Second Trailer Released for Black and White the Movie

You can call me a hater, or just annoyed my Zai Zai isn’t in this thing so I’m slapping on the pre-release critical eye, but I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m one of the biggest fans of Black & White the drama out there. So when every little tidbit I’ve seen about the upcoming B&W movie makes me shake my head, it isn’t just because Pi Zi is not in this sucker. Well, okay, I concede some of my dissonance is caused by seeing Ying Xiong jumping around and shooting at shit, without Pi Zi as his foil. Making B&W the movie without Pi Zi is like making 24 the movie without Jack Bauer.

The second trailer just dropped, with the movie coming out in early January 2012. This is clearly set prior to the time period of B&W the drama, as evidenced by dead people being not so dead yet. I like the trailer, I like the action component, but it feels slick and soulless, like every action shoot ’em up out there, without that emotional connection the universe of B&W created. I also don’t see Lan Xi Ying around, so we’re missing the heart and the brains from the drama, tho emo-kickass Chen Ling does make me happy. Whether it does well at the box office will determine if the other two scheduled movies will be made. Who knows, maybe Zai Zai will come back for those.

Second trailer for B&W the movie:


Second Trailer Released for Black and White the Movie — 8 Comments

  1. Well, at least there’s a bit more of a plot in this trailer than in the previous one… not that that’s saying much. And I just realized that even though Ivy is in this, she most likely won’t be having any scenes with Mark. *siigh* Anyhow, looks like this’ll be a good action/thriller flick, but not much else.

  2. wtf… im confused…
    i loved the drama but idk about the movie…
    ps is peter ho in this? i thought i heard his voice… at 0:47?

  3. Just a few very petty complaints: “Angelababy” should not be a person’s name. And Mark should not have that short haircut. No no no.

    Pretty, but like you said, unni, slick and soulless. Too bad. I loved Black&White the drama.

    • Awww, don’t be sad dongsaeng. I don’t think Angelababy would understand even if you explained to her why her name is just FAIL, so let her be.

      How’s this hair for ya? Plus, Alice and Ethan says hi, too. I love this pic bc Mark and Ethan are so tall you can see Alice is standing on a ledge AND she’s wearing 4 inch heels just to be on the same level as them. Cuuuute.

  4. awesome trailer I’m seeing a different Ivy here and I have so much confidence in Ivy as a versatile actress, but if Pi Zi was here it would have been a Rush Hour Taiwan Movie (Balance funny and action packed)….I can see a more action packed movie rather than a midium chick romantic comedy LOL….I wonder why it’s called Black and White without Pi Zi….? I love Ivy Chen in a movie where she played deaf….I have my fave right….I’m hoping to a second one with Pi Zi

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