Lee Min Ho Holds First of a Series of Fan Meetings in China

Lee Min Ho, whose popularity shot up even more this year in China thanks to City Hunter, held a fan meeting in Shanghai this week that reportedly caused a traffic jams from the moment he arrived in the city and his fans started stalking him from the airport to the hotel and to the arena. Sometimes I wonder if I should get over my CH-drama aversion and just finish watching it since I know folks who loved it. But it’s a hurdle I can’t bridge after checking out two episodes and realizing it had nothing whatsoever to do with the CH manga of my youth by Tsukasa Hojo. I’ll just let everyone else love CH the K-drama while I happily enjoy rereading CH the manga, which was all sorts of horny sexy kickass goodness. As for Min Ho-shhi? He’s looking mighty fine for his fan meeting, which went by the playbook of all K-star fan meetings. Dance, sing, maybe play an instrument, interview, and play games with the audience. Bringing you pictures from his just completed Shanghai FM, but the other ones to be held shortly will be guaranteed to look the same.

Min Ho, descending from the Heavens to greet his faithful. Dressed inexplicably like a mugger or a new-age bicycle delivery boy.

Min Ho borrowing a page from the Michael Jackson dance manual.

Min Ho borrowing a page from the SNSD dance manual, which appears more up his alley. Do the pop thang, Min Ho! But please burn that outfit once these fan meetings are completed. I never ever want to see you dressed like a cross-dressing cop. Pants that tight is not good for your circulation.

When in China, do as the Chinese and…..carry a big fan? I’m already picturing Min Ho in a period C-drama where he plays a gentleman scholar. Yummy scholarly goodness.

Min Ho playing the piano. Always a heartfelt display whenever someone sits before the ivories.

Min Ho singing. I’m sure every screaming fan present was thinking to herself “he’s singing to ME…….swoon.” Hate to break it to those ladies, but he was probably singing to his girlfriend, and mentally sending her reminders to picture him when she’s getting kissed by PIE.

Min Ho doing some sort of GLEE-esque performance mixed with a jitterbug. It makes no sense but everyone appears to be having fun. Hurray for some joie de vivre on stage!

The remainder of the pictures are Min Ho getting interviewed and interacting with his audience. I LOVE his smile in the first interview picture above. I’m glad to see he’s been keeping busy with other activities since wrapping CH, which turned out to be a fabulous drama choice for him and a positive boost for his career. I’m looking forward to his next project, and I’m wondering if perhaps he’s ready for a Chungmuro offering instead of staying in Yeouido? I’m sure China is also enticing him. Right now the entertainment world is his oyster, and I hope he continues making savvy career moves.

[Credit: all pictures of the respective news agency as marked via Baidu Lee Min Ho bar]


Lee Min Ho Holds First of a Series of Fan Meetings in China — 24 Comments

  1. In the first pictures it looks like he’s dressed in character as Yoo-sung from City Hunter. He always wore something similar, with the black face mask, when he was beating up the bad guys.

    I was just thinking the other day how it’s strange we haven’t heard more about Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young in the media, what with her kissing another guy so recently. Usually the media’s all up in that, asking questions and “reporting” news of the couple.

  2. Thanks for the pictures. Love them and Minho 🙂
    You should watch City Hunter. Just forget that it’s an adaptation of our beloved manga and it will turn into awesome Kdrama 🙂

  3. CITY HUNTER in da house!!!!! omgggggggg **Hyperventilating** HE LOOKS MIGHT FINE!!! I’m so glad that he took some time off to rest and do other kinda smaller stuff like CF’S and Modeling. He looks so relax, approachable, goofy and just having a good time.

    I NEED City Hunter Season 2!!! **prays to all drama gods**…..

    thanks koala for the pics made my friday!!

    • ME TOO! ockoala, I haven’t read the original manga so I can’t speak for that, but if you watch it based on what it is alone and don’t consider it an adaptation, it’s really well done. Cinematography is amazing, chemistry is good, acting is amazing, and story is tight…Plus, I’m a sucker for vigilante-type superhero films so I loved it. And well, it’s LMH. What more can I say?

  4. I want a US Fan Meeting… Preferably NYC. Thank you LMH and other kdrama stars. Yours truely – your fans in the USA. 🙂

  5. “Pants that tight is not good for your circulation.”

    At least there’s a bulge in /his/ pants when they’re that tight, unlike when SHINee wears skinny jeans…not that I was looking. *shifty eyes*

  6. More like stripper cop. (Do you watch Castle, by any chance? That stripper cop episode made my week.)

    And bawww, he’s adorable even when he’s doing questionable MJ pelvic thrusts!

    • I don’t want to see him doing anything that can even remotely be described as “thrusting”.

      I need to watch more Castle, but I’m still on the Nathan Fillion = Mal4ever mode (Browncoat I am), so haven’t quite gotten the hang of him as anyone NOT named Mal just yet.

      When I watch Ringer I’m always like “just kick his ass Buffy, oops, Siobhan, errr….no Brigette”.

      • Nathan Fillion is actually subject to a lot of retroactive recognition from me. I watched him as Castle (who I love to pieces), then as Mal (who I am a bit scared of, honestly), and then I saw him in Waitress, which is pretty amazing movie and in which he is a giant asshole but with redeeming qualities. (Maybe.) He’s also the only reason I played Halo: ODST. Damn good game, too, even if XBox Live is a terrible place to be if you’re a female.

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