Da Mo Yao Chapter 26: Angry Kiss

We’ve had drunken kissing, passionate life-and-death kissing, and now we’re getting some angry kissing? I can handle that, so bring it on! Da Mo Yao is quite an active novel, and really a marked departure from the simmering held-in-check intensity of Bu Bu Jing Xin (and also from the snowballing angst that is Yun Zhong Ge). I chalk it up to the characters of Yu Er and Huo Qu Bing and how they almost combust when they are together. Even if Yu Er and Jiu Ye were the OTP, the physical passion just wouldn’t be at this level of pawing, which is not necessarily a prerequisite to a happy marriage, but sure doesn’t hurt. At this point those two are twenty and eighteen years old, adult enough in those times to bear children, but really still young at heart and in their souls. But one thing that is certain is that they are people who see love as an explosive and all-consuming choice, and it’s a choice that once made they are willing to walk any path to reach fruition.

Chapter 26: Angry Kiss

A twenty year old Huo Qu Bing is the shiniest star in Chang An. The vibe around him is as if following him will mean untold riches and an unlimited future, ready to be made a Duke or a General. Huo Qu Bing remains brash and arrogant in the way he behaves, his aura so bright it hurts the eyes. Admiration, dislike, hatred, jealousy, toadies, there remains an entire assortment of feelings about him amongst the people in court. But regardless of whether one is a minister or a royal, there is not a single person who dares to directly oppose Huo Qu Bing’s intensity.

In comparison, Wei Qing becomes even more low key. In his tens of years commanding his forces, he has built up a long standing loyalty with his subordinates stemming from surviving battles together. His grace and valor is remains present, leaving him as sturdy as a mountain that the Emperor still cannot touch.

I hold a bamboo ledger, appearing to read it, but my mind is nowhere near it. That day, when Huo Qu Bing found me crying on Jiu Ye’s shoulder, I thought he would get mad at me. Instead, after we returned home, he just held me in the dark, not saying a single word or making a single movement. He was like a statue. After a long time, he gently placed me on the pallet and laid down next to me. I was afraid of his silence so as I was about to say something, he put his hand on my mouth “I don’t want to hear anything. Just get some sleep.” In his voice I could hear the faint anxiety and fear.

After that, he acted like nothing happened, treating me the same as always. But every night, if he didn’t come to my house, then he had someone pick me up to go to his estate. Because he has to attend court every day, and often the Emperor keeps him around afterwards, he oftentimes comes home drunk. I find myself usually staying at his place.

“Yu Er….” Huo Qu Bing called out. I had no idea when he actually entered the room, and I quickly put down the bamboo ledger “What’s going on?” He sat down next to me “There is a banquet tonight in the Palace, I…..” I asked “Planning to get drunk again?” He looked at me apologetically and I said “You can’t keep getting drunk so that Emperor has no chance to talk to you.” I handed him a summons and he opened it, turning his eyes icy cold “You’ve been summoned into the Palace.”

It’s a cool day, like its been washed clean by water, and the few clouds add a sense of liveliness. The female attendees at this banquet are strolling, their laughter mixed with their fragrance permeates the air. I’m leaning against a tree with my head raised looking at the sky. I suddenly sense someone staring at me. I turn and see a tall handsome man wearing a very rich attire staring me straight in the eyes. His face shows his disbelief and shock. I look at him and smile, and his shock disappears to be replaced with joy and unshed tears.

In a few moments, he’s composed himself again. He subtly walks around a few times, taking one more look at me before walking away.

Li Yan came out of nowhere and smiled at me “Ms. Jin appears to find admirers wherever you go. One Great General of the Han dynasty is devoted to you, and now a new addition to the court Sir Guang Lu appears to be quite taken with you. Jin Ri Chan arrived in Chang An only a short while ago. Because General Huo handled the defection of the Xiong Nu, the rumor is that he’s close friends with General Huo now.”

I felt a shock thinking about how she, of all people, happened to notice what just happened. I smiled and looked at a far away Li Gan “Your highness has been in the Palace for much too long if you’re only noticing romantic possibilities around you. Please don’t project your feelings onto someone else.” Li Yan glanced at Li Gan and with a cold smile “Ms. Jin appears to have lost weight lately?” and I reply “Your highness looks rather wan lately.”

Li Yan wants to marry me to Li Guang Li which means she fears me. More importantly, she wants to use this seemingly minor matter to test the Emperor’s intentions in this potential battle with the Wei family. Too bad for her, the Emperor may adore her, but he still refused to do as she asked. He did not favor the Li family over the Wei family. Instead, he chose to try and control Huo Qu Bing for his own benefit.

Empress Wei walked up to us “What are you talking about? What’s so amusing?”

Li Yan quickly bowed while Empress Wei helped her up “I’ve heard you haven’t been feeling well lately. In the future please spare these courtesies. When you have time, read some medical wellness books, and try not to think too much about taxing matters. If you can let it go, just let it go.”

Li Yan smiled “Whatever big sister says, little sister I will follow your advice. Compared to big sister, I suppose I am too narrow-minded.” Li Yan snuck a peek at me “Little sister I am very pressed with big sister’s vast kindness, to be able to let go of things in the past.”

Empress Wei smiled softly and asked Auntie Yun “Jin Yu is not familiar with the Palace, please take care of her.” She took Li Yan’s hand and they walked away together “A few of the other sisters are curious about a new hairstyle you created, all asking me to get you to teach them.”

Auntie Yun gently smoothed my hair “You and Qu Bing have both lost weight.” I softly called her name, my heart fill with an ache that I can’t express.

Auntie Yun continued “Since following the Empress into the Palace, over the years I’ve seen so much sadness. I’m older now, and my heart is colder. I want to urge you both to take a step back. A man cannot help but have three or four wives. As long as he loves you, that is all that matters. Putting Qu Bing’s personality aside, I can’t believe you’re also so stubborn. The Emperor is not saying you can’t marry Qu Bing. And with a princess as the first wife, as a concubine that does not lessen your status. Any other woman out there would have happily accepted this arrangement. Initially I was wondering why you can’t be more understanding. In such a complicated environment, why can’t you take a step back and must now cause everyone headache. Ay!” Auntie Yun sighed “Hearing Qu Bing talking about you, you seem like such a vibrant person. But seeing you like this today, I suddenly feel like it’s not important anymore. I feel like you two are living the romantic girlish dreams of the youngsters. “To have one person’s heart, to never be apart until the hair is white.” But how many women in this world actually experience this? Even the famed love stories of the past, the man ended up cheating on the woman and finding a new love.”

From the moment Huo Qu Bing entered the Palace, he was surrounded by all the young military officials and placed on a worshiping pedestal. My status is like dirt to his shiniest star so there is no way we could be seated together. When he sees Auntie Yun is by my side, his demeanor seems to relax.

We are separated by the torches and the crowds of revelers. People are talking and dining, the gold and the silver flashing. But all of this seems to disappears from our eyes. In this moment, I feel like we’re intimately close to each other. I feel like everything he’s thinking, I can understand it all. Yet we are physically apart from each other, so far apart that I feel like no matter how I reach my hand out I can never touch his hand.

Liu Che smiled at Huo Qu Bing “Your majesty I have ordered an estate built for you, the best in Chang An. It will start construction soon. And with a new home, all it needs is a lady of the house…..”

I lower my head and play with the wine cup in my hand. This is a long time coming and to be expected, it cannot be avoided. I’ve reminded myself numerous times, but for some reason my hand still shakes uncontrollably. The wine splashes out of the cup and lands on my new skirt. The little drops, the wet scars, it looks like a departing person’s tears.

Perhaps tomorrow will be the day I leave Chang An. Here in the wealth and power of the exalted and the royalty, within this largest and most luxurious city, where people from everywhere mingle, this place is not able to find space for my happiness…..

Perhaps it is like Li Yan once said. I belong to Xi Yu, I belong to the desert. There might not be well-tended peonies in ponds there, but there are never ending blue skies and a sea of verdant grass.

My mind tried to think about all the wonders of the desert, but the blood in my body continues to chill. It becomes so cold that no matter how I try to contain myself, I cannot help but shiver. The wine in my cup, drop by drop, drop by drop, it continues to fall.

All the eyes at the banquet train with envy on Huo Qu Bing, but he looks aloof and with a barely concealed look of pain. Liu Che smiled and looked toward the side of the banquet where all the princesses were sitting, and right as he was about to say something, Huo Qu Bing suddenly stood up and walked to face Liu Che. He kneeled down and bowed his head on the ground and said in a resounding and certain voice “Your servant I thank your majesty for the generous grace. But your servant I have already decided. For every day the Xiong Nu is not eradicated, I shall never have a family. I cannot accept this estate!”

Huo Qu Bing’s words are tantamount to him making an oath that he is never getting married in his entire life. In a split second, the entire banquet falls silent, and the sound of a pin drop could be heard. Everyone looked confused, wondering why the normally brash accepting Huo Qu Bing would decline something as minor as an estate when he’s gotten much more rewards from Liu Che and he’s accepted it all. For someone raised in luxury like Huo Qu Bing, why would starting a family have any relation to eradicating the Xiong Nu?

I raise my head and stare in shock at Huo Qu Bing, my heart quivering with a sliver of happiness, but hurting more from the pain. Slowly that little bit of happiness also turned to sorrow and heartache. The cup in my hand shatters, but my heart hurts so much that I actually don’t feel the pain in my hand. I just feel my palm is hot, and I sense the drops of blood slowly dropping on my skirt. Thank goodness I wore a red outfit today, so it’s not going to be visible in the darkness.

Li Yan looked flabbergasted and shaken, while Empress Wei merely raised an eyebrow and continued smiling. Only Liu Che barely blinked an eyelash, keeping his original cool and smiling at Huo Qu Bing “The old saying is that a man needs to have a family first then a career. You’ve already defeated the Xiong Nu many times, and your name is world reknowned. As for eradicating the Xiong Nu, I merely want to push them out of the desert South region and force them to stay in the desert North. I did not seek to eradicate them, only keeping them from being able to attack the Han territories.”

Huo Qu Bing stared at Liu CHe, his demeanor chilly and somber “Your servant I have already made up my mind on this.”

Liu Che stared at Huo Qu Bing, his eyes as sharp as knives, his imperial aura radiating from the throne. Everyone looking at this scene is already lowering their heads but Huo Qu Bing remains with his head held high staring Liu Che in the eyes. The silence seems to make this face-off even more pressure filled until the air is thick with tension, but suddenly Liu Che starts laughing “Fine! Whatever you want. I will keep the estate for you until you eradicate the Xiong Nu, and then I will bestow it on you then.”

I lightly released my pent up breath. Liu Che backed down on this and Huo Qu Bing claimed a victory. But at what price? My heart hurt and my eyes are heavy with unshed tears. I hold the tears back, I cannot let them use my behavior to see through what Huo Qu Bing just did. I raise my head to look at the sky where there is a lone crescent moon and a few twinkling stars. My tears slowly stop coming, my heart was like a crane lightly flying away. In a second I’m a thousand miles away, flying back to the desert where we once rode side-by-side. That day there were people pursuing us with arrows, but we were free…..

A soft sigh came from Auntie Yun “Qu Bing said it and he did it. If it’s not you, then he’s not marrying anyone.” After the banquet ended, Auntie Yun walked me to the front gates. Huo Qu Bing was already waiting for me beside the carriage. We stare at each other from across the sea of people moving about. My heart churned and my tears bubbled forth. This moment, this second, it was like another lifetime. Auntie Yun said nothing and just quietly departed.

I pack away all my myriad emotions, skipping forward and waving at him. My face has a brilliant smile and I quickly run towards him. I could care less if there are people around us and I leap into his embrace. I wrap my arms around his waist and softly whisper “The Palace food didn’t taste very good so I’m still hungry. Let’s hurry home and have the chef make me something yummy to eat.”

Huo Qu Bing tightly embraced me and smiled. Before his expression was dark and solemn, but in a split second he turned back into the sunshine boy I knew “Let’s go straight home then.”

The ministers around us, some looked away because they didn’t want to cause trouble, but some of the more arrogant ministers stared at us with looks of disgust. Someone whispered loudly “In public? What shameful behavior!” Only Jin Ri Chan remained expressionless, but in his eyes was laughter and warmth. Huo Qu Bing directed his coldest look at the person who said that. The person initially shrank from Huo Qu Bing’s stare, but then puffed up his chest as if taunting him.

I held Huo Qu Bing’s hand and laughingly touched his nose, saying in a loud voice “So where could that crazy dog have come from? Running around randomly biting people. If someone was bitten by a crazy hound, it’s not like we can bite back. I guess we have to let the dog be a dog and do his crazy howling. I guess we can find amusement in that.” I purposely made a gesture like I was listening for something. That person wanted to say something but couldn’t without admitting he was the “dog” that I just referred to. He just bit his tongue and glared at me.

Huo Qu Bing laughed and tapped my forehead. He helped me on the carriage and I lifted the curtain to peek outside. I quickly dropped the curtain and he asked “Jin Ri Chan recognized you?” I nodded “He was very careful and discreet. He looked at me and then walked away.” Huo Qu Bing pulled me down to rest on his shoulder “Seeing how he cares about you, I ought to take him out to drink.”

He suddenly noticed the blood droplets on my skirt and his face changed color. He immediately pulled the hand I was keeping hidden in my sleeve out “You…..what is this…..” His voice was stuck in his throat and he couldn’t finish his sentence.

I smiled, wanting to explain but finding no good explanation. Even if I had an excuse he wouldn’t believe me. So I just stared at him with a smile, indicating he doesn’t have to fret. Huo Qu Bing silently stared at me, his eyes filled with hurt and self-blame. His finger lightly traced my smile and he lowered his head to kiss my palm. His lips traced the wound lightly, over and over again.

Qu Bing, the way you treat me, I do not feel the slightest bit of grievance.


“Yu Er, a lady is here to see you.” Hong Gu looked nervous, causing me to wonder who it was. She explained the person was a Madam Chen. I startled for a moment before realizing who it was. I’ve been staying at Huo Qu Bing’s Estate for the past few days and today is the first day I’m back in Luo Yu House. And immediately Wei Shao Er is here to see me. Looks like she’s been keeping track of my whereabouts, and is looking to keep this from Huo Qu Bing.

I walk to the mirror and look at myself, asking Hong Gu “Please invite Madam Chen inside! It’s not convenient to talk outside.”

Hong Gu didn’t leave but gave me another look “Xiao Yu, I’ve heard about what happened in the Palace. General Huo refusing the estate given to him by the Emperor, and vowing to eradicate the Xiong Nu before starting a family. We were all in awe of his patriotism, but there is no way the Xiong Nu can be easily eradicated. So if the Xiong Nu remains for one day, he’s not willing to marry and have kids? The Great General Wei has three sons already, and he’s had two wives, one of them a Princess. But the Great General Wei still goes on the battlefield to fight the wars.”

I didn’t get to answer her before seeing a stressed middle aged woman walking into the courtyard. She smiled to see me “You must be Jin Yu? Hong Gu didn’t come out for quite some time and I was worried you wouldn’t see me, so I was presumptuous and walked inside.” I hurry over to welcome her and apologize for making her wait. Hong Gu and Xing Yen politely greeted her and then left.

Wei Shao Er looked around my yard and her smile disappeared “I don’t want to beat around the bush. If there is anything I say that makes you uncomfortable, I apologize in advance.” I smile and nod, knowing my place in Chang An as but an orphan with limited connections, so might as well appear to be magnanimous.

“Gong Xun Aou told me that you don’t know your place and is just a hussy. Qu Bing’s bad behavior in the army base, you don’t try to stop him, and instead let him be. I heard this and felt terrible. I wasn’t expecting Qu Bing to marry a well-educated and virtuous woman, but at least she would behave appropriately. Right now the people in court are criticizing Qu Bing, and as a mother it hurts me to know this. I asked the Empress for her thoughts, and she surprisingly took your side. She requested that none of us pressure you. To know my sister likes you is something else, so likely you’re not as bad as Gong Xun Aou described. The way I see it, I just want to talk to you as a mother today.” Wei Shao Er talked and took notice of my demeanor.

I bowed “Madam please continue, Jin Yu is willing to listen.”

Her face showed a sliver of sadness “Qu Bing’s birthright you must have heard already. Since I did it, I’m not afraid of own up to it. I had him out of wedlock, and shortly after he was born, his father married another woman. In the Princess’ Estate, Qu Bing grew up following his uncle around, but he really longed for his own family. So today, you are causing him…..” She bitterly shook her head “They say “The worst unfilial act is to not have a descendant”, and how many twenty year old young men in Chang An doesn’t have a child already? Jin Yu, I’m here today as Qu Bing’s mother. Can you please reconsider. If…..” She stared at me “If you can leave Qu Bing, I would be eternally grateful.”

I stared at the ground in silence for quite some time. If it was someone else, nothing they could say would affect me. But this woman is Qu Bing’s mother. Without her, there would be no Qu Bing. Right now his mother is sitting me pleading with me to leave him. My heart is hurting bit by bit, but outwardly I retain my composure.

Wei Shao Er waited for some time but saw that I remained sitting there with my head down “Jin Yu, I was also young once. It’s not that I don’t understand you kids, but people need to learn to adapt to reality…..”

The door opened with a resounding slam and Huo Qu Bing strode into the courtyard. He took notice of me and Wei Shao Er before bowing to greet his mother “How did mother come to be here today?” Wei Shao Er looked at me with a hint of disgust “I’ve never met Jin Yu before, so I came to see her.” Huo Qu Bing replied “If mother wanted to meet Yu Er, all you need to do is let me know and I would have brought her to meet you.”

Before Wei Shao Er could respond, I quickly jumped in “Madam was just discussing the latest Chang An fashions with me, which you couldn’t possibly be interested in.” Huo Qu Bing looked at me and then at his mom, before nodding “You ladies do have your private chats. I’ve been out too long and must return now.” Huo Qu Bing followed behind Wei Shao Er “I need to escort mother back to her estate first.”

Even though it’s Winter already, the sun remains bright and the light blankets the entire courtyard. But when I see their departing backs, all I feel is a sense of chill. “Yu Er, what’s wrong? Why are you all ashen?” Hong Gu supported me and asked. I shook my head “Did you send someone to let Qu Bing know?” She sighed “Madam Chen suddenly showing up here, and I know whatever she wanted you would just suffer in silence because of General Huo. I’m afraid you’ll be hurt, so I sent someone to get him.”

I force a laugh “Madam Chen is a weak lone woman, what could possibly happen to me? If this happens again, don’t let Qu Bing know, I can handle it.” Wei Shao Er must think I was trying to stall her because I was waiting for Qu Bing to arrive, so now she must dislike me even more. Hong Gu hesitated and then nodded her head. She escorted me into the room and poured me some tea “Yu Er, did you hear? The Shi Enterprises have split up.” I don’t even drink my tea “What?”

Hong Gu explained “In the last few days, the Shi Enterprises have suddenly split. The businesses have been split amongst the four Feng, Yu, Lei, Dian (Wind, Rain, Lightning and Thunder), and there is already discord among them. The prices for precious rocks and herbal medicine have been skyrocketing because people are unsure of whether these guys can run the businesses. Lu Feng has things under control because Shi Tian Cao is helping him. Rumor is the Jiu Ye is ill and doesn’t want to run it anymore. Yu Er, shall we find time to visit Jiu Ye in the next few days?”

My heart was roiling. He said he was going to do it, and he actually did it. He really was planning to set aside his long time family enterprise. Then I realized something was missing “What about Shi Sheng Xing and Shi Jing Yen? What are they doing?” Hong Gu shook her head, she didn’t know, other than Jing Yen left Chang An possibly because he was cheated out of his portion, and Sheng Xing followed him because they are as close as real brothers.”

Both Shi brothers have left Chang An, and are likely never coming back. Where could they go? Hong Gu asked me “Should we sell yet?” I hesitated and then said “Sell it to Zhang Dian, having him run the dancing houses leaves me feeling more relief.” Hong Gu nodded and looked around nostalgically “I’ve been here since I was young, so I want to keep this back portion where we live and just sell the front to Zhang Dian. We can just wall up the connecting portions.”

I thought a bit “Fine. Lower the price and Zhang Dian won’t object. I’m also used to living here, and as long as I don’t leave Chang An, I am too lazy to move.” Hong Gu teased “Even when you marry someone, you’ll still live here?” And then she realized what she said and immediately looked apologetic “Yu Er…..” I shook my head “Hong Gu, I’m not such a sensitive person.”

Hong Gu hesitated and then sighed “In the past, I prayed for you to marry high. So I hoped that you would reciprocate General Huo’s feelings, but you were always hot and cold with him. I hoped you would have a change of heart and can marry him someday. But look at things now……I suddenly think that you following him will bring about only suffering. His branch is simply too high. Up there, the wind is cold and brisk, and there are predators lurking underneath. If you can marry a normal person, and live a simple life, it will be better than what you have now.”

I grabbed Hong Gu’s hand “Having a big sister like you, always worrying about me, I’m already more blessed than most of the girls here. I’m not that weak, the cold and brisk wind won’t do anything to me.” Hong Gu patted my hand “Since you left, the Shi Enterprises have been very good to Luo Yu House. What’s happening now is causing quite a stir outside. Are you going to check on them? If so, please give my best to Jiu Ye.” I turn my head and softly murmur “I’ll take care of this, big sister you needn’t worry.”


The first snow of this Winter season didn’t come down hard, with small and large flakes trickling down intermittently. But it lasted for quite some time, snowing for four straight days. The rooftops and the tree tops are stacked high with snow, and the melted snow on the ground is quickly covered with fresh powder, slowly turning into ice. Often you see a pedestrian slip on the ice and land on the ground.

“Big sister Yu, are you going or not?” asked the former Shi Feng, and now called Lu Feng. I softly answered “Why so impatient still? I don’t know how you manage to run a business.” Lu Feng laughed coldly “I’m not like this when I’m doing business. Because you’re my older sister, that’s why I’m like this. But seeing as you are singlemindedly determined to become Madam Huo, likely you don’t care for a younger brother like me nowadays. It’s my grandpa that wants to see you, so if you refuse to make the trip, I’ll have to let him know and have him come see you. But I’m not sure if you’ll be willing to see him, so just tell me now so I can let him know.”

I looked at the falling snow outside the window for some time and then said “You can go back first, I’ll be by the Shi Estate shortly.”

To make an elderly person happy and more cheerful, I wore a red outer robe to make myself more energetic. The carriage rumbles over the street and crunches over the ice on the ground, the sound hitting my ears steadily. How many times did I take this road before? Sometimes with joy, other times with anticipation, and even with sadness and despair. But today is the first time it feels torturous.

Other than Xiao Feng still living in the Shi Estate, everyone else has moved out. The Shi Estate was always on the quiet side, but now it’s even more lonely. Everywhere there is only solitary white. I’m holding a red umbrella and wearing a red outer robe, walking in the snow. I laugh to think of how eye catching I must look right now, a bright red spot within the white Winter wonderland.

Past the front living room and next to the lake, my eyes sudden see a sea of green foliage growing there that wasn’t there before. When did they plant something there? I take a closer look and my hurt aches, in a second my eyes fill with tears and I can’t see clearly anymore. In what feels like ages ago, someone told me that the Gold Silver Flowers were also called Enduring Winter, because the leaves remained green even during the Winter. He refused to say their other name that day, and refused to view the flowers with me. So this patch of Lover’s Vines growing next to the lake, who did he plant them for?

The entire world descends into silence, so silent that I can hear a snowflake landing on my umbrella. I stand in front of the Lover’s Vine for some time, the memories of the past have faded, but my tears fall nonetheless on the leaves of the vines. After some time, I stare ahead and force a smile on my face before turning and walking away.

Someone wearing a green robe is sitting on the ice of the lake ice fishing. The snowflakes slowly fall and the view is obscured, but based on what he’s wearing, it looks like Tian Cao. I hold my umbrella and slowly walk on the ice surface, being careful because it’s so slippery. It’s a short distance but it takes me a good while to traverse it.

On the lake someone has drilled a hole that is the size of a bucket. A fishing pole is placed on a rack while the fisherman has his hands tucked inside his robe. He has a jug of wine next to him, and he sits there very relaxed and casual. I softly call out “Third brother Shi, the soft snow, the solitary fisherman on an icy lake, what an enjoyable experience!”

He heard my voice and turned around, and immediately my smile froze. I stand in place, unable to move forward and unable to retreat. Jiu Ye smiled warmly at me, like he didn’t have a care in the world. He softly called out “Just waiting for the fish to bite. You walk over slowly so you don’t scare them.” I think for a moment before I slowly walk to stand next to him. I ask in a low voice “I’m off to see grandpa. Thank you….for letting Xiao Dian take over the dancing houses. If you don’t want to run the dancing houses, then you can do whatever you want. But if it’s because of me, then you needn’t have.”

He appeared not to hear what I said, only pointing to a small stool next to him “Sit!” I stood there unmoving so Jiu Ye looked up at me “Why are you wearing so little? I was just planning on heading back, let’s go together!” He slowly pulled up the fishing rod and reached over to pick up the crutch that was stuck in the snow. He just picked up the crutch and stood up when the crutch slid on the snow. He was about to fall on the ice and I quickly reached forward to support him.

My one hand was holding the umbrella and I didn’t balance myself correctly in the haste, so my feet were also like it had been coated in oil. The two of us were slipping and barely able to support each other from both falling on the ice. Jiu Ye appeared not to care about himself and was only staring at me. He suddenly smiled and tossed his crutch aside, grabbing my arms and pulling me into his embrace. With his sudden gesture, I was so shocked that I wasn’t able to cry out before we had both fallen on the ice. My umbrella also flew out and went sliding away on the ice.

Our bodies are pressed together and our faces are inches apart. This is the closest Jiu Ye and I have ever gotten to each other. My body was alternating between boiling hot and freezing cold. The snowflakes landed on my face and he reached over to brush it off. I turn my face to avoid him but he didn’t seem to care and caressed my cheeks. I can’t avoid him so I cry out “Jiu Ye, what you are doing? It’s impossible between us now, I……”

He put his finger on my lips and shushed me. He smiled and shook his head “Yu Er, there is nothing that is impossible. I will not let you go this time. Huo Qu Bing is good to you, I will be even better to you. Huo Qu Bing can’t marry you, but I can. Huo Qu Bing can’t take you away from Chang An, but I can. What he can give you, I can also give you. What he can’t give you, I can still give you. So Yu Er, you should marry me…..” He was half smiling but it couldn’t hid his anguish. His eyes remain steadfast “Next Summer, the Lover’s Vines next to the lake will bloom. This time we will definitely view the flowers together.”

He finished talking and lifted his finger from my lips, but the moment it was raised, he lowered it again and lightly brushed over my lips. His caress was filled with longing and regret, and his dark eyes turned passionate as he lowered his head to kiss me. I tried to avoid his kiss at the same time I tried to push him away. But my hands had no strength so the two of us became entangled in the snow. His lips would graze over my cheek or my forehead as we continued to roll around on the ice.

I suddenly heard the loud and unmistakeable sound of the ice beneath us cracking. In a split second, the little ice fishing hole began to crack swiftly. I was so startled and realized the ice could not sustain the weight of both of us. In my haste all I could think of was that nothing must happen to Jiu Ye, and I’ve forgotten everything else. I bite down hard on his neck and taste his blood in my mouth. He made a pained noise and his grip on my arms weakened. I used all my might to push him off me away from the cracking ice, which sent me flying backwards into the hole in the lake. My body hit the icy water immediately.

I try my best to swim but the cracked ice is so slippery I cannot grab on. In the bone chilling cold of the ice water, in moments my arms and legs no longer work. There is an undercurrent in the lake that quickly pulls me away from the hole and I look up and see only a layer of ice above my head. I know my chances of survival are none. I can vaguely hear Jiu Ye’s anguished cry, and in my quickly blackening out mind all I can see is the smiling face of Huo Qu Bing. I quietly apologized to him. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Maybe the princess will be a wonderful woman.

In the beginning my chest hurt from the lack of oxygen, but after some time, I began to lose consciousness and even my body stops feeling cold or pain. I feel like I’m so light I could fly away. Suddenly I’m grabbed tightly by the arm of someone holding me. Lips are pressed against mine to feed me oxygen and that wakes me up. Immediately my body hurts so badly and I force my eyes open. Jiu Ye’s dark eyes are staring at me with warmth even though his face is ice white with cold. One of his arms is entwined on a fishing line and he’s desperately holding on to it and trying to pull us against the current back to the opening in the lake. The fishing line is fast digging into his arms and the blood is trickling out. I can see the red seeping into the water around us.

His movements become slower and slower and his ashen white face starts turning blue. But the hole in the lake is still very far from us. I use my eyes to tell him not to save me, and I try to push myself away from him. But his unwavering eyes staring at me never change. It communicates one simple message: either we live together, or we die together!

I feel anger and hopelessness. How can you die like this? Everything I just did was for naught? The pain and despair in my heart makes me unable to hold on and I slowly slip away into unconsciousness.


A day and a night’s accumulation of snow makes the entire world frosty, but I’m instead so hot I’m sweating. My mouth is so parched it hurts, causing me so much discomfort I wake up suddenly. I realize then that I’m under heavy blankets and there is a hot burning pit of coal in the room that is roasting me.

I sit up but my body feels stiff and hard to move. I try my best but can barely move my arm. Huo Qu Bing, who had his head down on the pallet napping, woke up and looked at me with unfettered joy “You’re awake!”

I had thought that I would never see him again, so seeing him smiling at me, my heart was filled with both anguish and happiness. I croaked out “So hot, so thristy” and he quickly got up and poured me a cup of water. He eased me into his embrace and slowly helped me drink the water “The doctor said you are suffering from moderate frost bite and the cold has seeped deep into your body. You need to rest for a few days, but thankfully you’re quite hearty to begin with so a bout of fever and you’ve warmed up again. If it was any other woman, you’d likely be dead or at least suffering permanent damage.

His voice sounded scratchy and I can see his ravaged face, making my eyes redden “How many days have I been sick? Have you been here the entire time? I will get better eventually, but why didn’t you get any rest?” He gently caressed my face “Three days and two nights. How can I possibly fall asleep? It was only this morning that your fever broke, and that was when I finally let out a sigh of relief.” I was worried about Jiu Ye but afraid to ask how he was doing, so I murmured “I….how was I rescued?”

How can I possibly ever conceal anything from Qu Bing, and he clearly knows what I’m getting at. He was silent for a moment and then casually said “Meng Jiu secured the fishing rod on a tree branch and then followed the fishing line into the water to retrieve you. The servants of the Shi Estate showed up just in time and saved you both. Meng Jiu was wearing a fox vest that protected him from the cold, plus he entered the water later than you, so even though his arm is injured and he lost quite a lot of blood, but he’s recovered nicely these past few days. He ought to be arriving shortly to check on you.”

I suddenly realized that this was my old room in the Bamboo Residence “I….why are we here?” Huo Qu Bing lightly smiled “Meng Jiu said you couldn’t be moved because you were so chilled, and the best royal physician I summoned from the Palace also said the same thing. I had no choice but to keep you here until you recovered. Yu Er, how did you lose your footing and fall into an ice hole?” I didn’t know how to answer so all I could say was “I’m sorry, I promise to be more careful in the future.”

He tightly hugged me “Yu Er, promise me that this can never happen again. Never.” One look at his haggard face and his cracking scratchy voice and my hurt just swells with anguish so that all I can do is nod vigorously.

The door is gently opened and Xiao Feng wheels Jiu Ye inside. He takes a look at Huo Qu Bing and quietly leaves. Jiu Ye’s arm is securely wrapped in a sling and his face is white as he stares at Huo Qu Bing “I need to listen to her heartbeat.”

Huo Qu Bing shifted slightly to give him space, but he still kept me resting against his chest. Jiu Ye looked at Huo Qu Bing as if he was about to say something, so I quickly spoke up “Can you see when I’ll get better. I can’t move my body and it’s so hot, I’m terribly uncomfortable.”

A quick flash of pain passed through Jiu Ye’s face and he nodded. Huo Qu Bing had a slight smile as he pulled out my arm from under the blanket. Jiu Ye listened to my heartbeat and then checked out my countenance.

I suddenly felt Huo Qu Bing’s body stiffen behind me. I turn to give him a questioning look and I see that his eyes are staring directly at Jiu Ye’s neck. Right there is a clear and visible set of teeth marks. He turns to look at me with disbelief and doubt. My heart was beating so fast I was afraid to look him in the eye so I quickly turn away.

Huo Qu Bing’s entire body is rigid and I can feel the coldness emanating from him. I was originally burning up but quickly I feel cold again. Jiu Ye looks confused and tries to reach out his hand to touch my forehead but Huo Qu Bing immediately brushes his hand aside and asks coldly “When can we leave?”

I give Jiu Ye a pleading look and he notices how distressed I look. His eyes show his concern for me, so after hesitating for a moment “Her chill is almost all gone. If you find a carriage and pack it full of blankets, you can take Yu Er home.”

The moment Huo Qu Bing carries me into the carriage, he bites me hard on my neck. He draws blood and I bite my lips from crying out. I endure this pain on my neck, and the even more painful hurt in my heart. He raised his head to stare at me, his lips red with my blood, his eyes burning with anger. He just stares at me, as if seeking from me a denial, an explanation, a promise. The tears come to my eyes but I cannot say a single word. I see all these emotions in his eyes: pain, rage, despair. He lowered his head and roughly kissed me, the taste of the blood seeping through from the touch of our lips and tongues, a potent acrid sweetness in the rage.


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      • Maybe you should try watching some wuxia dramas or something… to get some exposure… I cannot read Chinese so I’m not that informed but I think watching some of that will help you adapt to the genre. People do get hurt a lot in those but it’s all done to portray the idea of people who practice martial arts being better in tune with their physical side and the “wild” side of human nature. With this comes all the awesome abilities of healing, strength, qinggong (flying), neigong, etc. Therefore, taking blows doesn’t really matter as much and in these kinds of situations. Instead, injury and the like can be used to express emotion or simply be playful. Injuries like this are not really major (life threatening) and shouldn’t be taken seriously by the reader. If it’s serious, the writer and drama will usually take some lengths to explain the depth of the damage done. If you have to, pretend for a split second that they’re vampires… -_-;;; verrrry odd (but desperate) comparison….

        Of course, there are always the characters that may take this physical acceptance too far, usually villains that kill or poison other peoples for comparatively minor offenses, but that’s an entirely different story all together. Other period dramas and stuff may give what seems like the more correct response for such physical harm but this is kind of a cross between wuxia and period more of a period with wuxia inspiration… but still… point is, if the damage is supposed to be taken seriously, the somebody will usually go to lengths to express it.

        Reading this may help give you a better idea:


    • @Livvy

      You are using modern point of view to read a period novel. It’s completely non-applicable the example you raised. Last Friends was a modern dorama about dysfunctional relationships rooted in REAL situations. DMY is a fantasy novel set in China 1500 years ago.

      To even bring up DV frankly boggles my mind, but it’s not your fault, but likely stemming from lack of understanding of the context of these stories and characterizations.

      Chinese wuxia/period novels and dramas are rooted in physical interaction mixed with emotional angst. Half the OTPs in the great novels fight (we’re talking injuring each other), bicker and banter in both verbal and physical ways, and it’s all contextualized by the understanding that their comparable martial arts skills underlies their interaction.

      When I started translating, I was worried that an unfamiliar audience with these types of genre and stories would lead to these types of reactions. It’s not just you, but it appears that alpha males like Huo Qu Bing, who respects and worships Yu Er, but is very physical with her (as she is with him), appears to create a misunderstanding of his intentions or actions.

      Hell, one half of the love triangle in Dragon Sabre had the heroine stabbing the hero in the stomach and it was chalked up to she really had no choice and she loved him so she avoided stabbing him in the heart. And then they almost got married later because he loved her, but then he ended up loving someone else more, unrelated to the fact that she tried to kill him. Anyways, the stabbing was a non-issue because in the context of these stories, physical acts are grounded in whether the person can withstand it. That guy healed himself because he was that powerful. Yu Er is a very strong martial arts warrior, the bite was not a man injuring a weak woman, it was a equally well-matched couple fighting through their issues. It hurt but the pain in her heart hurt more because she had caused Huo Qu Bing to be so hurt by what she did.

      I don’t want to belabor the point, because I hate DV in real life, and even in stories set in modern times. But DMY is a fantasy novel grounded in an ethos that is integral in Chinese literary norms for that genre. I can’t tell you to be fine with it, but you definitely can’t apply modern mores to it.

      Actually, I’m getting kinda tired of having to explain these misconceptions, which is not pointing fingers at any one in particular, but more my exhaustion speaking. If my translation leads to a wider reading audience, but the audience doesn’t understand the nuances of the character behaviors and actions due to lack of previous exposure to the genre, then I’m doing a disservice to this novel.

      HQB is Tong Hua’s favorite male lead and she wrote him to be her ideal in every way. No one needs to like him because TH likes him, but the issues being raised about his actions are stemming from a lack of understanding of the context, and that is something that saddens me. The bite was very passionate, not in the least bit violent, solely in the context of this story and these two characters. Just like the kidnapping scene earlier.

      At this point, I’m considering stopping my translations here. I worry for more misconceptions and I don’t want to tarnish my enjoyment of DMY.

      Actually, this also confirms my own decision to avoid discussing YZG, which has character behavior that I will need to write a dissertation to explain in context otherwise will just lead to howls of distress to everyone. TH sure loves her some passionate angst, is all I’m going to say. 🙂

      The fact that the bite – either Yu Er to Jiu Ye or Qu Bing to Yu Er – even elicits “ouch” responses makes me so weirded out. o__O In fantasy period novels the pain threshold is so high. And in DMY, the way Yu Er and Brother Wolf fight even alarms Snow Lady initially, but then she immediately realizes that those two are just physical when they affectionately tussle and they don’t intend to really hurt each other.

      • Like you said, it’s just people’s misconception.. and I hope it doesn’t bother you so much that you’d consider stopping the translation, because most people reading this understand it’s a fictional and period novel. It’s not your translation that causes the misconception, but the reader’s own POV… and I think not every reader has been reading the comments and so hasn’t seen your explanation.

        Maybe if you wrote a disclaimer or something before the next chapter?

        Anyways, just wanted to let you know that not everyone misunderstands. I actually really appreciate reading period novels that have deep feelings, in which the author doesn’t describe every feeling but lets the characters speak for themselves through their actions.
        I really hope you keep going. Jya yo!

      • I know having to explain HQB’s action is tiring but pleaseeeeee don’t stop translating…. Take your time just don’t stop. I still wanna read the steamy part:) because I know they won’t include it on the show:(

        I read before that you don’t like manhandling so I trust your judgement.

      • Well said Ms. O.C. Koala… when reading a period novel, the reader needs to put her/himself in that period time and not judge from their perspective views of today’s norms. How people conducted themself over 1000 years ago is not as the same as the world we live in today. That’s why I’m so fascinated with ancient history. Please don’t stop translating this novel due to some readers who are lacking about ancient etiquettes and behaviors. Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort in translating this novel for us non-Chinese readers.

      • Ms. Koala. .. please don’t stop translating and don’t let others’ “misconception” discourage you. Please don’t let the 99% suffer because of the 1%. I am anticipating your translation of the YZG.

        @People. . . this is a period drama. You cannot judge or compare what and how things are done back then with how things are done in the present. In order to enjoy any novel, you have to put yourself and allow yourself to be in that era.

      • Ockoala, thanks for the recap of this wonderful story and I hope that you will not stop here. Please continue till the end.

        As for the biting, i dont see anything wrong with it. Like you said, we shouldn’t use today’s standard to judge the actions of the ancient time. HQB has been consistent with the way he treats YE throughout the novel. He’s been loving, gentle, and rough with her. She never once had a problem with it. If she’s fine with it, then there shouldn’t be any problem.

      • No, don’t stop because a few may not even like that you are doing something outside the drama blogosphere norm at the moment, if you know what I mean.

        You have an audience that genuinely loves this novel along with you.

        You already know, people are going to be people.

        Perhaps what you should do is not allow the differing opinions of others to discourage or influence your generous efforts here. If people want to rant here’s a hint-let them do so…. 😉
        Her DV argument does not faze me in the least because it’s taken out of context with our lovebirds…..

        TH would be proud! No hard feelings if your heart is no longer in it though….. 🙂

      • Uh…i thought the ‘ouch’ comment was about the hurting of the hearts… cuz them biting was not in a violent context…. not how i interpret it anyways xD and nobody in the novel seem to mind the physical acts… or did i missed something?????

        i believe Yu er bit Jiu Ye because she needs to push him off her so he won’t go down with her.. and HQB biting Yu er was to show her he knows and how much this hurts him. he is one of the LAST person to hurt her out of violence.

        I totally understand how it is tiring to defend… a FANTASY novel… some things just can not be explained with words and the reader has to feel it and understand the context some how on his/her own. I totally understand how continuing the translation like this wears you out too (ms Koala)… I’m just pretty sure that with the commenters above my post are many… many…. MANY more who loves the reading, emoting, and shipping of this AWESOME novel!!

        whatever you decide to do (to continue or not)… we are sooooooooooooo grateful of you bringing this excitement in our digital lives ^^

        To be honest, if you really hate what’s happening in this novel and can not find yourself or a least bit of understanding… stop reading would be best option. There is no sense in wasting your time getting heated up about a….. again… FANTASY novel. No offence, but just spare yourself the time and hate. I’m pressing that i’m not pulling an anti to the anti’s (if there are really any)… but… that’s just how i think would be best for me if i find something sooo against of what i think is right and good.

        I don’t find EVERYthing fantastic about this novel. There were moments (however few) that i thought… ‘uh whut?!??’ But in overal this has been such a splendid and joyous ride for me…and, I know i mentioned many times already.. but it’s just a novel.. in a fantasy context -______- I get how opinion differs, but i guess the ones who loves this novel to pieces like me just like to enjoy the ride to the fullest… without having the deal with overly negativity over and over.

        Let’s keep it that some things are not meant to be overly analysed or deciphered… just feel it with your heart if it lets you 😉

      • No, Koala, please don’t stop your translations! I, at least, understood the physical interactions and the bites. But then, I have been watching wuxia dramas since 5…

        Koala, please continue translating. Please! To make sure everyone understand the context of the physical acts, you could include an explanation preceding or following the chapter.

      • Yes, it must be tiresome having to explain and put things into context. However, if you look at what you have achieved so far with your awesome translations (and it is the best wuxia work translation I’ve read so far) – you have opened the doors to countless illiterate Chinese readers worldwide onto a wonderful chinese work, it is no small feat. I kowtow to you for your generosity in sharing with us these with us.

        I too, was suprised by the biting by HQB. Frankly, I never understood why Huang Rong bit Guo Jing and why Zhang Ming bit Deng Chao – always thought it was a chuildish act and was suprised that the great HQB could be so childish. But now, after your explanation, I am enlightened.

      • Hey, why am I being made the bad guy here? Just because I may have a different idea than everyone else doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate Ockoala’s translations any less than anyone here. And I have read most of the comments (especially Ockoala’s, because I wanted more insight into the story as well) before making my comment.

        Ok, I get that this is a Chinese Wuxia period drama. Even though I’m Chinese, and have been watching Chinese dramas since young, this is a bit new to me (about the biting thing). Fine, I understand now that the biting is some kind of an intimate thing.

        But still, I just feel rather uncomfortable about how HQB is being praised for his possessive and demanding nature, while Jiu Ye is being called ‘douchey’ for his actions in this chapter when HQB did quite similar things to Jin Yu at the time when she wasn’t quite ready to accept his love yet.

        Just to let everyone know, if it even makes a difference, that I’m not anti-HQB&Jin Yu, I’m just anti-HQB with his actions in this particular chapter. This is just simply my opinion (Chinese Wuxia period drama or not), and if every comment here agrees on the same thing, then there will be no discussion at all, right?

        Ockoala, please don’t stop your translations. I really do appreciate your hard work and generosity.

      • As I stated before, “to each her own”…..These are only characters in a fantasy novel that we’ve come to love no? People can and “will” say what they feel like in this world. It’s the rights inherent to the citizens of this planet.

        If some consider JY a douche, well…that does not get my nose out of joint.

        @Livvy, if my post made you feel less than welcome, please forgive me :'( , but I think a sexual storm is brewing up ahead so *simultaneousdoublewink*….. The thread would not be the same without you gurrl so stick with us if you can….. 🙂

      • @Livvy (and others who felt addressed by my long rant earlier), i want to clarify again too that i do not mean to tell those with different opinion to simply go away. I mean, discussions does make this threads fun i guess and there will be no discussions if we all are about sunshine and rainbows and agreeing with each other. My point was to those who are hating what they’re reading… to stop reading x) again no offence… my apologies to those who still find it offensive.

        it’s only natural that the ones who loves this to pieces will defend this… just like those who feels the urge to voice what they find strange…

        Buttuh… when ms Koala post her frustration about this, yeah loads will give her supporting reactions, that’s how much we love her for her work x) ms Koala doesn’t seem like one who is unreasonable about different opinions, so this is probably after much (too much) debate about something of which there are no logical/realistic answers

        Hope we can continue to happy playground and that this all doesn’t wear out ms. Koala… who has giving us soo soooo much!

    • If you don’t like the novel @Livvy, you should stop reading it at this point because I’m sure the steamy parts will probably set your teeth on edge if the bite got to you. 🙂

      Oooohhh, I can imagine him ripping her clothes off after chasing her on horseback or sth hot….LOL

      • my initial thoughts were along the @ItadakimasU

        She had to bite him to get him off her or to let go since he was holding on to her. That was really unselfish of JY to do that by saving him she was in danger to herself and it may just be the last ounce of love she have left for him because while she became unconscious like several had said, she thought of HQB instead.

        I was also surprised when HQB bit her too and I didn’t think it was a physical attack either. He was shock and hurt when he saw the teeth mark on the previous man her woman loved so he couldn’t let express it anyway but to bite her to tell her he knows what happened.

        Now I want to hear HQB’s thoughts on this… did he suspect it as an accident? (because he though she was careless on the ice) Or was JR was advancing on her? (which he was but she can stand on her own) or was it mutual btwn them (which we know it’s not but HQB could assume that it was.

        HQB always had faith and wait for her. this may be the turning point in their relationship.

      • I do believe in HQB’s rock-steady love for her. Love, love his character. However, I think her going to Jiu Ye’s estate did some damage because he has so many enemies to fight and should not have to worry so much about her intentions or actions…especially since she was willing to die to save this man.

        What if this gets out!?

        I find solace by contrasting to her actions here with the time she and HQB shielded each other in the woods when Brother Wolf showed up…..

        The heart knows and it keeps telling her she doing him wrong…..

      • And if it gets out, I just don’t know how many more angry kissess she can handle! LOL. j/k

        I would like to believe that JY loves and stays loyal to those who are close to her and she is willing to protect them at all cost until they cross her…even though JYe hurt her and she now loves HQB they just really have unfinished business to settle. yes, she will be sway, yes, she will risk, yes, she is afraid but we know she knows that HQB is the one alrdy. I also think that she was swayed a bit becas HQB’s mom came and made her feel a bit little. She wants to respects her but yet it means to let him go and JYe’s offer is tempting. But she stood her ground so no more worries … right?

        I just hope the next chapter she just clears it up. Clear it up with JYe and tell HQB so there will be no regrets and misunderstanding going forward. I don’t think HQB will stand it if he finds out she did that to save JYe. Men tends to be jealous when their women cares for another man.

      • ” Men tends to be jealous when their women cares for another man.”

        Well, she’ll just have to “save him” won’t she….LOL

  11. *“Yu Er, there is nothing that is impossible. I will not let you go this time. Huo Qu Bing is good to you, I will be even better to you. Huo Qu Bing can’t marry you, but I can. Huo Qu Bing can’t take you away from Chang An, but I can. What he can give you, I can also give you. What he can’t give you, I can still give you.* Sigh. With all these things going on, that does sound good. Thank goodness HQB is not a noble idiot.

      • yeah! totally agree. Here papa wants her to marry. will she settle to be a concubine? how long can HQB delay the emperor’s plan? JY is the anti-thesis….the calm side of HQB. Will our heroine goes for the stable JY or bad boy QB. I soooo much luv this novel! ive never read a chinese novel before….everything is perfect….i love the story! Its so exhilirating!

        Thank you dear msKola *xoxo*

  12. Thank you Koala…. you are truly wonderful to all of us….despite all the toll this must take on your time. =D

    I am also wondering who is Jin Ri Chan….. going to go back and read the previous chapters to see.

    My poor poor poor Jiu Ye….. sigh

  13. Oh no, guys, I’m not considering stopping as a “punishment” or for people having different opinions than me. I enjoy debating. But it has to all come from the same starting point. For example, I can’t and don’t want to debate the right or wrong of DV, because there is NO right DV. Never ever in any context in real life or dramas reflecting real life.

    But the bite wasn’t DV in any context in this novel because of ground rules about this genre and how characters behaved back then that I can’t intelligently debate it if the some readers aren’t using the correct ground rules to entertain discussion points. I’m considering stopping because it hurts the novel to be so misunderstood.

    If Jiu Ye, Yu Er, and Huo Qu Bing were characters in a modern real life-esque story, all three of them would be abominable characters. One is way too self-absorbed and clingy, she’s too bossy and full-of-herself, and the other has no respect for boundaries and is an arrogant ass. But in this story, all of them are vividly awesome characters in a larger-than-life way.

    • Ms. O.C. Koala, I cannot express enough how appreciative I am on the enormous time and effort you have put into translation a novel you feel so passionate about. I can only imagine your nights and weekend sitting besides your computer, translating away.Your passion transpire onto your work. If the novel isn’t so well written and so well translated, we wouldn’t be so addicted, as evidence that your site almost crash many times a day as we all refreshing your website, trying to look for update. I normally am a lurker at best, but this book drew me out of my lurker-dome. That’s how good it is. I completely understand if the mis-understanding is discouraging. I’d be discouraged too. Fighting Koala! I feel you.

    • Please don’t stop translating the novel, ocKoala. I can’t tell you how much enjoyment your translations have given me. I can’t read Chinese and there are very few English translations of wuxia classics. Your informative commentary introducing each chapter and obviously, very faithful translations of each chapter has led me to be completely entranced by this writer and the genre. You’ve done a great job and your sacrifice of personal time to do this is much appreciated. I am just in awe of your excellent command of both languages. Thank you again!

    • Oh Koala trust me when I say that the novel is certainly not being hurt by your translations! This is my first Chinese novel and all thanks to you I was able to meet these fascinating characters! You don’t have to defend any actions of these characters since the work speaks for it self through your translations. For any fan of a historical piece the issues being brought up in contention with modern sensibilities is plain and simply ridiculous. Please understand that you are not translating for these people! I really hope you won’t stop for people who probably wouldn’t be able to appreciate a period piece with this rigid way of thinking to begin with, regardless of the biting or the kidnapping.

      I am certain I speak for the vast majority when I say that the awesomeness of this novel is greatly appreciated with the biting & fighting in addition to the sweet and tender moments. The passion demonstrated is necessary for the narrative of the story and I for one loved the context in which these actions were included. I appreciate and enjoy the story more for it. This chapter was in fact my favorite so far. Please continue translating the novel for those of us who appreciate it completely! I stopped watching dramas completely due to the awesomeness of this novel because nothing else is compelling enough. I am working on major product launch and hardly have time to breathe, Da Mo Yao is my only time for personal enjoyment, please don’t take it away 🙁 I already have a tough time waiting a day for the update, stopping it completely is beyond sad for me!

      I truly hope you will continue translating for the majority of the readers who truly appreciate and love this novel! Please, Please carry on, you labor of love is dearly loved by us!!

    • Dear Ms. Koala,

      Please don’t stop your translations because of a few people who fail to understand the period in which the novel is set or the literature devices used in these type of novels! The majority of us readers do understand, and to stop because a very small group of people don’t understand, I think will be more of a disservice to the novel since now there’s no way for non-chinese readers to have access to this amazing novel. Your translations of each chapter really is what I look forward to everyday and they really do allow me to let go of all the stress in my life for a few wonderful minutes! Novels and author’s intentions are always going to be open to different types of interpretation but please don’t stop because of that! I really hope you decide to stick to it and I want to send my deepest gratitude to you for taking your time to translate this novel for us to read!

    • Well… it’s the same with any genre. You have to suspend belief to some degree in order to stomach it. Even mangas based on real life require some degree of this suspension or else all the stories would look like they are about self-possessed, bipolar-but-genius jerks.

      This all just goes back to the post about Tong Hua drawing inspiration from Wuxia and Jin Yong. If you’re really getting sick of it, put a disclaimer somewhere that mentions how this is period with inspiration from wuxia so “violence” between characters (especially when both parties are versed in martial arts) is usually used as a means to express themselves as opposed to DV. If it’s really DV… then it will usually be completely uncalled for and hella bad… like Gong Sun Zhi and Qiu Qian Chi. Then refer them to the following link.


      Like most of everybody here, I cannot express how absolutely amazing you are for taking the time to translate this… and how much my life has come to revolving around your translations to settle the suspense of the next few days (Damn you, Tangren). However, I can understand that with all your work, you are probably hitting the point of feeling tired and have your own DMY needs to satisfy… like stalking weibos. 🙂 I’ll be the first to admit it. I can’t read Chinese but the pictures are gratifying enough. No shame. Take a hiatus or something if you need to. Re-charge. If you really want to stop, I understand. 🙂

      • ah your comment reminded me of a fantastic quote i read, kinda applicable here:

        ‘willing suspension of disbelief is there to bridge the gulf between reality and imagination’


      • damn… I forgot the “dis-” to “disbelief,” didn’t I… I thought something kept looking funny while I was typing but couldn’t put a finger on it… too much suspension… XP

    • Hi Koala please keep up the translations. Although I’ve already read the book in Chinese, I still appreciate your insights into the characters. There will always be people who will interpret the character’s motivations in a different way. Perhaps it’s a culture difference. I don’t view the bite as DV but I’m not entirely comfortable with that scene either. However, I still like HQB as a character. I think he is hot and dreamy (single minded devotion to one woman!) but totally fantastical. As you said, these characters are larger than life.
      Perhaps you can try to explain the misconceptions to the small minority who don’t like certain actions of the characters. But if they still refuse to accept a different point of view, just let them be. So far I have seen alot more love and appreciation for the book and your translations than hate in your comments. Don’t sweat the small people!

      • g, I don’t ‘hate’ DMY. I happen to like the story and appreciate Ockoala’s wonderful and generous translations as much as everyone else here. Just because I have a different opinion about HQB’s actions (again, Chinese Wuxia period drama or not) in this chapter doesn’t make me hate the whole story.

        As Shiku has mentioned below, DMY has characters who have very modernized POVs and personalities, easily leading me to think that the biting was out of line (as everyone said, a modernized way of thinking despite the story being set in the past). Is this because of Ockoala’s ‘mistranslations’? No, because she has been doing a wonderful and excellent job of translating. My opinion originated simply because I had expectations for DMY characters to have full-on modernized thinking, since they had been doing so from the beginning of the story.

        I understand how my comment about DV has made a lot of you upset. I only said that because I felt uncomfortable for women to accept physical injuries from loved ones or not. Again, I get that this is a Chinese period story.

        Also, I really don’t appreciate being made the bad guy and being made to feel unwelcome for my opinion that was different from everyone else’s.

        g, I also don’t appreciate being called ‘the small people’. I hope you didn’t mean it in the Chinese way, because in Chinese, it’s an insult.

      • Hi Livvy,

        Actually I wasn’t referring to anyone in particular. I didn’t read all the comments but I just glance through them especially if Koala replies to a comment. And when I used hate is more a general term for people disliking the actions of a character (not just in this chapter but also other chapters). Perhaps the term was too strong. When I wrote “Don’t sweat the small people”, I modified it from the title of a book called “Don’t sweat the small stuff”, didn’t mean that it to be derogatory. I was thinking more along the lines of how people differing opinions should not affect Koala. What is more important is the enjoyment she gets from translating the book and seeing how other appreciate the story and characters. Sorry if what I wrote upset you.

        As stated above, I personally don’t like HQB actions of biting Jin Yu on her neck and then both of them kissing after that. So I agree with you in that respect. Also, I didn’t like Meng Jiu making a move on Jin Yu although she has clearly stated her intentions to be HQB. However, this doesn’t lessen my love for the characters.

        Readers may interpret the characters and their actions differently from others. We just have to agree to disagree. Cheers!

  14. I’m normally a lurker too but both BBJX and DMY drew me out. Love them both!

    Don’t let misunderstandings get you down! It’s bound to happen…out of our control.

    Fight the good fight! Push!

  15. Thank you so much for the translation! I love DMY, although, BBJX will always be #1 in my heart.

    I also hope that HG will be HBQ. I like HG and I find that his acting and image has transition to a more manly manner than boyish like he was in the past. I hope HG & LSS gets to be the MAIN couple for once. I like Eddie just fine, but I just cannot picture him as either JY or HBQ.

    I really hope that they didn’t change too much of YE and HBQ’s passionate nature in the drama. I can totally understand YE’s confusion. Both man are great, and they both love her dearly and equally.

  16. wow…the biting remind me of one of the ancient series I watched from TVB awhile back…”The Heaven Sword & The Dragon Sabre”…when Zhao Min bit Zhang Wu Ji…LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!…I just love watching the intense physical emotional tormenting love…it gives me a twinkling urge I can’t explain but craving for more…hope this scene will make to drama…

  17. Thank you Ms.Ockoala for you beautiful translation. I have stopped commenting for few chapters since I had so many questions but I believe it will be transpired over time. TH is such an intelligent author. She has written with subtlety n metaphor. It seemed each time she wrote, set a stage for future action, giving the reader a hint or symbol. It takes time to comprehend. Some I understand, some I do not. For example, the author had revealed HQB’s intention to marry Ye when he said:”now that you know how hard I worked please do not spent it too easily” (sth like that) before deflowering act. Yet some ppl commented how They set bad example by consummating before proposal?

    Anyhow, I am now understand the biting mark equivalent to marking. I almost forgot YE’s background as wolf, of which TH must have been inspired to write this biting scene. One needs to know the context before understand the meaning.

    Thank you again Ms Ockoala for taking time to explain to us. Some of us might have learnt more about this genre by reading your comments.

  18. I had this feeling that Li Yan likes Li Gan? From YE n LY conversation, It seemed YE tried to convey to Li Yan that just because you marry for politics, it doesn’t mean I will not marry for love. Don’t drag me into your agenda. If this is what I think it is, it’s an awesome conversation!

  19. What an awesome chapter!! Thank u so much! I love alpha males and that biting part was his anger, hurt and jealousy combined. She loves hqb but with the recent oppositionsto their relationship, i am afraid it may get to her at some point. I hope not though but she is only human.

  20. Not going to lie, I admit to being an avid romance novel reader, and pretty much giggle and squeal every time I get to an extra steamy scene 😉
    Maybe cause I’ve been reading too many fantasy vampire warrior-esque type novels but I find the HQB bite extremely SEXY! I mean come on, what isn’t sexy about a man who’s so passionately in love with you that he needs the world to know you’re his by planting a giant bite mark on your neck.

    I can sort of understand why some people might disagree with some one HQB’s methods (ie kidnapping and neck biting) but seriously, I don’t see Yu-er complaining.. okay only in the beginning but both times she 100% understood the reason behind HQB’s actions. The way HQB and Yu-er interact show that if the roles were reversed, Yu-er would not hesitate to do the same thing to HQB, tit for tat (remember all the times they argue and fight back and forth?). They understand each other perfectly, if Yu-er didn’t agree with HQB, she would’ve kicked him in the balls and bolted. Its just the dynamic of their relationship, plus, am I the only one who thinks that sometimes when Yu-er and Qu Bing get violent with each other its practically their form of foreplay lol.

    HQB is probably among the other loads of high testosterone, territorial, non-creepy, every girls wants and every guy envies kind of hero. TH didn’t write HQB as a character with no flaws, he’s not everyone’s cup of tea.. but he’s definitely Yu-er’s.

  21. Please don’t ever stop Koala! The exposure is definitely a good thing for Tong Hua, and although there are sometimes misunderstandings or complaints, the more exposure, the more people learn to understand culture and context. Your attention and translations are definitely helping that. When I see comments pondering certain aspects of the novel, I just think that it’s good they’re thinking about it because it’s engaging, and no doubt they will discover the answer reading these comment threads or your site.

    Also, don’t tire yourself out responding all the time (though it’s definitely appreciated!) You’re doing so much just keeping this blog updated almost every single day. Seriously, some people take WEEKS to translate a single chapter. That’s definitely understandable considering how hard translating is. The fact that you can do it so quickly shows such love for the novel and your blog.

    Also, I find all this super sexy. It’s like some sort of primal foreplay. After watching so many subtle romances, especially in Korean and Chinese dramas and such… Sometimes a girl just needs a little bit of skinship.

  22. I feel sad that readers with dissenting views are being told to leave because their views are not considered in line with the majority of the commenters or taking into account it’s genre. I think it contributes to the author’s work of art if she gets to hears from viewers who agree and oppose her views. It has been said that Tong Gua wrote HQB to be ideal and perfect but does this mean we shouldn’t question if he falls short? I am sure she, as a writer, welcomes feedback whether good or bad.

    Secondly, even if this form of forceful physical intimacy is common in a wide variety of Wuxia novels and movies does that mean we should just take it as it is and not question why it is like that. For example, if I come from a culture where the women and children were not seen or heard but if I read a book that describes that period in time, I shouldn’t voice my objections even though I understand it used to happen like that at that period of time?

    In addition, it has been said that we should not use the modern perspective while reading the book and take into consideration that this was happening in the Han dynasty period. We can do that but it’s incredibly difficult to do when the main characters have modern characteristics. Yu Er is very independent and she was able to start and successfully run a business which makes it seem to me that she is like a modern and independent woman who is able to adapt to situations.She does not conform to society’s view on women in that time period. Furthermore, her goal to grow her business was to be able to take care of Jiu Ye and not have Jiu Ye take care of her. This to me is in line with modern thinking. HQB is a military leader who has had incredible success in war but he is willing to defy and go toe to toe with Emperor which, if we consider the time period, it’s suicide. This is very reminiscent with a modern family where a son defies his father in pursuit of his own desire. Jiu Ye is a successful businessman despite the fact that he is a cripple. Cripples were not looked fondly at this time as many were seen as a burden to society. The fact that he is able to succeed despite his shortcomings is also reminiscent of a modern society where you can be able to succeed no matter your shortcomings. We have also seen how physical the relationship between HQB and Yu Er is, which is similar to relationships in a modern society where she is able to cohabitate with either of the two guys and there is no uproar.

    Anyway, I apologise if my views or comments have offended you Ms koala or other readers. I will from now onwards keep them to myself.

    • Hey Shiku, don’t feel sad! 😀 Nobody is asking you to leave…
      And as clarified by Koala in a comment above, she’s considering not to continue translating NOT as a “punishment” for those with different opinions, but rather because she doesn’t want to do the novel a disservice.

      I understand your point of view, about analyzing and questioning things… But I don’t understand why you (and/or others) are so hung up on the bites (and/or the kidnapping). To me, the bite is more like a “love bite” (even though it was not). You know, lover’s quarrel. Every couple has a different way of arguing and this is just their way. In no way it is violence. And like explained by Koala and a lot of others, the somewhat more “active” physical acts are seen as intimacy and are accepted “ground rules” in wuxia. I understand where you’re coming from with the “questioning why it is like that,” but Shiku, this is not a history paper. It’s a novel in a fantasy world where people know how to fly and fight with amazing kungfu. We have to accept certain ground rules to be able to enjoy the novel. If you have a problem with some of the rules, then I guess wuxia is not for you? But of course, whether you want to continue reading is really your choice. Nobody is asking you to leave. 😀

      • I know it’s not a history paper.

        Why I bring up the kidnapping?
        1. Like I said, the characters have some modern characteristics, what’ wrong in calling out behavior that seems offf to me even though according to wuxia ground rules its flirting.

        2.HQB isn’t perfect even when everyone else seems to think he is.

        3. Jiu Ye’ mistake keeps getting called out so why shouldn’t I call out HQB.

        4. HQB keeps bringing out the feminist in me

      • Shiku, will you please hold my hand as we dread for Jiu Ye’s poor fate in the future chapters?

        If you’re Jiu Ye&Jin Yu shipper too, that is.

      • @Shiku

        Your opinions are yours, and I respect that. Yu Er doesn’t care about those things that HQB did that you consider mistakes, such as his manhandling of her, because that’s how they roll. You may not like it, but she apparently doesn’t based on her reaction to him.

        However, Yu Er cares about the one thing Jiu Ye did that, his pushing her away for her own good. If some readers call that out, it’s because the heroine calls it out.

        Of course, I can tell you later that Yu Er gets pissed at HQB for something he did, and that’s fine with me as well. I never said HQB is written perfectly. He’s perfect for ME, but as a character he’s flawed in many ways. TH didn’t write him perfectly either, she said he was her “ideal” male character in all the ones she’s written. Whatever that means.

        I’m just sharing how your chosing to focus on actions of HQB that doesn’t bother Yu Er makes it feel like you’re putting so much of your own feelings into it. Which is fine. You are thinking as if you were Yu Er, and you wouldn’t like that. Totally cool with me.

        But then you’ll get comments asking why you’re so insistent on taking issue with things the character doesn’t care about. That is all. Just my clarification of how your point of view comes across to others. But it’s totally valid, and always welcome.

    • I would like to think that everyone is welcome here to express their opinions about what they felt about the chapter 🙂 I personally love reading other’s comments and opinions, I suppose because most everyone reading DMY right now love HQB like I do and accept his actions ,but that doesn’t mean we look down on those that have different viewpoints! Whenever I finish a chapter, I look forward to the comments as well since there’s so much stuff people point out that I don’t even realize!

      Don’t stop commenting! But just be prepared to accept the majorities opinions as well since its pretty obvious that there are many more pro-HQB then not 🙂

  23. Along with others, I want to say thank you. I’ve been faithfully reading every chapter you’ve translated and I’m fascinated by this novel. If anything, you are doing Tong Hua an honour by allowing non-Chinese speaking/reading readers to enjoy her stories. Thank you so much for all your time and effort translating and explaining the details of the story to us readers. I’d be sad if you stopped, but I will respect whatever decision you make. You’ve already given us such a delightful gift and I’m looking forward to watching this Chinese drama. Thank you again.

    Just because you translated this novel, I decided to check out BBJX and it’s wonderful. Thank you for enlightening me 🙂

    • Just to add…

      I was sick for the last two weeks and reading your translated chapters every day kept me from going crazy – your hard work is appreciated 🙂


  24. Oh my gosh! I definitely ship HQB and JY…

    But when you read this: “He put his finger on my lips and shushed me. He smiled and shook his head “Yu Er, there is nothing that is impossible. I will not let you go this time. Huo Qu Bing is good to you, I will be even better to you. Huo Qu Bing can’t marry you, but I can. Huo Qu Bing can’t take you away from Chang An, but I can. What he can give you, I can also give you. What he can’t give you, I can still give you. So Yu Er, you should marry me…..” He was half smiling but it couldn’t hid his anguish. His eyes remain steadfast “Next Summer, the Lover’s Vines next to the lake will bloom. This time we will definitely view the flowers together.”” HOW CAN YOU NOT BE SWAYED TO THE OTHER SIDE?!

    It makes my heart melt to read that HQB can be sure of everything in life, but when it comes to JY, he’s unsure and doesn’t know. He knows she loves him in return, but he has that nagging and self-doubt~

  25. I love how patient, understanding, and supportive HQB is. He is so awesome, and lolol I thought the bite was hot. >___< Thank you so much for the new chapter!!!!!

  26. Thank you for this chapter, Koala san ! wow , HQB is so passionate even when showing his jealousy ! he’s not even a vampire , hehehe… i understand Yuer’s intention when she bit Jiu Ye …it’s to save him …it shows she still has feelings for him …or was that just her kind nature ? I think she can do it to anybody she cares about . And HQB not really knowing what happened at that moment , can misunderstand Yu er’s actions . But if he understood Yu er’s actions , I guess HQB can’t help but still get angry that he nearly lost his beloved Yu er because of that accident with Jiu ye. Thus the neck-biting …. and the angry kiss that followed. Well , that’s just my understanding of the scene . Pardon me , if my interpretation differs from others . It’s fun seeing all the comments and Koala’s explanations regarding biting and other physical pains the characters may do to each other to show intimacy , etc. , in the novels and period dramas ….Keep up the good work , Koala san ! We love you !

  27. I love people’s different opinions, all are welcome. Discussion, debate, and dissent are the cornerstone of opening the mind to different perspectives.

    I’m fine if you like Qu Bing, if you like Jiu Ye, if you like both and want Yu Er in a polygamous relationship with two hot guys.

    What I was trying to say about understanding the genre norms of a wuxia-tinted fantasy period C-novel is that you can’t apply modern rights and wrongs as easily. For example, Yu Er shot an arrow and it hit Mu Da Duo. Would we be saying she should be carted off for attempted murder? No, of course not.

    Same with Qu Bing kidnapping Yu Er, should he be tried as a kidnapper? Liking or disliking a character is fine, but evaluate their actions based on the normative rules of this fantasy world. Yu Er talks to wolves and she flies around rooftops. We accept that because it’s a ground rule of this fantasy story. I’m saying that wuxia period tales contain lots of ground rules that are normative to the story.

    I can’t force anyone to accept it, but it makes discussion difficult if you apply modern rights and wrongs to the actions in a fantasy tale with it’s own code of conduct. I can’t properly discuss it because fundamentally the conversation would be in different languages, so to speak.

    One uses modern norms while I’m discussing period themes and acceptable behaviors.

    • I think that I’ve already made it clear that I now understand that the biting is an intimate act in Chinese Wuxia period stories/dramas. I will try to keep that in mind the next time they do things to each other. But I still stand by what I said about feeling uncomfortable about the praise for physical injuries inflicted by loved ones, Chinese Wuxia period story or not. I guess, in DMY, HQB’s actions are considered cool, but I really hope that for some people here who thought so would understand that in real life, it’s not. Of course, for the readers who replied to my comment, I can see that they know the difference in mentality between the fantasy story in the past and modern days. But some comments with a simple line like, “HQB is so hot for biting her. Wow!” makes me a bit worried, resulting in my original comment.

      Ockoala, please don’t stop your translations, because:

      1) I sincerely like and enjoy DMY. Just because I don’t agree with HQB’s actions in this particular chapter doesn’t mean I don’t like everything else in the story.

      2) It would suck if readers think it’s my fault that your translations stop. No matter how much you explain that it will be because you’re afraid to do DMY disservice, I’m sure there will still be people who will think that I was the one who started all this to trigger your decision to abandon the translations.

      3) I’m really thankful for your hard work, dedication, and generosity in providing these translations. I mean, at least a chapter a day with such descriptive translations? That requires a lot of commitment that a lot of translators don’t have. Plus, you’re not doing any disservice to DMY.

      But, no matter your decision, thank you very much for your generosity and dedication for providing such excellent and enjoyable translations.

      • Just to make it clear, no one actually posted that exact comment that I have used as an example. It’s just the vibe that I’m getting from some comments in here.

    • @Livvy

      Thank you for the thoughtful comments. All of it. It allowed great conversation and discussion. I’m comfortable continuing my translations now that I feel like a really productive debate has taken place. 😀

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    I think that regardless of whether it is a Wuxia novel (which I admit I know very little of) or not, if I’d base my reaction solely on the characterization of the novel, HQB and Yu Er has always been very physical. Keeping that perspective in mind, then what they do will certainly make sense. They communicate better in action rather than words, which makes them very compelling as characters but also quiet reckless.

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    If it wasn’t narrated in the first person and we’d have to second-guess Yu Er’s thoughts, then yes, I’d be weary of all the manhandling too. But again, as readers, we are privy to how she feels when all this is happening so we know that she wasn’t opposed to him doing that. So it’s all good, IN THE CONTEXT OF this story, as narrated by Yu Er.

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    Wei Shao Er is HQB’s mom. I sense we will see more of her.

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    And for the second bite, I take it that HQB is only a man after my initial shock worn off. Someone remarked earlier that HQB is the LAST person who would hurt YuEr and I agree. His MO is a bit primitive but I guess this is him. In a later chapter, he remarked to YuEr that he need not know everything that had happened (read: he trust her) so long as he know he is the only one who can kiss her and my mind flashed back to this scene on how she can only belong (or kiss) him.

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