Roy Qiu Hits Career High and Celebrates 30th Birthday with the Cast of Office Girls

Of all the three leading men in the heated Sunday night competition in Taiwan dramas, it’s hands down Roy Qiu that’s getting the most career boost out of his role as bottom-dwelling chaebol heir Qin Zi Qi in Office Girls. Peter Ho is gasp-inducing and sublime in Ring Ring Bell and Bolin Chen is understated and a perfect foil to Ariel Lin in In Time With You, but neither is garnering anywhere near the level of media adoration as Roy. Which is about time, I say! Roy’s not a newbie by any measure of acting or singing, but when he hit a career lull back in 2005 he decided to go serve his military duty for 2 years. Now that a huge group of leading men are about to be conscripted, I’m thrilled the TW-landscape has added Roy as a certifiable leading man.

The cast and crew celebrated his 30th birthday on set this week, and the media went atwitter with the very public displays of affection between Roy and his costar Alice Ke. It’s all for show, of course, with the OG leads really knowing how to keep the interest level high for their drama. Even the media isn’t really buying the possibility of a RL romance between Alice and Roy, since his last two girlfriends were of the very cute type. In fact, for Roy and Rainie Yang, their years long relationship early in their careers remains something both consider the most intense and unforgettable in their dating history.

While Alice and Roy have a wonderfully breezy and rat-a-tat chemistry onscreen, I can’t see them becoming a couple in real life. Neither seem like each other’s types. But I still love it when they act lovey dovey for the media, because who doesn’t love fan service. Roy is currently so red hot that Japan has just acquired the rights to broadcast OG and he’s headed there at the end of the month for promotional activities.

It’s pretty ironic that Roy’s drama followed his ex-girlfriend Rainie Yang’s drama Drunken to Love You. At the press conference for OG, Roy was of course asked about Rainie, and he complimented her on her acting prowess and said that when he watches her onscreen now, he feels like a viewer and she seems like a star. Rainie and Roy dated for quite some time during the early days when they both debuted. I’d say Rainie was about 19-20 back then, and from all accounts it was a very intense relationship. Rainie admitted years later that she loved Roy so much, and she was so young, that she tried her best to transform herself into whatever she thought he wanted. Since Roy is quite literary and loved to read, Rainie tried to develop that interest. But in the end, it just didn’t work out because they were so different.

Rainie said in an interview back in 2008 that the break up just devastated her. She sent him a text that she didn’t think it was working and they needed a break. He responded two weeks later asking to meet. She thought he used the break to decided they should give it another go, only for Roy to say that he agreed with her text that they should break up. To this day, Rainie says Roy was the ex-boyfriend who hurt her the most, but she concedes it was because she was so young and so madly in love with him. Awwww, Rainie, you need to love to learn. Anyhoo, that was just some random Roy-Rainie history I wanted to share.

Rainie and Roy are really very similar in temperaments, and both constantly have media speculation around them dating their co-star. Roy has also dated Chen Qiao En, but from all accounts that was more of a casual relationship for both of them. Roy told the press at the OG press conference that there is a TW-actress he has a secret crush on, she’s of the cute variety and currently single. He still hasn’t told her how he feels because he’s not sure the time is right. The media has narrowed down the suspect to Amber Kuo, but Roy won’t confirm it. Oh Roy, you are such a wily fox. I doubt he really has a crush on anyone, but that was a great way to get some juice going before his new drama premieres.


Roy Qiu Hits Career High and Celebrates 30th Birthday with the Cast of Office Girls — 33 Comments

  1. Yay, I’m so glad 2011 is turning out to be such a good year for Roy. With all the work he put in, he definitely deserves it. I’m totally excited about him going to Japan for promotions, even though he’s going to be speaking Japanese and I won’t be able to understand a word. He’s just so engaging and hot in promotions. Heck, he’s hot anytime, but he was super-hot when he wore really nice suits for the My Daughter and Unbeatable press conferences.

    I’d heard about the Roy/Rainie relationship, but never knew much about it, so thanks for sharing! I hope they resolved things with each other, and I’m glad Rainie is able to look back at it all without being bitter.

  2. Would just like to say how much I like Roy with shorter hair. Makes him look more manly and brings out his features. To be honest I actually started noticing him in a mainland drama Unbeatable when he started sporting short hair. First time I thought a guy in a police uniform could look so good.

  3. Absolutely love Roy!…and currently way too obsessed! 🙂

    I watched the horror that was “Woody Sambo” cuz he was in it, but even then he wasn’t in it much. Did not like the main actor, Nicholas Teo at all…

    Anyhoo, my sister got me hooked on “Love Awakens”/”Waking Love Up” and it’s a remake of “Prince Turns Into a Frog” (never saw that one)…but it’s so good! He has amazing chemistry with Tang Yan (they were in “Xia Sisters” together too) and she seems to be the cute type, so I think they would actually date in real life.

    Roy looks so much better with short hair…and in the left pic of him (w/ long hair) & Rainie, he kinda looks like Ambrose Hsu…

    • Second the Tang Yan shipping. Usually don’t like cutsey types ( hence never really liked Rainie). But there’s something so likable about Roy/tang Yan. Watching “waking love up” now…

      • Hehe, thirding the Roy/Tang Yan ship. I hope they have another project together soon and that they get married. You’d think I’d be satisfied with their doing three dramas together this year, but nope, I want more. xP

      • I forth the ship lol. Even though they weren’t romantically linked in “unbeatable” I kept wishing they would be. Though the thing I like about Tangyan is that though she does cutsey, she can easily do fierce as well.

    • omg! i just finished watching “love awakens”
      those two have a lot of chemistry…they should totally go out!
      @ockoala can u consider recapping this series? also, what is roy’s next project?

  4. whew! i never heard about Roy and Rainie but i think they are cute couple but i’m Joe Chen and Roy shipping team. I really loved them in “Girl in Blue” they good looking together.

  5. oh Roy, where have you been all my life? I am so ashamed to admit that I’ve only discovered him recently. He’s fantastic in Office Girls, even though I’m starting to loose a little bit of interest in the drama, I still adore him and his character. He reminds me of Blue Lan, acting-wise, but with more warmth and heart. gah he’s just so cute, no wonder Rainie loved him so much.

  6. Rainie is super adorable….. He’s Hawt !!!!!!!! So SAD their relationship ended. 🙁 does anyone know who she’s dating right now ????? V

  7. Thanks for this post!! Roy has definitely grown on me in the years. I remember when he was dating Rainie… I thought they were a good match but they were really young then. He definitely looks much better IMO with the short hair. I haven’t seen him in any of his cdramas, but I’m pretty happy with what I’ve seen in him through twdramas. I’m so happy that he got this lead role! I’m honestly not all that convinced with the XR-ZQ coupling since XR is soo plain and normal – I’m not seeing passion yet but I will get there. 🙂

    Wishing him all the best! I do think that the cutesy girls really match him better. But what do I know.

  8. OMG i cant believe he is 30 already!

    He is such a perfect face of TW 😀 Actually i am glad that you mentioned about him and Rainie cuz I was wondering, thanks unnie! Actually they really matched together :((

    btw i really got addicted to OG cuz of Roy but somehow i couldnt come to like the female lead as beauty-wise. Actually i am not into overly pretty female leads and it would make me repel either but this time i couldnt find Alice lovable so i am a little unhappy but i am loving the drama so far:D so thanks for introducing such a drama to us Unnie!

  9. Whoa I never realized that Roy was the guy Rainie dated back then! I’ve definitely seen those pics before but never connected the two! I only knew he dated Chen QIao En, but was upset because I was still shipping her with Ming Dao after the Prince Turns Frog drama.

    I really want Roy and Alice to be a real couple, though their chemistry is definitely co-worker-esque (maybe that is why they’re so good in this office rom-com). Maybe it could be one of those stories where the guy goes for one type and then ends up falling in love with someone completely not his type? Or they could totally be one of those romantic couples who seem more platonic (like the characters of Nanhee and Hyung-tae in 9 end 2 outs who were BFFs first)

  10. omg! thx for introducing me to office girls
    it’s very realistic for a drama
    and roy is so hot in it
    i hope his next project is going to be ancient series, he looks so hot in costume in Liao Zai 3

  11. I admire Roy when he was the second lead of EHFL. He’s super handsome there plus the acting points. He deserves to be one of the hottest male actor in TW. I’m happy that he is now the lead in OG and C-dramas. He’s so hot and seems he’s a quite type. And for Roy and Rainie’s romance I never heard about it until i read this blog. Thank you unnie Ockoala for sharing! I think it’s awesome if R & R make a drama together.

  12. I wish Roy and Rainie will cast in another drama. I bet it will be amazing!!!! I also hope they can become couple again. They look really great together!! I hope both of them will still have feelings for each other. Wish them well and all the best!

  13. Raine was the one who wanted to take a break… She TEX him. Really? OMG. She shouldn’t have been shock if Roy agreed that things weren’t working out… She must’ve regretted taking a break. OH WELL. Roy is a hottie. He gets all the pretty girls. He’s currently single right now. Who would be the next lucky girl for him to fall in love with? Hmmm. (:

  14. Long hair or short…Roy is hot <3 my fave actress to play with him was Chen Qiao En but that probably because i just adore her.

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