Hanbando with Hwang Jung Min and Kim Jung Eun Premieres Early February on Cable

Another cable drama has been flying under the radar and quietly filming for some time now. Finally Chosun TV has confirmed a start date of February 6, 2012 for its fantasy political thriller Hanbando, starring Hwang Jung Min and Kim Jung Eun. The story centers around a fictional future where the Korean peninsula (Hanbando) is unified. Hwang Jung Min and Kim Jung Eun play political operatives who fall in love, and later become the President and First Lady of the fictional unified Korea. Depending on the execution, this can either be hokey or slick and serious. The first teaser reveals that its the latter, with movie-like production values, location shoots in Eastern Europe, and a general kick ass fast-paced breathless feel to it. I was already interested, now I’m for sure going to check it out when it premieres. The rest of the cast consists of the normal heavyweights in K-dramas, but having Hwang Jung Min onboard pretty much guarantees that this is an attempt at a legit production.

First teaser for Hanbando:


Hanbando with Hwang Jung Min and Kim Jung Eun Premieres Early February on Cable — 10 Comments

  1. This looks like a big budget, large scale production. The topic is interesting, even more since Kim Jong Il’s death. Fantasy or prophecy ? I’m intrigued, that’s certain.

  2. I love both leads and the trailer looks amazing. IRIS-level teaser amazing (I know you didn’t like IRIS but I adored it, so anything reminding me of it is good).

    This wasn’t even on my radar before, but now I cannot wait.

  3. Here’s hoping this doesn’t follow in the footsteps of Iris or Athena or I Am Legend. I hope this is awesome ’cause it’s just what I’m in the mood for.

  4. Wow! Trailer looks real good. I might just get sucked-in in the thriller genre. I usually go for the rom-com, melo-drama (Time Between Dog And Wolf is exception) type but if this proves solid, I might just watch it. I’ll wait until it finishes airing.

  5. Very, very intriguing! Especially with that flag at the end showing a unified Korean Peninsula. May have to tune in for this one…

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