Love Forward Reveals First Pretty Poster and BTS Look

The first poster for Love Forward with Amber Kuo and Tammy Chen is out, and I think I am in love. With the poster, that is. It just taps into the girly girl in me, with the pretty pink hued colors and the Alice in Wonderland-esque vibe. Plus the tagline of “Money or Honey” is adorable and bonus points for correctly using rhyming English. LF is clearly a girl power movie where the central focus will be on the friendship between the two leading ladies. That means we get a drama where the men are the accessories, which I am totally fine with. Amber and Tammy are very different actress types and they will also be playing against type, with Amber the cool rich girl while Tammy is the plucky poor one. Have a first behind-the-scenes look at the four leads getting styled for the drama, which premieres in three weeks on TTV.

First Look at Love Forward:


Love Forward Reveals First Pretty Poster and BTS Look — 4 Comments

  1. Ah! Tony Yang! Yummy! This drama looks real good! CAN’T WAIT!!!
    Speaking about him.. has anyone seen his current drama EX?
    I really like it but it’s too bad it’s not one of the dramas that Koala chan is reviewing~
    Last ep was sooooooo good, I shred a few tears!!
    Anyone’s been following this drama too!?

    • I am! 🙂 Loving Tony Yang as well! He has this manly aura oozing out from him somehow. I got to know him through Kang Xi where he was a guest with Elva Hsiao (the main guest). They had a hot MV filmed together 😛

      By the way, do you think his portrayal of his character in Ex is somewhat similar to Joseph Chang’s Song Jie Xiu at times, especially when he moves head? Maybe it’s just me – but sometimes, just sometimes, i see glimpses of Song Jie Xiu.

      Anyway, I am looking forward to Ep 4!! 😀 I read that the production crew used 11 months to finish the script, and it’s a drama that’s already filmed finished. But am not sure how many episodes. Any ideas on the number of episodes?

      • Ooooh! Fellow Tony’s fan!
        “manly aura oozing out” is that what it was!? Haha~ It’s something about him but I can’t describe it!

        Haha~ When I first saw that Kang Xi’s ep, I didn’t know who he was and then I went back to rewatch it! Xiao S did some ‘harassment’ back then in Entertainment 100% too! You saw those b4!? HAHA!

        Aww~ I didn’t notice that about the Ex but I couldn’t stop seeing Tony as a mix of Joseph and Blue! The resemblance is crazy! And he’s like the perfect mix too! Joseph is so much more quiet and musculin. Blue is mysterious and his face is ‘smelly’. Tony’s is outgoing and looks so humble and approachable! (*omg! It sounds like I’m picking a BF! Haha)

        And no, I have no idea how many eps. I hope it’s not too short!
        And by watching the previews and interviews here and there, I can already tell what’s going to happen in 2 days! I’m soooooooooooo excited! <3

        11 months!? Wow! I hope we continue to see good story development and chemistry between the couples!! <3 <3

  2. Hie back!

    I read that it will end at 13 episodes. And I read something that broke my heart… it seems like Zhi Ming and Chun Jiao might not end up together.. I don’t really dare to watch the drama now after reading that piece of news.. will probably will till it ends. I don’t want to keep my hopes high for them to be together, and then get it all dashed. sob sobs.

    Still, there’s still Tony Yang to look out for in the new drama! 🙂

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