Yoon Si Yoon Reunites with Seo Hyo Rim at the Seoul Music Awards

Ahhh, I totally miss Jae Hee, Yoon Si Yoon‘s character from his last drama Me Too, Flower! While the drama was much better than expected, but fell victim to a splotchy second half, I loved every minute of Yoon Si Yoon’s performance as the wounded and valiently trying to survive self-made chaebol who longs for sincere human connection. The drama was such a ratings downer that I hope it doesn’t impact his ability to land great leading man roles, because I think he’s paid his dues and is ready for the big leagues, with talent to spare. And whatever he did to his face, I like it. I usually bitch about bad or unnecessary PS, but for once I think it made him better looking in a relatively natural way. As opposed to so obvious and off-putting it leaves me sputtering in outrage. Yoon Si Yoon showed up last week at the Seoul Music Awards as a presenter with his M2F co-star Seo Hyo Rim, and together they look outstandingly lovely. Come back soon to the screen, Si Yoon! Noona is waiting for you patiently. As if I didn’t already adore him to pieces, I am simply putty in front of a long-legged man in a perfectly fitted tux. 

I cannot shower enough accolades on how gorgeous Seo Hyo Rim looked in her flowing blue layered dress. The design is exquisite, modern and feminine, with a color that is fresh and complements her complexion to perfection. Plus the cream wide belt gives it some structure and emphasizes her womanly figure. Now this is how to be classy and sexy all at the same time. And Yoon Si Yoon can do no wrong in a well fitted traditional tux. It is a leeeetle bit odd the two of them are presenting together since their characters did not exactly mesh all that well in M2F, but looks wise they are definitely well matched onstage.

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Yoon Si Yoon Reunites with Seo Hyo Rim at the Seoul Music Awards — 13 Comments

  1. Oh, miss Koala, i miss Jae Hee too ! So badly ! Looks like he can’t let go his character’s haircut either :). Talking about plastic surgery, i can ” only ” see a cheekbone reduction to boost the manliness : Pointless imo because i think he will obtain that just by aging naturally, like Lee Jun Ki. I wish to see him AFAP on my screen, cause his acting abilities are the best. Yoon Shi Yoon, fighting !
    That blue dress is magnificent. Much more classy than the trendy micro-dresses we see everywhere these days.

  2. Miss Koala…I think he’s had his eyes and nose done, and had his teeth capped…in other words, he’s gone completely natural…When I first saw MTF, I thought he looked vaguely familiar, and it took me a bit to place him…but he is cute.

  3. A day with YSY/JH is a good day. Thanks for the photos!
    There is a video of him presuccess. It starts at about the 7:13 mark.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1LS1zVVzlgHe definitely has had his nose done and teeth capped. Even then, you could see his very postive attitude, big smile, pretty eyes are all the same, but he looks less ordinary now for lack of a better description.

    I wonder if this sudden beauty, rather than born with beauty, affects how they see the world. Meaning, they have lived the life without the special treatment the human beauty bias gives them for some time. They have been ignored, they have been spurned for prettier. Then, suddenly, their faux looks create opportunities previously denied.
    Do they think, “Ah, finally! The treatment I deserve!”
    or do they think, “What a bunch of phonies! Where were you when my teeth were ugly?”
    Not that I think everything>/i> is easier; there is so much competition out there, but at least they get to be seen more.

  4. Jae-hee!!

    I feel like I’m blind when comes to plastic surgery. I honestly can’t tell 99% of time unless it’s super obvious (i.e Kim Hyun Joong’s nose job). And judging by the video Jomo posted, I don’t think he really needed to get anything done. His cheekbones made him different. :/

  5. I feel that PS has to be so precise in order to give that ‘natural’ look. I may be wrong abt this but LSY in Wild Romance gives me that unnatural feel. I REALLY like her spunk but somehow at the back of my mind i just can’t get over unnatural-ness of her cheeks etc. I just hope all these young-uns stop at the right time with the PS they ‘think’ they need…..coz many older Korean actresses look downright scary (the actress who’s currently playing the Queen Dowager in MoonSun).

  6. I don’t know but I can’t see any difference at all. He’s the same Si Yoon that I saw in King of Baking. The only thing that looks different is his hair style which I didn’t quite like. Nevertheless, he’s hot and fresh and I wish him more acting projects in the future coz his acting ability is undeniable. Did you notice how he cried in MTF? I think it’s enough to fill one shot glass. LOL

    • Thanks for clip.

      Wow, YSY back then 7.13 was quite different.

      I am another who can’t see any big difference between Baker King – M2F either, if he did/did not have jobs done. Except he has seemingly higher cheekbones and definitely way more confidence in M2F.

      In Baker King … his hairstyle though cute, didn’t do much for on him. And those full bangs just made him look kind of dopey (to me).

      But high school -> present … definitely.

      • Love the description “dopey.” That is pretty much what the character Takgu was most of that drama.
        I agree the straight hair bangs look is uneventful. His wavy hair took his looks from background to center stage for me.
        The higher cheekbones could just be loss of baby fat.

  7. Ahhhh… I miss him too and hope to see him soon on screen. I agreed that His cheekbones made him different and please no more PS.
    Beside his great acting, I love him more bec of his positive attitude, his greeting with big smile to his fans.

  8. ahhh Yoon Shi Yoon. I Just start watching Me Too, Flower as of late, And I already fallin in love with his potrayal.. I see Jae Hee in him as a character… I freakin love his angst scene… And damn, His chemistry with Lee Ji Ah make me giddy and warm, everytime.. Me Too FLower and Can You HEar My HEart couple are the only main OTP I really love in last year drama. THough.. MTF by no means a perfection, but the way writers build the OTP relationship is so believable that I totally buy their relationship.
    Hope he will get another good project soon.

  9. Whatever he has or hasn’t done – he’s just plain adorable. His acting skills are first rate, too! Loved Jae Hee so much, I just wish he had received the attention he deserved for that drama. It flew under the radar, coming at the end of the year and being overshadowed by other issues. It was one of my favorites of the whole year and definitely top ten all time.

  10. I know I’m so late in commenting. I was just going through old posts. I saw the predebut vid, and it doesn’t seem like he had any ps. The cheeks could have easily just been from weight loss. There’s a yearbook picture of him from high school floating around and he looks pretty much the same as he does now. The only difference being that his pretty face is enhanced with makeup haha

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