Park Bo Young is Fresh and Quirky for Elle Girl Korea

One of my favorite young actresses in Korea is Park Bo Young, having won me over wholeheartedly with her one performance in Speedy Scandal. She is quirky and adorable, steely and vulnerable, pretty but not plastic. In short, her talent is Moon Geun Young-esque, with a dash of Im Soo Jung‘s oddball quality. She did a pictorial for Elle Girl Korea earlier this year that recently came to my attention, and I adore it to pieces. I feel like the concept captures her youthfulness and adds the right dash of whimsy and striking visual style, with the black backdrop a perfect contrast to her carrot top hair. These pictures have a starry starry night crossed with a wonderland vibe. Sometimes I wish I can get away from it all myself and dive down a rabbit hole. And whatever odd outfits she’s sporting, Park Bo Young manages to make it look cute on her. That is some talent indeed.


Park Bo Young is Fresh and Quirky for Elle Girl Korea — 5 Comments

  1. Such a fun shoot. It’s kind of creepy. When I saw the top half of the picture of her holding the bag of goldfish I was totally expecting something creepy to be in the bag like guts or a severed head. I was kind of disappointed by the goldfish.

  2. This is totally unrelated to the above post. Dearest Koala, I wonder whether you have watched the latest episode of “In Time with You”? Finally, the cat is out of the bag! I have been feeling irritated for quite awhile over several episodes hearing YQ whined and all. Feeling like needing to kick DR in the butt to get him to move and confess or move on (obviously he is beyond moving on, he is fixated). But the recent few episodes made me see things in a different light and I am hoping to read your views (Forgive me for being presumptuous). Please post a short insight or any resonance to the current episode if u have any. Thanks. : )

  3. Honestly, i dont know much about her (i didn’t watch her dramas/movies) but i’ve seen her in MV of idol group B2st and singer IU… All i know is that she’s been paired up with Song Joong-Ki (giggles)…But the way you praises her makes me more curious about her…..she’s beautiful no doubt about that…. thanks Ockoala Unni….DAEBAK!!!!^^”’^^^

  4. These are my favorite pictures I have ever seen from a magazine?! They are so good! I love how they used a black background and then had her with her red hair in light colors!!! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂 I can’t stop looking at them… lol ^^

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