GTV Solicits Fan Vote for the Official Skip Beat Poster

Just three weeks out from the premiere of what might be the crackiest drama to come along in a good long while, GTV is ramping up its promotions for Skip Beat, which will take over the time slot soon to be vacated by In Time With You. The network is holding a fan vote for which among four posters will be selected as the official drama poster, and votes will be entered into a drawing for prizes to be held on December 13th (no, the prizes do not include Choi Siwon or Lee Donghae). Like with the first batch of posters, I am in lovelustawe with how gorgeous AND plot-illuminating these posters are.

I’m twitching already because I need this drama like NOW. For the poster above, the description is thus: “The legs are fighting for fame and power, but when the spotlight shines, all the anger and hate suddenly disappear, leaving only extravagant star power. Bu Puo Shan (Sho), Gong Xi (Kyoko), and Dun He Lian (Ren) – they are the most ideal professional entertainer.” Sigh, I’m going to be massively Sho-shipping in this drama it’s not funny. Even if he’s a jackass, he’s Kyoko’s personal jackass.

“Vowing to become the entertainment world’s shiniest star, with 70% hard work and determination, 30% natural talent, Gong Xi goes from Nobody to Somebody. Finally she presses ahead and arrives on life’s grandest red carpet.”

“Behind her right shoulder is the man she hates and has vowed revenge on, the idol stage’s newest star – Bu Puo Shan. To the left is the man who gradually gives her a renewed understanding of human emotions, the acting world’s biggest star – Dun He Lian. Sitting on the side of the streets, how will Gong Xi decide her own life and her own path?”

P.S. I love how she’s sitting closer to Sho but looking towards Ren. So apropos.

“Every girl dreams of turning from a Cinderella into a Princess, praying for a Prince Charming to come and rescue her from her dark world. Having spent twenty-some years as a Cinderella, Dun He Lian and Bu Puo Shan, who will be her Prince Charming? And who will be the Archangel pushing her into the depths of despair?”

Click here to vote at GTV’s Skip Beat website (you need to enter your name, cell, and email before pressing send). Which is your favorite? Mine’s a secret, hee.

Latest trailer for Skip Beat:

This trailer isn’t really new, as it includes only footage from the first trailer released back in June but repackaged with some booming voiceover. This is only worth watching because we hear the opening song from the drama called “Extravagant Solo” (華麗的獨秀) which will be sung by Super Junior-M.  Shit, how many hours is in three weeks?


GTV Solicits Fan Vote for the Official Skip Beat Poster — 51 Comments

    • Choi Siwon is Ren…the guy she will eventually end up with. At least thats where story was going when i stopped reading Skip Beat. But now in this line-up…Im so shipping the second lead 🙁 Sho maybe an ass, but Donghae is so cute!!!

  1. woohoo, can’t wait for Skip Beat! Don’t care anymore about who is playing who, just bring it, drama! The story is too awesome to be bothered by acting and other non-important things ;P
    All the posters are cute, but the second one is a bit bland and average…

    • Same, I like all of them except the second one.

      I’m totally psyched for the scenes with Kyoko in the chicken suit, talking to Ren xD

  2. Ahhhh… Ms Koala, the “crack” dealer… can I even say that? It’s a good thing! Thank you soo much for providing me with the information so I don’t have to search for it. I keep trying to stay away so that I won’t be longing for it like crazy. All I’ve been watching is historical dramas – both tw/c & k — so I’m itching for this one… k/tw – that rocks – I’m not sure what my expectations are… cause I’m not big on Siwon… but donghae looks fan-freaking-tastic. I do love Skip Beat so very happy this is going live action.

  3. The third expresses the essence of the entire story. I can’t help, but lol at their Chinese names. I’m so used to Kyoko, Ren, and Sho. Anything else seems weird. I think they could’ve done a better job at naming the characters. Phonetically, they’re entirely different. Maybe they have the same literal meaning…

    • The two males leads names are identical to their Japanese names, but simply pronounced in Chinese. No clue where Kyoko’s Chinese name came from, since it’s not derived from her Japanese name in any way.

      TW adaptations of mangas almost always keep the names the same but just pronounce it in Chinese.

      Like in Meteor Garden, everyone’s Chinese name was simply the character’s Japanese name pronounced in Chinese.

  4. Finally this drama is going to be aired ever since talk of the TV version first surfaced in 2008. Coming out from the hands of 豆导production team, I’m sure the quality of it is guaranteed to a certain degree. Just hoping that the dubbing of Siwon and Donghae won’t be too awkward. It’s a pity that the leads won’t be able to do much tv show promotion for this drama. I had been hoping that the three of them would at least be able to go onto one or two variety talk shows but I’m sure their schedules are all too packed for this end-of-year time.

  5. crap, i’m a sho x kyoko shipper already… just looking at the first poster and the trailer, i know i’m gonna feel disappointed when watching the drama because i honestly think kyoko and sho here have uber amazing chemistry… dec 18, come already!!! > < imma goin crazy!!

  6. Long time no see. 🙂

    I’m preparing myself to go back to the blogging world as Skip beat is about to air…
    As busy as I am, I CANT miss this, even if it ends up being crappy.
    (btw, to Itadakimasu if you’re still here… Um.. I’ll soon make my long overdue reply to our chatroom).

    And this vid has a new footage of Skip beat (the Kyouko spirits ^^)
    *prays for it not to be embedded*

  7. OMG, I am dying. I cannot wait to watch this. Skip Beat is like my favourite manga ever and SuJu is playing the lead men fighting over kyoko. So Happy 😀 I hope you recap it cuz I really enjoy your take on dramas and sadly I am not watching any of the dramas you are recapping right now.

  8. I loathed Sho in the manga – I never go for user jerks, but I must see Donghae is looking mighty fetching here. Ahhhh, the hardship 😉

  9. sigh looks like there many donghae fans here:) I will be shipping the first lead cos I’ve always liked Ren…. and Siwon hahahahahahahaha.

  10. I knew the boys had shot a drama in Taiwan, but I didn’t realize until a couple of weeks ago that it was Skip Beat. It’s ironic cause I just started reading this manga (my first one ever)! I am loving the manga so far so I’m SUPER excited for this.

  11. I wonder if they’re going to include Ren’s darker past as Kion (I’m not sure if the spelling is right, it’s been a while since I read it XD) in this drama? I mean, there are only so many chapters they can adapt. Not sure if I’m going to watch it yet, but it looks cute ^^ Is she not going to die her hair like Kyoko?

  12. Thanks for posters!
    I like all of them but the 1st and the 3d the most!
    Especially, the 3d one cuz it express Kyoko’s feelings – sitting besides Sho at first and moving towards Ren step by step 🙂
    As for the male main leads…well…I do like Siwon and Ren too much!
    I do like Donghae, but I don’t like Sho!
    So…Sorry…But I’m all for Siwon/Ren in this drama ^_^
    Besides, Siwon is really good actor, so I hope he will do great in Skip Beat!
    Can’t wait the 18th of December!!!!!

  13. i like the first and third posters. these simply show how the story will go. can’t wait to see Siwon’s new drama! the drama is gonna air the day after my exams so its like a party…so excited! 😀

  14. I like the 1st poster. It’s cheeky. I’m totally a Ren shipper (and Siwon fangirl). Sho is such an immature jerk. His fights with Kyoko is great for laughs but I can’t support him as the OTP

    • I would say, Sho doesn’t deserve Kyoko but Ren does!
      His feelings are real and strong!
      Sho just maybe tried to get back what he lost, that’s all! This is not love but just his ego!
      Ren and Kyoko all the way 🙂

  15. Holy cow! I have totally forgotten about this drama. Although I’m not that much of a fan of taiwanese dramas, I was very excited when I first heard about this one. The story itself is well…too fairytale-ish, yet I love the main female character (have even seen some episodes of the anime). So I waited for Skip Beat to be released…and waited…and waited…and finally I kind of forgot to wait. But wow…this is actually going to happen? Nice…

    Oh and have to agree with you on that poster, where she is sitting closer to Bu Puo Shan/Sho yet staring at Ren/Dun He Lian. I love it too. It seems clever and completely suits with the theme of the show. The other two posters are more obvious and somewhat unorginal.

  16. i’m so excited about this!!! around 2 weeks left…the anticipation is killing me. btw, there’s been so much talk about the 2 male leads, but I was wondering if ivy chen could act out kyoko, so i did some research and found this video-
    for anyone who’s curious as well, please watch it too!
    now i’m sure she’ll be awesome as kyoko 🙂 yay!

    • Yeah! The video is great!!!
      Ivy is awesome! I think she’s ideal Kyoko!!!
      Moreover, I don’t really get why there are so few projects with her???
      She’s really remarkable actress!!!
      Hope after Skip Beat she’ll become superstar!!! Hahaha)))))

      • same! and i actually just started black and white, which ms.koala mentions every once in a while, and ivy’s one of the main characters, and her acting is great 🙂
        I’m excited to see her performance in skip beat ^^

  17. So happy to hear from a fellow Sho lover. I think he took her for granted but he realized what he lost and is doing his best to make up for it. How can we love JoonPyo and hate Sho they are essentially the same guy. Plus she changed into a whole new person nobody likes a pushover. . (ok I’m gonna stop be fore I start spoiling it for 1st timers).

    But I do have a reoccuring case of Second Lead syndrome so….

  18. The third poster is the most accurate in respect to the manga’s storyline visually ( the one containing the famous LoveMe overalls ^u^), but the second one has the most accurate tagline summary… torn… so torn…

    As much as I love Choi Siwon and Lee Donghae, I’m still wary of the casting and dubbing… Ivy Chen I will accept, but Siwon is very much unlike a Ren. The only things they have in common are black hair (which makes me wonder… how are they going to depict a blonde Ren? I really can’t imagine Siwon blonde… nevermind, I just googled blonde Siwon and I now feel scared ) and asian ancestry. Ren is supposed to be much taller (he’s got around half a foot over Sho) and he’s…. supposed to look different. In my opinion if you wanted to go with korean idols, Yunho from DBSK would be the best living match for Ren, with Jaejooong (from DBSK/JYJ) coming in second. Third would be Lee Joon from MBLAQ. Siwon doesna make the top three at all….

    On another note, I want to see if they will let Sho remain a visual kei artist, or if they will change that as well… Donghae as a visual kei rocker sounds very… interesting and appeals *u*

    With all that said and done, I’m still really excited over the drama, and I can hardly wait to watch it… if worst comes to worst I’m going to think of it as two different stories and continue to watch it.

  19. I’m excited for the drama to start!!!
    And i’m excited for koala’s recaps too!!
    I have been following your blog ever since the MSOAN days and I really like the way you write and put things to perspective. 🙂
    and i almost always agree to what you say/comment/rant about. Hahahaha.
    and gosh, it has been a year since MSOAN.

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