Wonderful Radio Releases Full Length Movie Trailer

Wonderful Radio with Lee Min Jung and Lee Jung Jin released it’s full length movie trailer this week. I still find it underwhelming solely based on the trailer, even if the cast seems like it’s having fun and creating great chemistry. While this is not Lee Min Jung’s fault, but her character comes as as annoyingly screechy from the trailer alone. I doubt I’ll be able to stomach her for the duration of the entire movie before she undergoes her inevitable transformation into a great DJ with empathy for her audience and guests. Lee Jung Jin is adorable though, even if his teeth in the above poster kinda blinds me. Heh. If there isn’t much competition in January, this movie might be a modest hit as a breezy and warm treat. I’d watch it for the fabulous supporting cast alone.

Full length trailer:


Teaser trailer with English subs:


Wonderful Radio Releases Full Length Movie Trailer — 11 Comments

  1. LOL I agree with sonia, LJM is amazing an the teaser awesome. I wish this was subbed fast so I can see it sooner. But the Kim Bum banner really made me smile, its from when he come to London, I recognize the bus ticket as a fellow London commuter !!!!

  2. Lee Min Jung is one of those actresses that I just adore… for no reason whatsoever. LOLOL I will probably end up watching this even if it is bad just for her. It helps that I also like Lee Jung Jin. Oh, and GWANG SOO. I love him! He’s so dorky. I love how his real life persona (at least from what I’ve seen in Running Man) is used in this movie. I’m not excited for the movie as a movie (plot seems whatever), but just to see the actors on my screen lol

  3. I think LMJ is adorable.. she should play her character lightly and bubbly.. well thats what I love about her role in Smile You, she’s so cute there…

  4. I’ve seen much screechier to be honest, so LMJ doesna bother me at all… although to be fair, even if she was, I’d still be watching this movie… cos of GwangSu ^^~

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