Da Mo Yao Chapter 27: An Argument

Dear Da Mo Yao:

I’m breaking up with you. It’s not me, it’s you. And I’m not the least bit sorry. I still love you, but you are owned by the Death Star and I refuse to be part of this atrocity of a charade of a drama. Tangren is a lying liar who lies, and if I continue to stick around, then that’ll just make me feel like I’m in an abusive relationship that I’m trying to justify. I refuse to do that. I’m better than that, and there are more fish to fry out there. I should have bailed on TR when my loverboy bailed, going through years of hell there with the way Ladyboss treated my loverboy like he was a smelly orphan and her other two kids were perfect. But now she’s abusing the other cute boy who always did everything she asked, and I can’t watch that unfold. I spent the last two hours crying in the toilet (I’m serious) before I can even write this break up letter, because it’s not easy.

One of my favorite C-novels being made into a drama, how could I not want to see it unfold? But I refuse to be treated like I have the IQ of a chimpanzee, when TR could blithely tell me Hu Ge was Huo Qu Bing for the past 3!!! months, even going so far as to try and rope Wallace Huo in to play Jiu Ye, and then send off one Jiu Ye candidate only to bring back a completely wrong Huo Qu Bing. Why should I even bother? So I won’t. This is the end of the road for you and I as a translation project, and I’ll make sure I never ever see another one of your drama related postings floating around so I can keep my fantasies intact. Since I’m in such a fucking bitter mood, and if I itch to translate more stuff, maybe I’ll take your daughter Yun Zhong Ge for a twirl. To think I scoffed when Yumama got his paws on YZG, but now I’m actually happy he did so TR can’t screw it over as well. So long, and please don’t call. You’ll just make me cry even more. I wish I can take you away from this all, but I can’t. So I’ll just save myself, and hope you understand. Emotionally I’m all wrung out, and it’s time I found a healthier and less co-dependent relationship.


A Hella Pissed off Koala

Chapter 27: An Argument

Because I was convalescing, Huo Qu Bing rarely went back to his own estate so that he could spend as much time with me as possible. He’s here almost daily, and we both go out of our way to avoid discussing certain things. All we do is try to make the other person happy, and to hide any unhappiness. It’s as if his only purpose right now is to make sure I get better, and we’ve both purposely forgotten the reason I got sick in the first place. At least, we try to pretend we’ve forgotten.

I’ve laid on a pallet for nearly half a month now and the new year is upon us before I can get up and move around. I look at myself in the mirror and notice that my face has expanded by an entire size. I put my hand under my chin and press on my cheeks. Yup, chubby. “Looks like I won’t be able to fit into the new outfit I had made just for the new year.” Xing Yen was snerking off the to side “How could you NOT gain weight? It’s like General Huo has been daily feeding a…..” I glared at her and made a slashing gesture on my neck to indicate she better shut up. I don’t care if they laugh about me behind my back, but she better not dare say that word in front of me now.

“It’s not I who said it, it’s Hong Gu who said it. General Huo is no longer a general these days, he’s become a pig farmer. All day long he asks “What has Yu Er eaten today?” “How much has she eaten?” “She needs more nutritious foods.”….” Xing Yen stuck her tongue out at me and skipped out of the room. Too bad she ran into into an arriving Huo Qu Bing, causing her face to lose all color. Immediately she kneeled on the ground and bowed her head. I was planning to get her back for what she just said, but now I just clap and laugh at her “You totally got your just desserts!”

Huo Qu Bing glanced over Xing Yen and smiled at me “Guess who I brought to see you?” I thought for a moment and my heart leaped “Ri Chan?” Huo Qu Bing nodded and opened the curtain behind him “Welcome honored guest! Someone didn’t even blink when she saw me, but the moment she heard it was you, her two eyes lit up.”

I shot a look at Huo Qu Bing and told a kneeling Xing Yen “Tell the kitchen to make a few dishes and….ask Hong Gu if there is any wine from the Xi Yu region and bring some here.” Ri Chan is wearing a white fox fur cloak and he slowly walked inside. My heart swelled leaving me unable to find a single word to say. All I can do is stare at him and dumbly smile. Memories from my childhood come flooding back: passionate and impetuous Yu Dan, mischievous and difficult Mu Da Duo, and a wise-beyond-his-years Ri Chan.

Ri Chan also silently stared at me, finally smiling and nodding his head “Your being alive makes me so happy.” I also smile and nod my head “Seeing you again also makes me so happy.” A million words we want to say, and all we can say is a simple “happy”.

Huo Qu Bing leaned on the pallet “Are you guys planning to just stand there and talk all day?” Ri Chan smiled and took off his cloak and placed it next to Huo Qu Bing’s black ermine cloak, then joining him on the pallet. I help Xing Yen place the food on the table and then Huo Qu Bing pulls me down to sit next to him. His hand remains on my waist, but since Ri Chan is here, I’m embarrassed and try to shake him off. Ri Chan shook his head and smiled “This is the first time I’ve ever seen her blush. Looks like General Huo isn’t just capable at fighting wars, you also managed to tame this difficult girl.”

Huo Qu Bing actually had an uncharacteristically modest expression and just lowered his head and drank his cup of wine. I place a cup in front of Ri Chan and pour him some wine “The moment we reunite and you’re already saying mean things about me. Your punishment is to drink.” Ri Chan doesn’t decline and picks up his cup and downing the wine. He softly said “I’m sorry” and I shook my head “No need to say that. There was nothing you could have done back then.”

Ri Chan smiled but it was a forlorn smile. He poured himself another cup “Do you know that Mu Da Duo has married Yi Zhi Xie?” I play with the empty cup in my hand “I’ve seen them, and I accidentally shot an arrow into Mu Da Duo.”

Ri Chan was stunned and then he understood “No wonder! So that was what happened! Rumor was that she got injured when she was in pursuit of General Huo, but I didn’t know you were the one to injure her. Yi Zhi Xie, because of you……” Ri Chan shot a look at Huo Qu Bing “…….and Yu Dan, he was especially caring towards Mu Da Duo and me. Especially towards Mu Da Duo, he was coddling and protective. Mu Da Duo didn’t understand back then and just worshipped Yi Zhi Xie. But once she realized what was the reason, I can tell she was in a lot of pain. But after being injured this time, Yi Zhi Xie treats her a bit differently than before. So you have seen them already…..”

Mu Da Duo didn’t die, so that means she and I no longer owe each other anything. Our childhood friendship can now end and we will never have any further relationship with each other. I no longer care about their lives at all. I cut off Ri Chan “Why does Yi Zhi Xie want to kill your father and the other tribal chief?” Ri Chan hesitated for a moment “Since you’ve seen him, don’t you think he’s changed?”

I replied “He….he appears to have less patience than before. In the past he was ruthless, but now he’s added a vicious streak. He’s also completely distrusting of people. That day, when his guards lied, none of us suspected, but he immediately could tell. It’s clear that he’s likely never trusted those people to begin with, and he is now unwilling to forgive people for any transgression.”

Ri Chan nodded “Since he amassed an army and proclaimed himself the Shan Yu, the most important change to his personality is that he no longer trusts anyone. He’s always worried that someone around him will do what he did. A prolonged period of distrust has caused all of us around him to wonder not if this would happen again, but when.” Ri Chan sighed “As his subordinates, the worst feeling is following a ruler who is constantly suspecting you. Yi Zhi Xie has great hopes and plans for the Xiong Nu, but because of his deeply rooted suspicions, all the tribal chiefs live in fear and are afraid to act.”

Huo Qu Bing laughed “Suspicion is the foundation of being a ruler, and a good ruler simply puts his suspicion within the confines of a reasonable boundary. Using the tactics of a ruler to control those around him, some rulers go overboard, but I find Yi Zhi Xie is still within the boundaries of reason. The Han has a saying called “not a proper name, not a correct saying” and Yi Zhi Xie suffers from this (for usurping the throne). Right now the awkward relationship between Yi Zhi Xiu and his tribal chiefs are partly to blame on the behavior of the tribal chiefs. If Yu Dan had ascended the throne, they would have naturally submitted to him. But the way Yi Zhi Xie came to power, they are all holding a watch and see attitude towards him. If Yi Zhi Xie is a good ruler, then they will think it was meant to be. If not, then they will all wonder what if Yu Dan had taken over. All these thoughts are clearly visible to Yi Zhi Xie, so how could he not be frustrated with his subordinates?”

Ri Chan drank and sighed “It’s hard to believe that the person who understands our Shan Yu today is not a Xiong Nu person, but it’s instead the Great General Huo. If the Shan Yu heard what you just said, he would have wanted to drink with you because you are his kindred spirit.” Ri Chan continued “On the scholarly side there is Dong Fang Xu, Shi Ma Xiang Ru, Shi Ma Qian and company. On the military side there is the Great General Wei and the Great General Huo. Plus an Emperor with great vision and foresight. A Han dynasty that will conquer far and wide is dawning…..” Ri Chan toasted Huo Qu Bing “You are one of the builders of this great Han dynasty, and you and I….” Ri Chan toasted me “……are lucky enough to have a front row seat to watch this sure to be thrilling and epic writing of history before our eyes.”

It’s hard to find a friend to drink with, and even with Huo Qu Bing and Ri Chan’s high tolerance levels, they still drink enough to get tipsy. Ri Chan prepares to leave and I give him his fox fur cloak. Walking him out the door, even though I said I wasn’t cold, Huo Qu Bing draped his black ermine cloak over me.

Ri Chan was wobbling as he walked out the door, slapping Huo Qu Bing on the shoulder “I’ll place Yu Jin in your hands now. She’s suffered quite a lot already. You….you have to treat her well.” Huo Qu Bing was also slightly unsteady on his feet but his smile was wide as he replied “No problem. You needn’t worry, I promise to take good care of her.” I humph at them “Do you guys notice me standing here? Can’t believe you’re talking as if I’m not right here.” They continue to ignore me and drape their arms around each other’s shoulder, laughing and chatting like the best of friends.

At the front door, a carriage passes by and I notice the wolf brand on the back of the horse. It looks familiar but I can’t remember where I’ve seen it before? Ri Chan said in surprise “I can’t believe the wolf brand can be seen in Chang An?” I quizzically ask him “You’ve seen it before? I also think it looks familiar.” Ri Chan explained “It belongs to a very mysterious group in Xi Yu with a history going back seventy or eighty years. Rumor has it that it was the largest desert thief organization in all of Xi Yu. But others say it’s not, since people have seen the wolf brand protect Han travelers against other desert thieves. No one can say who they really are, but where the wolf brand shows up, everyone in Xi Yu knows to avoid them. It’s clear they are very powerful in Xi Yu.”

I make an “ah” sound of comprehension and then suddenly remember where I’ve seen the wolf brand before. That day when I went to eat in Long Xi with Li Cheng, I saw the wolf brand and the waiter said that the two men were looking for a young girl. That day I thought it looked familiar so I make a mental note of it……

The cold wind makes Ri Chan even more clumsy as he stumbled onto his carriage. Huo Qu Bing is also wobbling so I stop thinking about this matter and quickly move to hold him still. After Ri Chan’s carriage departs, I notice from the corner of my eye Li Guang Li sitting on a horse watching this scene from a distance. Huo Qu Bing currently has his arm around my waist and his head rest on my shoulder. I let out a resigned sigh and turn around to help Huo Qu Bing back inside. I hope Li Guang Li doesn’t share this with Li Yan, otherwise who knows what she’ll do next.

After I walk in the yard a short distance, I suddenly remember where I’ve seen the wolf brand. Thieves? Jiu Ye once said that his grandfather was a thief, and now a series of images flashes through my mind. I remember where I first saw the wolf brand, it was my first meeting with Jiu Ye at the Yue Ya Spring. That day Shi Jing Yen even pointed to the wolf brand and berated me for daring to try to steal from them. That’s why I’ve a recollection of that wolf brand.

Then….that day at the restaurant in Long Xi when they were looking for a young girl…..were they looking for me? Was Jiu Ye already looking for me back then? If he had found me then, what would things be like now? We were once so close to each other, one outside the window, the other inside. But alas, we appeared to have just missed each other.

“Yu Er, I’m so thirsty!” Huo Qu Bing called out and I quickly gathered my thoughts and hurried my steps to help him back inside the room “We’re almost back. What would you like to drink? Some tea, or some fresh fruit juice?”


With so many thoughts swirling around, I ended up not going to the Shi Estate to wish grandpa a happy new year. I only send someone to deliver presents there. Huo Qu Bing has many elders so he left the estate first thing in the morning to go wish everyone a happy new year. I’m bored sitting by myself and remember a few days ago when Huo Qu Bing saw Hong Gu embroidering a pouch. He teasingly asked me if we might just get engaged without anyone’s permission, and I can make him an embroidered pouch as a symbol of our engagement. I’ve never spent time on things like embroidering, but since I’ve nothing to do, I decide to try it out! I think about how happy and surprised he’ll be when he sees the pouch and that makes me so happy inside.

I look for all types of colored thread and go ask Hong Gu for a pattern sheet. Hong Gu looks everywhere before sending me a pattern sheet consisting of a pair of intertwining gold and silver flowers. One gold, one silver, the lines are simple but the design is lively and elegant. Hong Gu sees me staring at the pattern in a daze and teases me “I wanted to find you something else, but nothing else is easy to embroider. This is the easiest and looks so pretty. It’s perfect for someone like you without much experience with embroidering. I worked hard to dig this up, so if you’re not happy I’ve got nothing else. I’ll have to hire someone to embroider something else for you.”

I shook my head “No need, this is fine!” I tie two bamboo rods around the cloth and prepare the needle and thread. Hong Gu shows me how to get started, and once she sees I’m doing well enough on my own, she leaves to do other things so I can slowly embroider. I sit next to the window with my head bent embroidering. Sometimes I would raise my head and take a break, breathing in the scent of the plum blossoms from the garden wafting inside. It smells lovely, but I can hear some firecrackers popping occasionally as well which initially disrupted my concentration. Eventually I get used to it and focus my attention on the embroidering, barely noticing it anymore.

“What an unusual sight to see Xiao Yu with a needle and thread in her hand.” Tian Cao’s voice suddenly rings in my ears and I lift my head to see Jiu Ye standing there. In my shock the needle pierces my finger and the pain causes me to snap out of it. I smile and pull the needle out “Jiu Ye and third brother Shi, happy new year!” Jiu Ye looked at the embroidery in my hand and says nothing. Tian Cao looked at Jiu Ye and then at me “Aren’t you going to invite us inside? Are we going to talk through the window the whole time?” I hurry to put the embroidery down and welcome them in with a smile.

Tian Cao sits down in front of the table, not even shooting the breeze with me before picking up a tea pot and pouring himself a cup. Jiu Ye wheeled himself next to the window and picked up my embroidery, turning to look at me with his eyes vibrant “Is your finger still bleeding? Let me take a look.” He wheeled himself over but I stepped back and hid my finger behind my back. “Just a few drops of blood, it’s no big deal.”

He smiled and put the embroidery down “I’ve just been wanting an embroidered pouch. What luck that you’ve decided to pick up a needle and thread. When you have time why don’t you make me one?” I pretend I didn’t hear what he said “Would you like some tea?” Jiu Ye replied “No thanks. We’re here to see you and we’ll be leaving shortly. We also want to pass word from Xiao Feng’s grandpa, thanking you for your presents. Please visit him when you have time.”

I murmur a soft yes while Jiu Ye continues to smile “If you’re reluctant to go to the Shi Estate because of me, I can always stay away.” After sending Jiu Ye and Tian Cao away, I’m no longer in the mood to embroider so I just lay on the window sill with my mind blank.

There is some dust on the window corner and I wipe it off. Dust can be wiped away so easily, leaving me to bitterly wonder why my heart couldn’t be the same way. I can decide who to keep inside, and who to thoroughly wipe away. Wouldn’t that be great! I can control my behavior but my heart isn’t so easy to control. When it likes someone, it refuses to listen; and now when it will let me forget, it also won’t tell me.

Tian Cao hurried into the yard and I stare behind him “Jiu Ye is not here, and he doesn’t know I’m here either.” I slowly stand up “What do you want? If you’re here to ask me to reconsider, then there is no need.”

Tian Cao answered “I’m not here to ask you anything. We all saw what happened between you and Jiu Ye years ago. Whomever you choose today, none of us have any grievances about that. We can only chalk it up to Jiu Ye not having that good fortune. But I just want to tell you something you might not know. Did you know that Jiu Ye started looking for you on the very day you left Chang An?”

My heart was aching “I didn’t know before, but I just discovered it a few days ago. I saw the wolf brand. Did Jiu Ye ask them to look for me?” Tian Cao nodded his head “It wasn’t just the wolf brand looking for you, the assassins organizations in Xi Yu, all the desert thieves in the desert, even the Luo Lan and Gui Su kingdoms were all looking for you. But you had thoroughly disappeared.”

I smiled wanly. There was no way anyone could have known that I had been nabbed and taken to the Han dynasty army base to cross-dress and pretend to be a soldier. I never even made it to Xi Yu and instead followed the army to the Xiong Nu. No matter how many people were looking for me in Xi Yu, there was no way I could be found there. It was my letter to Huo Qu Bing that ended up directing Jiu Ye the wrong way.

Tian Cao continued “We followed your every move once you left Chang An, but our trail stopped at the inn in Liang Zhou. We asked around but there were no leads. Because of this, Jiu Ye even made a trip to the Huo Estate to plead with the housekeeper there. Jiu Ye, who has never once begged anyone before, even when the Shi Enterprises were failing Jiu Ye never even went to beg the Emperor, and it turns out that the first person Jiu Ye ever begged in his entire life was a housekeeper at the Huo Estate. I don’t want to recollect the insult we endured that day.”

That day at the Long Xi army base, I finally now realize what the conversation was about across the curtains. I also understand why the soldier’s voice suddenly got so low I couldn’t hear it anymore. Huo Qu Bing must’ve told him to silence himself.

“When General Huo returned to Chang An, Jiu Ye also went to see him personally. General Huo was actually very polite to Jiu Ye, but when asked about your whereabouts, he only replied that he did not know. Jiu Ye is an open person who behaves in a straightforward way. Even with the way things have turned out today, he’s not going to stab anyone in the back. He feels like he owes you so much, and this is the price he has to pay for not being honest with you back then. This is his punishment for not treasuring you when he had the chance. But I don’t care about any of that. I just want you to know the entire truth so that it is fair for both you and for Jiu Ye. General Huo is indeed an extraordinary man. On the battlefield he’s a fearless warrior, and off the battlefield he’s a genuine romantic. He’s truly a real man’s man, an undeniable hero. No matter who you pick, I will be happy for you.”

Tian Cao finished talking and turned around and left, leaving me standing alone in the wind.

It’s long past dinner time and outside is already pitch black. Huo Qu Bing comes home with a face full of fatigue and sees Xing Yen clearing the plates. He asks incredulously “How come dinner is so late?” I don’t answer and Xing Yen bows and quickly says “She didn’t eat at all. However the plates looked when I brought them was how they looked when I cleared them.”

I lightly murmur “Xing Yen, you can leave when you’re done clearing the table.” Xing Yen gave me a look and pouted, but her movements got faster and soon she was done and left the room. Huo Qu Bing smiled and sat down next to me “What’s wrong? Upset that I’m back so late?” He’s smiling but I can see the hidden stress in his eyes. I asked “Did the elders give you a lot of grief?” He replied “You don’t have to worry about these things. I’ll handle it. Now tell me why you didn’t eat dinner?’

I see the stress in his eyes and my heart aches, so I tamp down what I was about to say and shake my head “No reason. I ate some fried snacks at lunchtime, and with the lack of activity, I’m just not hungry still.” He stood up and took off his outer robe “Then let’s eat later when you’re hungry!” He suddenly saw the half-embroidered pouch in the tray and asked in shock “Did you make that?” He picked it up and looked at it for quite some time, his eyes twinkling with happiness “Is it for me? What…did you prick yourself?”

He walked over to me and picked up my hand to look at my finger but I quickly pulled it back and turned my head “I didn’t embroider it for you, it’s for myself.” He hesitated for a moment and sat down next to me, forcefully turning my head to look at him “What’s going on? Yu Er, if something happened you can start a fight with me, you can berate me, but don’t be upset like this without telling me why. Isn’t a married couple supposed to be honest with each other?”

“Who’s married to you?” I said it so fast that it was out before I realized it, and I saw the look of hurt pass through his eyes. My heart hurt as well and I quickly said “I didn’t mean it like that. I’m….I’m sorry.” He smiled sadly “The person who should be sorry is me. I can’t marry you, and yet I’m keeping you by my side without a proper title.”

I counter “I don’t care about official titles. And since I don’t care about these things, clearly I’m not upset because of this. I just want to ask you….have you always been honest with me?” He smiled confidently “Of course!”

I stare at him in silence and his brow furrows as he thinks about something, causing his expression to turn chilly ” Did you go see Meng Jiu?” He coldly continued “If you are referring to what happened at the inn in Liang Zhou, then I don’t think I did anything wrong. Since he doesn’t like you, why does he keep bothering you? You give him chance after chance, so what right does he have to wait until you’ve left before seeking you out?”

I can’t believe that he doesn’t feel the least bit guilty for what he did. The little bit of hurt I feel for him dissipated and all my anger bubbles forth “Huo Qu Bing, you did this for your own personal reasons. There is the insulting and ridicule, followed by the withholding of information. Your behavior is deplorable!”

I can see the vein throbbing in his forehead and all the hurt in his eyes. He stared at me and suddenly started laughing “Because of him….you” He shook his head and continued to laugh “What am I in your eyes? I did have my own personal reasons. My personal reason was that I didn’t want to see him hurt you again. I just wanted you to forget all the pain of the past and stop being tormented by it all. My personal reason was wanting you to be happy.”

He suddenly stood up and walked out of the room. In seconds his figure has disappeared into the dark night and in that moment, the lamplight in the room appeared to have dimmed significantly. It was clearly his fault, so how did it manage to become my fault? I pick up the embroidery and throw it on the floor. The moment my foot is about to crush the just embroidered gold and silver flower, I hesitate. My body weakens and I lay down on the pallet. My heart is bitter and I wonder to myself – the complicated intertwining vines, so which one of us is grabbing the other person?

[And here’s the end of the line, folks. This is the last chapter I’m translating. If ever I finish this project, I guess you’ll know because a new chapter will have popped up. It’s rather apropos this is the last chapter translation, the mood really echoing how I feel right now. I finished this before the news hit, so it’s your gain this chapter is even out. Had the news hit even before I finished the final sentence, I would have hit delete. That’s how angry I am. Thanks for a wonderful time reading and chatting with me. It was fun while it lasted.]


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      • hahaha I just wrote something close to that….when all you wanted was a real person someone just handed you a poster thinking your stupid enough to think it’s the real thing….pinch me I need to cry no more tears lol 🙁

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    Thank you for the translations up to now. It was a true labor of love. But I guess not all love story ends up well.

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  22. Why is everyone so depressed?

    HG is Tangren’s boss as well. I’m sure he has something to say in the company. He is the one who brings in the money (according to Old K). Nobody can force HG to play Jiu Yeh, except for himself. I don’t even think HG himself cares about any of the roles. Long long time ago, there was a post on K’s weibo and HG himself said he wanted to play Jiu Yeh.. I actually always had the feeling that Wallace would be HQB and HG would be JY. I don’t know where it says that HG is absolutely going to play HQB.

      • And we can’t find any english translation anywhere. Wahhhh…
        The drama adaptation might be different from the book:(

      • I don’t know how true this is but this is from Wikipedia…

        “It has been rumoured that Chinese Entertainment Shanghai will make changes to the ending of the novel so that Huo Qu Bing dies in the war, Jin Yu leaves with her and Huo Qu Bing’s child, while Meng Jiu is alone and reminiscing his and Jin Yu’s past.”

      • There is NO WAY IN HELL the ending to DMY can be anything other than what it is in the novel. You guys have to take my word for it.

        If that happens……Yumama might go apeshit and then sue TR. Which I would love to see. Ahahahaha, finding pleasure in the little things these days.

    • @ okoala:
      If the changed ending rumor is true it’s gonna be so disappointing. And I have faith in you and like to believe that they won’t be changing the ending this way. But what do you mean that Yumama can sue TR? Can he do that? Reason?


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    • I’m giving up the show not bcos Hu Ge is 2nd lead but because the 1st male lead does not suit the character, look-wise. If it was someone dashing like Huang Xiao Ming or even Wallave Huo, it is acceptable but Mr Weird-Face ?????????

  24. I feel like I’m in a fucking alternative universe. Where someone nabbed my QB…….

    And turned him into 9Ye. WHY? And why am I doing this to myself. Oh yes, because breaking up is so hard to do…..

    ShiGe is supposed to be going off to war and making out, not playing the emo flute and crying to each other all the time! Has dramaverse gone insane?


    • I read that Hu Ge was indeed HQB in the beginning, but because Wallace dropped out, he “volunteered” to be Meng Jiu. Who knows if that’s true or just a cover cooked up by Karen. IMO, Hu Ge should’ve just drop out the moment he’s not 1st lead; it’s irresponsible but they haven’t sign the contract back then. Why make his fans suffer like this?

      • I don’t know Chinese so…
        No, he should not drop because it’s not a leading role. As a fan, I don’t want to watch his heart get heartbroken a thousand times in DMY.

        Aigoo, snap judgments are never appreciated.

      • Just to lighten the mood. HG mentioned Yuan Hong aka Koala’s loverboy at the press con. I don’t understand Chinese but here is the text:

        花絮:主持人给两男主机会对挑。彭想与诗诗换位,方便跟胡站在一起,主持人说:难道你们想要在一起?不怕广 大粉丝介意么?老胡说,这样袁宏会介意!@大漠谣 @唐人电影 @大漠谣影迷后援团 嗷嗷嗷~

        Peng Yu Yan wants to swap places with Liu Shi Shi, so he can stand with Hu Ge. The host says, “Do you guys want to be together? Aren’t you afraid the fans will be angry?” HG says, “Yuan Hong will be angry!”

        (I’m shallow. Hehe. The mention of ShiShi and YH together makes me giggly. ;P)

      • Meng Jiu challenging for HG? Give me a break. He can do it in his sleep. If he wanted challenging then he ought to be knocking on Yumama’s door and asking to play Meng Jue. Now THAT is a challenging character.

        Of all of Tong Hua’s male leads, Meng Jue (the king of the jades) is the single most fascinating and impossible to play character. If HG wanted a challenge then he’s at the wrong place in DMY. And if he wanted to do whatever was best for the company in order to land Eddie, then shame of TR for stringing along their fans for months. And yes, there were many different statements by Karen and other TR folks that HG was HQB. It may not have been inked, but it was purposely released over and over to get their fans excited. It’s a shitty thing to do to role reverse just for money sake. It makes me feel like I’ve been played. And I have.

    • omygoodnesssss! what the hell!!!!
      i feel your anger and frustration with tangren because honestly, this novel is one major awesome romance!! ARRHHHH what the heckk, why is HG playing jiu yee!!! i don’t want him to play jiu ye, it’s just not suited for him, i understand he wants to try something new but its just ridiculous when this role is so perfect for him.ughh i really wanted shige as well!! :/ stupid stupid tangren!
      i honestly feel like crying, i was looking forward to watching the drama because it was supposed to be shige together as the lead couple but now i’m not even sure if i wanna go near the drama, aiiish

      although you are no longer translating, hope you can vent some of your anger off on the goodness that is fondant garden.

      • @yeisha: Actually I think HG meant YH would be jealous coz they (HG + YH) are supposed to be the OTP here… Hahahaha

      • Uhm yea.. As far as I know.. TR has never officially released a statement that HG is going to play HQB. It’s most likely what fans expect, because HG is the leading man of TR, so he simply “cannot” land a second lead role. Fans get excited by themselves.

        “shame of TR for stringing along their fans for months.”
        HG was suppose to play HQB. He was suppose to, until Wallace dropped out, and they had no option. Blame Yumama for snatching Wallace.

      • Losing Wallace doesn’t mean they don’t have an option. They always have an option, it might not make as much money, but it’s an option that makes their fans happier. But I guess money talks. Eddie is the biggest star they can land, ergo they’ll switch up the leads just to land him. Who cares what they’ve been leaking to fans for months.

        And I doubt Wallace would have taken 9Ye anyways, Yumama or no Yumama. It’s too up his emo mopey alley. TR could have gotten a number of actors to do 9Ye, but it wouldn’t be a big enough star to generate the buzz they want, so let’s toss the fans under a bus.

        HG can play whomever he wants, if he wanted 9Ye that’s fine. But I don’t believe that for a second, becayse he was supposed to be HQB for months and he was fine with that. He switched over bc of Eddie and for financial reasons. Period. Karen pulls the strings, everyone dances. I’m not a puppet and I won’t clap my hands like a trained seal excited to see Eddie doing something I cannot envision him in the role, despite his talent and charisma. He’s not my HQB is all.

    • @sy: ah, i see. i just copied and pasted the text/translation and interpreted it in my emotionally wrung-out fangirl mind. sigh.

      i am still heartbroken , obviously. why do i even bother to check photos/news of the press conference? 🙁

      • I’ve been reading every single chapter of your translation of da mo yao multiple times. I didn’t care for HG at first because i have never been a fan of his. However, by chapter 27, i see him as HQB and no one can replace him! I like the HQB character so much that I actually started looking up HG drama series to watch. So what i am trying to say is that I fell in love with the character HQB from your translation of the book, and my new found appreciation for HG as an actor is influenced by that. Now im pretty much heart broken that he’s not playing HQB, especially since early reports were so sure that he was gonna play that character. If you are definitely not going to translate any more of this wonderful story, I completely understand and support that decision. I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done for us non-chinese readers! I might check out the series, but im pretty sure i’ll mentally switch eddie peng and HG when they are on screen. I really hope that you will change your mind about translating though, cuz at least we will have HG playing HQB till the end 🙂

      • I agree. What pisses me off is the way TR screwed with the fans and strung them along just to crush their hopes. I’d be much happier if they just came out with the truth instead of playing us for fools.

        Yeah I get that it’s a marketing strategy but to me it’s still not cool. There should be better ways to market than to toy with our emotions like this.

    • Well.. if it’s that hard for you to swallow.. don’t watch the drama. Just simply give up like many here are going to do. Or else, you would probably be more heartbroken.

      I have no problem with casting. I didn’t convince myself that HG would be playing HQB and LSS would be playing JY. I’m fine with it. I truly did not have any feeling that HG was 100% confirmed to play HQB. I’m not craving for ShiGe that much that I just convince myself that they would be playing HQB-JY for sure. Not from any random Weibo, Jiangshan Weibo or even TR’s official Weibo or K’s Weibo. Especially after Wallace left.. I was sure that there would be some major changes done in the casting.

      Aigoo.. Good luck!

      • I feel bad that people will not give the drama a chance, maybe the actors will prove you wrong. I read “The girl with the dragon tattoo” series, watched the Swedish-version movies and then watched the US version when it came out and honestly I love all of it equally. I fell in love with Noomi Rapace as “Lisbeth” in the original version, but Rooney Mara was also amazing. Although I loved Rapace’ protrayal of Lisbeth and initially thought no one can replace her, Mara pleasantly suprised me with her interpretation of Lisbeth. The Lisbeth from both
        versions are not exactly the same as my intitial
        image of her when I first read the books but
        they both come awfully close while bring their
        own flair to the character. My point is let go of
        the bias from yr images of our dear DYM
        characters and let go of the prejudice to have
        toward the actor/s and just give the drama a
        chance. Eddie might not be the HQB you pictured but different does not always mean bad. But of course if either Eddie, HuGe and ShiShi are really off track with their characters then I will readily stop watching, but I won’t know till I give these actors a chance to prove themselves. Oh it’s late I just realized that I wrote too much…sorry^.^

      • @Tina, I hear what you’re saying. But at the same time, its different when you are promised one thing and already have a picture in your head of what the drama will look like because of that. And then, all of a sudden BAM! they totally screw you over. That’s what sucks.

        Personally, the only C-drama that I’ve watched is BBJX. But since I started reading DMY translations and already had Hu Ge as HQB in my mind, I started watching some eps of LOCH and Chinese Palladin to see how Hu Ge’s acting and onscreen chemistry with LSS..and I liked/loved what I saw. Which made reading DMY translations even more exciting because I can picture how HQB and Yu Er will look like.

        Anyways, my point is this. I’m already way too emotionally invested in Hu Ge as HQB that even if my head tells me to give the drama a chance, its just too jarring for me to see someone else playing HQB at this point. Who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind later. But for now, I’d rather save myself the heartache from yet another disappointment.

      • @bwear, even if it wasn’t confirmed, the truth of the matter is that Tangren purposely led the fans on by playing coy about the casting. That to me is not cool.

        Of course people will assume that it is Hu Ge because he is their main guy and there are also various reports (though not official) saying that he is HQB. And then they kept saying that they are still looking for an actor to play Jie Ye or other BS like that when in fact its Hu Ge that is playing him. I mean, if I were to believe that Hu Ge wanted to play Jie Ye in the first place, why not come outright and say so? But they didn’t because they are aware that there are a lot of fans who are clamoring for a ShiGe OTP and so they withheld this information until the last minute.

        One can argue that it is a great marketing strategy on their part. But still they are throwing fans under the bus. And from what I gathered, this is behavior is not new to Tangren (I’m not familiar with C-ent) so that makes it even more disheartening.

      • @yeisha, Tangren really didn’t play coy with the casting. I believe in the beginning, they fully intended to announce the cast as soon as possible. In fact, they more or less confirmed HG as HQB and LSS as Yu Er quite early on, and they hinted Wallace when they thought it was a done deal. Then the Wallace thing happened, and Tangren not only lost him but also learned a lesson: when there’s no contract, everything is possible. So they kept mum on the casting from then on, and said that unless the contract is signed, there’ll be no official announcement.

        Then I believe that they have difficulty finding a replacement for JY, and they got an idea to approach Eddie as HQB. At this time, it’s really no use saying anything, as they don’t even know if Eddie willl accept the offer, and which role in the end will HG play.

        There really isn’t anything mean-spirited in this whole deal. As for Tangren’s past, I don’t think they’d really done anything without a good reason. Tangren is not a huge company, and many times what the fans want, they cannot achieve. It’s not throwing fans under the bus.

    • Sorry if this doesn’t help, but hot damn HG looks way more dashing in his Long Yang get up than his Meng Jiu get up…

    • That my favorite part. Huo Bing and Jin yu going to war. Now is what I dread the most. Is there no way we can change something. Fans make a great different. Look at Wallace’s case, right?

    • once and for all, just to clarify, Wallace NEVER signed a contract with Tangren for DMY. Have you been reading Karen’s weibo? She did post there that the time she called Wallace, he already accepted Yu Zheng’s. In short, K has been telling people Wallace will be in DMY without asking the actor himself! I doubt Wallace even know that he will be part of it way before the call! Blaming Wallace is so out of line!

      • I think blaming whoever making the casting decision without evaluate the cons. Any person could see that they would be more likely to gain acceptance if they cast Hu Ge as Huo Bing. Not many care about Ming Jiu after reading the novel.

      • That’s just your point of view. Perhaps you’re influenced by Ms Koala’s passion for HQB and because you didn’t finish the last few chapters of the novel. But when the novel came out, both HQB and MJ had a great number of supporters among readers. Just like 4 and 8 in BBJX. I may never understand why people fell for certain characters, just like I felt nothing about 8’s character, I do acknowlege there’re huge fans. And to say MJ is a fan favorite is not an exaggeration.

      • Eh yea..

        I was being sarcastic.. lol

        On a sidenote.. it was YZ himself who said that Wallace had another series to film when he approached him, so he had to talk with the opposite party in order to free him. And he was very “delighted” and “thankful” to the other party.

        And another sidenote FYI, YZ suddenly turned 180 degrees towards TR and Karen after the “casting adjustments”. He personally anwsered a comment on Weibo by saying that he was young and very childish and immature at that time (when he bashed Karen on the internet). Not even mentioning his “praises” towards Shishi.

        I think we can all sense what’s going on..

  25. NOOOOO!! I’ve been waking up every morning thinking to myself that i’ll experience Da Mo Yao in a new chapter..!

    Why do we all have to suffer?!!?

    *ahhhhHHHHH* where can i find language learning center to study chinese?! WAAAAHHH!!

  26. oh dam! this suks! I feel you Koala! Thank you for the translated chapters thus far! IF you ever decided to finished translating this book, I’ll definitely read it!!! I’ll rather read the book then watch the drama. This is the first time I’ve wanted a certain actor and actress to play certain characters.

    so HG is going to be JY and Eddie HQB or is that Wallace? I’m soooo confused! I guess I don’t know Chinese celebrities that well. Goood thing I don’t know otherwise I’ll go crazy. LOL

  27. Oh no! My heart is sinking!! This is HORRIBLE!! Hu Ge will remain HQB for me. I did not have any experience with c-drama actors as such I am judging solely based on appearance, but I frankly don’t see how Eddie fits the role looks-wise. I am definitely not watching the drama… I don’t know if there are other readers out there who will be doing the same? I would have considered watching the drama as my first ever c-drama if the characters stayed in line with our imaginations but since I have never watched one before, this is one more reason to not start now.

    The novel on the other hand I really really wish you would continue 🙁 Oh no! I will only get to imagine how their journey ends. I don’t speak, read or understand Chinese so I am never finding out. This is heart breaking! But truly thank you for the bottom of my heart for all your hard work in allowing me to even discover these wonderful characters! I hope sometime in the future you will find it in your heart to be able to continue the novel so that we can find out about how it all ends! Well, I guess I’m diving full force into work now, no more happy-passionate-rave-and-swoon-worthy entertainment for me!

    Thank you again Ms Koala!

    • I’m not going to watch the drama either. the book is awsome so far though. (sigh)

      Some books are better of read then watched…. this will be one of them.

    • “I would have considered watching the drama as my first ever c-drama if the characters stayed in line with our imaginations but since I have never watched one before, this is one more reason to not start now.”

      It’s hard for a TV drama to please everyone. Everyone has their own imaginations. You don’t know the actors, why would you give up because their appearance don’t go according to your imaginations? And even more, why would you be so bothered if you have not even seen any of HG’s work at all. How would you know that he is more suitable to play HQB instead of MJ?

      I’m sorry.. I know everyone is all sad and heartbroken.. and I’m like splashing cold water in everyone’s face. But come on! HG is not the only one who can tackle HQB and HQB is not written with HG in mind..

      • I personally felt HG is better suited to play 9Ye from the get go, the problem is TR telling the world for months he was playing HQB. I picked up DMY because I was getting ShiGe as HuoYu and read it under those assumptions. Now I feel like they bitch slapped me. They do shit like this all the time, release false news to get people excited and then….whoops, here’s the final product. Too bad. Well, I don’t want to play this game anymore.

      • I totally understand your point. But this is beyond logic to me. Through Ms Koala’s lovely translations I have an emotional attachment to Huo Qu Bing and he happens to look like Hu Ge for me. I fell in love with this character with his face plastered to it. Therefore to me it will make no sense for him to suddenly be Jiu Ye. I am in love with the novel, not the TV series or the actors. I have no compelling reason to watch the show especially now that the male lead I love so much will suddenly have a face that’s not just a new face but a completely different face. It will be completely jarring and a total turn off to see HQB actually being Jie Ye in the TV series (again that’s my case since the actor Hu Ge became HQB by extension for me). Had they picked out a completely different batch of actors I may have considered it, but in this case it just does not compute. The HQB I pictured so passionately interacting with Jin Yu, will still be around but now suddenly as someone else? Frankly, there is no reason to put my brain under torture for this TV series especially because the draw for me is the novel, as I have mentioned I have never watched c-dramas before, so why would I purposely hurt my brain and heart? HQB is Hu Ge for me, I know no other Hu Ge and as such HQB cannot suddenly become Jiu Ye, it’s as simple as that.

      • RIS: I totally am with you there. I only got interested in this drama was becuase HGSI was going to be the lead. They look so good together, characters I would have imagined would look like. Now to see HG play the other guy? Hmm…. just can’t see it.

      • cv: I guess it’s just hard for those who know the actor first and the characters later to see the flip side. For me the actors come after the characters since I am not familiar with them at all. So Hu Ge is HQB and LSS is Jin Yu. HQB can’t suddenly become Jiu Ye. They are completely different people!!! But the TV series is essentially forcing someone like me to live through that jarring idea of suddenly believing HQB has become Jiu Ye. Ugh! So weird and terrible!

        Frankly, I don’t even care for the TV series, it would have been the cherry on the cake to see live HQB and Jin Yu, which is not the case but I just hope Ms Koala someday will continue the novel, I just don’t know how I am going to move on! 🙁

      • RIS: I read the story first before even imagining HG as HQB…but after the picture of HG came up… he looks good in period dramas–manly too—like what I would have thought HQB would look like. He just has that charisma–powerful look to him.

        For those of us who will miss this book…and don’t care for the drama, we’ll just have to find another book to enjoy. I’m sure time will heal our sad hearts.

      • @ockoala I personally agree with your initial feeling… but can understand how the months probably can wear you down… :/ It is possible that Wallace probably didn’t want HQB because it was similar to his role in Qing Shi Huang Fei but then passed up this opportunity… because he wanted to do more flying and a Jin Yong drama but meh…

  28. I’m at work and I’m pissed off.

    I totally understand Koala’s feelings and I emphatise with her. I will give this drama a miss too.

    I cannot tell you how I detest Karen at this moment. Yes, Hu Ge is suitable as both HQB and MJ but to choose someone like EP as HQB over Hu Ge ! It’s a joke. Wallace Huo would have been a better choice and I would have accepted it.

    Hah, imagine MJ (Hu Ge) and Li Gan (Han Dong) both with smouldering goods look next to EP, who is supposed to be like a Roman God and the resident hunk in the novel. What a joke – looks-wise, even Peter Ho who is not really handsome is better – at least Peter has charisma. Don’t get me wrong I like Eddie but lookswise, he doesn’t measure up to either Hu Ge or Han Dong.

    I am disappointed. I won’t be bothered anymore with this drama. LSS means nothing to me – I like her but she is not an outstanding actress like Ady, Yang Mi or Ariel. I loved BBJX because of the princes and I could see the huge improvement in her acting. However, she doesn’t have the charisma or X-factor. Good luck Tangren.

    • Yes, I agree with you. Eddie is a sweetie but lookwise, well, he kinda fell short–that baby look of his– just can’t see him as HQB.

    • Someone mentioned that Hu Ge looks a little scrawny and Eddie is a little more buffed. I agreed too. But wow, putting them together and it’s totally different. Hu Ge looks more built than Eddie in this pic.

  29. You know the worst thing about all this Koala? Is that if you stop translating, we’re forced to watch the drama if we want to know the ending of this story. So even though we may agree with you that Tangren has screwed us all, we’re forced to support her drama. ; (

    • But even if you watch the drama you probably won’t get the ending in the books because last I read they’re gonna change the ending when they make the DMY drama…

  30. Thank you for all your effort thus far that you put into DMY. I will be overjoyed if you can continue translations but I can definitely understand your frustrations with Tangren playing coy. It’s been an emotional roller coaster, even for somebody like me who usually tries to stay away from being emotionally invested in these dramas until the final product is out.

    I guess the most we can hope for is that everybody has the talent and chops to pull this off. Looking on the bright side, at least Eddie has the physique to play a general from that era. Not sure about how his acting will be but at least there’s that. I didn’t really care too much about who played who but always felt Hu Ge needed to bulk up to advance his career.

    I’m hoping you’re just suffering from withdrawal but if you decide to stop, I understand. If you decide to do Yun Zhong Ge out of spite, I guess I’m ready to start something new. Just at least give away in a quick summary the rest of DMY so we can have a good discussion. 🙂

    • ” Just at least give away in a quick summary the rest of DMY so we can have a good discussion. ”

      LOL yes! a quick summary of the past part of the book would be awsome.

    • Yes, just give us a brief summary of the ending and we move on to Yun Zhong Ge.

      I agree the excuse is lame – a more challenging role for Hu Ge. Hah! Koala’s right – Hu Ge can play this role in his sleep. As for bulking up, he did it for LOCH and that sports magazine – it’s no problem.

      • I would have to contest that point about bulking up though… personally, I see HQB having the ability to fling enemy soldiers around like they are paper dolls… imo, Hu Ge hasn’t reached that point yet, unfortunately… but I can understand how he might not want to… bulking up to that extent may mean it will be very difficult to go back and requires lots of work to maintain… lest you start looking like what happened to Arnold Schwarzenegger when he stopped exercising…. oh gross… DX

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    Anyway i was wondering if someone who can read Chinese and has already read the book would mind posting a quick summary of what happens in the book after this and the ending. Even a short paragraph would suffice.

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      Yup, definitely a miss for me.

      Any other great romance books out there? recommend? translated in english from chinese of course. 🙂

    • ahhh i’ve been worried about this… ever since the C-authorities have been shutting down historically inaccurate productions/ time travel productions, with the excuse that it was harmful to the national psyche…….. HQB is a beloved national character.. so there was always this risk.. esp since DMY kinda insinuates that he gave up on the country to be with his beloved.. who just so happens to be non-Han (or suggested to be so, by her mysterious birth)… i hope that DOES NOT HAPPEN though…

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      on to the casting issue… it’s not that i’m against Eddie being HQB.. i mean, he could be awesome for all i know.. (and just to set the record straight, i’m loving him in all his movies in recent years.. cutie pie with abs that he is…..) but what i have MAJOR issues with is how the casting was handled.. TR has been feeding false information to the fans for ages.. dangling the bait and waiting for us to bite..it’s just major disrespect for the fans involved and a f-ing cheap way to get your PR job done. well, they say no publicity is bad publicity… well i say, big fat middle finger to your face lady-boss.

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    • Yu Dan had already pass away not too long after he was caught by Yi Zhi Xie. This was mentioned by Mu Da Duo when she caught up with Jin Yu in Chang An.

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    I can feel your disappointment on the casting and Tangren’s manipulations. I guess it’s part of creating hype and buzz for the drama. In that respect, they were successful judging by the impassioned responses here. The lady Boss is wicked but she’s doing her job. Sigh, Meryl Streep from Devil Wears Prada.

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      I know that if you ever decide to finish translating, it's because of your love for TongHua's DMY and ShiGe.. and hopefully because you can share spazzy discussions with us 😀 thanks for even considering continuing!

    • ockoala,

      Couple thoughts I wanted to run past you that might make you feel better, and not just because I want more translations (well… partially I guess… I’ll be honest… but mostly because I feel a need to vent).

      1. I don’t think everybody should be getting too mad with Tangren. In their defense, I have to say they probably have their own fears to address. Everybody remembers what happened with Gong-bbjx. Though bbjx was a masterpiece, Gong came out first, had Yu Zheng’s eye-catching costumes, and had Yu Zheng’s aggressive marketing tactics which caught all the people who hadn’t read bbjx and created a fan base that detracted from bbjx’s release. Though bbjx was a success, if you look at all the numbers and tv ratings and such, bbjx is still at a loss. Instead, it’s Yang Mi and FSF who are basking in movie offers now. They’re probably afraid of that happening again but to their pet DMY production. The reason for this is probably Yuzheng’s Beauties of the Emperor (Wang De Nu Ren) production. It’s set in the same dynasty and, if you look at some of the costumes for that, there’s one for Joe Chen that looks suspiciously like a belly-dancing/Xi Yu-inspired outfit. That was probably enough to set off the alarms for Tangren. Therefore, this time, Tangren probably decided to counter with their own aggressive marketing campaign to create big publicity, draw in fans, and prevent another Gong-bbjx situation. You have to respect their efforts into making this production a success but, unfortunately, the casualties are the fans in the end.

      2. I see things that lead me to believe Tangren is taking this production seriously. This is definitely not one of their average idol dramas. For one, look at the hair styles. No bangs, which is typical of Tangren’s game-based productions. Back in the day, it was believed that it was against Confucianism and all that to cut your hair since your hair is part of your body and your body was something your parents gave you. Cutting your hair would then, in a way, be like disrespecting your parents. (This leads me to the, “How about nail clippings?” argument but I guess you need somebody to till your fields XP). Thus, there was widespread violence and resistance from the Han people when the Qing dynasty came around and ordered everybody to have ridiculous queue’s (other than the fact that it just looked kinda derpy and fell out of fashion ASAP after the fall of the Qing dynasty in favor of Western hair styles). With this knowledge, this, to me, means that they are taking this production with a serious, historical light. That’s also the reason why the history-enthusiast side of me cringes whenever Chinese or Korean productions decide to get creative with hair styles for period or period-related productions…

      3. I actually think Eddie Peng makes more sense playing HQB. For one, he has the body. I don’t know where is acting chops are but, if Tangren is trying to pull another bbjx and being serious, I am trusting his acting is good. I have long thought that Hu Ge’s skinniness seriously detracted from his career. I think this is just one more example. He needs to bulk up. Bulky clothing to cover up can only go so far and fans can only suspend disbelief so far. Can you imagine going though every scene of the drama staring at Hu Ge’s chest looking for what should be there (like when you were reading translations and imagining). That would seriously detract from the drama to have the audience having that running in the back of their heads all the time. Also, Tangren is probably trying to be smart and do what they did with bbjx by drawing talents from different Chinese-speaking areas to attract more fans, opportunities, and truly make this a success. Let’s hope they are pulling another bbjx and know what they are doing. They did pretty well matching people in that production and in the past. In my mind, they still have some credit.

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      I guess, in the end, it is still wait and see. Nothing is too wonderfully convincing and mind-blowing to me at the moment so yeah…

      Hope everybody feels better!!

      • yeap, so koala’s version has been immortalized like BBJX with all its fantastic beauty & d drama shall then be Gong with all its commercialized appeal. ultimately, the good news is that more people will come to know about DMY & BBJX not simply through either way but through these combined efforts.

        i have to say though that even as iv watched both BBJX & Gong, ultimately, it was only through ms koala that i actually found out their origins ie the novel, & then later stumbled upon DMY so i really think that theres always a silver lining to all these.

        thanksamillion koala & keep up d good work!

        cheer up everyone & lets look forward to seeing any little aspect of DMY that we all love so much!!! xp

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      Please clam down and reconsider … the drama hasn’t started yet , and Tangren has no control over our imaginations as to who we want to be HQB or jiu ye …. we can always imagine HG as HQB in the novel , right ? So please , chaebal , onegaishimasu , finish the novel for us …..But it is really all up to you … we can only hope and pray … Thank you so much for everything ! I still love your site inspite of this sad news ….
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      Well, my only confort for you is that many many people had an image of a character in mind when reading a novel only to be disappointed by the choice of the filmmakerls when it came to screen. Not much confort, because it’s not so much a problem of choice, but a problem of mind-screwing those who were interested in the casting news. *hugs*

      That said. I really hope you continue translating, to do exactly that: immortalize the image of ShiGe as the perfect HBQ and Yu Er. Maybe if you take a break from it all so you can heal from the news a bit you’ll have the heart to continue. If not, I sincerely want to thank you for all these wonderfully translated chapters. It was a great ride and I hope Tangren at least remains faithful to the plot so we can see how the story ends…

    • Ms. Koala, I totally empathize with you and I thank you for all the hard work you’ve given us so far. I can’t offer much but I can offer virtual chocolate chip cookies and ice cream for comfort food… I hope you feel better soon.

      What pisses me off is the way TR dicked the fans around and screwed with our emotions. I would’ve been happier if they just came out and said who plays who, instead of stringing fans along with false hopes and then dashing them at the last minute.

      I agree with previous posters who said that at least we have our imaginations. The drama will be changing the story and the ending anyway so we can always look to the DMY translations here as our canon.

    • TT-TT heart breaking </3

      but as always, whatever you'll decide, i will always respect that.
      The appreciation of what you've done for us is great!!

      This whole casting thing just went to shit!! (pardon my language) I'm in mostly for the chapters as i do not know any of the Chinese actors (although after seeing so many HuGe pic as a warrior… it's strange to see him with this stern face looking all restrained). Maybe the Chinese fans will create such ruckus that they'll make everything right again^^ I hope so for those who really REALLY needs to see HuGe as HQB.

      If this is an ending of DMY here, it will also be the ending of my relationship with DMY…. Farewell awesome novel. I'm sorry for not being able to stay with you till the end (blaming myself and my kindergarten Chinese) and I'm sorry for them messing up with you in the drama adaptation!!

    • I hope you feel better Ms. K. Thank you for considering continuing the translations. It has been a pleasure reading.

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    I thank you for introducing me to chinese novels and period shows. This ahjumma is asking for your pity to continue translating Mo Da Yao….I think of it all day. I dont care about any other opinions….I’m really dying to read the entire novel. I day dream for Mo Da Yao’s next chapters….seriously.

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    Am I weird to think that I really love the fact that Yu’er and HQb is having a legit fight right now? I know they have always fought with each other, but it was down the road of teasing, flirting, and sparring mentally and hehe.. physically. I think this is the first time they truly argued about principals. It is also great because you can see how the argument is so much more than just the fact the HQB kept the information away from Yu’er. It is a buildup from the re-entrance of Jiu Ye back into their life in Chang’an. HQB has always felt insecure about her feelings on Jiu Ye. The argument is really about where do they stand with each other. His family politics is a mess, and her heart is a mess. Where do they fit into each other lives? And like HQB, he can’t give her an official title but keeps her at his side. This doesn’t matter in the sense that JY only wants his heart. But it comes to show how “in between” they are. They are neither there nor here. Neither married or not married. And the rift in principals is just a great way to show angst.

    Now, I really wish that the casting would be right because this story just unravels the romantic angst in the perfect way that leaves you feeling that both are right and valid in their own way. Sometimes when I watch a drama, I think.. he is clearly in the wrong/she is just stupid. But I get there reasoning here on a emotional and rational level.

    AHH TANGREN, you screwed up big time. Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi would have done the romantic angst just right.

    and the sexual tension too. Not that you are going to show that anyways. Though I have to say, it would be kind of weird for them to have the sexual tension because I keep on thinking of them as brother and sisters…lol.

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    But now , we are back to this predicament again … we are in constant roller-coaster ride because of the casting news … and to learn that the casting is now official , is really sad for us , who imagined HG as HQB ….but you know what ? WE are in control of our imaginations and no one can dictate us who to imagine as HQB while reading the novel , so please allow us to have that happiness , if you can ….it’s all up to you …. we can only hope and pray , as readers … PLEASE reconsider , ne , onegai?
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    *SOB!!!!!!* Very sad news indeed…

  49. Okay, now that I’ve calmed down a bit, I will take comfort in the fact that all leads of DMY are Yuan Hong’s loves. Yep, it all goes back to YH. Hopefully he will have a cameo. Or maybe the can visit them while filming.

    Sigh. I’m trying to make myself better and its not working. 🙁

  50. To tell the truth, i have no comment about the casting, i am speechless, i have hoped for years for ShiGe. Finally, i have them in a drama countless the fact the book is great but they are not OTP. With it, i think there won’t be any ShiGe in the future, i lost all my hopes and i am so disappointed, ShiGe made many series/trailer together (i love their relationship as Long Yang and Long Kui in CP3) and they are the only one who didn’t make a pair (i have already had a strike when i know more about XYS). I really anticipated for DMY, instead of doing my homework i used to surfing in order to know more about the cast but my last hope is now lost. I won’t be able to check series in the future because of my studies and i thought i could have a good drama to comfort me after my hard time it’s hopeless now, i will make do with Beauties of the emperor and Happiness of an Angel. I give up on TR now, it gives so much headache, i watch for the pleassure not for to be stressed ou every day and if it’s not for ShiGe, i wouldn’t do so much until now.
    I didn’t even want to watch DMY because i know i will have bad memories about it, it became famous even before the production. Well, many say there will still have ShiGe moments but not good enough. In this, it either JY loves MJ or MJ loves JY whereas in BBJX, there is a moment when RX and eight prince loves each other. I don’t even want to talk about the rumoured ending, Tong Hua didn’t want HQB die, that’s why she changed it but if they are intending to make him dead, they can do it, it concerns the author only. I don’t dislike EP but i’m just disgust they bring a lot of actors and actress to pair with LSS and HG but never their turn (I don’t hate Yang Mi, Yuan Hong etc. Don’t take me wrong) Now, i don’t want to hear anything about drama DMY.
    But ockoala, i really like the book, the translation itself and my “virtual” cast when i read it, i know this is difficult to swallow, i don’t force you to go on but i want you to know everyone are in the same state, we have supported our dream about ShiGe in this website, we have began and we want to finish with ShiGe so cheer up because there will always be a group who supports you. Fighting !

  51. I might be in the minority who’s delighted to hear Eddie Peng cast in this. TBH, not a fan of Hu Ge, indifferent toward LSS. But this DMY sounds fun and has a shade of the sweeping period goodness I used to enjoy as a kid so, yeah, this is kinda good news to me.

    Although I pity you for being devastated it’s really never been CONFIRMED HG is playing lead. You might’ve jumped the gun yourself, kinda. For all we know, this might still be a decent drama but if it’s already ruined for you, well, what a shame…

  52. Dear Ms. Koala,
    I totally understand how you feel right now, because that’s exactly how I feel the moment that I knew about that sh*tty news.
    Having read DMY with ShiGe as HuoYu in my mind the entire time, and now suddenly they become JiuYu instead? OMG!! Can I watch? NO! Absolutely not! And not to include the fact that I can’t for the love of me see EP as HQB.. Gosh! My HQB! T_T
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  54. I’m sorry to hear the casting has ruined your days….. hopefully you will recover soon and for the sake of us your fans…… continue to translate the remaining chapters. Really really hope that you will reconsider.
    For me, I actually cant imagine Hu Ge or Wallace Huo to play HGB because their looks are just too mature. It’s not that i doubt their acting ability. Really its not that. While Eddie, though he is still older than HG, ( i think i read somehere in your last post that EP is older than both HG and LSS) I think his looks are more suitable to be HGB (a little naughty and young). As for whether Eddie can deliver well as HGB, well i quess we just have to wait and see.
    That’s the impression i get from all the actors … hopefully can help to ease your pain a little bit …:P

  55. I feel that many fans here are a bit harsh and unfair to Tangren. I don’ t think they ever intended to lead the fans on. Hu Ge’s now a partner of Tangren, so any casting decision is as much his as is Karen’s.
    From the get-go, Tangren wanted HG to play HQB and Wallace JY, so they more or less told the fans so, and they were not lying. Frankly, I’m puzzled by this casting decision, because I think Wallace is a more suitalbe HQB, and HG JY. Then Wallace dropped out, and Tangren was forced to find a replacement. I can understand that it’s harder to find a JY, as although the role is smaller than HQB’s, not many actors can carry such a character, look-wise and demure-wise. If Tangren choose a inferior actor to play JY, that would be a slap to fans’ face and they would be in an uproar. Conversely, I think HQB’s charisma is more personality-wise and not look-related, and although choosing Eddie Peng is a risk, it has the potential of paying off.
    I don’t think it’s that much a financial decision, because Eddie is not a huge star in mainland China, and he is not a big ratings draw. But he previously worked with Tangren and Hu Ge in Shao Nian Yang Jia Jiang. It’s reasonable that Tangren thinks he makes a good HQB and Hu Ge to play JY is also not a bad choice. Remember, the production has already been delayed, they cannot wait any longer. Regarding JY, Hu Ge previously said that playing a wheelchair-bound charcater is a challenge and great fun, so I’m sure it’s not entirely against his will. Maybe we should wait for the final work to judge those decisions.

    • I’m with you..

      Frankly speaking, I don’t give a damn about the casting. But there is so much negativity around this post.. aigoo. While I do understand that fans are disappointed, but really, only HG can force himself to play MJ. Come on, he is also Tangren’s boss for godsake. I’m not sure where everybody is getting the “Tangren lied to us as they insisted that HG would be playing HQB” message. 1). If they DID send out “signs” (which I didn’t sense at all), it would have probably been before Wallace dropped out. 2). As far as I know, since Wallace dropped out, the only thing that Tangren said was: “Everything outside official statements are rumors. Wait until official announcement”. And come on, from the day TR released that statement, it was pretty sure that EVERYTHING could happen.

      • Hehe, Tangren did say HG would be playing HQB in the beginning, because they thought Wallace is a done deal. Then Yu Zheng happened, and Tangren was caught off guard. Since then, they kept mum on the casting, and didn’t let out a word again. I don’t think that constitutes as a lie. Casting changes happen all the time in TV and movie world. Even if Tangren publicly announced Hu Ge’s role, to change it later on is not that big of a deal, imo.

        When BBJX’s cast was announced back then, fans also attacked Tangren and showed their disapproval of the casting. But it turned out wonderfully. So until we see the final product, all is a big question mark.

      • Exactly. When Wallace dropped out, it was a whole new ballgame. TR’s goal was to maximize what resources they have to gain the most prestigious cast they could, assigned in the way most reasonable to fit the story.
        ShiGe was just not the priority anymore by that point, and fans should have realized that.

        I’m not saying the choices they made are right (we’ll have to see how that plays out–I’m not crazy about EP’s look from the initial glimpse we got), but they make pretty clear sense to me.

      • From the beginning, did they say that they will take consideration of the fan of not wanting Hu ge to play MJ. This give fan false hope. I rather they state that Hu ge is MJ so that we not getting work up and then drop a bombshell like this on us in one day. Many hope and dream just like that taking away.
        And what frustrate the most is that I don’t think Eddie is right for the role. I rather have wallace huo switching around with Hu ge in the first places. I need the right person!

      • You don’t think Eddie is the right person, but there are people who look forward to his HQB. What do you suggest they should do then?

      • No, from what I know, they never said anything about wanting HG to play HQB because of HG’s fans. I actually think TR believed Wallace would be more interested to play MJ, so TR and HG decided HG would play HQB. It’s well known Wallace doesn’t like to repeat characters, so they thought MJ may be a challenge for him, and he’s more inclined to accept the role. Of course, all is in vain now.

    • Do you think Tangren want this to happen? If they can have Wallace, I’m sure they’d be more than happy to, no matter what roles HG and Wallace play. And I do think TR try very hard to make that happen. It’s just not meant to be. I understand that fans have differrent images about characters in their minds. Maybe I’m fine with all the casting changes because I don’t think HG is a good choice for HQB to begin with. I acutally think appearance-wise this change is good. Acting wise, I’m not so sure.

  56. Um. A film company’s goal in putting out any sort of project is to do justice to the material with what resources they have at hand. A cast exists to tell the story it’s given, not the other way around. I get the sense that those going into hysterics got it into their heads very early on that the primary point of DMY is so that ShiGe can pair off onscreen and make them happy, and never got the reality check that maybe that wasn’t the highest item on TR’s list of priorities. For those who feel betrayed, I’ve got news for you: the company’s primary motivation has always been to make the maximum amount of profit (both monetarily and in reputation) from the projects they’re invested in. Everything else, including their good word, is gravy. How many times has K promised/boasted/hinted at something in the planning stages to drum up hype, and then gone back on her word? That’s something to be
    Is it honorable? Is it smart pr? Hell no.
    Does TR manage to come out with something with rewatch value that doesn’t completely degrade the source material, on occasion? Hell yes.

    And before anyone accuses me of being a TR apologist, let me say that I think K is an immensely hypocritical piece of work in how she actually values the artists under her “management,” versus how she presents herself. I also can’t stand the narcissism she regularly desplays on her weibo.
    But her company produces occasional good work without resorting to plagiarism. I’m damning with faint praise, yes, but that’s better than what you can say about Yu Mama. Bottom line: if you’re going to be a jerk, at least give me something to show for it once in a while.

    • Addendum: I hope both HG and LSS extricate themselves as soon as they can from that place. With HG as part owner though, I doubt we’ll see that scenario happening any time soon. If only YH enticed the two of them away with him when he left.

    • Showbiz is all about hype. I don’t think Tangren ever did anything dishonorable. If they refuse to share news, fans are angry; if they hinted sth to please the fans, but later on things did not turn out how they hoped, fans are angry; it’s hard to please everyone. To be dishonorable is to intentionally lie, I don’t feel that Tangren has ever done that.

      Also, most of Tangren’s actors have a great relationship with their boss, so where did the hatred of Tangren’s management come from? Yuan Hong left Tangren mainly because he felt Tangren’s dramas are not his style. He doen’t want to be in “idol dramas” all the time. But the split is amicable. If he was abused at Tangren and hated Karen’s guts,why would he return to Tangren and star in BBJX at Karen’s plea? Sometimes fans are overprotective of their idol and twisted things in their minds.

      • “Showbiz is all about hype. I don’t think Tangren ever did anything dishonorable. If they refuse to share news, fans are angry; if they hinted sth to please the fans, but later on things did not turn out how they hoped, fans are angry; it’s hard to please everyone.”
        Sure. I just don’t think it’s very smart. You lose credibility in the long run, and the effect of the hype you’re trying to create diminishes.
        Then again, the underaged fans may just never learn, if these threads are anything to judge by.

        As to your second point, I don’t think K is the worst boss in the business by any stretch (at the very least, we know there’s no “casting couch” sordidness going on at TR, which can’t be said about a lot of other mainland companies, sadly). That said, I believe she views the artists under her management from the perspective of a filming company boss, who aims to extract the maximum value from her employees at the minimum cost, for the benefit of the current project; rather than as the head of an agency that represents their careers.
        There’s a fundamental conflict of interest in the way she handles her two roles, and the hypocrisy comes from her refusal to acknowledge that, and indeed asks us to believe that she’s acting in capacity 2 when she’s really performing role 1.

        I doubt we’ll ever really know the ins and outs of how YH left TR. I do agree that fans should trust their idols to have more of a brain in these matters, as a general rule. Thanks for the perspective check.

      • I do see your point. Maybe that’s a universal problem with companies that represent actors but at the same time is also a production company. TVB comes to mind and has the same problem. All bosses want profits, there’s hardly any exception.

        The real truth is only known to those involved. At least on the surface Tangren bosses and actors get along, I’ll leave at that and just enjoyed a good drama if there is one.

        I do admire Ms Koala’s passion for DMY and amazed at her lightning-speed and really beautiful translation. Hope everyone will eventually calm down.

    • It’s amazing that among this long list of replies, only these successive comments are level-headed and do not resort to whiny, baseless reaction in viewing the whole thing 🙂

      • Alrighty, I’m going to have to interject here, because I was one of the very disappointed people. However, I was not whiny, and I fully understand that this could still work out. But that doesn’t change the fact that TR had raised my hopes an inordinate amount, and when things crashed down, I was upset. I never accused TR of being utterly unscrupulous. Yes, my enthusiasm for this drama has more than halved. I’ll still be looking out for it, but I’m no longer rabidly excited and am more nonchalant towards it.

        I think it’s unfair to say that all the people who weren’t immediately jumping on the new casting were whiny and baseless.

  57. well…….
    Ahh..THANK YOU.
    Cause of exams i dont get to open the laptop but i stumbled upon this while checking for drama synopsis on my mob.It was fun reading da mo yao.When I want to calm down and relax i read this..took me too a magical place.ha.the story is awesome .I love it.These 3 characters are different I cant read chinese or even uderstand it.jus watched 2 dramas..i only know”XIE XIE” …
    Please reconcider of finishing the novel as the dramas ending is gonna be different,and what about the people who dont know the novels ending???

  58. Thanks for all the hard work Koala.

    I don’t really care about who plays who because I don’t follow any enterainment news that closely. I generally look up something once there’s a preview so……

    Anywho, I never want to read or hear about a RL person being in pain so if it bothers you too much to continue with translating this wonderful novel, so be it. It was enjoyable while it lasted.


  59. ………………still refusing to believe Ms. Koala will disappoint us like Tangren……going on hunger strike……..day 1………….please, please finish the book!!!!

  60. I have wanted to ask before if I can take part in your translation project. Would u be willing to post a chapter if I try translate it in the word-for-word style? I don’t blog n i’m definitely slower pace then u but DMY is a nice book n it will be great if the book is given justice at least at your playground. Do reply n apologies if this is presumptuous with u so upset n all

    • LT – yes, yes, yes from the fans!!!! I can help edit the english/grammer, too! Can I request we start with Ch 28????? email me if you want ot go forward with this: believer020@yahoo.com and put the title of the book in subject so I don’t accidently mistake you for junk mail!

      I really wanted to introduce this book to my YA book club 🙁

      • Glad to find a comrade for this project. 🙂 I should be able to email you something tonight cos I’m halfway through chapter 28. Even if it never get published, it should still be fun : ) Please keep to context though as I think the literal translation reflects the chinese way of thought which will get lost if we translate it in proper grammer.

  61. aigooo! just stop or beat the crap! its easy for you people to say your showbiz ( or tacky tangren ladyboss indecisiveness) bias of an opinion coz you were not the ones who were used ( like a disposable tissue) to pre-promote a show by translating a chinese novel to non-chinese viewers. Ergo, larger viewing market…global appeal?

    why dont you guys continue the translation and make sure its better than msKoala? best if you will ask your showbiz hoopla to present the show thru the novel’s point of view ( no if’s and butts! ) and with english subtiltles.

  62. Koala. Thank you for your amazing translation of the novel. I’m sorry to see you so disappointed but i really hope when you feel better, you can finish the translation. I for one am so disappointed with the casting and the possible changes in the script and ending that I really have no heart to watch Da Mo Yao.

    I have never actually read a “chinese” novel as I can’t read Chinese but this is a beautiful story and your translation has allowed us non-Chinese readers to experience a great love story. I would be forever grateful if you decide to continue and finish this story so that we can have a proper ending with Hu Ge in our imagination as HQB. I really don’t want to have to watch Da Mo Yao to know the ending.

    Thank you for all your hard work. I rarely leave messages and I find myself so wrapped into the DMY fandom, mostly due to your passion for this book. Thank you again for all the translations.

  63. A lot of HuShi’s fans on Weibo blaming on Wallace and said they hate Wallace, because Wallace dropped out, HuGe has to take Wallace’s role. Hey come on, I just wanted to point out, Wallace and his company Huajie has never mentioned anything about taking this role. In another word, Wallace was never in in the first place, you cant call him dropping out. It was all Karen’s and Elephant Mountain spilt it. They were counting the chickens before they were hatched. Wallace has never signed any contract with Karen for this role, that was their problem.

    • To add, beside, Eddie is not and I said IS NOT the only actor they can get…I am sure there are plenty other actors out there, but it was Karen’s greed or Tangren who decided to take on Eddie.

      • Wallace never signed a contract. But I do think there’s a verbal commitment, or at least a promise to consider, according to their weibo communications. Of course I don’t blame Wallace. He can choose the project he feels most passionate about. But why blame Tangren so harsly? Sure, they’re overopitmistic and they created their own problems, but it’s not a capital offence. They never confirmed Wallace’s involvement in the first place.

        And I just couldn’t understand why is casting Eddie greedy? Casting any other famous actor is not? Where does the idea of “greed” coming from? Of course there’re many actors around, but I for one couldn’t think of one at the moment that’s a perfect JY or HQB. Do you have any suggestions? Casting is not that easy, and as has been said before, the production has already been delayed by this development and Shishi’s abrupt illness. It cannot wait.

      • To the GeShi fans (not accusing anyone posting here of belonging to this category btw) bashing everyone in sight for not getting their dream pairing: grow up. Please. Do you really expect GeShi to be more important to actors like Wallace Huo or Eddie Peng, who have their own careers to worry about? For that matter, do you really think GeShi should be more important than the actual adaptation of DMY itself?
        Look, I understand the frustration with TR’s misleading hype. I understand why people might feel HG’s career got screwed over for “bigger names,” and it’s galling that it’s his own supposed agency who’s doing this to him (then again, he’s not only an employee in this scenario). I just think it’s pretty self-centered to expect everyone (WH, EP, TR) to cater to your desires for a certain pairing over their OWN priorities, like advancing their acting careers or telling the damn story.

    • It was YZ himself who said that Wallace had another series to film when he approached him, so he had to talk with the opposite party in order to free him. And he was very “delighted” and “thankful” to the other party.

      And another sidenote FYI, YZ suddenly turned 180 degrees towards TR and Karen after the “casting adjustments”. He personally anwsered a comment on Weibo by saying that he was young and very childish and immature at that time (when he bashed Karen on the internet). Not even mentioning his “praises” towards Shishi.

      I think we can all sense what’s going on.. Still Wallace has his right to make his own choice in what role he eventually wants to play. And his fans are very glad that he accepted LHC.

  64. Dear Ockoala,

    I have been following “silently” this novel since you posted the first article about ShiGe playing the main leading roles, and was excited about it! Reading your translations (and thank you for wonderful work!!) I picture myself the characters of JinYu and HQB played by both.

    It is just sad to hear how “they” like to play tricks by saying one things for months and changing it the last minute. I don’t know about Eddie playing the role. However if they are going to screw up the ending, I cannot forgive.

    What is the purpose of filming DMY, if the plot is going off in the different direction as the original?!! I hardly watch C-drama, BBJX was the exception (thanks to you to for recommending it)!

    Hope you are feeling better!! 🙂

    • For the record, all those talk about the ending is completely groundless rumors started by anonymous fans. So please don’t worrry about that until we come to that bridge.

      • It is good to know that they are just rumors… It would have ruin this novel if it were to be that way. Thank you for clarifying! ^^

  65. Seriously, I think you need to wake up and get to reality!
    Hu Ge isn’t playing the guy you wanted? SO???? WHO CARES? he’s still a part of the cast. SO WHAT if he’s not the one you envisioned… Is it THAT big of a deal? I don’t see why fans like you are so obsessed like that, who put all your heart and soul into something like this, and react like life’s over… I just don’t get your logic.
    I’m happy both of them are in the show, that’s ENOUGH! I think people these days are just selfish and want things – if they don’t get it, they throw a 3 year old tantrum like you are doing. Seriously it’s just nothing more than acting like you’re the center of the universe. REALITY FLASH – that’s not the way the world works!
    You don’t even know WHY Tangren picked the roles they did, it may be because the actors themselves wanted it. You’re just absolutely WRONG to call them a liar. Seriously, just because you got the wrong information!! for god’s sakes, it does NOT make them a liar, or whatever else you may think of them.
    I suggest you seriously wake up from those silly fantasies of yours and quit being such a kid. it’s annoying seeing people like that!!

    • Honestly, Koala can throw a tantrum if she wants. This is her blog.. thus this blog does revolve around her. She’s stated over and over again that she loves DMY, perhaps she can relate to it, but regardless she has emotional attachment to DMY so its reasonable for her to react like this.
      Geez, I get that you don’t agree with the way Koala is dealing with the news but the way you are expressing yourself is very hostile. I find people like you quite annoying as well.

    • Well, Koala has invested a lot of time and effort in translating the novel (literary translation’s a tough thing to do), and a lot of people also invested their emotions in imagining the pairing through reading the entries. I think people should be allowed the space to vent for a bit.

    • @hglss2, I’m not exactly sure what is your purpose for coming out here but please have some respect for the owner of the blog who spent HOURS translating a novel and then some. It is certainly Koala’s prerogative to vent and rant however she wants to because this is her blog. If you can’t be civil and say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.

    • hmmm… you ask what is wrong with people nowadays… i’m wondering if you can reflect on your own behaviour.

      ms. Koala’s opinion and thoughts might not always be in line with others… but… how can you start bashing like this on her own blog? … that’s pretty rude… There are more civil ways to express your thoughts you know…

      • for you own sake… if you’re hating what you have read here sooo much, why not stay away? Save yourself the waisted time and energy…

        it always works for me x)

    • for the amount of effort and emotional attachment that Koala has invested into DMY, it is understandable why she will feel this way. I dont agree that she is being spoilt or throwing a tantrum… I actually think this is the result of her putting a lot of heart into this to be able to feel the way she does about it.

    • It has been leaked out quite a while ago that HG was going to be HBQ. And alot of fans has been quite eager to see HG and LSS to finally be THE COUPLE. TR has the fans’ hopes up and then suddenly dash it at the last moment. Anyone who’s a fan would be upset. Ms. Koala’s reaction is actually very normal.

      I can’t speak for others, but as for myself, it’s not that I can’t accept HG as MJ. It’s more like I can’t accept EP as HBQ. I’ve seen some of his other dramas, and while I do like him as the sidekick, I never thought that he was good enough to be the main, especially such a meaty role as HBQ. A manly character, who oozes with charisma. I would more than accept it if HXM, Wallace Chung or Wallace Huo were given this role.

      • Usually, I won’t care for one way or another. But this is breaking my heart. I feel the downfall of a great novel due to wrong castings. Eddie is great but he is no Huo Bing and definitely cannot see him with Liu shi shi. I cannot understand why. I think fan would prefer someone unknown to play Ming Jiu and Hu Ge to play Huo Bing, as long as Hu ge and Liu shi shi pair up together. I really hope Tangren would change the casting in the next few days that Liu shi shi in Paris. And not to say, they have a child together. This is killing me. I hope someone can go Eddie wibo and beg in not to take that role. I don’t care about other Tangren production, but this one will be another major hit, prob more than Bu Bu f they just change the casting. Hu Ge and Liu shi shi will become the most popular couple in 2012. Why they let give this honor to other artist, but not theirs. I think this is a foolish decision and hope they can see that before it is too late. I wish I can speak Chinese so I can tell them this themself.

  66. Dear Koala,

    The best thing that ever happened in my googling of DMY was that it lead me to your blog. Thank you for posting all those translations so far.

    I cannot understand why wld TR want to massacre the ending this way. It does not justice to the story at all….and felt a strong urge to swear in every language possible……. and I am very sure they knew the uproar this will cause amongst the fans when they released the casting. So, I feel like someone has given me two successive slaps in the face.

    However good Eddie Pang may be as no 7 in Shao Nian Yang Jia Jiang, I cannot see him as a HQB…there isnt enough arrogant badass in his looks. The only silver lining in the cloud for this is that all the 3 male leads vying for Yu Jin are super tall and abt the same height. It was really challenging to suspend disbelief watching the shorter Nicky Wu pair up with the lanky Liu Shi Shi, esp since Kevin Cheng is also pretty tall.

    • It was really challenging to suspend disbelief watching the shorter Nicky Wu pair up with the lanky Liu Shi Shi, esp since Kevin Cheng is also pretty tall.

      Exactly my thoughts the whole time I was watching 4th Prince/Ruoxi in BBJX 😀 I kept telling myself she was standing on heeled shoes while he was wearing flats 😀

      And yeah the 3 leads look great with their height 🙂

    • So it’s unbelievable if the guy’s shorter than the girl? Please look around you, there are couples that have short guys with tall girls. That’s reality. Geezz. If all the girls have to have bf/husbands taller than them TO BE BELIEVABLE, then they probably won’t get a bf if they’re taller than most guys

      • @fuyuko, I guess what I wanted to say was that it would be easier on the eye if Nicky Wu was taller…in the scenes where they sat down, he looked shorter than LSS sometimes. one of the reasons why I watch serials, other than for the plot, the costumes and all, is also for the pairings, yes very frivolous reasons…….which is why I angst when it is a painfully obvious wrong pairing. Nicky and LSS had good chemistry and I think Nicky did very well to bring out the aloofness of No 4. However, asthetically, it wld be even better if he was about the same built as Kevin or Yuan Hong.

  67. So (⌣́_⌣̀) sad , really curious about the end of story…
    But thank you anyway for your hard working Koalaa.

  68. I was also hoping for HG to be HQB, but he did express an interest in MJ even before he was ever confirmed as HQB. I’m disappointed, but Tangren made a decision and I respect it completely. It could be so much worse, just saying.

  69. Ms. Koala,
    I totally understand how you feel. I am in the same position myself. I’ve been reading your translation and fell in love with the Huo BIng myself because of his warm toward his love one. Hu ge is what I imagine the whole time. I cannot imagine anybody else, esp. Eddie (Sorry, but I don’t think he is a great match with Shi Shi). I can imagine Hu Ge gentle smile at Liu shi shi. I cannot take this! I cannot sleep without thinking about it. I was wondering if we can do anything, start a partition or something. I hate sitting around like this. At least it’ll make me feel better. This show Tangren how we feel about their castings!!!!

  70. The reason I;m suggesting that is because if Wallce can be drove away because of the fans disapproval than there is a chance we can make Tangren change their mind. At this moment, I wish I can speak Chinese so I can go to Chinese threads.

      • Sorry to hear you say that since you not caring about the pairing. As a great fan, I have the same feeling with the fans of the novel and HuShi. It help to let out my frustration even if you don’t understand.

  71. AHHH ><

    Well first of all, I have to say that the casting news didn't really bother me too much. I guess for me, as long as LSS is playing the lead then I'm okay.
    Because I'm not really familiar with the whole workings of the chinese industry when it comes to these period dramas and I don't really watch very many (except for like old school ones long ago) and then last one I watched was BBJX because koala loved it so much and I got curious.

    So I don't know how well HuGe acts (I didn't watch any of his stuff) but from seeing the faces of the actors who will be Jiu Ye and HQB… I think it matches. HuGe seems to have more of a demure face. Although perhaps that's only because i haven't seen him in anything. Granted the pictures you've been showing esp that part with shi shi looking at him walk away in the warrior outfit with the scar on his face… that was cool… =D

    Anyway, I noticed you said that you might consider finishing this after the storm (or rather the hurricane) in your heart has calmed down. For that alone, I'm grateful.

    Regardless of what your decision might be, thanks for translating these past 27 chapters and I guess if you decide to stop (which is your call and which I respect) then I'll just have to watch the drama when it comes out….


  72. What’s with everyone getting their panties in a bunch? If you like the casting then go enjoy following and watching the drama. If you hate the casting then vent and let’s move on. No need to fling insults any way. I do find it amusing that people who are fine with this casting find the need to insinuate that those who do not are whiny or irrational. If that makes you feel better about your point of view, then so be it.

    I am merely pointing out the hypocrisy of TR purposely stringing along Hu Ge fans with the hints (and more) that he’ll be HQB and then blithely switching up the casting when it suits their financial bottom line. The casting needn’t be final and the promise needn’t be definitive for it to achieve it’s intended purpose. It got people interested in DMY who wouldn’t have been, and then TR just gave them a finger and shrug when it didn’t work out.

    TR pulled the exact same shit in BBJX, when it dangled Wallace Chung as 8th, and his ridiculously huge and rabid fanbase went BBJX hunting for months, only to have it just be a TR publicity ploy. Hell, if I wanted to hold Karen to her non-existent word, when she bought DMY awhile ago she said she wanted YH as HQB, LSS as YE, and HG as 9Ye. I knew that was a crock of shit, but she still said it.

    At some point TR becomes the boy who cried wolf, until following their productions turns into an exercise in futility and self-flagellation. I have no problems with them casting their dramas as they want, but then don’t string me along in advance to drum up interest. How’s this for them apples: if it weren’t so many HG as HQB unofficial news leaks for months, I wouldn’t have touched DMY, and my touching it apparently fursploded English language interest in this novel. So I feel rather used. But it’s my own fault for being so trusting and gullible. Like they say, I ought to have waited til the Fat Lady sings. And she’s sung alright, and I’m done with it.

    On a side note, my loverboy weibo’d about the DMY press conference and all he said was “It’s all love” about three of his favorite people – HG, LSS and Eddie. Awwww, he truly is mookie and my stupendous champ, always so gracious and positive.

    • Well, not everyone…
      I don’t really care about the drama anymore. My only wish now is to be able to finish reading the novel. >.>

      And I do believe that Tangren are hypocrites for stringing you along even though I am okay with Eddie as HQB (though I still can’t totally accept Hu Ge as MJ).

    • I hope you don’t abandon the book no matter who plays hu ge. please don t abandon us who are not capable of reading chinese and finish the book. i dont mean to be rude, but what tangren is doing to his fans, specifically u, is what you are doing to us. you dangle the carrot stick and at a moments notice, remove it. the book stands on its own and doesnt need a drama to show the world its beauty, but it does need you to show nonchinese its beauty as you are the currently the only one translating the book.

      • Very well said :)! I absolutely agree. I really enjoy checking your page every day and finding a new or more chapters of DMY. I know I sound selfish, asking you to keep translating the book, when your heart’s not in it. I really want to find out what happens, especially since this book is getting heated. I’m Vietnamese, and can’t read or understand chinese. I appreciate all the chapters that you have translated for us, and hwaiting :)!

      • I agree! I know a little mandarin but not nearly enough to read this book. Without your help we’ll never know the rest of the story as written in the novel. Our only recourse will be to watch the damn drama and see how it gets rehashed in order to know the ending.
        Koala, you wrote, “… my touching it apparently fursploded English language interest in this novel. So I feel rather used. But it’s my own fault for being so trusting and gullible.”
        You shared a great story with us, there’s nothing stupid about sharing happiness. I for one am grateful.

  73. Well it was nice while it lasted. Is there any kind soul out there who will spoil me at least the ending? Like what happened. I am boycotting the drama when it comes out haha. I don’t see Eddie Peng as HQB because in my head it was all Hu Ge. I don’t think I can bear to watch the drama when it comes on-air.

  74. Thanks for your hard work! Sorry if we make you feel worse.
    I understand you need to move on and left these all behind.
    Have you read Three Lives Three Worlds? It a great novel, it can be considered as equal good as Da mo Yao. The main character is very similar to Huo Bing in his devotion.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to get you to translate it. I have version of this book in my language (of course, we would be glad if u consider translate this and start a discussion to help us move on).
    I hope that you can shift your mind and feel better. I hope u can give it a try. It is shorter than Da Mo Yao. Please try it; ignore who going to cast in this.
    Not sure which site is better.

    http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=318972Other who understand chinese feel disappointed of the new should try also.

    • I have read 三生三世十里桃花 (Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Kilometers of Peach Blossoms) by Tang Qi Gong Zi. It’s pure fantasy and literary puns so translating it would be a chore. It’s a pretty novel. You do know that Tangren owns the rights to Three Lives Three Worlds, right? They have said it’s going to be a movie and hinted that Ye Hua is Hu Ge. There are already tons of MVs out there with him as the lead. I will believe this when I actually see the movie onscreen.

      I also kinda think Ye Hua is a douchebag, but I might need to re-read it to fully get his issues. I’m reading 寂寞空庭春欲晚 (Lonely Spring Court) right now, and honestly Fei Wo Si Cun also annoys me with the same pretentiousness that dogs Tang Qi Gong Zi.

      • Cool! Great that you read it. Yes, I heard that Hu Ge will star in this, but nothing is absolute. I read it our of curiosity. Part of me want it to be a drama. Yes, reread it. Not many people read this. I love the kid in this novel. I excited when I know the kid belong to her. Haven’t read Lonely Spring Court, don’t have that in my language. But I don’t think I want to read it.

  75. A lot of people have commented on this but I’ll try to summarize my feelings about this:
    1. The casting of the series really sucks and is a slap in the face to a lot of fandom.
    2. Nevertheless, the book is still the book and will continue to exist as the book irregardless of the movie.
    3. It would be a shame to take the casting so personally that you lose your love for the novel because that would be tantamount to admitting to Tangren that you think the novel and the drama series are the same thing. Sooo….
    4. Please try to keep the novel and the drama series separate in your mind as they should be.
    This is both for your own sake and for the sake of all the fans who would love to read the rest of the novel if you could continue translating :D. I know there’s a shameless fan aspect here in asking you to finish but please! I’m a Chinese speaker so I can listen to the audiobooks, but I know a lot of people here seem to only speak English and this is the only outlet for them to read the book.

  76. I haven’t read any of your translations of DMY but I just happened to read your so called “break up letter”. Like really? How old are you? Are you stupid? You sound immature and stupid, sorry I just had to say it.

      • gosh i have no words for this, but i really don’t understand how people just like to visit a blog and leave such rude comments towards the host =X … SERIOUSLY how do these peeps get here???

      • This person clearly got lost while out searching for her manners. She might also want to look for her sense of the absurd while she is at it, since she clearly has no ability to appreciate the dripping sarcasm in my letter directed at myself for being upset about something as inane as a drama casting.

        Though to be called immature and stupid is a first for me. I didn’t realize stupid people could translate a novel from Chinese to English at my dexterity and speed. Good to know her name calling has a valid basis.

    • That’s very uncalled for, and rude. If you don’t like it, you can not read. This is Koala’s blog, she’s put lots of effort into translating a NOVEL, and she has every right to vent, and say whatever.

      And no, you did not “just have to say it.” You could have just moved away from this lovely blog.

    • … wow…. You can disagree with ockoala’s actions/reactions but everybody has their own stands that they come from. Respect that and give everybody some space. You don’t have to bash after all this effort has been put into translating and everything… -_-;;

    • Wow…I have no words. For you to come here and start calling names when you clearly do not even know the context of Koala’s ‘break-up letter’. It is not only rude but totally uncalled for.

      If you can’t stand reading anything here, then go somewhere else and refrain from leaving nasty messages. It’s terribly insulting to the host and to those of us who LOVE coming here and appreciate what this blog has to offer.

      • koala, I have been reading your blog for the last few months and truly appreciate your effort in translating such a beautiful novel. I’m also extremely grateful that you wrote this “break up letter”, because it gives us all a chance to go through this emotional day together!!!!

        Ignore that Anna person, she is the one who is STUPID and IMMATURE!!!

    • If you are going to say something like that and mean it, why do you say “sorry I just had to say it”? I don’t think you should say something like that. O.c.Koala has spent precious time translating a Chinese novel into English, so that others can enjoy it. Please keep mean comments to yourself.

    • Anne, to not know the jist of of the problem and to jump to conclusions and form an opinion from just a few words just shows who the stupid and immature one is.

    • How old are YOU? Don’t like, don’t read. Just don’t go around bashing blog owners on their own blogs. Sheesh.

      I happen to think Koala’s letter is brilliant. She expressed a lot of our thoughts elegantly with great humor.

  77. To leave such a rude, insulting reflects poorly on that poster — not KOALA.

    No worries….there’s a whole lot more luv out here in the dramaverse for Koala and for all the VOLUNTARY hard work she does by bringing us news, novels and recaps.

    a grateful reader

    • correction – “To leave such a rude, insulting *comment* reflects poorly on that poster –not Koala.

      –posted before I checked for missing words. sorry!

  78. You know it’s not that I can’t accept HG as MJ, it’s just that I can’t believe that he got push over for EP. If HG got push over for either Walace Chung or Huo, or HXM, I can accept that. But I can’t accept EP. I just do not think that his acting skill is up to par to be HBQ.

    Ms. Koala, you are right, with the right casting, this could be as popular as BBJX. Although personally, I don’t think that it would be more popular than BBJX. There’s just something really precious about BBJX. I’ve seen the poster, and EP is nothing like I envisioned HBQ to be.

    • Wallace Chung, yes I can accept it if he was HQB. He has the looks and acting chops for that role.

      I also cannot believe that HG wanted the role of MJ when he had originally been cast as HQB.until Wallace decided to back out. I don’t blame Wallace for anything – he’s an innocent party. I think HG compromised when they decided to offer EP the role of HQB.

      • I also don’t blame Wallace because he actually got a chance to play an awesome role which will definitely challenge and expand his acting skills. But I definitely think that HG compromise on the role. Because between EP and HG, obviously HG look better as JY since he does look older and more wiser than EP. But I think that they made a mistake and screw themselves over. I’ve seen EP’s acting and he’s no Wallace or HG.

      • To be honest, if judging Eddie from his two dramas Yang Warriors and CP1, yeah, his acting is nothing to talk about. I liked him then because you’ve got to admit, he has a cute and funny face. However, I hear that he has improved a lot since then, so who knows ?

        Looking at the pictures of the press conference, it’s ironical that the one with the stubby nose and round face is the Roman God while the other two with aquiline noses and classical chiselled jaw bones are supposedly better known for their brain and brawn.

      • I meant kuachi face (not round) on EP. Btw, just saw his pic on Shanghai Entertainment and he still looks like the cute chipmunk from CP1.

      • If you haven’t seen Jump Ashin or Eddie’s other latest movies, don’t judge Eddie on his acting skills on CP1 alone. He has improved by leaps and bounds over Wallace and Hu Ge. Neither of them are anywhere near Eddie in his ability to connect and move the audience. And Eddie’s star power, which is way ahead of theirs, now proves it.

      • Star power does not equate acting skills. Are you saying that LYF who has lots of star power is a better actress than all the other female actresses in her movies and dramas ? They are usually overshadowed by her star power. Jackie Chan, another star power has better acting skills than Hu Jun ? A lot of these awards have to do with being at the right place, at the right time with the right script.

        Anyway, like I said, I haven’t seen Eddie in his latter works but have heard him being praised. Still, I don’t equate star power with acting skiills.

    • Excuse me…I was actually talking about Eddie’s acting skills. The moment I mention the word “star power”, you throw a Liu Yifei at me? Liu Yifei got a place in C movies through sheer connections and pulling strings by her rich stepdad. Eddie had NO rich backer and actually got there by himself through talent, hard work and most importantly, he has respect and recognition from the international movie industry! It’s not as if HG or Wallace didn’t have their chance. HG was in a Jingle Ma vehicle Butterfly Lovers AND a Jackie Chan state-back vehicle 1911 (= big budget, huge publicity, international distributorship), but still has not made a dent in the movie industry. Admittedly Wallace hasn’t had much of a chance because his new movie Ultra Reinforcement/超时空救兵 is crap. But if you actually watched Jump Ashin, then you’d know it’s Eddie’s sheer acting talent and charisma that won him international accolades and awards.

  79. Okay.At last i have the time to voiced out my opinion about DMY.
    Like everyone else, i already pictured HG as HQB even before the casting news been confirmed. And when reality hits , Doom arrives. Shit. I was in numb state for a while.
    Am i crazy or what? As if someone gave me a shiny new toy, then take it back.
    After few phone calls to my cousin ( i really forced her to hear my sentiments even though she dont know anything at all about DMY) i’m starting to get back on my nerves.
    I try to be rational for my self, first and foremost. My world will not end on HG being MJ and not HQB. I fell in love with HG because he’s HQB in my mind. And it will remain like this no matter what.


    LSS as JY- i kinda like her serene beauty. But what if she’s not JY? will it changes everything? Forgive me for using my imagination too far but i feel like one of the reasons HG
    prefered to be MJ is that to avoid OTP scenes with LSS. HG’s words “Yuan hong will be angry”) dude, what do you mean by that? so i concluded that maybe LSS is YH’s girl. And having steamy scenes with your Best Bud’s girl will be really awkward. (MHO)

    HG as MJ- dude. You know how much is your value more than anyone else right? So I’m not accepting the fact that you really volunteered to be MJ so that lady boss can get EP.
    Hayst, your loyalty will surely be rewarded, But dude martyrs these days their being exiled.

    EP as HQB- just dont dig your own grave baby. I have a high hopes for you . Maybe its easy to play the character but to put a soul into it is another thing. Actually its not your acting Im concerned of, The chemistry bet.you and LSS. Work on that .

    LadyBOss/TAngren: Good strategy.Good publicity.But don’t get the habits of playing games with the fandoms. They are the ones that help you to reach heaven but dont wait that they are the one who will also drag you to hell.Period.

    MUch love for koala. You made me fall in love .I thank you for that.
    I need a hug from Geshi shippers.>_<

    • “one of the reasons HG prefered to be MJ is that to avoid OTP scenes with LSS. HG’s words “Yuan hong will be angry”) dude, what do you mean by that? so i concluded that maybe LSS is YH’s girl. And having steamy scenes with your Best Bud’s girl will be really awkward. (MHO)”

      Janine, I totally thought the same thing!

      • No, I think when he said “YH will be angry” – it referred to YH being HG’s best friend and EP who is also a very good friend of YH. For YH’s 2 best friends to get together closely would make him like the 3rd wheel.

        If HG had no qualms about playing HQB with all the intimate scenes with LSS initially, why should he suddenly get cold feet now ? Hu Ge himself said he likes challenges – believe me, as an actor, this is just another challenge to conquer.

      • @leejoy: i dont have real basis for this comments of mine but it was pure instinct that leads me to this kind of conclusion.

        also i saw a video where HG and YH serenades LSS. and joking about HG not having OTP scenes with LSS. He said ” YH will beat me up”

        so what does this joke mean? Joke are half meant truth do they. If there’s no smoke there’s no fire.

      • Of course,nearly everything that I write also has no basis, lol. Just my logic and imagination. I believe if there is really anything to LSS and YH, HG would never crack jokes like that in public. It’s when there is nothing, that they feel comfortable talking about it in public. As for HG’s latest comment about YH being angry, I haven’t seen the press conference but I think he quipped that when Eddie asked to stand next to Hu Ge. So, in essense, HG thinks YH is fine if he and Eddie stand next to LSS but not when his 2 best male friends get up close to each other. Am I making sense, lol ?

    • But Eddie is also YH’s best buddy…he has no problem’s having steamy scenes with his best bud’s girl?

      C’mon, they are all professional actors. Steamy scenes are part of the job.

      • I do believe that the word Best friend can be rewarded to a single person only.
        maybe EP is YH friend too. BUt HG is like a brother to him.
        And we are talking about a C-drama here and not an American sitcom.Maybe HG is just being respectful towards LSS and YH.

  80. Hi there, your break-up letter actually sounds very much like the break-up letter sent by NAB (National Australia Bank) to the 3 big banks in Australia as part of a very successful advertising campaign. It’s all tongue in cheek and very clever indeed – not in the least bit childish. And certainly not meant to be taken literally. I love your translations of the TH novel and admire your ability to capture the essence and spirit of the novel so clearly. Well done, Ms Koala! I think Ms TH will be very pleased to know that you have spread her creative works way beyond the reach of the traditional Chinese reading public! Prior to reading your posts, I had never even heard of TH etc.

  81. Sigh. Leave Ms. Koala alone. Or at least recognise her right to do whatever she is comfortable with on her own blog.
    As for me, as a favour to a friend, I translated the first part of chapter 28. I’m still hoping to see Ms. Koala change her mind and post her translation for her chapter in a few hours. I really want her to change her mind badly but I’ll respect the decision she made. If having anything to do with DMY in the short upcoming time will reminds her of this TR circus, and give her frustration, then we should understand why she chose to distance herself from this, especially since translating means spending hours more on DMY, even though we’re all desperately hoping she changes her mind.
    anyway, there’s a very very very very rough english translation of the first part of chapter 28 at my website. For those willing to wait a few days more for Ms. Koala to change her mind, I do not recommend reading this. It might ruin the chapter for you later if (maybe hopefully when?) a better version comes out. 🙂

  82. Sorry to say but I think u just same with TG, you make me fantasy and addict with this novel then u just drop down it to the earth and abondon fans of your writing. So sad to say this, sorry if this make u unpleasant.

  83. I would like to say this is Koala unni blog. She can say whatever she want in her blog. Second, I know that she is upset due to the news of DMY. However, it is up to her if she want to continue the translation of the novel. Therefore, if she does not want to.. I think we should all respect her decisions and thank her for what she has been translation the novel so far. Even though, I know some of you want her to finish it. It is up to her whether she want to or not. Also, for the drama itself, well, I am just going to take it as a grain of salt about it and wait and see approach. To ShiGe shippers, you should be at least happy that they are in the same drama together and move on. They eventually one day will be in a drama together as the main OTP. You just gotta be patient about it. Regarding Lady boss and Tangren.. I do not know much due to that i am not really familiar with them and SAFRT thingy. Therefore, no comment about them. However, I did love BBJX due to I think Nicky Wu is HOT. Therefore, Koala unni, whatever decide to finish the novel or not.. I support your decisions. I still love your blogs too… =D

  84. Yup that’s true. Lady boss will definitely say like that too… She can do whatever in her dramas heheh. Ok let me stop it, sorry for comment, just forget or delete it. I hope no hard feeling. Thanks

  85. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful novel and know how grateful I am for extraordinary gift with words.

    “Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn. My God, do you learn.” – C.S. Lewis


  86. Found this. It says Chapter 13 but, to me, it seems like the next chapter (Chapter 28), at least, I haven’t read it before.

    Chapter 13: Falling Ill

    For the past several days, Huo Qu Bing have stopped coming. Hong Gu and the other girls have no idea what was going on. Hong Gu tried to ask me several times but I refused to say a single word on the topic. The atmosphere gradually becomes colder. People talked less and less, their voices going lower and lower. Everyone got affected to the point that the maids now communicate with their eyes only. A meaningful glance there, a raised brow here, and then some shifting of eyes. I, for the life of me, couldn’t understand what they’re trying to say, or how they themselves could understand it.

    I asked Hong Gu, “Do you understand what they’re saying?”

    Hong Gu replied, “What’s so hard to understand? That glance meant, “Have you eaten?” The shaking of head indicates, “No, I have not,” Furrowed brows meant, “I haven’t either. I’m so hungry” That shifting of eyes says, “Then let’s sneak out some food,” and the last look was one of mutual agreement.”

    I had just taken a sip of tea when I spat it out, coughing and laughing at the same time, “Hong Gu, it appears that those glances you exchanged with Xing Yen when you first came in was also about whether she have eaten or not, and whether she wants to eat together.”

    Hong Gu calmly drank some tea, “I didn’t ask, “Have you eaten,” but rather, “Have you drink,”.”

    I used a handkerchief to wipe my mouth, “Stop talking nonsense.”

    Hong Gu replied, “If I didn’t talk nonsense then how could I have made you laugh? These past few days, your expression has been very unsightly. You feel uncomfortable, making us feel uncomfortable as well. Yu’er, why are you making thing difficult for yourself? You obviously miss him, your worries are written on your face. Why not go see him?”

    I lowered my head, not saying anything. Xing Yen walked in, “Hong Gu. The Huo family’s housekeeper asks to see you.”

    Hong Gu immediately said, “Quickly let him in,” she stood up and walked out, “The mediator has come. I can finally relax. Such a cold atmosphere…you two can withstand it but I can’t.”

    This is just an excerpt. Can someone tell me if this is the next chapter or not? There are more chapters but it only goes to Chapter 25 and I’m confused cause this is already chapter 27 but I haven’t read this part anywhere, or is this the sequel or fanfiction?

    • Hi Annie, this is the chapter following ‘the Argument” Ms Koala has translated. Chapter 17 onwards (translated by Ms Koala) is in Volume II and it is numbered again as Chapter 1 volume 2 hence you are confused. So the excerpt should be Volume 2 chapter 12 if I am not mistaken.

    • Oooh. nice. XDDDDDD does that mean they translated the whole novel? If that’s the case, I will stop the translation after I’m done with chapter 28. I’m almost done with it, down with my last page.
      Anw, can you please confirm if the whole novel got translated?

  87. @hglss2….what is WRONG with you? this is not your blog! pls take away and shut your CRAP! why are you so full of CRAP?!? who feeds you CRAP? you and your CRAPPY CRAB mentality!!! geezzz *yuck*

  88. Well, I’m in total agreement with Ms Koala. I don’t have an emotional attachment with it yet but even without her reporting it as such, I pretty much guessed what they pulled on fans. Being burned like that doesn’t really matter to them all that much – money still talks and fans will still watch. Let’s face it… I really wonder how much choice HG has in this. He would have to move over to the other part. That’s the way it is over there, and it just plain sucks for the fans. 🙁 I feel your pain! What a mess.

  89. wow…some commenters are quite rude.

    i don’t think those commenters “stumbled” upon this blog at all. i believe they came with the sole purpose of leaving childish comments. *sigh*

  90. I hope everyone got a chance to watch Da Mo Yao, I’m on the 23rd sub. I really really adored Eddie as HQB/WWJ. He looks perfect for the part. TBH I can’t imagine HG now in that role. HG looks great as Jiu Ye. I thought casting was on par. I know people have their bias but looking at everything in action LSS and EP really looks great together. EP have that youth and fire that make him the epitome of a fierce and playful HQB. I’m very sad that people are pre-judging him and bashing him before they even watch the drama. You will get your HG and LSS OTP in the future but please be respectful to the actors and casting. EP had always caught my eye and I felt he look amazing in ancient costume. TBH if Hu Ge played HQB it would be too similar to his previous roles. I’m glad he’s playing someone other than the main hero who’s a warrior/fighter who’s always happy-go-lucky! Hu Ge shown great depth as Jiu Ye and he really make me hurt for him and thinking of future episode already will make me feel for his character. He had the perfect mature solemn cold but warm look of a mysterious JY. They are all great at their part. Please if you guys have not watch this, give it a try and let go of your bias. You will get to enjoy some very beautiful cinematography and acting. LSS is such a cute Xin Yue. Hu Ge is a great Jiu Ye. And I truly believe this in all my heart that Eddie Peng is the one and only HQB/WWJ, this is the drama to fall in love with this dynamic actor.

    • Agree with you that the casting worked out perfectly – Huge as JY and Eddie Pang as HQP/WWJ. Chemistry between LSS and Eddie is amazing too. Huge could not have done better in the JY’s role – he performed to a T and more! 🙂

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