Written and Video Preview for Man of Honor Episode 19

I’m just hoping that Jae In’s discovery of the whole truth and nothing but the truth about what In Woo’s dad did (and is still trying to do) will rocket Man of Honor into overdrive. Or maybe just not get more stupid and boring, because I don’t have time right now to follow a drama that can’t even be entertaining even in its silliness. I like angry and vengeful Jae In, since it’s time she got more actively involved in everything happening to her rather than reacting.

Written preview for episode 19:

Jae In declares her intention to seek revenge from In Woo’s dad, plus her desire to protect Geodae, and so commences her battle against In Woo’s dad. In Woo sees Jae In filled with vengeance and he feels anguish. On the other hand, Young Kwang is worried about where to get the guarantee the old man wants, when he hears these persistent rumors about the old man…..

Preview for episode 19:



Written and Video Preview for Man of Honor Episode 19 — 6 Comments

  1. Sorry, even the preview is getting boring. I just loved this drama in its beginnings, but now i just wait to end faster so i can watch it sub. for easier fast-forwarding. I like only the In Woo character / actor.

    • I’m basically FFing the show…I liked In Woo’s character/actor for what he was going through and then I started watching the WooJung paring on We Got Married and realized it was him so I’m all supportive LOL

  2. i dunno what to make of this show. It started with caracters as baseball players and a nurse, then somewhat it shifted to corporate setting with everyone somewhat become interns who are not doing economically productive stuff but instead have to solve random puzzles. Throw in secret birth, father issue, pseudo-incest, and shoe-polisher-who-turned-out-to-be-rich…. Beat me! I am L.O.S.T.

    • Just enjoyed reading your comment! 😀 I totally agree with you that the shift in the direction of the plot has been rather bizarre and has lost its focus entirely!

  3. oowwwhh.. can’ wait for tonight episode… thanks ockoala for the preview.. i never get bored about this drama.. I look forward what will be going on next.. will be waiting for your recap tomorrow..

  4. Yes, can’t wait for tonight’s episode….No matter how the the plot goes, I still enjoy the drama, every minute of it………YG-JI baxia!!!

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