Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin Bring on the Cute at the Operation Proposal Press Conference

It’s press conference time, and time for me to unleash my snarky side. Thankfully the cast of the upcoming cable drama Operation Love was dressed so age-and-situationally appropriate I didn’t need to describe anyone as dressed like a skanky ho. In the drama, Yoo Seung Ho plays professional baseball player Kang Baek Ho, who discovers much too late at the wedding of his childhood best friend Ham Yi Seul to another man, that he’s been in love with her this entire time. Baek Ho gets a chance to rewrite history as he toggles back to multiple moments in their shared history to see if he can change the outcome of each of those situations.

It’s a Groundhog’s Day situation of sorts, only with Baek Ho discovering that even if he does change something, it ultimately doesn’t appear to change the trajectory of his relationship with Yi Seul. Or does it? If I weren’t so butt tired from my new job, I’d probably spend every moment counting sheep until this drama airs. Can Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin be any cuter than the picture above? Oh you betcha! Check out the buttaloadsa pictures below to witness the teeth-hurting adorableness of casting two close-in-age actors who have fabulous chemistry together.

Playing the second male lead, and Yi Seul’s groom-to-be, is Lee Hyun Jin, who apparently stole a good part of the drama in You’ve Fallen For Me/Heartstrings. Which wasn’t hard to do, since the four leads in that drama were dreadfully uninteresting. Rounding out the group of friends is Park Jin Joo, Kim Yeh Won, and Go Kyung Pyo.

I think poor Lee Hyun Jin has already lost the race right out of the gate, because ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the epic wonder of perfection that is the OTP below! Eun Bin’s dress is nice, a lovely fresh peach color with a trendy bell shape that works because she’s so young and has the figure to not look all dumpy in it. The style also helps the all-over lace overlay not seem dowdy. Yoo Seung Ho is just a win in black and brown with a touch of baby rebel.

The rest of the pictures are purely to whet my Yoo Seung Ho cravings. He definitely needs to eat a sandwich or twenty, but dagnabbit the boy is soooooo cute.

Watch the press conference:


Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin Bring on the Cute at the Operation Proposal Press Conference — 19 Comments

  1. O man them holding hands and everything!!!…so adorable….thank god that there are other age appropriate cute actors in this drama…they might keep me distracted from YSH (i mean what is this BS about him being a 93’er and all???)…also I love the mini Sunny reunion with Park Jin Joo and Kim Ye Won….I am excited about seeing them both…PJJ was a riot in Sunny and I’ve loved what I’ve seen of Kim Ye Won in both Sunny and Romance Town….though the story doesn’t strike me very much…I might catch this for the cast afterall


    Have never seen their projects honestly but this time I’m SO in, homework-overload be damned! Andddd I just signed up for DF so yay, cos I think its been picked up by DF 😀

    PS Koala congrats on the new job + hang in there!!

  3. I think the plot is from Jdrama but i don’t remember the name. The male lead is the one that looks like Kim Hyun Joong if my memory is correct. I hope this one is as good or better.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I think the drama you are talking about is proposal daisakusen starring Yamapi. The storyline seems pretty similar. Come to think of it maybe this is a Korean remake.i don’t know for sure though..

      On the other hand, yoo seung ho looks so damn fine here 🙂

  4. Yoo Seung-ho is 18 years old? Yoo Seung-ho is born in 1993??? WTF that kid is so…Im speechless…WOW cant wait to see him in years to come.

  5. yayy I am so curious about this.Yes we know the story but I think this will be different cause chemistry between the actors and actress and of course I can not get enough to look at Yoo Seung Ho.He is damn soo cute and I have got a brother who was born in 1992.Ahh I feel very shame myself 😀

  6. Lol baby rebel!!

    He is looking soo good.. Not a fan of the girl’s dress but she looks good in it, so no complains. The jdrama’s teacher annoyed me so I’m really hoping Hyun Jin will be more interesting and nice to look at as well!

  7. Unleash your snarky side…..did you miss it ? The girl in black is, to borrow your words— “dressed like a skanky ho”.

    The hem line of her skirt is as short as DH2’s female cast…. so yeah ” cover yourself up lady, because a ….. crotch shot is about a snap away” — again, borrowing your words, you expressed it so much better.

    • You sound intelligent enough to passive-aggressively quote me in context, so let me talk to you without talking down as if you couldn’t understand how to make a valid point.

      The girl in black is Kim Ye Won, and while her dress is short, she’s wearing stockings underneath. That eliminates the very premise of a crotch shot accident, since even if she laid upside down and opened her legs, the world would still see only her pantyhose. Plus her dress is conservative up top. The totality of it makes it vampy but not skanky. I assume you’re a guy and agitating because I criticized your idol girl(s) attire in the DH2 press conference. But you need to better understand fashion to draw the correct lines. The ladies in the DH2 press conference, the ones who looked like a skanky ho, none of them wore pantyhose, leaving their bare legs and super short hems right there for the crotch shot opportunity.

      Secondly, some of those dresses at the DH2 press conference were strapless and heaving bosoms were on the verge of slipping out. I took that into consideration, along with the short hems minus pantyhose, to assess the totality of those outfits as dressing in the vein of a lady of the night. I stand by what I said, it’s not a personal attack, merely an observation of their outfits. None of the outfits in the OP press conference made me think “OMG, so skanky” at all.

      You can express differing opinions, but don’t take criticism as a personal attack and seek an opportunity to lash out in such blatantly passive-aggresive ways. I prefer direct communication. And if you had a point that I was being hypocritical, which I am not in this particular instance, I suggest you have a stronger argument before deploying the first salvo.

  8. I REALLY love these two together~

    I have been looking for english translations for the conference not too long now….I can’t find any!! When I saw this, I thought it was a translation of the event. Can anybody translate this, or help me understand? PLEASE, I have to know what they’re saying!

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