Rooftop Prince Drops Fabulously Entertaining Trailer

I regret having doubts about Yoochun and Han Ji Min together, or even making fun of the concept of Rooftop Prince. This drama may still suck, but I am now totally obsessed with watching it. It looks promising in a fish-out-of-water way and with tons of wiggle room for real emotional development. It’s like a reverse Bu Bu Jing Xin, this time with the prince and his hot guy brigade flashing forward to the future and finding the girl, rather than the other way around. I do think Yoochun manages to rock the sageuk outfit, but honestly he’s just much cuter in modern attire. The first trailer is all sorts of awesome, with enough nuggets about the story to keep me riveted. I’m literally on pins and needles today, but this little sucker managed to relax me just enough that I’ve stopped growling at people walking past my office.

First trailer for Rooftop Prince:

Prince: Where is this place? The Crown Princess drowning in the lily pond, what is the cause of that? Even if this is my country, can I protect it? The world 300 years later, how could it be like this? Your majesty! Whether in life or in death, whether 300 years has passed, I still remember you.


Rooftop Prince Drops Fabulously Entertaining Trailer — 29 Comments

  1. haha this does look awesome.
    Cracked up when they bowed to King Sejong on the 10,000 won note. Can’t wait to watch this.

  2. i must i must stop spoiling myself

    too many awesome teasers

    K2H and RTP why are you doing this to me ???????

    must lower expectations (repeat x10)

    • How I wish I could really make myself do that, lower my expectations that is, especially now that I see this awesome of a teaser. Argghhh, the anticipation kills me. Haha.

    • Exactly what I was thinking…looking forward to this big time…excited and scared at the same time! Dont want to get disappointed 😛

  3. This is the series that I’m anticipating the most out of the new crop. 🙂 But I don’t want to disappointed in the end, so I’m cautiously optimistic. I think the character fits Yoochun so i’m excited to see him in a more comedic role 🙂 HJM… i think can play pretty much anything imo, even if she’s sometimes hit or miss for me.

  4. Yeah, I tend to watch mostly romantic comedies from Korea so it’s been a bit slow lately which is why I am so excited for this drama. Like you Koala, I like the fish out of time era water. Let’s hope it’s fun and amusing and cracky delicious.

  5. Oh I’m so excited!!! Let the crack addict symptoms begin
    1. Hyperness
    2. Grumpiness
    3. Sleeplessness
    Then full on Insomnia: “No I’m not going to sleep til the next episode comes on”

    Oh come on Rooftop Crack err Prince hehe (I’m all ready for a hit lol ^.^)

    Hope everyone is excited as me for Mickey Oppa YAY!!!
    Cya later mates
    RTP Hwaiting!!!

  6. This is the first drama that I would really want to watch after the “Lie to Me”.

    I always hope Yuchun can work on romance comedy and I will definitely watch it.

  7. This drama looks funny and it makes me happy to have this two beautiful actors to watch during this year spring <3
    I am tired of silly dramas, I am tired of winter dramas (In my country it's still winter, even if it's march) so I need some sunny, warm, full of flowers scenes. Please! I need to see those beautiful blossomed cherry trees from Lie to me!
    I need something new and optimistic, no more deadly diseases, amnesia and revenge!

  8. I think the drowned princess is not the real princess. it could be the sister-in-law. the crown princess might killed her sister. She is evil in this movie. Let’s see what will happen at the end kkakaka.
    Since the prince traveled thru time n look for his beloved. I am pretty certain that at the end, they n bak ha will go back together to chosen time kkakk

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