The Cast of Full House: Take 2 Holds Press Conference in Japan

The cast of Full House: Take 2 is currently filming in Japan, and yesterday the production held a press conference for the Japanese media. I really have nothing to say on the fashion aesthetic of this drama anymore. This is a case where a picture is worth a thousand words, or a thousand “what the bleeping bleep is going on?” I genuinely like this cast way more than the original, and the source manhwa was cute when I read it years ago, with a concept that I liked better than the execution. So I’m not dissing this drama because I dislike it, I’m writing about it because I’m predisposed to like it, ergo how badly the drama appears to flail on the “easy on the eyes” department is what’s making me chortle week in and week out. This is like a train wreck, but no one gets hurt other than some diehard fans. But considering I made fun of the styling in Mary Stayed Out All Night before its premiere and ended up loving that drama to pieces, perhaps I’ll start getting my crow ready to eat come next March.

No Min Woo, I feel really really bad for you. I genuinely want to offer my condolences to whatever it is that used to be your hair, because now it’s quite possibly a deceased animal perched on your head.


The Cast of Full House: Take 2 Holds Press Conference in Japan — 32 Comments

  1. I like how you post these photos as if they were a road side accident.
    Sooo don’t need to see them, but I cannot look away…


    I guess it makes sense now why PKW had that strange do on M2F. It looked like a wig to me.

    • hahahahahha, i thought i’m the only one being othered by their hair.
      so distracting! what are they.?
      HJE is playing Galema?
      park ki woong, too much blonde, it doesn’t suit him.
      and no win woo… woah, it hurts my eyes.

      • ooohhhh…… noooohhhh…… No Win Woo what’s with the hair?
        maybe all of you are not friends with the stylist in this series. he, he, he , he. . . . hhhaaaeeerrrkkk. . . . . hhhaaaeeerrrkkk . . . . .hhhaaaeeerrrkkk . . . . .

      • The hair is a fright. Poor Park Ki Woong is the leat scary because he doesn’t have the frizz mess with bad dye job.

  2. I can’t say that No Min Woo’s hair looks good, but it frames his face to look even smaller than it is- as we know in Korea is a big thing to have a small face…. specially when you have 184 cm and you are a rising star. I liked more his airport hair and fashion except the huge glasses… – with them he looks like my childhood friend Teo – the naughtiest boy ever, when he is more serious than jokester

  3. Urgh! Worst head-to-toe fashion ever! Or at least a very serious top contender for that title. This will sound superficial, but I don’t think I’ll be able to tolerate seeing something so utterly unflattering on my screen for 16 hours <___< I've been in a drama lull lately and those promo pics are not helping at all. The original Full House is one of the first korean dramas I watched so it holds a special place, but I wouldn't try to rewatch it. Best to let it stay in my fuzzy memory. But since this "sequel" is pretty much re-using the same formula, I wasn't very interested to begin and I'm even less interested now. Will have to look elsewhere for the revival of my drama interest… maybe the upcoming What's Up and Skip Beat will do trick!

  4. I really can’t decide which of them is worse. Seriously but then again Bi’s stylist was probably on something illegal during Full House but I ended up loving the drama.

  5. Cast with the worst hair and clothes… ever? Mary Stayed Out All Night had the cast looking like hobos, but I still thought they looked like cute hobos. On the other hand, Full House 2… erm… Park Ki Woong is okay. I can deal with the blonde hair. However, Hwang Jung Eum and Noh Min Woo… OMG The hair really ruins it for me. Furthermore, the first drama was okay to a certain point, but I never finished it. I wish this cast was for a different drama. I’ll probably still tune in, but I fear the hair and styling will make me want to delete any episodes as soon as I start watching lol

  6. LOL.. omg the hair! I cracked up laughing at your comment about No Min Woo’s hair. It is quite possibly worse than Yoon Shi-yoon’s hair in Me Too, Flower.

  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOO the HAIR!!!!!…I totally get the MM3 reference, but their style compare to this was “normal” at least JGS hair had a life on its is DEAD!!!!

  8. really…how can No Min Woo look in the mirror before going out with THIS godforsaken perm and say to him self “Damn I look good!”

    and should i start calling HJE..ajumma?!?!

  9. We can all agree that the hair is godawful (but perhaps they’re trying to have that manga-esque look?) but why the heck are they having the press conference in japan? I don’t for the life of me remember having them hold it in Korea first. Maybe they know they’re scaring the korean viewers away with those flamboyant hairstyles they have to go to japan to find a niche lol (didn’t they sell rights to broadcast in japan?)

  10. I just… feel bad for everyone involved in this. Whatever it ends up being, there is no arguing that this will be the drama with worst hairstyles for both leads.

    • LMAOOO@Dee Snider right on! btw I don’t want to sound like a pervert, hey maybe I am, but Min Woo crotch is showing on the first pic, man I missed his Gothic style ..

  11. It takes real determination to make No Min Woo look like a tranny. Let’s not even talk about the poodle on the poor girl’s head. So hats off to the stylist, you have succeeded turning beautiful individuals into a hot mess.

  12. The girl’s hair looks like a wig^^. No Min Woo’s hair isn’t that bad. But the close up really looks strange. Overall though, he looks like Yoshiki of X-Japan , more so here since the hair channels Yoshiki’s hairstyle 10 years ago. Since they’re targeting the japanese market, the styling makes sense…not saying that it’s the best, but I don’t think it’s that bad. Ditto M3’s fashion styles.

  13. The guy can pass (only by a nanometer) but the girl! What happened to long luscious locks girls pour their heart into? It’s horrible..she is pretty but the hair dominates all of her appearance and all I can think of now is a bowl of noodles.

  14. OMG, NMW, i hardly recognized you!
    what’s up with the hair in the cast? horrible. i hope they don’t look this way all throughout the drama… it will be so hard for me to watch them with that kind of hair.

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