Written and Video Preview for Episode 7 of Man of Honor

I’m glad that the plot of Man of Honor is finally headed towards Geodae, the company formerly belonging to Jae In’s deceased father and stolen by In Woo’s shady daddy. The baseball stuff was adorable, but it clearly was a stand-in for the real battle to come between Young Kwang and In Woo. Jae In is so clearly going to be a major escalating conflict point for both guys as well, and a compelling love triangle done right always gets me excited.

Wild horses can’t drag me away from the Young Kwang-Jae In ship, but In Woo is sufficiently screwed up I want to watch his maturation and breakthrough with the help of Jae In. The impossible-to-read Young Do and his motives keep me on my toes, with In Chul and Kyung Joo’s secret relationship and plotting the third mystery within the mystery, so the story had so many layers that I can’t wait to watch it being peeled back one after another.

Written preview for episode 7:

To Jae In, who was hired by In Chul to be his personal nurse, In Woo’s sole requirement in accepting her presence is for her to submit her application to Geodae along with him. Young Kwang needs to earn back the money to repay Jae In, so he submits his application to Geodae as well. After many twists and turns, these three people take the first steps forward at Geodae. Waiting for them is Heo Young Do and his mysterious team, and the tests they have prepared…….

Episode 7 video preview:



Written and Video Preview for Episode 7 of Man of Honor — 11 Comments

  1. i have read so many reviews on this drama here …n still i am renderin as to ‘should i watch it?????’ to be honest the only thing that repels me frm this drama is the girl……
    hate her…neva liked her …..she was also the reason i didnt go near City Hunter 🙁
    pls make me watch this i loooooooooooveeeee Pie n its really becomin hard for me to jus survive on his pics that u reward us with ur reviews koala!!!!!!! 😀

  2. this drama is getting sooo good that i wish its Wednesday/ Thursday everyday!!!! ahhhhh
    i simply love the drama to bits and I enjoy the 2 main leads as well… CJM is amazing as always and PMY is equally wonderful… 🙂

  3. Actually, I dont like if the baseball thing is over, come on, guys were training for 3 months every day for few short scenes?!! =((( if someone watched WGM with JangWoo you could see his pretty bad callosity which appeared out of his intense training.

    so yeah, I want more baseball!

  4. Thanks so much Koala for recapping this drama. I really appreciate it. This drama is amazing, it is very entertaining, I agree it has many layers and I am intrigued. Congrats about making the 10 million hits, that speaks volume to how influential your writing is. You have me logging onto your site everyday curious and eager to read what you have written.

    Thanks and congrats!

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