Preview for Episode 13 of Me Too, Flower!

Oh heyall no! Me Too, Flower! better have some tricks up its sleeve, because the preview for episode 13 pissed me off. The story trajectory appears to be a blend of the angst seen in My Name is Kim Sam Soon crossed with Lie to Me. It can be a feint, or temporary, or necessary to get Jae Hee over the damn hump that is Hwa Young and cut ties with the leech woman. I dunno, I hate it when the store refuses to let the OTP be together and then figure things out, rather than caving to external pressure and wallowing in self-propagated misery. But on the other hand, anytime Jae Hee is miserable I get more broody Yoon Si Yoon, and that is always appreciated.

Preview for episode 13:

Hwa Young: Breaking up? Is it for real?

Jae Hee: I will do what I promised you.

Jae Hee (press conference): Hello everyone, I am Perche’s co-owner Seo Jae Hee.

Hwa Young: Jae Hee! No, don’t do it!

Jae Hee (to Hwa Young): Our fate looks to end here.

Jae Hee (to Bong Sun): Let me ask you one last time, if I give everything up….

Bong Sun: If I can also give everything up….

Jae Hee: Giving it all up will be difficult….

Bong Sun: I cannot give it all up.

Jae Hee: What about you? Aren’t you all by yourself?

Maru: Something happened.

Maru (to Jae Hee): It’s none of your business.

Rich baker daughter: You’ve worked hard.

Jae Hee: You look tired, please take care of yourself.

Matseon date: I’m very pleased with Ms. Cha Bong Sun.


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  1. I was eating lunch in a restaurant when they were playing M2F reruns, and the ajummas at the table next to me were chattering away at how pretty YSY is and how much he’s improved as an actor since BK. It amused me. I also ended up explaining the whole plot to the friend I was with because she was getting sucked into it. ><

  2. Well, they do have to keep them separate somehow for two more episodes.
    As long as they do it right, meaning as long as we believe they feel what they say they are feeling, it’ll be good.

    I realized the longer the OTP stays apart, the happier I am with the end.
    I need to be invested in them getting back together more than I need to see them all happy kissy to stay interested.

    Ten minutes of happily ever after for me is too much!

  3. This preview is gut-wrenching. Me too, Flower is soo good that its a real emotional drama. It that transcends into the audience and makes them feel the same emotion they are trying to portray then you know you have a great drama. Hope everything turns out alright and doesn’t hit us unexpectedly with bizarre crazy antics. I am going to miss this drama. The actors are so good that I want to see them more in the future with equally powerful performances.

    Fighting OTP! Dont let the evil witch win!

  4. Thanks for the translation. I wonder what the main point of Ep. 13 is going to be about. I really hate them separated like this, but I guess it will make them a better couple later? I really hope so because this preview is depressing me so much. I want to watch the episodes before, but I don’t want to make myself more attached than I already am. So depressed right now. Sorry if it is a stupid question, but what does OTP mean?

  5. When I saw it last night, I was thinking that JH is breaking his ties with HY, but of course it could turn out otherwise and make it more dramatic and hopefully not some lousy excuse or so-predicted this would happen scenes as up until now, this drama has been so entertaining!
    Lets hope tonight is all worth it!

  6. Let’s have faith… at least I hope the separation between the OTP is not because of Hwa-Young but due to the fact that they both need time to think through their priority lists.

    I wish I can sort out how to watch it live tonight… >.< aigoo

  7. WTF is up with Bong Sun? Matseon? That so doesn’t suit her… Also, Jae Hee offering to become a martyr for Bong Sun and giving up everything for her? Oh please… If he wants to cut ties with Perche it should be because he’s freaked out by Hwa Young’s manipulations, not only for Bong Sun, but also for his own sake.
    I hope there are good explanations why all that stuff happens in the next episode and it doesn’t become a total KDrama cliche fest…

    • I thought JH made it clear early on that he didn’t want to go “into the company” as they say. He wanted to be the silent, designing partner.
      And yes, after HY pulled her stunt, he was even less enamored of working with her.
      But I don’t think they are going to show he gave up his luxurious lifestyle for BS. I hope that he sells his part of the biz, takes the cash and starts out again on his own. Only after he and BS travel the world together, and just play in the French countryside…

    • As for the blind date, it was set up by BS’s mother in Ep. 12. BS had nothing to do with it.

      I don’t think that JH is so much a martyr as he is done with YH. He told her before that he will only work with her as long as he trusts her.

      My guess… JH set up a press conference in ep. 12 that YH doesn’t know about. I think he knows what will happen and the conversation in the car is to prepare BS. YH thinks her way out is the only one. JH I think is talking actually about breaking up with YH. He locks her out of the press conference where he stands by BS (who she commented that not even her father would do) and he will apologize for the handbag incident taking all of the blame and leaving the company. Both women come out clean and the lawsuit goes away and JH is free to pursue other interests.

      My guess is that YH won’t let him go away that easily, but JH and BS end up on the same side. I think that BS will forgive JH because he is standing up for her when no one would. JMO

  8. i think her blind date is that lead guy in princess man…hehehe must be a cameo if i am right! but would be cool if its him..he is good looking too..

  9. I’m sad that they’ve added all this external pressure when they’ve already had enough to deal with internally. The break in their trust is already enough. I had felt some sympathy for Hwayoung, but the stuff she is doing now steps over the bitchy line to just immoral. She needs to go down. While I am not liking where this lawsuit direction is going (and that is towards noble idiocy), I think this situation will finally help Jae Hee make the break from HY. Every move HY makes to hurt BS just drives another wedge into the Jae Hee and Hwa Young relationship. If only Dal will shape up and join Team Bong-sun! I sort of like seeing BS on the blind date. JH’s got tons of girls falling over him. Why can’t BS have some admirers too!

  10. OMG, I am SOO glad I found your page. I am in LOVE with this drama, but not many people post about it. I look forward to your Ep 13 recap soon!

  11. The drama’s freaking good… I like how JH and Officer C try move on and not being able to… Well, at least for JH… Love this drama… Anyway, may I now what OTP stands for?

  12. i’m so sadddddddd with the preview…. 🙁 they’re really separated but i hope they would get back together in the next 2 eps pls… i’m really hooked with this drama!

    btw, tnx koala for uploading the preview and translating it! 😀

  13. my first thought was … stalker Jae Hee? LOL okay that almost felt like a turn for the worst for the drama in my head for no reason, I will see what happens, but what really got me for this drama was the realistic portrayal of its emotions, everything was slow and simmering and nothing blew up too fast, it all just went so naturally along the course in a way. D: I’m hoping something good will come out of tomorrow… or more angst LOL I AM A SUCKER FOR ANGST D: AND HEARING YOON SHI YOON’S VOICE ACT OUT THE ANGST GSGQRSGWAEasdAGASGS let me die please.

    • When he said I will break up, I’m thinking he would throw everything out the window and be “LOL BITCH I TROLLED YA IMMA BREAK UP WITH YOU INSTEAD” to Hwa Young.. that would be hilarious yet devastating… I’m predicting maybe that he would just com eout with everything, much like how Hwa Young just did everything behind his back anyway. At this point I don’t thing even Ah In has any leverage in this game D:

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