama world, it’s getting really annoying. Siwon can hold his own, but the ‘actresses’ of the company have no substance. They should just stick to music, unfortunately.

      • I agree with Luna’s comment. If this drama femal lead choosing for actiong ability should choose Jung So Min. She is naturally good with acting. I really want to see JGS and JSM act drama together.

  5. hmmmm…just hoping for the best, i saw this girl in cinderella man..but her acting abilities is not well good maybe..need more enhancement, but i think jks can pull her…let see how it goes..( i thought its HAN HYO JOO) whewww..maybe its not time yet.

  6. Too bad it’s not Jung So Min, who really is a very good actress … I really wouldn’t have minded Han Hyo Joo, too, but YoonA??? Meh. I’m sorry to her fans, but she really does nothing for me. No offense, it’s just personal taste.

    • Me too. I was rooting for Jung So Min… I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be Hand Hype Joo or Moon Grin Young, so I thought that it will be her..

    • i was rooting for so min too, she’s a young actrees with good skills and innocent looks !! come on!! … i totally lost interest in this drama, i don’t like yonna as a “singer” soo i dont have high hopes for her as an actress, she seems boring to me, i really don’t get what people see in her :S mehhh

    • I am wondering why HHJ turned down this role (its a pretty big opportunity, even for a well known actress like her) and thinking that maybe this might be the reason Jung So Min *might* have turned it down also. Maybe the script and the character wasn’t too compelling.

      Supposing that these two and other actresses as well didn’t confirm, the shortlist goes to an SME artist ( a purely business deal, if you ask me).

      That being said, I don’t think too much of Yoona’s acting skills.

      • thought it was Jung So-min. I was so disappointed after seeing this news… :(((

        Hope she could be casted in another drama soooooooon

    • Hi everyone here, I will join the team. I want Jung So Min in this drama too. Hopefully after PD read our comments here, they might change.Because sometimes they wait and see fans’ feedback.

      • OH yes. how I wish a miracle would happen .. she should be cast out .. no offense but it’s like the drama was in big landslide because of the female lead cast and now that it hasn’t started yet, it has been judged negatively .. sympathies were not just for the sake of geunsuk but for the overall drama unless they want just SONEs to watch this epic failure .. 🙁

        Should that director hear nice words , he should begin the recasting as soon as possible .. HE’S trying to make wonders for Yoona … if he’ll go on, we’ll see.. Yoona is 10000% Miracle-free..she proved me that. ><

  7. Wait isn’t this the Yoon Seuk Ho drama? He (almost) always chooses incredibly talented people to act! What the heck? NOOOOO to Yoona

  8. i was disappointed knowing that Yoona was casted in this drama.. i am now having second thoughts if im going to wait for this drama eventhough JGS was here.. *sigh.. i am not really impressed with her.. she is a beauty yes, but i dont think she has the substance. 🙁

  9. So sad, knowing that Moon is in NY now, my first choice for most compatible lead actress with JGS went down the drain. But I was hoping somebody with a little more acting experience would be chosen maybe Jung So Min or Han Hyo Joo.

    I tried watching “Cinderalla Man” but her stiff acting killed the show for me.

  10. Well, since I know I’ll be watching the show no matter what, I’ll just have very low expectations (a la City Hunter) and go from there. But, sadness for no MGY (which I knew was impossible) or HHJ…. :'(

  11. Agree Ms.Koala .. I really don’t get her appeal, I mean she is ok for me even in the ‘beauty’ category, I’ve seen many more pretty girls out there and I … am put off by her casting in this. CInderella man was painful enough … sorry to all Yoona fans, but … I just simply don’t get it.

    • I agree too…she’s pretty, but I wouldn’t go as far to say she’s beautiful. I don’t think she’s suited for this role, but hoping that this doesn’t become a disaster for the sake of JGS, the rest of the cast and all the staff involved in the project.
      Are the people at SM really that ignorant of the criticisms against Yoona’s acting that they continue to try to get her casted in dramas? Even within SNSD, I don’t really get her popularity or “charm”. She’s not the best at singing or dancing like some of the other members.

  12. Oh my God, why?! Ugh. She is one of the only two actresses I cannot stand. I think she’s stiff as a board and has zero chemistry with all her leading men. Love seasons dramas and JGS but I am afraid I am skipping this one.

    Why on earth did they cast her, really?

    • Why? A billion percent SM pulling the strings + Japan market, where they are both HUGE over there. HHJ is big in Japan, too (after Dong Yi), but she turned down the role. No way it was going to Jung So Min (not yet got the mass popularity and broad name recognition).

      I knew it wasn’t Lee Yeon Hee since she’s doing Fist with Jo In Sung. And Go Ara barely is known outside of Korea. My gut told me it was Yoona last week when I heard HHJ turned it down. Seriously? I’m thisclose to just skipping following ANY news about this drama. My love for JGS only goes so far.

      • I tried to explain this to a Yoona stan yesterday and she went batshit crazy. I don’t even know why I tried.

        The truth is, in the end, it’s all about the money.

    • Sadly, I must agree… *sigh*. I was excited about this drama for JGS alone, but I just can’t stand… her! Seen her in Cinderella Man and urrggghh!! Ottoke???

    • AGH, another money move. I hate those the worst, especially when it messes up a drama that I was really looking forward to.

      Yoona is good-looking, passable in acting, and canyons below JGS in terms of talent. JGS has enough overseas bankability to make up for his costar, yes? Then why not go for some girl with actual acting skill? *sigh* I’m really upset about this.

  13. noooooooooooooooooooooooooo……..i saw your tweet and immedietly guessed this was what it was about….but I was still hoping it wouldn;t be so……..why? dramagods, why???…now I wish they had picked Go Hara from SM instead

  14. I’m a bit disappointed that Yoona will be JGS love interest. i just dont like her i guess. (I’m sorry to all Yoona’s fans.). i’ve watched dramas with her in it (9ends 2outs and cinderella man), she’s pretty but she’s a bit lacking, acting-wise. jung so min or han hyo joo would’ve been perfect.

  15. Not trying to be mean but apart from a pretty face that acts innocent, she has no talent in acting. I’m skipping this one even with JGS.

  16. I have never seen this woman in anything, so I have nothing constructive to add, except…

    Lol, that jacket. JGS, please, please, please, either give it to your destitute neighborhood hipster or burn it, but NEVER WEAR IT AGAIN.

  17. This is most unfortunate. Didn’t care for her acting – she should stick with singing. Why is it that if one is a popular singer it is assumed that they can also act well? I think she was chosen because she is well liked by the public, not because she is a talented actress. Too bad for JKS. I hope he can pull it off. I’m going to have to pass on this movie too. Very disappointed.

  18. Can we all take a deep breath and relax and wait for the drama to air before we start airing our constructive criticism. I too was hoping for a serious actress and not an idol. However, she has been casted and nothing anyone can do about that. Let’s just hope that she will pull something out of the bag and be a good leading lady for JGS. Since I love JGS so much, I really want his next project to succeed critically and commercially. So I am hoping she will pull a Shi Mina, a la MGIAG.

  19. did HHJ give any reason why she didn’t take up the offer? Does HHJ have another project?

    this is totally random but I read that Ariel Lin was supposed to have done Skip Beat but had to drop it when filming was delayed due to schedules (cos she’s filming In Time With You)…. what a waste!

    another random thing…. Shin Mina gave a short interview over the weekend and she said she has no upcoming project. I wish she’ll do this show! I mean she’s not in her early twenties but she can pull it off anyway… she’s quite popular in Japan too i think

  20. Frankly speaking, I’m glad that it’s not MGY. Dun get me wrong, I adores and practically worship MGY. But and but, i just don’t see her in this drama. I need to see her to do something real fantastic. Something more extreme which she can challenge her own acting abilities.

    Yoona is fine with me. She’s quite pretty and quite pleasant to look at when team up with JGS.

    • i agree with you. i’ve been watching girl k and the lead actress looks a lot like mgy. i’d like moon to play a bad ass character with action scenes (because it’s unlike her other characters).

      • Me too . I want to see MGY in this type. A bad ass yet smart girl . I wonder if her NYC study have something to do with her next project. i read it somewhere that after two months she’ll be back for her next drama. ( Oh dear hope soooo )
        I know that she took a 2 month leave from SKKU. It was confirmed in soompimoons official FB and that she will not graduate this sem. Knowing moon, i know she gives priority to education much. Hope to see her again.. I misss her ^^

  21. I wanted to see Han Hyo Joo and Jang Geun Seok on screen, so I’m disappointed in that aspect. I have liked her since Brilliant Legacy. I haven’t seen Yoona’s actig so I don’t know about her ability, but she is not my favorite (a completely biased opinion). I hope for the best for JGS!!!

  22. Such disappointment. I’m not trying to criticize Yoona because who knows, she might step up and be very good in this, but let’s be serious – this is a HUGE project and instead of casting a good actress they casted an idol because of SM’s influence and her popularity.

  23. following this drama has been like a roller coaster ride for me.
    JGS taking the drama, “Yeah! now Moon Geun Young just needs to accept the drama.”

    Koala discusses possible leading ladies to join JGS in PD YSH’s drama, “C’mon Koala, have faith with our GeunGeun couple”

    HHJ might be the leading lady in LRTR with JGS, ” WHY?!, Oh well at least she and JGS have the same caliber.”

    HHJ declined the LRTR,” I hope they offer it to MGY and she accepts it.”

    MGY studying abroad in NYC for 2 months,” WHAT?! Can they hold the drama production till she come back. Please just for 2 months.”

    The leading lady might be be from SM Ent., ” UH OH…”

    Casting of Yoona for LR with JGS finalized, ” WAIT…*reads the article*… Good luck to Yoona… I’M DONE … NOT GONNA WATCH IT…”

  24. Oh No I really do not like Yoona she is at the bottom of my list, don’t like her looks or acting. Why oh Why did they have to pair her up with my JGS, love him to bits.
    I’ll only watch it for him but what a waste.

  25. Oh no…………… I’m sorry but I find her so fake, her ‘try to be sweet’ smile, her ‘try to be innocent’ imagine………..
    I love JGS and I was so exciting for this drama but now i’m very dissapointed.
    Will she play two roles also?? That would be worst. I doubt she has the ability to pull that off….
    I love JGS so I wish all the best for this drama and I will still watch it but i’m so dissapointed, really.

    • oh gosh you really stated my mind. Saw in Strong Heart a few years ago. she is so fake though she tried to act innocent and natural.

  26. Must admit I am disappointed in this casting…isn’t Yoona taller than JGS? Either way, can’t really picture them together.

    And I couldn’t agree more on your feelings toward Yoona…if I do go for girls group, then I prefer Uee…her chemistry is great with Joo Won!

    • and she’s completely sux in singing and dancing. what makes her as an actress then? sigh. i’m devastated! i’m sorry seukkie.. i hv to skip this drama. but i’ll definitely watch You Are My Pet! =)

  27. now that’s disappointing. i was really looking forward to Han Hyo Jo or Jung So Min.
    nothing against Yoona but she is just so blah…. her acting bored me to tears. *sigh*

  28. To be honest I’m not surprised they couldn’t find a more reputable actress as all along this has been publicised as ‘JGS’ project and actresses have egos to. This is only my opinion but I believe that HHJ and other big league actresses don’t want to be viewed as second class in comparison to ‘the real star’ JGS. Or not. Maybe I’m thinking to much lol. Damn I was hoping for Go Ara 🙁

  29. she’s the chick from cinderella man? that drama was pulling teeth to finish and i wasn’t a big fan of yoona in it. i’ll still check it out since jgs is in it

  30. Gosh! I hate Yoona!!! I wanna tear up the screen every time I saw her in 9E2O!
    I’m so frustrated!!! The drama’s a melo from what I understand and Yoona can’t act! My interest in watching this drama has just gone down the drain! there’s lots of actresses out there who can act. Argh! I wanna scream NOOOOOOO all the way to Korea!

  31. Think it will be hard for this drama to do well. It can probably be mediocre at best. With too much consideration from “business” perspectives only impede best decisions.. Viewers these days, ESP, those active on Internet, are a lot more decerning and expect more from dramas and content. This can probably generate some money but leave little to be desired for most people.

  32. when I heard this, I thought it was a joke but now that is confirmed, I will not see this drama, I’m a fan of JGS, but not enough to stand seeing the poor performance of Yoona, the all Korean actresses, she had to be the chosen? My God

  33. well… once heard that hhj turned it down, Iwas just cringing and hoping that it wouldn’t be a not so good sm idol. can’t say that iam surprised. clearly it will sell well in japan and outside of korea. in korea… have no idea. thought that they valued acting ability more there thsn any other asian market. snsd had a huge number of fans for their tw concert so maybe it will also do well there. business and money has got to be the reason. think she is very pretty and cute but couldn’t make it through either of her two last dramas and this coming from someone who managed to make it through the horrible paradise farm. who knows… maybe she improve a huge amt since then… hope so.

  34. I am not surprised that people freaking out over them casting an idol – even though we all know this would hardly be the case had they cast a male idol with equally questionable acting skills. (see: Yunho in “Poseidon”) I liked Yoona in “9 Ends to Outs” – otherwise I don´t really have an opinion on her yet..

    I guess it´s just me, but I am more worried, that they were explicitly looking someone with a “pure” and “innocent” image to play the role. In addition to the drama´s potential of being a total tearjerker I can´t help but fear that the female lead character is going to be an absolute dishrag and the viewer will be treated to her “looking innocent” and crying for sixteen hours.

  35. After all the hype about this PD, he picks a cardboard girl. LOL. Her sponsor must have paid big money to get her this gig. Although it seems to me that she looks like JKS ideal girl, the one he always describes. Maybe he wanted her too. Hope he can pull an interest in this drama cause out of all the talented actresses in SK, they chose Yoona??????!!!!!!

  36. Who knows Yoona may be able to pull a Kim Min Hee in Goodbye Solo? KMH was known to be horrible until she blew it out of the water with GS. Who knows? 😉

    Not a fan of Yoona, was hoping for Park Bo Young. But since it’s been decided, can’t change anything. Every drama deserves a first ep watch, not gonna diss until I see that she’s really that bad.

  37. I was hoping HHJ would turn this down…and yay…I’m a HHJ fan and I would watch anything shes in…but the storyline is just ugh….no wonder a lot of the more experienced actors turned this down….and now im confused why JGS picked this….he was off the mark with MSOAN so I guess its not too much of a surprise

    But then again its unfair to judge the drama by its synopsis…but really, a story spanning across two generations …it sounds so tedious

  38. I know Moon is impossible to do a back to back drama with JGS and I was hoping they could at least give the part to HHJ but them choosing this girl? Idk…I saw a few scenes of her in you are my destiny in our local cable and she bore me with her plain acting and never bother to see the whole drama. So now she is acting alongside JGS??? I have a high trust on Geun Suk acting wise but her? sigh…..

  39. I’m so not happy about this. I personally don’t think Yoona is a really good actress to be teamed up with JKS and to be in this drama which is sure to be a melodrama one. I thought PD Yoon betting on someone of a higher level in acting. Please don’t think that I’m bashing Yoona, I’m just facing the reality. How I wish HHJ accepted the role instead, although I don’t like her much, I still prefer her when it comes to acting. My interest on the drama kinda went down as well. But I still hope the drama would be good. ^^

  40. What a waste! I was rooting for Jung So Min but when you said that someone from SME might be chosen so I was hoping it would be Go Ara. I liked her in Snow Flower. Now I have to suffer watching this drama just because of Jang Keun Seuk. I agree with everybody that Yoona’s acting is so-so. Just a pretty face, that’s all.

  41. Hm. Eh.

    Well it does kinda makes sense that they chose her. Snsd has a huge fanbase, and since this drama would be pre-filming a lot of parts, I guess they’ll relay on SNSD’s ever so huge popularity.

    But I was really looking forward to this drama. I didn’t want it to be over-rated
    Hmm. Sometimes there are just those celebrities you can’t stand for no apparent reason… Well It’s yoona for me x). I’m not hating, but I honestly yeah…

    Please let there be a sudden drop out.. X) … Ah. I shouldn’t judge. Well let’s bring on the first episode. Jang guen suk is a talented actor, so I’m sure it won’t be that bad…
    Kinda like Warrior Baek Dong Soo. The two boys are awesome, while the girl is used as a prop, or a background image, she literally just stares like this o_^. Even though it is annoying, the boys delivered well and stole the show. So anyways, let’s not be quick to drop this drama. Go jang guen suk!! <333

  42. I watched a bit of YAMD and thought Yoona was pretty and fresh. It wasn’t her that made me stop watching, it was her co-star – he kept wagging his head from left to right every time he delivered a line. He was so bad I gave up watching. Much, much later I saw him again in Coffee House, and I was pleasantly surprised – he could act! . Let’s just give her a chance, shall we….who knows, she could deliver a stellar performance., like her ex co-star, and wow us all. Remember My Princess and how negative everyone was initially over Kim Tae Hee, and how great and funny she was in the drama? KTH’s acting was pretty meh before that, but MP changed all that. Good luck to Yoona.

    • Yoona is very overated talent wise. Bad singing, lackluster dancing, and piss poor acting. She annoys me more than UEE does and that’s saying alot.

      • I also do not like UEE. She was not that good in YAB, but I just love the drama because JGS and PSH have chemistry and can really act.

        I am also not watching her current golf drama.

  43. Thanks for this post Ockoala.
    I am very upset they choosing depend on the popularity. JGS alone could make this drama world wide success and famous, as Kim Hyun Joong acted with Jung So Min in Playful Kiss. God!!! Please choose Jung So Min. Her acting is really amazingly good.

    • Sandi…..I was hoping for JSM actually..she is the acting chops and with JGS solid acting skills it could had been a very super solid pairing….I’m sure SM gave lots of money to the producation company in order to cast Yoona…aishhhhh….wth!

      • I guess you are just her ANTI, are not u Venus??
        well then, can u at least become a super star like her?
        or can u act even better than her?
        I doubt it..
        I think, we should just see how the drama will turn out..cause I believed PD has his own judgement.

  44. Oh well, can’t have ’em all. When I heard the SM news I never dreamed… *sigh*
    I have to agree I don’t understand the Yoona appeal on any level (acting, music, physicality–period). I don’t hate the girl but what on earth? This news is very disappointing and makes me not want to see the drama. However, it also makes me think that the drama really MUST be all about Geun Suk and that keeps me hopeful. 😉

  45. Why, oh why? :(( Yoona’s the main reason why I stopped watching Cinderella Man. She can’t act! I’m very sorry to her fans. She should just stick with singing. And I also noticed something about her. She always has this same smile (mouth wide open) which really annoys me. Haha! Oh well… I’m still hoping for some miracle. Jung So Min… Please be the one!

    • i think whiners should stop it! especially those that support jung so min, if you like her please go somewhere else and stop your bitter whining here, i am very sad to see nobody is giving yoon ah a chance here, it is a sad case! do you like your favorite actress to get bash like that? if not please shut up!!!!!

      • Wow, there. Please don’t point fingers at fans. I’m not even a Jung So Min fan, but I think it’s rude to say everyone is ‘whining’ when a lot of Yoonah fans are getting defensive at constructive criticism, and resorting to bashing. Can’t we stay civilized?

        And Jung So Min fans miss her, what’s so wrong about her? Girl proved herself, the only thing she needs is more exposure. I got iffy when Han Hyo Joo rejected this role. I’m beginning to think the role’s got something to do with this.

      • I think the whiners is yourself. You are the one bashing not us. please bear that in mind.

        This is Koala’s playground you have no right to ask us to leave.

      • Wow, so are you also telling Ms. Koala to leave? Who are you to tell us to stop “whining”? We’re just expressing our opinions here and we’re doing it in a civilized way. Just read all the comments above and you will know what I mean. Telling people to shut up is very rude of you. You don’t deserve to be here ’cause I’m pretty sure Ms. Koala’s site doesn’t welcome harsh and rude words.

    • commented about the way she smile..??? She is just pretty as the way she smiles… and only a really pretty girl can smile that way.. I guess, you are too ugly to smile like the way she does..that’s way you hate her…haha…u’re funny and i feel bad for you.

      • Haha! Oh well… to each her own. I never said I hate Yoona. I was just commenting on her open-mouthed smile which I don’t like at all. You’re funny, too. I don’t feel I’m losing out on anything just because I don’t like Yoona’s smile. So don’t feel bad for me. Cheers! :))

        P.S. Your guess is wrong. 😉

  46. I just might skip this one, too, my friend. I adore JGS, but there is only so much I can do for him. I was iffy on the subject matter and now this? Aarrgggh. If I couldn’t even watch Cinderella man DESPITE my love for SCU, how am I supposed to watch this? IDK. ACK, I miss JGS on my screen!

  47. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!….I’ll be brutaly honest here.. I can’t stand this chick at all she has no acting talent whatsoever. Here I was hoping that JGS can finally get a great solid actress like Moon Geun Young…aishhhh why can’t she be the lead???? they are so many young solid/real actress out there…why Yoona?…aishh..I’m just very dissapointed with this whole casting.

  48. It’s too bad those industry folks don’t poll us to help with casting! I really think Shin Min Ah would have been a good choice. My heart like broke in half for her and DaeWoong in MGIAG. She could do melo stuff.

  49. Look at it positively, at least if the drama is not a hit, Jang Geun Suk will not be taking the blame, would be Yoona.. Smart move.. And i think it is really wise for Han Hyo Joo not to take up the role, probably she already have the vision that this is a non hit drama calibre..

  50. whiners, please you should stop it! especially those that support Jung so min, if you like her please go somewhere else and stop your bitter whining here, i am very sad to see nobody is giving yoon ah a chance here, it is a sad case! do you like your favorite actress to get bash like that? if not please shut up!!!!!

    • that’s what people do..what can you expect from them..i expected that Yoona will be Bash million times because she got the lead role,she’s well known for being the most hated Member of SNSD..sadly the reason is……………..the poor girl is sooo pretty..Lol…

      • Narrow-minded people never think twice before judging others (they thought “they are better than her”…Hating Yoona solely coz she is pretty.
        in my opinion, her previous dramas are quite good (she was still so young backed then)..and now perhaps, she can prove herself with a better act in this drama..just watch it first and later on…just judge her acting skill.

      • she was chosen because she was popular… also because she has international appeal.I’m sure the drama production thought very hard before casting her.Why do you think idols get chosen as drama leads when they should be given to real actors/actress… I don’t like her acting… unforgettable and bland but that is my opinion only..Best new drama actress? is that by fan vote? I respect your admiration on her acting unfortunately not everybody see it your way..Peace!! like i said im not hating, who knows u are right and she has improved… third time’s a charm….

    • you mean favorite singer right? coz we all know she can’t act.. Not hating just stating the obvious…And yes we know all know she is pretty as almost everybody here commented that as well…Just frustrated…why can’t people stick to what they do best….

      • you have problem about Yoona in acting huh….why don’t you think first..what on earth she was chosen for the role?do you think those people behind this didn’t think hundred times before they finalized the lead cast…she can’t act??hohohoho who are you kidding..?won two “BEST NEW ACTRESS Award” and you say she can’t act??Oh my goshh….you’re just being ridiculous my dear…

      • @yamelicious….you are absolutely right.
        they are just trying to escape from the truth and make themselves look even more foolish…The award Yoona gained telling the truth that Yoona can act..come on ANTI…just give her a break and time to prove herself.
        (well i guess, no matter how good she is..u guys will still hate her~~ANTI will always be a narrow-minded person)

        I wonder how could hater and envious people live in this life.

    • I am a jung so min fan. I am not upset she is not the female lead of this show. There will be many other projects she can be involved in, this is not the be all and end all. Many of us who supports JSM knows that. We def will not “whine” for this. It’s rude to point fingers at us. Yoona has chosen to take this project. It comes with its upside and downside. Downside would be some may not feel she’s suited for the role. Upside maybe she will ace the role and more people will like her. But everyone’s entitled to their opinion and don’t start acting badly just coz there are reservations, criticisms. Grow up. Seriously. Yoona is a big girl. She chose so let her take the risks and the rewards.

  51. Poor Girl..even though the drama never yet started or even the taping never yet started,she’s been pull down.aiishh….why don’t you guys just wait for the drama to comes out,then after you guys watch some episodes you can give your damn opinion,she may not be a good actress like the others but she can do well as i watch YMD..and do you think the production team will choose her if she’s not good,(set a side the money and popularity)specially it’s a masterpiece of the creator of Winter Sonata and Spring Walts.i’m sure they don’t want to give the lead role to some “UNTALENTED lady”think before you made some hysterical opinion..anyway wheather you guys say you will not watch it or you’re already dissapointed,i’m sure you will going to watch it anyway..LOL…so stop being so negative..i believe in this team up,not becuase i’m fan of hers or’s just that it’s A MASTER PIECE drama….you guys need to Loosen up you know…hai people nowadays…tsk tsk

      • haha…yeah..why don’t they give this girl a chance to prove what she got this time around,,people just need to wait and see no need to talk trash about her..if this drama becomes a hit then i will return back on this article and laugh my lungs out to those peps here..well anyways looking forward to this drama..GoodLuck Yoona..prove them wrong what you got!

      • It is a fact that Yoona can’t act as good as the others.

        Awards can be fabricated. SM is very good at that coz they are in control in Korea even though I believe DBSK and Suju is a very talented boyband.

        I would agree if you said I am an ANTI SM but not the artist they manage. BUT it is a fact YOONA CAN’T ACT PERIOD.

  52. Gotta say…. I have been following the articles here …. i always thought your opinions on most dramas were nicely analysed ….

    I don’t really know about Yoona except for the fact that i have have heard about her here and there…. but harshly judging the drama cuz of her is kinda low… how about just giving her a chance…. She might have some appeal to be selected as a lead…. All these negative comments before the drama has even begun the shooting has made me interested instead…

    I just hope you know for the fact that you are taking about living breathing being … what is wrong with you all…. people these days man

    … this is like ganging up on someone ><

  53. Holy jolly, we have got a couple of stray fangirls/fanboys in here. No one is bashing Yoonah, for pete’s sake. Saying people are jealous of her beauty as means to justify the bashing is quite immature. We are looking at her acting ability, not her pretty face, and I’m sorry to say it’s very limited. Get over it. I love Kim Hyun Joong to death, I’m a proud fan of his, but I’m not scared to say he was horrible in BOF, and only decent in PK. Being a fangirl doesn’t mean you loose all logic and go on a verbal rampage. And being adamant about the PD’s decision and bashing is very different. Most of the people here have seen more than enough dramas to know the difference between a real talent and a newcomer.

    And what’s up with the sudden dislike for JSM fans? Whiners? Her fans are some of the sanest I’m come about O.o

    • Yay you stated my mind. Gosh this people are the one bashing people and they turn the table around.

      I think JSM’s acting totally rock. She is good for a newcomer. I like her acting even before she act with the ever popular Kim Hyun Joong ( a total die hard fan of him,,hehehehe). Yes she was in bad guy and she is good. I am not quite familiar with Korean artist but I don’t know it is her first time acting.

  54. to be honest the PD does have some hi rating drama but they are in the past. His recent works are all low rating and forgettable. He fails to live up to his past success and I do not think his style of direct can generate similar responses like the past because it is no longer a trend in the current time. I am not a fan of his dramas and most likely will not watch this.

    I actually watch the first 7 episode of Cinderalle’s Man and they were boring. At first I watch the drama because of my curiousity about Yoona. She was a fresh face in the drama industry at that time and I wanted to give her a try. THe first few episodes were fine but it went down hill afterward. Her lips movements (it is hard to explain but the lips seem to move inward toward the inside of the mouth) during her crying or sad scenes are what annoyed me. Sadly she did that a lot that I can’t help but get distracted. But that is not only reason I stop watching the drama, it is also the boring script that turns me away.

  55. They could have cast a talented unknown and it would still make money in Japan because of JGS’s popularity and YSH’s name value. I don’t know what strings SM pulled to get Yoona cast but every drama that company touches flops and I bet this one does too.
    Oh well, I really didn’t like the season dramas that much (too much unbelievable makjang elements) but I might have watched this for JGS. But now I’ll probably skip this.

  56. It was a struggle for me to watch Cinderella Man because of Yoona’s poor performance. It was a pain to watch her unable to emote the passion( falling in love & being in love) needed for the character she played. I was thrilled with JGS/HYJ OTP…with Yoona…what a waste. She should be given simple support character for experience.

  57. Hope this is not considered bashing but IMHO, the Lady is not an actress material. She does not give life to the characters she performs (dry, boring ) Being non- Korean, I am actually surprised that she is quite popular in Korea ’cause even as a singer & dancer -she’s mediocre at best! A product of a smart “management team”.

  58. I hope there is no rumors and people creating page/website saying about Geun Suk and YoonA is whatever good or great couple and posting photos about proof saying they dating or what after this drama.

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