Roy Qiu Escorts Hello Kitty to a Shoe Show in Shanghai

HAHAHAHAHA, this is so unreal! Roy Qiu showing up escorting Hello Kitty? Did I fall into my personal Twilight Zone? Or perhaps a utopia specifically crafted for me? I can’t even formulate any coherent analysis of what the frak is going on, other than Roy is on fire with endorsements all over Taiwan and China. And he’s got a great sense of humor about himself and isn’t afraid to be Ms. Kitty’s arm candy for the night at the Miss. Sofi collaboration with Hello Kitty Shoe Launch Show. He’s like “excuse me, make way for zee glorious Hello Kitty, fools”. If you know me, you know much I love Kitty. My life would be complete if ever Song Seung Heon decided to adopt a koala.

This picture is hilarious, because the photographer clearly is like “screw Hello Kitty, I’m here for Roy Qiu!” and thus bisecting poor Kitty.

If I were that chick inside the Kitty costume, I’d probably have jumped Roy already and thus ruined the event and slapped with a restraining order.


Roy Qiu Escorts Hello Kitty to a Shoe Show in Shanghai — 18 Comments

  1. She’s probably worried about a bad hair day inside the costume 🙂

    Man he’s cute 🙂 Happy New Year Ms Koala.

    OTT Can I just tell you? You could hear my screams when I discovered the drama you wrote about Inborn Love is 80 episodes LONG!! I’ve never watched anything that long or any long dramas.

    • in regards to inborn pair, is it really true that the drama is going to be 80 episodes long? Ive been keeping up with it everyday and it’ll be insane if its that long! WHAAAA

      • Yes that’s what I heard from the Ch subbers. I nearly died when I heard it. 4 months I can’t take drama theatrics for 4 months!

    • I have been watching it every night too! Look on the bright sight (ie with regards to the 80 episodes long), at least I won’t be able to marathon the whole drama and end up looking like a zoombie for a couple of days – it kinda forces one to take it in regular, controlled small doses.

  2. But Ms.Koala…the person inside the Hello Kitty costume may be a guy 🙂

    Ive started to watch Office Girls (why? because of your site actually – been reading the recaps and trying to find out why you like that drama!) and gosh! he’s handsome in it.

  3. Lol!! He so looks like The Mafia boss with his suited minions protecting the master..but is that a wrist grab I see?!!! 😀

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