The Actors of King Kong Entertainment Party Down for High Cut Magazine

Okay, why wasn’t I invited to this holiday party! Oh right. Because I am not part of King Kong Entertainment, one of the more well known agencies in Korea. For the late December edition of High Cut, the pretty and talented entertainers of the agency gathered together for a cheerful photoshoot. I mostly just recognize the always sultry Kim Suh Na, the surprisingly non-glowery Lee Dong Wook, the megawatt smile Park Min Young, the beautiful Sung Yuri, and the suddenly-turned-into-a-man Kim Bum.

The ladies are drop-dead gorgeous but Min Young is showing A LOT of leg. Paging Lee Min Ho.

They are having too much fun without me. I protest.

Great photo – simple yet effectively conveys the classy masculine aura of the actors.

[Credit: High Cut Magazine]


The Actors of King Kong Entertainment Party Down for High Cut Magazine — 26 Comments

  1. OH GOD Ms Koala this is the most dangerous article you’ve posted in awhile. LDW and Kim Bum in the same shot.Didn’t even know I could go from hyperventilating fangirl to having actual chest pain from envy from wanting to grab something…someone…the magazine?

    • Funny you mention that. I think when they sign with this company they have to agree to offer all of their food to the real King Kong in ritualistic ceremonies.
      Keeps the Kong happy and the actors thin. LOL!

    • They all look fine to me EXCEPT Kim Bum. My goodness. He looks so thin and not in a healthy way. It really shows in his face. LDW looks handsome, but I’ve been hoping to see a little more meat on him ever since his comeback.

  2. It’s really nice to see Gwang So outside Running Man =)

    I like him a lot!!!! too bad he always land into those weakling supporting actor role, I wish to see him more, however knowing K-Drama tendency to choose very good looking actor…. maybe he will do better in movies….

    • Was there anyone else in the photo? Ms. Koala mentioned there were some ladies in the photos, but I only saw LDW and KB. If KB gets any better looking, I’m gonna die – a very happy death. *sigh* *drool* *thud*

  3. *finds a duffle bag and stuffs Kim Bum inside* *sneaks away using the backdoor*

    Seriously… how did he go from pretty boy to magnetic-gazer-with-every-pore-oozing-manliness???

    … and did king kong entertainment order a downsize of its artistes or what? … do they even have body fat????

  4. Sung Yuri!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t know Lee Dong Wook was in here too. He and Sung Yuri should do a drama together!!!!

    Please dramagods! It’s my wish for next year!:)

  5. Kim Bum still looks like a little 16 year old kid. He’s way too skinny. BTW…. I’m still in LOVE with Lee Dong Wook !!!!!!!

  6. wow… my eyeeee… can’t believe what I have seen here… all look stunning and shining.. especially Min young… her legs is a killer… sighh… wish I have those legs too…

  7. The last picture is really hot! Even Kwang Soo (who always appear funny in Running Man) looks hot here. Needless to say, props to LDW and KB.

  8. Everyone looks Really GOOD.. Park Min Young… SEXY!

    I love the picture where everyone is conversing and holding a drink in their hand, especially Kim Bum in the couch, sandwiched between two ladies.. that smile says., I’m so happy I’m here.. 🙂

  9. i didn’t know lee dong wook was in kingkong. anyways, this is the most gorgeous agency i’ve ever seen. look at all those beautiful actresses and handsome actors.

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