Video Preview for Episode 12 of Office Girls

You know who I relate to the most watching Office Girls? I feel like I am Mama Shen, watching and prodding my two kids Zi Qi and Xing Ren to get together and be happy. This drama has turned us all into Mama Shen, hiding around the corner and peeking at Zi Qi putting Xing Ren’s head on his shoulder because she’s sad and telling her that she can borrow his shoulder for a bit.

I feel as proud as Mama must feel to see these two take their first tentative steps in love. I started tearing up with happiness when I watched the preview for episode 12. And episode 11 was awesome enough as is. Enjoy this OG appetizer (preview for episode 12 plus with my translation of the dialogue) til the recap main course comes along. This drama is so good I have to pinch myself to believe it.

Preview for episode 12:

Zi Qi to Xing Ren: I know I approached Kai Er first, but I’ve already told her…

Xing Ren to Zi Qi: I believe you.

Le Le to Xing Ren: Shen Xing Ren! You can’t be having a relationship with Qin Zi Qi, are you? That’s so incredible!

Mina to Yu Cheng Feng: I don’t want the PB booth space anymore, I’m giving it back to you. I agree to have the Yu Cheng Feng brand placed in another booth (at the department store). But the entire placement and design must be handled by Shen Xing Ren.

Stallone to Mama Shen: It’s so rare to have you here (in Taipei), Mama Shen. Your son-in-law (pointing to Zi Qi) should take you two (Mama and Xing Ren) out for a nice meal. What do you think?

Mama Shen: Mom will take the MRT there, why don’t you two ride the scooter and meet me.

Zi Qi (talking in a funny stuffed animal voice): Shen Xing Ren, I’ve discovered Qin Zi Qi is a genuinely good person. Sincere, down-to-earth, and hard working. Tall, well-built, and good looking. If you let him pass you by, be forewarned that you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

Xing Ren: Hi, Qin Zi Qi, good night.

Zi Qi watches the video and smiles.

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Video Preview for Episode 12 of Office Girls — 26 Comments

  1. Gosh, I can’t get enough of them!! Can’t wait to read your recap from today’s episode! Super excited for next week!! Why can’t everyday be sunday… =/

  2. OMG video messaging!!!!!!!! these guys are so sweet:D

    Zi Qi could be my favorite chaebol son, because even at first he didnt want to accept the choice of his father, he obediently accepted it and yet he didnt try so much to not to adapt that life (compare him to the guy that LSG played in Shining inheritance), he let the his situation with everything to go with the flow:D so i really liked his adaptive nature:D and he is not a jerk yet very humorous and sweet (this is for the character ) , and i am not even counting the Roy (handsomeness/awesomeness) effect when i am saying this:D with Roy effect we have found our guy:DDD

  3. me too…for once there is a taiwanese drama that makes me crazy and be all hyped up and giggly….like a silly girl……. OG has done it for me n i hope there are more cumin up which wiull totally make taiwanese drama-watching dominance from all the other dramas that i watch
    😛 :* thks for the review koala ……………………. it jus adds to all the goodies OG already gives me 😉

  4. Oh my, I had such a goofy grin on my face during this entire episode. Loved Shen Mama’s random appearance and her blatant shipping of Ziqi/Xingren. And I definitely laughed during the Harry Potter reference and tribute to Autumn’s Concerto.

    • OMG, I know! As soon as Autumn’s Concerto was played, I was laughing my head off. Stallone trying to pull the same trick as Van Ness Wu, how much more awesome can this get? I’m remember how touchingly romantic that moment was for AC, and i can’t get the fact Stallone and Lele is absolutely hilarious out in the elevator….

      oh, and the HP reference is just pure frosting on top of a very delicious cake. bonus, bonus point. and bravo to Roy for saying all his lines with such a straight face like he’s just thought of those witty one liners. Voldy, your magic knows no bounds.

  5. thanks so much ockoala!!! 🙂

    looking forward to the recap. i keep on grinning not understanding a thing. i wish the subs would be as fast as your written preview. i just know zi qi made a good move tonight. so excited with ep 12 but that would be like 6 days to go…

  6. I love this drama! OMG I’m watching ep 11 for the third time today. They have amazing chemistry! I agree with you on the viewers being Shen mama. I totally felt her disappointment when that fox lady showed up! Squeal*** I’m giggling just thinking about today’s episode and the preview. Even their BTSs are awesome. hehehe Sunday is an awesome day in Taiwan entertainment. I don’t even have the slightest urge to watch K-dramas anymore.

  7. Zi Qi and Xing Ren are just too cute for words. I can’t believe I have to wait until Sunday comes again.
    Now I can say that I’m totally hooked by OG. I started this drama with no expectation whatsoever, with the initial intention to satisfy my curiosity hearing about how OG is so popular in Taiwan and… Roy.
    I can’t wait to read the full recap of episode 11, another awesome episode.

  8. I think I’m more of a Stallone. =P

    I love this drama so much. I leave each episode and preview with a smile on my face. i think Zi Qi has made it to being my taiwan drama favorite hero of all time.

  9. episode 11 was just soooooo funny, i love this show more and more every single day. how can Zi Qi Roy Qiu be so handsome and good looking and hot and attractive, lol. i am falling for Zi Qi Roy Qiu. lol. Xing Ren looks better with her hair down =)

  10. YES! Finally they are dating!!! I can’t wait! Let’s hope the annoying Kai Er won’t disturb our favorite couple! I hate it when the couple gets together at the end of the drama after 10 episodes of misunderstanding. -_- I’m like “please at least give the viewers some sweet moments of dating!!!”

    Today’s episode was so funny and cute! Looking forward to reading your recap!

  11. probably the most realistic drama out there
    pretty funny how stallone likes le le 0_0
    the autumn’s concerto part was unexpected!

  12. love this drama so much! this episode was hilarious! (they all are, but today’s especially) hahaha and was anyone else caught off guard by the big slap in the face after the kiss? LOL way to ruin the moment, but it was pretty funny…can’t wait for next week’s episode! 😀

    • I was like… WTH… why slap such a pretty face! But then realistically, I would probably have done the same, maybe not slap, but pushed the guy away.

  13. Koala, office girls is the best gift you have given me.. I never really watch Taiwanese dramas (despite being Taiwanese myself) but it was after ur awesome recaps on Bu Bu Jing Xin that I decided to give the other dramas you recommend a chance. Protect the Boss (except the ending SIGH) and Office Girls are both dramas that I adoreeeeeeeee! I find that we have very similiar tastes haha, thanks again!

  14. hwaaaaa…..couple doll
    can’t wait to see the camera panning on those couple doll sitting side by side
    aarrghhh…..sunday is so faaaaaarrrrr away

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