Video Preview for Episode 9 of The Moon that Embraces the Sun

Downside of a live shoot is the inevitable delay of any previews week-to-week. The upside might be that any preview that comes out suddenly seems chock full of goodies. It’s weird how I know The Moon that Embraces the Sun is not a good sageuk by any measure of expected quality, yet I’m pretty hooked on the central love story. I dislike the excess use of fate and the assertion that neither Yang Myung nor Hwon appears to be able to let a supposed dead Yeon Woo go in their hearts, but I do love a thwarted love story getting a second chance to blossom. Watching the preview, I feel like my prediction that Yang Myung would get many more scenes with Wol in the drama than he did in the book is coming true. Sometimes I wish Yeon Woo had felt something for Yang Myung as well, to make the love triangle a bit more compelling. But alas, that is not the case.

Preview for episode 9:

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Video Preview for Episode 9 of The Moon that Embraces the Sun — 21 Comments

  1. you’re so right! When I saw the preview, your thoughts came to me immediately, – YM kun is getting more scenes just because it’s played by JIW. Anyway, hopefully it’s as good as the book. I do like the love scenes/ story to fully develop since it’s not any typical saeguk.
    Thanks for the quick update

  2. Re-watch the preview, really think that HGI needs to do more… I’m losing faith in her though this is my first time watching her in any drama. She no doubt has the pretty face, but when I try to relate it to the book, there’s still a very huge gap… -.-“

  3. i think people like me who haven’t read the book and have no idea of the story gets more entertainment in whatever the drama gives… I’m always mesmerize every time KSH is on the screen..i mean he really nailed the king part considering he’s experience and first major lead role..
    Thnx Koala!!!

    • I agree! Kim soo Hyun is just mesmerizing..!

      But i am guessing that among the moon/sun fans i maybe the only person who thinks that his greatest raw awesometastic talent he is showing when he is in a scene with Kim min seo. Him as the king who loves another while being heartless to his deceptive queen just resonates to me more than anything else. The king-queen scenes together maybe few but their push and pull with power vs love is just DAEBAK…!

      The way he tenderly pulled her up has been done in most hero heroin scenario in Kdrama world but when KSH said those words to KMS “you can have everything but you can’t have my heart!” it was like dayum…! If a scene can decide who a
      daesang winner is, then I think this will be it for both of them..!

  4. Thank you for the preview, Koala!
    It’s been looong, long time since I’ve been so interested in a sageuk . And I’m surprised to find myself counting the hours and minutes to each episode of this one.
    The only thing I hope for right now that there will be enough chemistry between HGI and the guys because that was the thing that sold me the drama when we where still with the child actors. I know that the adults are fine actors separately but please, please, please, drama gods, make them good together too… Please !

  5. The same feelings as you! I was almost obsessed with this drama for the first 6 eps. but now I came to my senses. Even The Princess’s man was better in plot. I’m feeling better now, wow! I came to normal :))

  6. I made a poem….

    When The Winter Moon tames the Summer Sun
    When the Moon Embraces the Sun
    It engulfs the scorching heat
    It tames the restless heart
    It turns the dessert into snow capped mountains
    The birds searches for its nest as it rest it’s longing
    It ceases to flap its wings to slumber from a long journey
    A man stops from his desires to hear his heart beating
    A woman keeps her lips tightly from screaming
    For battles were raging from their minds
    Tormented visions of reality
    Should the sun rise in the evening or the moon shine at noon
    Leaving the four seasons in confusion
    A yearning soon to be doomed
    Two majestic creature meant to be apart
    Two souls fighting the total eclipse of the heart
    By: B

  7. aaaah, ThanQ!!

    Hehe, i dunno every post of you seems life a generous gift now 🙂
    Hope you’re doing well at your new job too!!

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