Download Link for Latest Album from Nicholas Teo and MV for TW-airing of Lie to Me

Today I started looking for Nicky’s latest album released back in September, only to randomly discover the confluence of two of things I hold near and dear. Nicholas Teo is one of my favorite Taiwan singers (though he’s originally from Malaysia). He’s not called The Prince of Ballads for nothing, and as a singer his voice, pitch, and emotion are spectacular. As an actor, I like Nicholas more than I like any of his projects, despite everyone telling me to get over my Cyndi Wang aversion and just watch Smiling Pasta.

So I finally downloaded the entire album to listen. Not surprising, it is just gorgeous and beautiful. Even better? One of his singles is the official ending theme song for the TW-airing of Lie to Me (which has been named Sweet Lies). Below I’ve linked to the TW-version MV of LTM set to Nicky’s “Why Am I Crying”, as well as provided a download link for Nicky’s entire album titled “Don’t Disturb Love Again” (Chinese title 別再驚動愛情). I’ve watched the TW-version LTM MV on repeat today, reminding me of just how much I miss Ah Jung and Ki Joon, and how brilliant it was to set their love story to a Nicky ballad. The man makes love sound good.

Download for Nicolas Teo’s latest album here (fileserve zip folder).

Title Tracks:

01.別再驚動愛情 – Don’t Disturb Love Again
02.不多- Not Much
03.怎麼會哭 – Why Am I Crying?
04.被幸福追著跑 – Being Chased by Happiness
05.天敵 – Natural Enemies
06.鐘擺人 – Clock Pendulum
07.寂寞成自然 – Loneliness Becomes Nature
08.曬乾悲傷 – Drying Out Sadness
09.世界上最愛你的人 – The One Who Loves You Most in the World
10.給朋友的話 – Words to a Friend

Nicolas’ “Why Am I Crying” – MV of the Ending Theme of TW-airing of Lie to Me (Sweet Lies):

This MV is so insanely good. It’s like the best of LTM smushed into one perfect MV. God, I miss LTM!


Download Link for Latest Album from Nicholas Teo and MV for TW-airing of Lie to Me — 16 Comments

  1. Oh my… Nicky does make love sound good, AJ and KJ do make love sooo sweet and exhilarating…

    This MV takes me back to spring time this year, when I was introduced and taken into AJ and KJ world, where their love was blooming and filling the air… Now, it’s autumn, I want to walk down their Cherry blossoms lane again and sit down in that memorable bench, watching the leaves fall one by one…

    Would I see them again there walking hand in hand? I do hope so… I want to experience the feeling of falling in love again, with them…

    Thanks for reminds me of this beautiful memory K! I miss them so much…

  2. Ms. K – me, too missing Lie to Me so much ……….. anyway, will be shown here in the Phils. thru local channel GMA-7 on Nov. 28, 2011 so i will be seeing them again soon ………..

    Even though i can’t understand the lyrics, Nicholas Teo was indeed very good. its the first time i heard him. super like his voice.

  3. Thanks so much for the DL link, jie jie! Listening to his ballads soothes me on a stressful, chaotic day like today. *feels better already*

    Nicholas Teo’s just so sweet and even if he totally sucks in an acting project, it’s hard to hate him. He’s just absolutely adorable. I liked him a lot in Smiling Pasta (and missed the chance to eat at the restaurant where it was filmed this past summer! wahh!), even when Cyndi was such a horrible actress. His Little Turtle song from that drama remains to be one of my favorite OST tracks to this day. His voice is just divine. ♥

    • this brings back the memories of my brief entanglement with Nicolas Teo fangirlism…I surfed the net for the Smiling Pasta OST esp the Turtle Song and the song that his “brother” played on their show down, plus filled up my phone with Nicolas Teo wallpapers. I don’t listen much to his songs nowadays but I think I still have them stored on my phone.

      Back then I wasn’t that disturbed Cyndi Wang’s cutesy nasal voice and acting like a martyr and not fighting back. However, this is one of the dramas that I don’t think I can stomach rewatching without hitting the FF button.

  4. the DL link is blocked in HK 🙁 , ohh….but I will find it from other sources, thanks Ms K for sharing the MV….miss LTM so much, will I ever recover???

    May be until I get myself a copy of the Director’s Cut DVD, keeping my faith for it to be released.

    p.s. ermm….there is no official song for LTM Cantonese dubbed version yet

  5. Oh my…it does bring back memories. I am forever a Hwan Hye shipper, even if they do not end up together for real, I will always have LTM to look back on. Hehehe…LTM reduced me into a very emotional, Austen-quoting fangirl…and I revelled in it. Thanks Captain…

  6. This is my first time listen to Nicholas Teo song..don’t understand what the meaning of the song but he has great voice, i can catch the sadly feeling from his voice..
    And for me “Amutgodo” is still the best hehe..

  7. yay, i’m sooo glad to see another nicholas fan, i adore him to bits and lol have all of his albums, he’s so cute esp on variety shows where he has to act spontaneously and has this slightly befuddled look XD but yah love this album, his voice is just so swoony…..

  8. ummmm….I wouldn’t recommend Smiling Pasta…yes, he is sweet but I find the plot really dumb and Cindy is bad (but she isn’t event the worst part of the drama)…..but I love this song!!!!!

  9. Oh my I love so much Nicky, he’s so cute and his voice my god…. Maybe I’m the only person in the world who loves SP, was my first Taiwanese drama, I’ve seen three times ^ ^

  10. i love nicky songs, esp his OST and LTM!! omo, brings back all memories
    wish him all the best.. ^^

    greetings from malaysia fans *waves* lol

  11. I adore Nicholas Teo and it’s a shame he’s not more popular – he just seems to be overlooked on all the forums/blogs. I also loved him in Smiling Pasta – too bad his other dramas aren’t subbed (or at least completed, since Invincible is mostly subbed). This latest album was great – he’s really got a voice I could listen to all day…

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