Preview for Episode 10 of MoonSun

Ahhh, episode 9 was solidly good, but all my previous gripes haven’t gone away. It’s good, I can live with those issues and still enjoy the drama. One thing I like about how the drama deviates from the novel is that it gives me the sense of freshness, like seeing something from a different angle almost. So far I don’t have a preference either way, because I think some elements from the novel are less suited to be transferred to a visual medium. Sometimes I love following a drama that has a niche following, but I am enjoying seeing The Moon that Embraces the Sun‘s runaway success domestically and burgeoning interest elsewhere. My biggest joy in watching this drama’s success is knowing that Kim Soo Hyun has made it. My boy, I just adore him. I’ve brought the preview for episode 10 and translated it below.

Preview for episode 10:

Bo Kyung: It’s not enough just to have the spirit of a deceased person, he even keeps a lowly shaman in his heart! [Hahaha, yes Bo Kyung, he rather be with dead spirits and lowly shamans than you. And you STILL don’t get it? Might as well call it quits now, lady]

Wol: Could I be the owner of those memories? Will I become that person?

Female voice (Jang Shil?): Oraboni (elder brother), the person you are looking for, let me be your guide.

Wol: There are constantly confusing things flashing before my eyes. I feel the memory is so mixed up. Who am I really?

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Preview for Episode 10 of MoonSun — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you so much ms K, glad to see the prev of ep10. it really perks me up and looking forward watching the full episode later on. more power and God bless…

    btw, ive read Blue’s translation of the book from chapters 1 to 6. I must say that I both like the version (tv drama and the book). couldn’t wait and see for more exciting scenes..

  2. ” [Hahaha, yes Bo Kyung, he rather be with dead spirits and lowly shamans than you. And you STILL don’t get it? Might as well call it quits now, lady]”
    — My thoughts exactly Captain K! 🙂 Couldn’t have said it better myself. And since they take fate so seriously in this series – BK – it’s just not meant to be with you & the King, no matter how many people you and your dad and DQ directly or indirectly kill. Spare yourself the heartache.

  3. Little One,

    I don’t know what’s the prob with my connection whenever I tried responding to your comments it says request time out…so I decided to respond in this way…

    kindly go to this link then go to Book Translation you wouldn’t miss it for sure and follow the lead from there. hope you will have a great time reading and understanding the story more like I did…

    Thanks a million to Ms K for sharing the link regarding ms Blue’s translation of the book The Moon That Embraces The Sun….I really having fun reading this….God bless and have a blessed week ahead..

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