Office Girls Episode 23 Baby Recap

This is it, folks. The penultimate episode of Office Girls, which pretty much readies itself to tie up all the loose ends. Mama Shen appears to survive her cancer surgery, Xing Ren and Zi Qi make up without even really discussing things through since the whole issue was never such a big deal, and Kai Er is so thwarted she makes a last ditch effort to do more bad shit, which might be her downfall. I was surprised at how cute Le Le and Stallone were together, which makes their inevitable pairing pretty cool with me. I’m a little taken aback at just how much I adore this drama, despite all its shortcoming and hiccups. In a way, its like a good friend that I’ve grown so fond off because we’ve shared the memories of the best of times. I’m going to weep so prettily when this drama ends this weekend.

Day 23 – I only want Shen Xing Ren!

Le Le tells Mama Shen about Zi Qi’s real identity, leaving Mama worried that her Xing Ren doesn’t match up to such an illustrious family. Xing Ren arrives to check on her mom, who asks if her medical bills are being paid by Zi Qi’s parents? When Le Le grumbles about Zi Qi lying to Xing Ren, Mama Shen stands up for him, suggesting that Zi Qi may have a good reason for his deception.

Zi Qi arrives to drop of the cosmetic freebies he was given (that his mom tried to swipe but Zi Qi refused to give her) to Mama Shen, along with an IPad. Mama takes the IPad and asks when cellphones suddenly got so big. Ha ha! Le Le brings up the identity issue, confirming to Zi Qi that everyone in the world knows now. Zi Qi explains to Mama that he didn’t want to lie but he signed a contract with his dad to keep his identity a secret. Mama forgives him, and Zi Qi promises Mama will be a lifetime VIP at the department store. Way to butter up your future mother-in-law. Xing Ren isn’t buying it and shoos everyone out.

Zi Qi drinks with his buddy Bao Luo, explaining that his mom revealed his identity in front of Xing Ren and everyone at the company. Now he doesn’t know how to handle the aftermath because Xing Ren thinks he’s a liar and refuses to talk with him. Bao Luo gives the advice that honesty is the best policy and Xing Ren will forgive him if he sincerely apologizes. Bao Luo reminds Zi Qi that Xing Ren really loves him and doesn’t care about his wealth, she only cares about how he feels about her.

Xing Ren arrives at work an Zi Qi is already at his desk. He places a little duck plush on her desk with the note to press its belly. Xing Ren presses the plush and hears Zi Qi’s recorded voice pretending to be the duck. Duck says that he spoke with Qin Zi Qi, who wants to apologize for telling a lie, he didn’t mean to and feels terrible about it. Can she please forgive him and stop ignoring him? Zi Qi holds up the two kumas dressed like reindeers, each with a yes or no tag on it. Xing Ren is about to relent when the three stooges show up and proceed to rap a song about saying yes, thereby totally ruining the reconciliation mood. It’s so ridiculous I loved it. The three stooges proceed to kiss Zi Qi’s ass.

President Qin is told that Xing Ren is pissed at Zi Qi and refuses to forgive him for lying about his identity. The VP of HR encourages the President to step forward and help resolve the impasse, since Zi Qi was abiding by his contract. President Qin asks Xing Ren to meet and shows her the contract he had Zi Qi sign, explaining that Zi Qi would rather let Xing Ren misunderstand him than break a contract promise with his father. Zi Qi is a good guy, so can Xing Ren please forgive him now? Xing Ren cries to hear this. Zi Qi can’t walk through the department store without people gawking at him. He ignores his mother’s calls because he’s so pissed at her.

President Qin meets with his ex-wife and rakes her over for revealing Zi Qi’s identity. Zi Qi’s mom refuses to feel bad and demands that Zi Qi be made a VP now that his identity is out. President Qin refuses, and says that Zi Qi has matured enough that he won’t agree either. He would rather buy back her shares in the department store rather than let her continue to make a scene. The three stooges continue to try and butter up Zi Qi, who refuses to accept there toady behavior and tells them to treat him the same way.

Zi Qi’s mom arrives huffing mad about why Zi Qi insists on being with Xing Ren who doesn’t match up to him. Zi Qi replies that he doesn’t match up to her. His mom needs to rearrange her values because there is nothing wrong with someone working hard for their dreams. His mom thinks Zi Qi will make her lose face if he insists on being with that poor village girl. Zi Qi lectures his mom that in love, there is no such thing as worth more or worth less. If his mom wants only money, then he wants nothing except for Xing Ren. OH BOOYAH, ZI QI!

Le Le, who has been taking good care of Mama Shen during her vacation time, is with her when Zi Qi’s mom arrives and asks to speak privately. Zi Qi’s mom is curt with Mama Shen, and gets even more pissed when she sees the bag of cosmetics that Zi Qi gave to Mama Shen but wouldn’t give to her. Mama compliments the two kids as being wonderful. Zi Qi’s mom tries to insinuate that Zi Qi is just taking pity on those who are less fortunate.

Le Le returns to work, taking the moment to egg Kai Er on for not having her devious plot succeed in getting rid of Le Le. Kai Er is pissed and goes to confront Xing Ren, falsely accusing Xing Ren of using power to get away with making mistakes and getting her friend off the hook. Kai Er asks Xing Ren if she knew Zi Qi’s identity from the very beginning? She tells Xing Ren not to force anything, two people from different worlds being together will never work. Xing Ren actually gets her backbone up and tells Kai Er not to presume to tell her what to do. This is between her and Zi Qi, and has nothing to do with Kai Er.

Xing Ren spends time with Mama Shen on the eve of her surgery. Mama tries to keep the mood light with Xing Ren, who just wants her mom to have a successful surgery and get better so they can go home together. Mama promises that she will recover and get better.

Le Le delivers mail to Stallone, who thinks she is just a figment of how much he misses her. She suggests slapping him to prove that she is real. He offers to take her out to eat anything she wants, but she declines because today is Mama Shen’s surgery and she has no appetite. When Stallone chases after her and causes her to drop her missives, it leads him to remember their accidental kiss from long ago. It also causes Le Le to remember dropping her missives in front of Kai Er once, the one containing Xing Ren’s resignation letter. Le Le is so happy that she hugs Stallone and then runs off.

Le Le informs the VP of HR about dropping Xing Ren’s resignation letter in front of Kai Er. Stallone claims to not have approved that resignation letter, yet someone changed it to approved. Stallone arrives and confirms that he did not approve the letter. He also mentions the gift certificate mess, pointing out the Kai Er is someone who is involved in both situations. Because they don’t have any more evidence, the VP of HR is not ready to accept their allegations. Stallone stakes his reputation on Le Le, who is an honest and kind person who would never steal anything. The VP is willing to investigate but reminds them not to say anything for now.

Le Le thanks Stallone for speaking up for her back there, apologizing for being rude to him in the past. Stallone is shocked at her sudden niceness, asking her to describe what she thinks of him. Le Le says he’s really not that annoying, which makes Stallone so happy.

Kai Er sits in her office and plots some more. She calls someone on her cell phone to report a news story. Surgery time arrives and Xing Ren accompanies her mom to the OR. Zi Qi arrives just in time and holds Mama Shen’s hand reassuringly. Xing Ren tells her mom not to be scared, she will be outside waiting for her mom to come out. Mama asks Zi Qi to keep Xing Ren company. You can see that Mama is really so scared herself.

Xing Ren and Zi Qi can only wait outside as the surgery starts. Initially Zi Qi sits one chair away from Xing Ren, but he gradually scoots closer until he is next to her, and then he pulls her in for a hug. Xing Ren slowly hugs him back. Without Zi Qi around to shoot the breeze, Stallone settles on Mandy and asks for advice on what to give a girl to win her heart? Mandy suggests a honking big diamond ring. Stallone calls Mandy shallow for wanting only expensive things. Mandy says the ring is about a man’s lifetime promise and is very romantic.

The surgery successfully ends and Mama will be moved to recovery once she wakes up. Zi Qi grabs Xing Ren’s hand and they smile at each other, glad that Mama Shen is fine. Suddenly Zi Qi’s mom arrives and Xing Ren wants to pull her hand away but Zi Qi holds her hand tightly. Zi Qi mom asks if the surgery was a success because she is here to pay the medical bills. Xing Ren wants to pay for it herself, but her jaw drops to hear of the astronomical expense. Zi Qi’s mom doesn’t need Xing Ren to pay for it.

Zi Qi gets dragged away by his mom for a private chat. His mom wants to get sick to see if Zi Qi will treat her as well as he’s treated Mama Shen. But the reason she came today was to reveal that she has agreed for him to date Xing Ren. There is no catch in her consent. If Zi Qi loves Xing Ren that much, she doesn’t want to lose her son over this. She gets herself a hug from her son, who is so happy to finally get over his mommy hurdle.

Xing Ren is keeping watch over her mom as she lays in recovery. Zi Qi walks in and whispers to Xing Ren that his mom has agreed for them to date.


Office Girls Episode 23 Baby Recap — 12 Comments

  1. *HUG* you are making me cry :~)

    I’ve just finished the episode and so relieved tones down most of the silly histrionics and back to what’s winning about the drama, our OTP being cute and innocently eye-sexing. The vibe is lighter, it’s zapping with fun, there’s not much of the unnec angst if we can just ignore some evil plastics (I did ff her scenes). It’s not entirely believable when MommyDearest abruptly decides to throw away her black card to VIP b8tchville membership, but who cares at this point? All’s left is the little silly no-gooder to disappear.

    All is well and we’ll have a happy party next wk! ^^

  2. I really liked this episode as well. There was significant forward momentum, even though I feel there’s a bit too much left to be resolved in the final ep.

    Btw, the chicken was actually Paul’s voice, not Zi Qi’s, I think. After all, if Xing Ren and Zi Qi are represented by a kuma bear each, the chicken needs to be another person. 🙂

  3. I became an instant fan of your site when you started recapping LTM (even though viewership opinion was so deeply divided). And ever since LTM ended, I couldn’t make myself to watch another drama. I never realized how much your pick of dramas influenced me until I started to notice how much you like OG. True enough, the moment I started watching it, I ended up liking it!

    Thanks Koala for taking time to sub this drama. I know I speak for everyone who’s a frequent visitor here when I say that we will surely miss your writing. And personally, I can never thank you enough for having such a positive impact on my drama viewing experience. =)

  4. Thanks for the recap! I’m a couple episodes behind on this show, but I still love it! I don’t feel much of a need to catch the next episode ASAP anymore, but when I do watch an episode, I’m all smiles and I feel like I’ve just had a good meal.

  5. Thank you for the recaps. They have been great, entertaining and helpful. The translation on Netflix have not been all correct and you explained lots of jokes and meanings I would not have understood otherwise.

    This episode was really good and I’ve loved this show!

    These recaps have been the best Ms Koala!

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